Post subject: Question on dolphin Lua
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With the Lua fork of dolphin, it's possible to make a rewind feature. But what I don't know, is how you would pair game pad controls to it. So like r2 for frame advance and l2 for rewind. Because save states are so big with dolphin, it would be recommended to make a save state every 10 frames or so. Also, how would you delete save states after a certain amount of time?
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This is an interesting idea but I don't think your exact functionality is currently possible. Lua only has access to reading RAM, not controller inputs. So thus far, when I have wanted the A button to trigger something in lua, I found a flag for the A button being pressed in RAM and used that (but this would overlap with whatever the A button is intended to do in that specific game). You would need a controller hotkey that calls some lua function. I'll try and look into this eventually when I get some free time. As a side note for deleting the savestates: I think you can keep a set of say 10 savestates and overwrite the oldest every time instead of deleting them as time goes on.
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