Post subject: TASVideos page translations from English to Russian
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In light of this topic (I ask that you please read it before posting here), I am announcing to all users familiar enough with the Russian language to please help out with translating site pages from English to Russian. I am creating this topic as discussion for this language specifically. Russian is one of the 10 non-English languages that Mothrayas thinks would be significant enough for translations of pages on this site. By "pages", I'm referring to the HTML pages on the main TASVideos site, like . Please help out with translating pages from English to Russian if you can. The site, at the time of posting, really badly needs page translations, as a lot of Russian speakers visit this site. All help and discussion will be much appreciated. NOTE: I know that there has already been a lot of work with Russian translation on the site; more than any other foreign language that I've seen for that matter. Thanks for all your great work!
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