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  • Aims for Fastest Time
  • Genre: Platform
  • Emulator:FCEUX
I used to play other games with the 2p key. I found and cleared it in the upper left corner of 1-2, but it didn't help the game. I hope to be forgiven
A month later, we met again. This is the second improvement of Batman. I added some new routes to Batman, 171 frames less than before. Thank you (Riyan), let me realize the shortcomings of previous movies, this improvement also let me have more game skills. thank you very much! I believe this improvement is perfect. Improved more lag and some routes, and killed boss faster. Every time we encounter a different trajectory of the boss, this is of course related to the global timer. Oh! Don't forget to turn up the volume to enjoy the film. That's the main reason I like Batman.
1.I found a mistake in 3-2. The first frame of the game can jump.
2.Pause the game for one frame and run the game for one frame. This will not be damaged by enemies, but will increase the time by 3 frames. (found by xxnkxx)
1.When the enemy is injured, Batman can pass in a short time
2.Boomerang can attack enemies behind you
3.Climbing walls can jump one frame ahead of time, so climbing in some places can save one frame
4.If you can avoid jumping, don't jump because jumping increases time. (2 frames slower for large jumps and 5 frames for small jumps)
5.If you want to jump, please jump as high as possible. Big jump is 3 frames faster than small jump. (the condition of jumping is that Batman's head can't touch anything, otherwise the distance and time of jumping will be shortened.)
6.When jumping, you can hit your head against the wall and land quickly to save time
7.The flamethrower has a short gap, so Batman can go through it
8.Enemies with firing can use the pause function to delay their firing, which helps to reduce the delay.(found by Riyan)
9.Batman can hit the air with his fist, he can turn faster, and some climbing walls can use this strategy to climb and move faster.
10.There is a bonus for killing enemies: B, weapon, health recovery. These rewards vary according to the time the enemy is killed, so you can control the kill time to get the reward you want.
11.Some of the boss's behavior will change with your behavior, so you can control your behavior to change his behavior.
12.In some places, the added lag is based on Batman's walking and moving, so you can change your movements to control the lag.
13.When there are two climbing walls, you can rotate between them..(found by Riyan)
14.You can change weapons while attacking to launch weapons faster.
Batman game has a global timer mechanism. This global timer will affect the attack time, attack frequency and action path of some enemies (it may hinder your progress). If you want to change the behavior of these enemies, you can only change the time you meet them. Some enemies with shooting function are affected by the global timer and can use game pause to delay the enemy's shooting.
So far, I have found that the enemies affected by global timing are:
2-1: the first flamethrower
2-4: the bullet under the boss
3-1: all large jumping monsters
2-3: all large jumping monsters
3-3: all flame cars
4-1: all large jumping monsters
4-3: All electric shock and flame cars
4-4: the firing frequency of boss
5-2: Boss's attack time and HP(When you encounter different global timers, the HP of boss is different)
Frame number gain and loss:
Level = new frame = old frame = gain and loss of frame number
Total: 171 frames
Improvement details:
1-1: I lost another jump at the beginning (gain 2 frames)
1-2: I killed two cars in the upper left corner, reducing a lot of lag (got 7 frames)
1-3: I found that Batman can kill boss faster if he jumps lower。(get 1 frames)..............Killing the Boss can also optimize 1 frame, but when it reaches 2-1, it will be 1 frame slower, so I did not do this meaningless 1 frame optimization for Boss
2-1: spin on the climbing wall to get to the platform faster and pass the first flamethrower faster (get 35 frames)
2-2: spin on the climbing wall to get to the platform faster (get 15 frames)
2-3: walk longer on the acceleration belt at the end and climb faster on the climbing wall at the end (get 8 frames)
2-4: use pause to delay firing at the bottom of the boss to kill it faster (gain 5 frames)
3-1: I lost a jump in the first car, turned and climbed faster (gained 11 frames)
3-2: faster on the climbing wall in the lower right corner (get 7 frames)
3-3: use pause to avoid enemy attack on the climbing wall in the upper right corner (gain 13 frames)
3-4: the first attack on boss is faster, so he can get closer to me and kill him (get 3 frames)
4-1: you'll see me jump again at the beginning of this level, because the first big monster is affected by the global timer. After many tests, if I don't jump, killing that big monster will bring me more delay, so it's worth reducing more lag in the first jump 。I've also added a new route to go faster and reduce more lag and one jump at the end(get 14 frames)
4-2: I turn faster every time I climb the wall。(get 1 frames)
4-3: pause in the upper right corner to reduce a lot of lag (get 13 frames)
4-4: A pause in front of the second boss will bring him closer to me (gains 9 frames)
5-1: reduced lag and rotated on the climbing wall in the upper right corner (get 23 frames)
5-2: the first jump into the body of the boss reaches behind the boss 2 frames ahead of time in the air (get 4 frames) ................When you encounter different global timers, the HP of the boss is different. Once I attacked boss 26 times before, but this time I attacked him 28 times to kill him. I'm not lucky enough!
5-3:I think it's the fastest way to kill a clown (get 0 frames)

ThunderAxe31: Judging.
Samsara: File replaced with a 22 frame improvement. Also, restoring ThunderAxe's claim message as it was deleted in one of the edits.
ThunderAxe31: File replaced with a 2 frames improvement.
ThunderAxe31: File replaced with a 17 frames improvement.
ThunderAxe31: This movie looks very optimized, and I can't see questionable improvements. The joypad 2 inputs aren't an issue, but it could be interesting to do research and see if it can be used to manipulate RNG or lag.
Movie contents are very similar, so this will inherit the Moons tier from the currently published movie. Accepting as improvement of [4300] NES Batman by DreamYao in 09:19.74.
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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #6906: DreamYao's NES Batman in 09:16.90
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temp encode for your pleasure Link to video yes vote obviously
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Thanks for the encode, xxezrabxxx! This is such a great run. The damage doesn't even bother me because of how seamless it looks. It's amazing how little the total time has changed since jecy's original runs, but this has some good improvements. I had no idea you could jump off a wall and come back to the same wall. You use that a few times in Stage 2. And the weapon switching to the music in 2-1 is a nice touch. Yes vote.
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I got 2 frames again in 5-2 boss battle, hoping to replace the file
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I'm going to suggest to the author to pursue for this to be set to "delayed" and take like a month to work on it and see if you can trim off anything else you can find.
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [4332] NES Batman by DreamYao in 09:16.90