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Welp, since the reason for keeping this project secret is gone now, might as well reveal what I was doing. The Lost World: Jurassic Park was released both for Saturn and Playstation. While I played it on the Playstation as a child, the Playstation version has a glitch in the human level which I hate because it's accompanied by a very annoying sound and may very well be the fastest way to move anyways. Also, the Playstation version doesn't allow me to bump myself forward by hitting enemy tails. However, I figured if I submitted the Saturn version, which doesn't include that human level glitch, people might start asking about it, so I decided to do both versions of the game in tandem to be released at the same time, allowing the audience to decide what's the better version. Sadly: Link to video As you can see, the game locks up in the third level. It doesn't accept input beyond this point. It still locks up when I play the game in real time and even if I use the level select code. As it is right now, the game is unplayable on current Saturn emulators. As such, this is what I've got, and what I'll continue to have until emulation is fixed.
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Are you playing it on the 2.0 version of bizhawk? Saturn emulation on 1.0 is not good at all.
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EZGames, EZGames, EZGames. If you paid attention to the Discord, which you're fairly active in. You would know that ark is using latest version of Hawk. You would also know the suggestion I gave to him which was check with mednafen and see where that's at for that game. (Since mednafen of 0.9.44 and earlier still had issues present with games, like how Daytona wasn't placing markers correctly on maps, that was pre-0.9.44) You would also know that ark got past the crash zone in latest release of mednafen. Why do I keep mentioning latest and not same version? Well Saturn mednafen has had quite a few updates over the past year and well Hawk desperately needs an update on the core due to the amount of updates Saturn has received. There's no point telling someone to use the same version of Saturn the Core is using when latest should be checked. Alternatively. Some people actually write in the issue tracker about such things. Yeah I know right. People use the issue tracker for valid issues... unlike the few others. Oh. And that ark actually has made Submissions using Hawk 2.x (one's on the bench right now). So knowing about which version they were using was a silly question after all.
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