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Join Carlos in a race to clean up the streets of Raccoon City, enjoy the architecture and the new walls colors.


  • Use ResidentEvil2/3 Hack to operate the movie
  • Use Dirty Sram to unlock Mini-Game "The Mercenaries"
  • Use Carlos Oliveira
  • Obtain Highest Grade (A)
  • Kill Everything
  • Does NOT aim for fastest time
  • Dont Take Damage
  • Manipulate Luck
  • Official Encodes [1]
  • Emulator used: PCSX-RR 0.1.2
  • Frames:xxxxx Lag:xxxx Re-records:17002


This movie does use a dirty sram to unlock a mini game in Resident Evil 3, The Mercenaries : Operation Mad Jackal.
The memory card can be filled up simply by replaying this movie and saving after credits.
This mini-game take place in the raccoon center exactly like in the main game, you start from the trolley and go back to hangar (game start).
A voice will explain to you that they putted a bomb inside your body (escape from LA?Oho) and that in order to dispose of it you have to reach your target before the timer run out.
On the way 6 "hostages" can be free up, giving time bonus as well ammos, killing monsters also give time bonus.
3 characters are at disposal, all from the Umbrella mercenary force, each carrying different arsenal.
Michael have the most heavy gears, rocket/shooty/magnum, Nikolai have a knife/handgun, finaly Carlos have a rifle and custom hand gun (only weapon in the game having critical hits).
The reason i took Carlos is simply because of the custom handgun, i try to (ab)use as much as possible the critical hit feature unique to this gun, speed wise the riffle is like shooty, decrease for about 5% your movement speed while holding it.
By constantly using head shoots on zombies, the handgun is obviously way faster to clear everything than the riffle, and the ammo supply is no trouble compared to riffle since only 1 bullet is enought to kill any monsters.
The reason im killing everything is simply to try making something entertaining, this mini-game can be cleared in less than 5 min, running just for the purpose of speed is somewhat limited here, instead of making a movie clearing with all 3 characters the minigame within 15 min (and bad score), i choosed rather to go for massive kill in a bigger movie with just 1 character
I attempted first to mix in between by simply rescuing all hostages and going as fast as possible, while doing that i noticed that killing everything wouldnt take twice the time than just running by the various location to save peoples, also need to note here that pure speed wont give the highest grade (i had B, took damage to save time...)
A few passage will probably look somewhat sloopy, mainly with birds/snake/floor-zombies, i used the riffle there, because it was too tedious to use the handgun and not having good results with it, snake seem to always respawn so i just killed them once, for the whole rest im just using the gun, some demo licker at the power plant might look sloopy, i kept that outcome because of the crazy dodging, looked cool to me.
Note that at the end, my timer show as much time left than it took to run (14:11), i tought to mention it, its pretty neat i think :p
Obviously using Michael would be faster due to better arsenal, i realy did wanted to avoid using the rockets because i felt it was no fun, just hit once and the nemesis is dead, overall carlos seemed the most balanced and most interresting to tas due to luck manipulation on head shoots.
Maybe i should have first do a run aiming for fastest time, yet, after my initial attempt i felt a "kill everything" was in order, so i hope youll all enjoy this butchery

Ill fix errors in text and polish it a bit latter.

This score chart was took on gamefaq, my initial attempt with carlos proove that its not very accurate tought.
Rescuing all hostage, no spray use, and over 2min left on timer didnt awarded me a A rank (took damage)

A 1,000
B 800 - 999
C 500 - 799
D 300 - 499
E 100 - 299
F 0 - 99


-- -- --
6 - 900 1:99:99+ - 100 0 - 50
5 - 750 1:29:99+ - 50
4 - 600 1:00:00+ - 0
3 - 450
2 - 300
1 - 150
0 - 0


Consecutive Kill: +1 per consecutive kill (doubled)
Take no hits : +100
Take fewer hits : +??
Push : +1 (doubled for additional pushes)
Dodge : +1 (doubled for additional dodges)
Nemesis KO : +10
Nemesis Kill : +20
Oil Drum : +?? (dependant on no. enemies killed)
Knife Kill : +5


Using Rocket Launcher : -10
Excessive Damage : -10
Too late to save a hostage: -10
Finish below 0:59:99 : -50
Use 1 or more F.Aid Sprays: -50 per use
Dies before finishing : Final Score Halved

Official Encodes[1]


Thanks to Aktan for encodes, and pcsx-rr team for making psx tasing possible.

adelikat: Accepting for publicationas a "maximum kills" movie.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #2483: arukAdo's PSX Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis "Carlos" in 18:54.02
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...impressive, yes it was. The enemy manipulation with the 2 bazooka-guys looked somewhat hard, I hope that you used lua-script. Despite this, that's probably the most entertaining Resident Evil video, that I ever see!
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*Kill everything
My favorite goal! Christmas comes early. I think I remember you talking about this on IRC— the run with two Nemesises with RLs? /me waits for encode
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Dromiceius wrote:
Nemesi? Looking forward to watching this, as I found this mode to be a royal pain the butt when I was younger...
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The proper way to pluralize nemesis is nemeses. Good day. *floats away inexplicably* On topic, also waiting for an encode here. I have never played this game, but it sounds like the minigame might be a good watch.
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Need.... encode .... now!
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Whoa, it's impressive! Voted Yes, of course.
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Zombie to right of him, Zombie to left of him, Zombie in front of him Boldly he TAS'd and well. Yes vote. I assume those shots that (apparently) didn't hit anything were there to burn off RNG states or somesuch. Also, I was thinking of "Nemesis" as a proper noun. Y'know, like "Bagginses."
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Very entertaining! Here's a clear yes vote from me.
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Yeah, it was interesting from the beginning to the end... pretty cool.
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Bisqwit wrote:
Drama, too long, didn't read, lol.
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ElectroSpecter wrote:
Dromiceius wrote:
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ShadowWraith wrote:
ElectroSpecter wrote:
Dromiceius wrote:
I'd just stick with Nemesis's. It makes the most sense.
Sir VG
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I liked it very much. I also have hopes that you or somebody will do a version of this that works to get to the ending as fast as possible. Having your life on a short fuse the entire way would make for an interesting run to watch, I think. YES vote to this one.
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Well, that was pretty damn awesome. I wonder if this should be published as either '100% kills' or 'playaround'? Both would probably work in this case, but they mean quite different things. The former suggests a higher degree of care by the author to get the fastest possible time while getting 100% kills (there are examples of this here), whereas the latter suggests many speed/entertainment tradeoffs (also quite a lot of that here). ...anyway, I digress, voting yes.
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Wonderful job again, Aktan, on the encode! As for the run, this was a great choice of goals. It basically turned RE3 into Smash TV with better graphics. I also really liked the speed-entertainment tradeoffs, particularly whenever you set up barrel explosions or had awesome dodges. Nice going!
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Shoutouts and thanks to mklip2001 for arguably being the nicest and most supportive person on the forums.
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Thanks to everybody for positive feedback, especially to Aktan for encode BadPotato: no, i did it the old way, that room alone was realy a pain in the ass to manipulate a "fun" outcome (ie they kill eatch others, punchs&rockets), i did made sure not getting any damage there with close rockets and had to monitor their hp as well Dromiceius: there is only 1 missed shoot in the whole run, on demo linking to police station alley, its to manipulate the rng yes, for the rest of the run if i shoot at nowhere its because the camera angle is not set on my target (cant do much about it), yet you should hear the zombies head exploding or hitting whatever my target is, aiming is automatic btw (lock on nearest target) Mukki: i dont know :p *stares at the judges* (i wonder same than you obviously) SirVG: yeah, the only trouble i have is i dont know yet what to do with it, speed for speed it mean like getting a F grade, i believe need to use nikolai, because obviously doing a full kill run with him would be idiot, hes clearly designed for speed clearance, yet, i dont know if a rank B is ok and im not sure how to get a rank A with very low killing, overall it was such a shitstorm to figure i went ahead and choose kill everything (and trying to do it as stylish as i could), a little feedback on the forum on what is realy "the fastest" acceptable will be needed, i believe, before taking on that goal seriously
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Flygon wrote:
ShadowWraith wrote:
ElectroSpecter wrote:
Dromiceius wrote:
I'd just stick with Nemesis's. It makes the most sense.
Apostrophes don't work that way. As for the run, something about that critical hitting handgun never gets old. It reminds me of the red9 from RE4 or something. Also, I liked the part where you killed the crows because it was like RE: Duck Hunt.
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I heartily approve of any game that hates players like RE does being demolished like this.
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Is it possible to keep dodging enemies to get virtually unlimited time? If so, then 100% kills is a good objective, if not, then it might be cool to aim for finishing with the most time left. If the run were labeled as "100% kills", then a movie doing it faster would obsolete it. Labeling it as a "playaround movie" would avoid that... but then it's not (really) open to competition. Anyway, the movie was entertaining, voting yes.
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Baxter wrote:
Is it possible to keep dodging enemies to get virtually unlimited time?
Yes there is a trick in a room near end, theres 3 dogs and you can climb on a sort of box, they wont ever reach you but if you dumbly hold r2 and press X it will keep on dodging them (as they try to attack you), so you can get grade A that way too, just a matter of time to waste on dodging them As well you could just have the crowd of 10 zombies and use tas lightning reflex to keep on knocking them down until ... you get bored doing so As for how to categorize this movie, ill leave the headhash to judge, all i can say is while making this movie i didnt aimed at speed (even if its quite optimized within its goals), and if its get 100% kill categorie then it will be very easy to obsolete it, for exemple, killing zombies instead of using explosive barrel (lurk zombies) will go faster, saving considerable time, as well as some unecessary dodging, or simply taking damage might goes faster (as well as reducing the score...) I did all this kind of stuff for the purpose of entertainement, basicly (i think i didnt totaly failed on that aspect ^^ ) Note that personally i think it suit both cases 100%kill or playaround, and i would have hard to make the choice, but i suppose it should go on playaround since on speed im not at the top, yet its fair to introduce competition and more movies by making it 100%kill, we still will have that one as a reference even if its obsoleted, and dont overflood categories for this game, either way ill be glad if this get accepted at all :p
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hi, it was realy entertaining, BUT you forgot a zombie : in the room @ 9:53 of the encode the second zombie from the box is alive when you exit the room :) also near the end, isn't a time bonus hidden when you 'usualy' get the street map? (@17:17) exept this, it's a fairly easy yes vote and i'd LOVE to see a Nicholaï tas...( saving the hostages would be extremly fun to see to ;) )
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Nicos wrote:
in the room @ 9:53 of the encode the second zombie from the box is alive when you exit the room :)
Nah, hes dyeing as i exit, the animation of their death is not yet complete (i got the bonus...), theres a few corspe on the floor that are not "alive" also
Nicos wrote:
also near the end, isn't a time bonus hidden when you 'usualy' get the street map? (@17:17)
There is a lot of time bonus you can earn simply by walking in some areas, you can find a list on gfaq i believe, those bonus seemed quite useless to me since i finish with over 14 min on timer :p And yeah ill try nikolai soon or latter (with most likely speed goals)
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arukAdo wrote:
theres a few corspe on the floor that are not "alive" also
that was my second tought because you when sprayed the machin gun the two other zombies got hit and not this one..... the lack of blood around his body tricked me >.<
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Meh. It was interesting at first, but it eventually was just "run run, crit crit" until you reached the end. Too repetitive for my taste.
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