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Currently not TASable as it's not on Linux but if there is a way to TAS it, that would be amazing. Vital information for future use: The PC version is preferred for this entry because: The game supports 120FPS which is really important as Copen's lock-on shots in this game has no rate of fire limit. The default rapid fire (holding) is slower than average mashing or in this case 60 presses per second (120fps), this can obliterate any enemy in the game except for Mother 2's main structure as it has no lock-on tag. The earlier versions either V1.1.1 or V1.1.2 are preferred because they have the ability to skip end of level boss battles by pressing start at the right frame before the Fight Start sequence appears. Some levels could benefit from dying asap by falling into a pit and pray for anthem revival which has permanent bullit dash flying, this might not be necessary due to tighter optimisations with TAS tools. Getting over 1000 Kudos starts up Overdrive and unlocks a limited form of unlimited bullit dash flying as it has a timer bar once the first air dash has been used. Because every(?) end of level boss battle is skippable the route is minor. Dacite > Vespa > Hail > Ace > Brigade > Autochrome Vespa, Hail and Autochrome have mid-bosses but cannot confirm if those are skippable. https://twitter.com/RTTN001/status/1488106774594928643?t=GNPF3HoPt5jqWOBae3hvYw&s=19 There is 1 mid-boss in the final stages that is skippable but it looks like it requires a frame perfect start button to disable the camera lock during the fight and doing so despawns the far right door.