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Batman returns to stop Joker's insane criminal plot in 4 minutes 35 seconds.
  • Uses hard setting
  • Take damage to save time
  • Aim for fastest time
  • Recorded on VBA Re-recording v22
Questions you guys might ask is why take damage on ninjas, ninja always can hit batman before he can hit ninja. They also deflect batarangs. Another question might be why did I wait for second stage boss to move to left side of screen, trying to hit him without getting hurt is very hard to do so I didn't have enough health to start attacking him right away. You might also ask why I used batclaw up against nothingness, I use it whenever I get chance to, because they prevent decreasing movement speed in air.
Might not be greatest run, but I find it short and sweet. Enjoy and Merry Christmas.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #2510: ventuz's GB Batman - Return of the Joker in 04:34.83
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Well, it's more interesting to watch than the other Batman game run on the workbench at the moment. The "batclaw" mechanic makes for faster gameplay and the graphics are much easier to pay attention to for extended periods of time. It's still another bland action platformer, but due to the above, and because it's short, I think there's enough here to push my vote into weak Yes territory.
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I remember this game from when I was a kid, and I never expected it to be beaten this fast. This makes bosses look ridiculously easy (especially the Joker). Also, I recall it being really hard to get multiple swings chained together on the console, let alone build up speed from them. Not only that, but you hardly ever needed batarangs. Yes vote. This made my day once again (Kriole's AOS run was the first time today.)
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I had this game back in the Gameboy-days when I was a kid and I recall it being difficult as f*ck. It'll be nice to watch this as soon as someone makes an encode =) Voting postponed.
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This movie looks pretty unoptimized to me. Please think again about wall-jumps/grappling-hooks, and maybe try to find out why some tough enemy can be killed in one punch at times. Voting postponed though.
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