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This is my first time to submit this movie.And this is "zipless"category for Megaman Game Gear I make this TAS since I refer rejected run and published run
-Aims for fastest time
-without zip
zipless route: stone man->star man->bright man->napalm man
Also this is my first time to make TAS.Please advice if there are some faults.

Samsara: Claiming for judging.
Samsara: File replaced with an improved version.
I have some experience with TASing this game (even if it was almost a decade ago), and I could see immediately that even with the improved input, this is still quite improvable. I've provided a Userfile that completes the first screen in Stone Man 72 frames faster than the submission through some input editing. Checking the published run, this optimized movement is already showcased there, which means that it should not be overlooked in any future submission of this game.
A few notable examples of what to look out for: Your slides all seem to be done a frame or two later than the game first allows, plus you can run for a frame between slides in order to get a little distance without stopping. When you stop to jump up ledges, there's a noticeable gap between turning around to stop the slide and jumping, when you should be jumping the frame after turning around. You jump too close to ledges as well, getting right up next to them when jumping a few frames earlier will still work. At the ladder at the end of the first screen, you jump too early and lose a little height before grabbing it. Ideally, you'll want to grab a ladder as soon as you hit the peak of your jump in order to maximize forward movement from sliding while also minimizing time spent climbing.
Should you choose to retry this run, my highest recommendation is to refer much more strongly to the published run and ensure that you are matching or surpassing it in all comparable parts. There are a good number of screens that the two runs will still have in common: For example, Star Man's stage will be completely identical between both runs as it contains no time-saving zips, so there shouldn't be any loss of frames screen-by-screen in terms of pure movement (barring potential RNG changes, can't remember how much of a factor that is mid-stage). Also, if you're not using it already, TAStudio would help immensely with fixing a lot of these issues. Set some easy to reach hotkeys for inserting and deleting frames and you can very efficiently find the first frame where an action can be done or the most efficient frame to time a jump or a ladder grab.
Most of all though, keep trying! While this run does need more work, it's still a good first effort, and it shows you're getting the hang of the process. Take my advice to heart and feel free to ask for more on the forums or on Discord, and don't give up!

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #7618: NemoRuby's GG Mega Man "zipless" in 14:53.35
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Unusual port of a Mega Man game. It seems to be mostly like Mega Man 5 with parts of Mega Man 4. The scrolling is awkward to deal with the larger stages, but it works alright (though Mega Man & Bass did a better job with it on GBA years later). The soundtrack is alright for Game Gear, though the Wave Man stage used the song from Gravity Man for some reason. It seems like the gameplay is pretty good, though it must be hard to optimize the uses of Rush Coil and some of the boss fights. I'll give this a Yes vote.
Used to be a frequent submissions commenter. My new computer has had some issues running emulators, so I've been here more sporadically. Still haven't gotten around to actually TASing yet... I was going to improve Kid Dracula for GB. It seems I was beaten to it, though, with a recent awesome run by Hetfield90 and StarvinStruthers. (http://tasvideos.org/2928M.html.) Thanks to goofydylan8 for running Gargoyle's Quest 2 because I mentioned the game! (http://tasvideos.org/2001M.html) Thanks to feos and MESHUGGAH for taking up runs of Duck Tales 2 because of my old signature! Thanks also to Samsara for finishing a Treasure Master run. From the submission comments:
Shoutouts and thanks to mklip2001 for arguably being the nicest and most supportive person on the forums.
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I feel like it's an okay start. I've been doing some RTA runs the past few days and this TAS is about the same time as my PB. My current sum of best is 14:47 RTA, so that would lead me to guess sub 15 is surely possible with TAS timing. Curious why you don't use the charge shot more? I know it can cause a little lag, but there are lots of spots you can use it to avoiding having to stop. Star Man you can kill in 1 cycle, before he uses his shield a 2nd time. Not sure that using Rush Coil so much is saving time in a lot of cases. Wave Man fight looked very slow compared to just using full charge shots.
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I didn't know there was an 8-bit Mega Man game with rooms that have both horizontal and vertical scrolling at the same time! It looks like to me there could be places to optimize movement. Like, jumping up to the next ledge can be done faster. I can't easily show it, but the currently published run has this movement. Some bosses appear to be done faster in the published run as well, especially Wave Man (using charged Buster much more).
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WhiteHat94 wrote:
My current sum of best is 14:47 RTA
Can you show the video?Perhaps I can find some improvement
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Looks like this movie is not very optimized, movement can be better and he doesn't use the tecnique of faster moving platforms, Rush Coil usage can be better on Bright Man Stage and boss fights with buster can be faster. I feel the zips in this game doesn't save that much time (like Mega Man 2) to do a separated category without zips. No vote for me.
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