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Many people did requested a TAS of Track and Field that beats the current published 3 runs. So here it is.Some people wanted a 2nd player, I wasn't sure if I should or not since the movie will be longer. Then I've decided to go with it. I chose Mode B because it starts at round 4. Which is harder. Also, the high jump minimum requirement to be qualified is 2m36. In mode A, it's 2m26. Of course if I could, I would choose the hardest possible round. The value is increased each time the game is beaten.


The first objective is to get the best record in each event.
2nd objective is to get the highest score as possible for 1 player in one set of events. In this case it's player 1. However, that goal is semi-officially achieved. It is explained below.
3rd objective. Try to be entertaining as possible. That one is not easy because some things might be good for some people while it's bad for others. I think it's impossible to satisfy everybody. With a 2nd player, it's possible to do some things that is not possible during a 1 player run. Note that in this run, I didn't do those "44 or 46 degree angle" attempt since, imo, it's nothing extraordinary and they are in other runs which are 4 years old and I think we already know what it does. 45° is obviously the best in all events, except high jump which is different, of course. I wanted to do some new things.
As for player 2's objective, it is to make him look he is dumb by trying to make funny attempts. Let say he is Forrest Gump. He is good at running and selling shrimps but nothing else. ;) Or anyone else you think deserves it.


[/Forum/Topics/210&highlight|Old movies records].
  • 100 meter dash: 6:92
  • Long jump: 14m66
  • 110 hurdles: 8:97
  • Javelin throw: 137m65
  • Skeet Shooting: 28200
  • Triple jump: 25m93
  • Archery: 5800
  • High Jump: 2m32

Events in detail

100 meter dash

When I did started the run some times ago, I was toying with that event. Then a nite, while I was about to sleep, I was wondering: "If I use the pause, can it help me increase the turbo, which is limited to 30hz!?" Then I woke up, :P I know what you think :), and tested it. Wow, I was right I said to myself.
So, here is a time of 6:92. That would make some olympic runners to salivate. ;)
Running 2 players at same time isn't probably not more interesting that Player 1 VS. CPU. However, when player 1 and (player 2 or CPU) finishes at exactly same time, a bonus of 3000 points can be obtained. Different times, no bonus. Remember, I am aiming for an high score.
Q. Why didn't you use the pausing at the end?
A. Because it's losing its effect once it reaches the 155x cm/sec. It's only good at beginning, when speed is below that.

Long Jump

There are 3 tries for each player and in the end, it keeps the best result and gives points according to it. To obtain a bonus, the last 3 digits must be the same. For player 1, I get the best record and obtained 2 bonuses.
Bonuses are automatically added to the score no matter if it's a foul or not. As for player 2, I did try to be as entertaining as possible.
Player 1
1st attempt: Got 2m22. It gives 3000 points.
2nd attempt: Got 14m66. I have tested several things and I couldn't get better. Unless someone discover a trick, I think it can't be improved.
3rd attempt: Got 2m22. Another 3000 points. I could end up at 3m33 but 2m22 seems to be faster and I know it's much much faster than 5m55.
Player 2:
1st attempt: OUCH!
2nd attempt: BUG!
3rd attempt: To be qualified, the player need to do a jump of 7m50 and that's what he did since he is not so good and can't do better.

110 hurdles

This one's goal is the same as 100 meter dash. By efficiently using the pause trick mentionned above, I got a record of 8:97.

Javelin throw

As for javelin throw, there are 3 tries for each player and in the end, it keeps the best result and gives points according to it. To obtain a bonus, the javelin must be thrown very high, the easy way is at 80°. It hits an UFO or something.
Player 1
1st attempt: Got the bonus at 8m90.
2nd attempt: Got a record of 137m65.
3rd attempt: Got another bonus but this time at 8m79. Yes, the minimum distance isn't 8m90.
Player 2:
1st attempt: He is too idiot to realize he should throw the javelin.
2nd attempt: That ones shows the player trying to obtain a bonus when he passes the white line, foul, but doesn't work. Listen to the sound. That old and nice NES special effects technology.
3rd attempt: Forrest Gump is happy, happy. He did 2 cm better than what is required to be qualified.

Special note

From now on, for the remaining of the 4 events, Skeet Shooting, Triple jump, Archery and High jump, each tries worth points.

Skeet Shooting

Player 1's goal still the same, aims for best record and get an high score. So a 28200 points record in every tries.
Player 2
1st attempt: I wanted to show what it does if you hit the targets at 2nd square they are passing. Score of 6400
2nd attempt: In this attempt, I make the squares to make them at smallest size which in real time nearly impossible to do.
To make them small, missed shot must be done and that explains why there are many unnecessary shots. Got a score of 8100.
3rd attempt: Hit the targets as early as possible. He didn't realize, after "3" tries, that he shouldn't hit the UFO at 1st square to get extra bonuses. So got a score of 8200.

Triple Jump

Same as long jump, to get a bonus, last 3 digits must be the same. Ex. 14m44. In this event,I intentionally make the 2nd player to be Game Over. I feel that a 2nd player at archery would make the movie entertainment reduced by alot.
Also, Player 1 didn't get high score as possible. I found that landing at 25m55, which gives a bonus of 3000 points, worth more points than the record. Of course, I could do it in all 3 tries but there wouldn't be the record. The other possibilties is to not make Player 2 disqualified and make it to got the record. But it's not the good solution. So, I was forced to lose some points, only 2620 for the sake of primary objective.
Player 1:
1st attempt: 25m55. Bonus.
2nd attempt: 25m93.
3rd attempt: 25m55.
Player 2
1st attempt: This one shows you that getting all 3... jumps at 45°, which is theoritically the best a human can do, is not good in that game.
2nd attempt: After this fiasco whith his 1st attempt, Gump has decided to jump higher. Maybe too much... He got 15m98. 2cm missing from what is required to be qualified.
3rd attempt: For an instance, Gump thought he was holding a record since he reaches some blue floor. For some reasons, Gump forgot that 3 jumps at 45° is not good. And this time, he passes the white line which is a foul. He is disqualified and he started to cry. Poor man!


To get a bonus, all you have to do is to get any score except 600 for the 1st throws. Then when 2 arrows are remaining, hit 600 and a cat with an apple appears. Hit the apple and got a 1000 bonus points + 3 extra arrows. Make sure to not hit the cat, Bisqwit loves cats. So 5800 is obtained in all tries. Anyway, it's probably looking better than missed shots.

High jump

To get a bonus, you must succeed in all 3 tries and that's what I've done.
Rocket maaaaaaaan.... burning out his fuse up here alone

Final Score

Finished with an high score of 268030. However, it could be 268030 + 2620= 270650.
I hope you will enjoy it.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #1716: Phil's NES Track & Field in 12:55.43
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Great submission text, got me curious! I hope to see it when published.
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I'm gonna vote yes to this one, it showed a few things I never expected to see.
Post subject: Re: #1716: Phil's NES Track & Field in 12:55.43
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NesVideoAgent wrote:
2nd attempt: Got a record of 137m35.
Warp wrote:
omg lol this is so fake!!!1 the nes cant produce music like this!
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I liked it. Then again, I'm not an expert on this game so I don't know what I missed. Regardless, I think doing a 2p was a good idea, so you can showcase perfection, curiosity points and blunders in the same movie in a manner that makes sense. It works as a double act. Also, congratulations on finding the pause trick.
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I strongly admire Phils determination to always find a way to make great comebacks. *Eagerly awaits his future Super Mario Bros 2 run* About this game, Im not a big fan but the author basically managed to maintain my interest during the entire movie. Except for the bow firing section. I especially liked the triple long jump scene. Voted yes.
Nitrogenesis wrote:
Guys I come from the DidyKnogRacist communite, and you are all wrong, tihs is the run of the mileniun and everyone who says otherwise dosnt know any bater! I found this run vary ease to masturbate too!!!! Don't fuck with me, I know this game so that mean I'm always right!StupedfackincommunityTASVideoz!!!!!!
Arc wrote:
I enjoyed this movie in which hands firmly gripping a shaft lead to balls deep in multiple holes.
natt wrote:
I don't want to get involved in this discussion, but as a point of fact C# is literally the first goddamn thing on that fucking page you linked did you even fucking read it
Cooljay wrote:
Mayor Haggar and Cody are such nice people for the community. Metro City's hospitals reached an all time new record of incoming patients due to their great efforts :P
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Yes vote here --- it was like watching a live action Goofus and Galant. However, I was confused by player 2 changing race from black to white halfway through the movie. Anyway, great job! Very entertaining.
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This movie is as boring as adelikat's, and four minutes longer. A second player isn't needed, and that's apparent because you have the first player do the same thing every time for skeet shooting, archery, and high jump, and nearly identical things for most of the other events. Three attempts is enough to show the game's "variety". Edit - Clarity: <xebra> How could you say Phil's movie was *as* boring as Adelikat's? <JXQ> well, I meant it in the way that it was equally boring, and then I had to suffer through four more minutes of it
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stanski wrote:
Why were any of these ever accepted?
VANDAL wrote:
this game is repetitive and really doesn't deserve much attention in the sense that it's not very entertaining.
Pretty much sums up my feelings about this game. Having twice as many of the boring events makes this less entertaining for me than adelikat's run, simply because it goes longer. So this one gets a no from me. However, if this run does get published, I would hope that adelikat's run doesn't, so that we don't go from 3 movies of the same crappy game, to 2 (slightly less crappy) movies of the same crappy game.
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SPG Game is very hard for me to select. For example,it wll waste much time if we get all the champion.We can reduce time by loseing game on purpose. Then,which should we select?
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It was borderline Meh and Yes for me, but after reading the submission text, I definitely got more than a chuckle. Voting yes.
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Longer, but better in my humble opinion ... liked seeing the other strange bonuses in the racing events. As noted before, archery was boring and i fastforwarded. I liked this better than the previous movies and adelikat's. (re: dave_dfwm, presumably player 2 is michael jackson... ok sorry)
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Could have been better. Maybe using one of the redundant turns to score 13m37, or something like that.
Post subject: TNF Analyz by Benn
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The movie is entretaining...well enough only to those who knew the game by heart like i did (had TNF for the nes =3) so i have to vote yes, of the bonuses i didnt knew, so if i could i´d vote a yes for entretainment. ...Well, what is the escence of tasing...that is a constant my belief ^^u edit: ZOMG T_T i can vote now...its a yes =3
I am not a Taser, i just needed to vote...i do visit the site =P
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The goal of getting the bonusses makes somehow sense, and the stuff with player 2 was pretty cool (besides the shooting, which was boring). Voting yes.
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I guess if there's going to be a run that obsoletes the other 3 then maybe it should be the fuller one which is this one. On the other hand, why not abolish all runs of Track & Field and just forget about it, leave it in an archive or something. I wonder how many people would actually be for this (as well as for another run to be taken down).
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Wow, even though I expected this to be as boring as the published runs, it turned out very entertaining, especially the antics of player 2. Yes vote(when I can).
Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [970] NES Track & Field "max score, playaround" by Phil in 12:55.43
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Even though I didn't like this movie as much because it's long, thank you thank you THANK YOU for choosing to have the triple obsoletion.
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You know, I could have SWORN that the bons on high jump was from fouling the first two attempts, then nailing the third each time. Was that only the arcade, or is getting a bonust form always suceeding a bug?