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Guide principle

- Aims for fastest time
- Uses death as shortcut
- Uses the tool(such as Double truncation stick )
- Manipulates luck
- Abuses programming errors in the game


Double Dragon III,it has a cool name-双截龙.It means two dragon.In this game,there are two main role who come from America have Chinese Kofung,one Chinese middle-man (Chen)and one Japanese Ninja.The story happens one year after Double Dragon II.Double Dragon must still fight for earth and their girl friend.
Introduce of role Double Dragon,Billy and Jim.In fact Billy is the same as Jim.They look cool and handsome.Chinese Kufung is their skill.You can press"B""A""AB""AB+B""ahead+AB" to attack.Press selcet,you can use Double truncation stick. Chinese Chen.He looks strange.I think he is lovely.But you don't think he is unuseful.In fact he is very strong.When I get him,I always use him.Only you overthrow him,can he join you. Japanese Ninja,a frind of the BOSS of game Double DragonII.His speed is the fastest.Some place we need his jumping power.Only you overthrow him,can he join you.


It is 20 seconds improvment than my last speedrun,main in way.Double Dragon III is not continuous.There is one empty frame between two frames.It means you play one frame then stop one frame.So it adds more change.I think “Double Dragon III” is the game which has the biggest randomness.I improve datails,especially in BOSS, In the stage4,and I take advantage of two Bug on the floor.In the stage5-2,I go to die on purpose.

adelikat: Accepting for publication as an improvement to the current movie.

adelikat: Processing.

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EDIT by xipo on 2008.6.29 There is something wrong in this post.I will give correct information and the new work in next week.
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Nice improvement to the published movie. Looks more optimal and more entertaining. I vote yes.
It's hard to look this good. My TAS projects
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Sorry, my english is really bad...
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Yes vote to a good and improved movie.
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This sceenshot sums up the game pretty well [URL=][/URL] Its amazing to think that stages 3+4 are completely pointless in terms of the games quest. Nice improvement, I'm still awaiting a 2p movie.
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i'm not convinced that it was faster to suicide hanzou like that, but i'm voting yes for the 16.5 seconds improvement!
Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [882] NES Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones by Xipo in 10:38.82
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Most impressive, young grasshopper. The 2-player version is gonna be interesting :P