Post subject: Near's N64
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(Subject name to change when it has a name. I believe it's ares but I don't want to write that in case it's wrong.) Who's Near? What's so important about them? If you have been living under a rock for 2 months and you don't know. It's byuu.
May 4th - Near wrote:
The point of this is to challenge myself while I'm stuck indoors for another month. Essentially, if we don't try for fear of failure, we will never grow. I expect to fail, but I also expect to learn a lot about writing faster code and a lot more about 3D rendering.
May 6th - Near wrote:
The Nintendo 64 emulation is in the very early stages, and so far only the CPU and RSP have been implemented (meaning no 3D graphics, which is the hardest part by far.) I do not expect that the Nintendo 64 emulation will run at full speed once the RDP renderer is completed, and I am not even very confident that I will be able to emulate the RDP. I decided to work on the N64 as a personal challenge to try and grow my skills as a developer and learn how to write more efficient code for more demanding systems. My thought is that even in failure, I'm sure to learn a lot of new tricks that will be useful to me in my professional life. So please do not get your hopes up here.
May 19th - Near wrote:
I guess I should ruin everyone's fun now ... it runs at 40fps on a stock Ryzen 5 2600. It turns out emulating the N64 at the cycle level is rather demanding. Who knew? The part that is going to be a challenge to me is making it run faster. Be it threading, dynarecs, etc.
At the current time it is using angrylion's RDP for outputting graphics. In the future as Near has mentioned a custom renderer is in the plans of todo. (Near correct me if this statement is now wrong please) More development information can be found at Near's Twitter.
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He has made his multi-emulator system available for download. And he work on PSX emulation too.
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