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Apologies if this particular problem has been resolved before, but my searching proved ineffective; I'm aiming to do some N64 recording via BizHawk (not for a TAS, but for demonstration), and to that end was hoping to carry over some Project64 GameShark codes I had used previously (for context, it unlocks the full roster in Fighters Destiny): 50000E01 0000 80307349 0001 However, the code converter didn't care for it, and entering them manually failed. Afterward, I did some reading and determined that the formatting is a bit odd, at least in regards to the first ("50" is not a prefix I could figure out). So I tried to adjust the domain (usually System Bus or RDRAM), addresses (usually dropping the "50" and "80" for RDRAM, and when entered in full for SysBus the latter would get prefaced by 'FFFFFF'), and values (and bytes--usually 2), typically read as hex, but to no avail. I'm clearly missing something, as my experimentation either caused the core to fail to boot, or the game ran without issue because the cheat didn't work. I thought this would be a simple fix, but my technical illiteracy shows. So I thought I'd ask here and see if there's something I'm missing in regards to formatting, or if I'll have to crack open the LUA to employ a more advanced solution? Any info helps, thanks in advance!