Post subject: Are Net Yaroze games allowed for submission?
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From a technical standpoint, if BizHawk's PlayStation core can open the game, you can submit it as a PlayStation TAS. But from my understanding, like games for the Uzebox, many Net Yaroze games weren't widely known and few received an official release, so they would fall under our non-official games rule.
Non-official games are allowed for submission. However, they go through more scrutiny than other games. This is because the game itself also becomes subject to judgment, so it must meet a minimum standard of quality or notability to be eligible for publication. We look for games that can be played and completed, have some recognition or popularity, or are notable in some other ways as decided by the judge and the audience.
If the game has a following or has interesting gameplay (like Hover Racing), you could try posting a TAS of it on the forums and see what people think. It really depends on the game. For example, three Uzebox TASes have been submitted and accepted, including one that was deemed not to be entertaining. However, another was rejected for being a bland game choice.
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I'm biased, but I'd love to see a TAS for Blitter Boy – Operation: Monster Mall and Terra Incognita!
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