Post subject: Feature Idea: Tags for Code/Data logging
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This is a feature request or idea for a feature, and I might try adding it in. Feedback on this idea would be appreciated. This feature would be for "Tags" on code to indicate what the code does. It could either apply to all encountered code, newly discovered code, or code with/without existing tags. Examples of possible usage: You play Super Mario Bros. You run Code-Data-Logger. You want to log newly discovered code encountered while Jumping, so you'd set the tag to "jump", then jump, and all newly discovered code would have the "jump" tag. Or you want to walk into a wall, and newly discovered code would have the "walk into wall" tag. This would help with disassembling a game. Then the Code/Data Logger tags and such could be integrated into the debugger.
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This sounds useful. Do you envision the tags being stored in the code/data logger or in the deb file that the debugger generates?
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