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"Flashing Columns" by axelito TAS
I have now made a movie of the same time as the andymac but this is in 2 Players
  • Emulator used: Gens 11a
  • Controller 2 Players
  • Aims for the fastest time
  • Plays at hardest level (level 9)
  • Plays at easiest difficulty (Novice)
  • Genre: Puzzle
About the Run:
This run plays the "Flashing Columns" mode. In this way you will have to destroy a jewel flashing in the bottom of the screen juego.También there is a counter which records the fastest time. I decided to cancel my other movie to improve it, and this time I did it with 2 players. For me it was difficult to control both with a person driving, but with practice will do better, in my case cost me a lot but never mind
Suggested screenshot:
Note: This run uses Revision 00. If you have any desynchs, then check the revision.

adelikat: Rejecting. Reasons in thread.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #2519: axelito's Genesis Columns "2 Players" in 00:24.42
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The votes w/o comments thing still stands out as incredibly suspicious. Abstaining from voting because my natural anti-framewar bias will get in the way of it.
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warmCabin wrote:
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Yeah, 7 votes without a comment within an hour of submission? That also strikes me as a bit suspicious.
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according to comments also seems suspicious that 7 votes short time in scrambled But I Vote Yes
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The interest held in a 2P run is quickly and utterly destroyed by identical output results with simultaneous timing. Maybe if you had one side go for the flashing, and the other side go for biggest combos possible, then it might be something to root for, but as it is this is an "Oh, I've seen this before. Ho hum" kind of TAS. Voting no.
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I don't think there's any compelling reason to have two players performing identical actions in a game of this nature, and apart from that this run is identical to andymac's. No vote.
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I still think this should be played on "pro" I think this could also be improved by having p1 and p2 do different things. priams idea of having one side go for largest combo sounds good. or you could have one side play on pro and the other on novice. another idea I have is you could have one side lose a few times to manipulate the blocks (only if this leads to a shorter game time of course)
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For reasons mentioned above regarding identical actions of the two players I vote no.
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Due to voting abuse on this submission: 1) The poll is reset 2) This thread will be locked 3) This submission will be rejected.
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I vote not because 1) Reset the time 2) Use 2 players 3) The 2 players earn at the same time Luck next time