Post subject: TASing and modding
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Hello, I was looking at mods of Midtown Madness (a win96 game) and was wondering if it was possible to create a mod that would allow TASing the game, there is a replay feature in one of the mods, can a mod be created that would make a movie file that could be replayed and used for TASing? Any feedback is appreciated.
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Adding savestates and slow-motion requires a giant work with game code. I'm not familiar with Midtown's modding and how mighty its API is, but I think it's gonna be a hardcore thing, even for an open-source project, like OpenMM1. I think it doesn't worth any efforts. Windows TAS emulator is the thing we should dig into, so we would be able to TAS a big variety of Windows games, including Midtown Madness.
TASing is like making a film: only best takes are shown in the final movie.