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i have made an fmv of Aussie Rules Footy, a NES game probably only sold in Australia (not sure about that). funnily enough its based on our code of football. if you need the ROM i can send that, up to you. It goes for 17 minutes 59 seconds.
the video isnt a speed run, since it is a sports game, but instead an attempt to get the highest score possible in the given time frame. when you watch it you will notice that the score does odd things after it reaches 255.... its probably using a 1-byte integer and sloppily didnt error check that people could get such a high score.
my name is Jeremy Beard, nickname would be Remy B. hope you like it enough to put it on the site! cheers :)

Phil: I haven't watched the movie, but by reading the description, it seems so boring. So I let other people to judge this case.
Bisqwit: Our test audience -- that is, the users of the discussion forum, have generally found this movie boring. I watched part of this movie and I have to agree. Therefore this submission is rejected. Have good luck with better game choices in future. :)

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according to my "full romset" it's part of the europe folder, so maybe it's just an odd mistake in europe mixing up the two other versions of football...
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Is there someone who love that submission?
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I found this movie very boring- it's literally the same play over, and over, and over again. That play is well done I suppose, but I just don't think it's interesting, and I'm pretty sure this would stay the same for anybody watching it. I was curious about the "odd things" and kept watching at high speed, but at 255 the score simply resets and counts from 0.
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om, nom, nom... blech, stale!