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hack Info

  • This hack was made in the SMB Jam 2021.
  • Controls like Flappy Bird.
  • We have to reach the flag pole at the end w/o touching any pipe or falling in the gaps.
IPS Patch provided in comments of the encode(this time correctly)

Movie info

  • Emulator used : BizHawk 2.6.2
  • ROM name : RH-Flappy Bro I like keeping Roms organised

Glitch/Trick Used

  • When Mario falls down barely touching the the bottom left corner of the upside down pipes, the scrolling stops and Mario's X-Pos increases.
    • This was used because when touching the pole normally, the game kind of softlocks or crashes. {https://youtu.be/J5197KA9EqU} I used this Glitch to reach the X-Position that could create a SoftLock situation like in the original game so that player gets down(die) and there it completes.
    • Also because normal TAS is LAME !
  • We can also live below the screen for a while.

Useful RAM Addresses

X-Position ; X-Speed ; Y-Speed

feos: Claiming for judging.
feos; I discussed this with other judges and we agreed that this hack counts as overly obscure. There's no information about it online, and the only way to obtain the patch file is using the upload done by the submitter. We can't guarantee that it remains up in the future.
This case also proves that we don't want to allow obscure hacks even to Playground, as we'd be running into the same issues regarding its availability. We didn't design Playground to host games that are only ever eligible for Playground itself. We want to have common rules on game acceptability. While we can still be lowering the entry barrier for more games, for some other games it can't be lowered as explained here.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #7494: MrTASer's NES Flappy Bro "Best Ending" in 00:24.46
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Thought going under the pipes was good, but there is not much here to see. Also what is with the best ending?
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https://youtu.be/J5197KA9EqU This is the original bad ending, kind of broken. Comparatively, this is the best ending possible
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