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Cho Ren Sha 68K (literally Super Autofire 68000) is a shmup developped for the Sharp X68000, then later ported to Windows by its author, notable for its fast paced and incredibly refined gameplay.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Hourglass r81
  • Takes damage to save time


Download link for the game (freeware):
This is a rather short run of a special stage in Cho Ren Sha: the SHOW TIME!! stage. The only (and intended) way to access it is by accessing Kakusi Mode (holding Up for 5 seconds at the options menu) and setting the stage to 0x000F, which also independantly sets suicide bullets.
The stage itself is infinitely looping, and consists of three bosses: I end input upon beating the third.
The arbitrary restriction used in this run is 'no bombs', in order to make the run more entertaining. Otherwhise, since you have enough resources to bomb the three bosses, the run would consist on sitting on bosses and bombing.
As for the run itself, optimising damage is trivial. The shot pattern lasts 12 frames; to shoot at an optimal speed, shooting again is needed. It consists of three volleys:
  • the first volley is three shots that go straight, with the middle shot further off and green.
  • the second volley is the same, but the two side shots are a little angled sideways.
  • the last volley has no green shot, and the two shots are even further angled sideways.
Each green shot deals double damage and awards double points. Optimising this run was a matter of hitting all shots, and starting to deal damage as early as possible with the first volley (that deals the most damage.)
Because of this, I have a lot of room for entertainement, and made it the primary focus of this run (hence the "high" number of rerecords.)
I finish input by suiciding into the third boss: this saves a bit of time, as the ship does significant contact damage when dying. (This wasn't used on the other bosses; even if it were used at the end, leaving a bit of time as the next boss comes, the shots would hit later and I would lose more time.)
I enabled the CRT filter, which looks better in my personal opinion, by pressing F3. If it looks more annoying to viewers, I can provide another movie file with the filter off.
Suggested screenshot (frame 1798):
DxDiag and HashCheck:

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Yay, it runs on my Windows 8.1 machine without problems. Final score: 127568 I liked the action, a lot is going on. But I disliked the end. I would like to see the credits as fast as possible after the three bosses are defeated. I would find it better if the initials are entered at the high score screen, instead of letting the run end there.
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to me,the filter is horrible but shmups fans usually disagree with me,and i'm not a big fan either.Will refrain from voting.
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partyboy1a wrote:
But I disliked the end. I would like to see the credits as fast as possible after the three bosses are defeated. I would find it better if the initials are entered at the high score screen, instead of letting the run end there.
Here's a run with "proper" ending (to name entry): I don't know if this follows the rules, hence why I didn't add one to the original run.
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I can't properly vote because: 1) I dislike the filter and you provided no download link for the alternate movie file 2) It desynced to me and there is no encode 4) A regular TAS run should trigger the credits. Please fix these.
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The new version is much more complete. It's short and full of action, that's good. I can create an encode of it if that helps. Right now that movie would not go straight to "fastest time", but instead: - aims for fastest time to beat all bosses once. - AFTERWARDS, aims for fastest time to reach the credits. That might be quite esoteric. If it just aims for fastest time to credits while defeating each boss once, then the strategy seems suboptimal: It could be faster to commit suicide on each boss. I like the movie. syncs fine for me, even multiple times.