Post subject: Suggestion for open source games
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Hi there, lately I was looking for some good open-source game, but since the wikipedia list or any other gamelist wasn't very efficient, I just decide to go ahead and make my own list. Also, there were request from coder here and there, maybe there few game that could do it and help them. Ok let's see... open source for windows-only a kind of rare for some reason. So while searching for those, I thought it could be easier to look for multi platform windows/linux game and so far I think this should do the job as a starting list. Now the only problem is that some game are only half-complete, so I just ignored some game that looked too primitive. But still, there project that require a deeper playthought to know how playable the game actualy is... I'll try to strocke them, if I try few one later. Most of these game are just raw link, but I alway make sure that the source was available around and legit. Project host:[]=trove%3A80 Google Code non-GNU CodePlex Bitbucket GitHub Gitorious TuxFamily LaunchPad Gna Game development competition: Ludum Dare: 15, 16, 17 ... PyWeek Speedhack Seven Day RogueLikes Java4K (gamelist : sometime the source is available on the game homepage...) Game from specific/popular open-source-library (those aren't exactly updated list) SDL games pygame games Allegro games Ruby games Crystal Space games QT games GTK games (definitly not up-to-date) OpenGL OpenAL BennuGD CEGUI Tcl/Tk games Gamelist: Freshmeat Wikipedia open-source gamelist Libregamewiki Linux Gamelist: The linux game tome ArchLinux AUR depot Linux Game list Other Linux Game list An another Linux Game list Linux game list with a non-updated devloppement state Linux Game list pdf/odt (french) Linux Game List 2 (french) Linux Game list (spanish) Linux Game list (russian) ... ------ 0AD 2H4U : Too Hard For You 20 000 Light Years Into Space 3D Pong 4D-TRIS 4st Attack 555-BOOM! 8Kingdoms Abe's Amazing Adventure Abuse Adonthell Adrian Advanced Strategic Command Adventures on Planet Zephulor Airstrike Aleph one (some mod here) Alex the Allegator 4 Alien arena Alienblaster Allefant 5 Amoebax Amphetamine Anagramarama Angband Angry Drunken Dwarves Annchienta - Fall of Imiryn Antargis (download) Apricots Aquaria (source) Arcade-tonk-tanks Arcus Ardentryst AREA2048 (other download) Arkanae Arkanae II / Balazar I Arkanae III Arkhart (download) (probably unfinished) Armagetron Assembly Line Asteroids (3D) Asteroids 2: The Vector (download) AstroMenace Asylum Atanks Atomorun 2008 ATP World Tour Tennis 3 Attal - Lords of doom Automanic Avoid The Roid Babaliba BabyChess Balazar brothers Balazar III Balder Barbie Seahorse Adventures Barrage Bastard Tetris / Bastet Battalion 2004 Battle for Planet Vector Battle for Wesnoth Battle tanks Beat Harvester Beats of Rage Bell Runner Berserk! Berusky BFruit Bible Dave BillardGL Biloba Biniax Biniax-2 Black-Box Black Shades Blaster Blinkensisters Blobwars: Blob And Conquer Blob Wars : Metal Blob Solid Bloatboats Block Dude Block Rage Blockattack Blokish Blockling BlockOut2 Blocks Game Blocks of the Undead Blood Frontier Blubbels BoboBot Bomberclone Bombermaaan Bomberman Java Bombic Bombz Bos Wars Bouncy the Hungry Rabbit Brain Workshop Brikx Briquolo Brutal Chess Bub's Brothers Bubble Chains BubbMan 2 Bullet Philharmonic Orchestra (download) BumpRace BurgerSpace Buscayasminas Bygfoot Football Manager C - Type C-Dogs C-evo Cars Cannon Smash Caph Capitán Sevilla - The Remake Car World Carl Codemonkey Castle (The Caslte) Castle-Combat Cave9 Centripetality (source) CG Madness Chain reaction Chickens Chroma Chromium B.S.U. Circuitz Circus Linux! Clippers CloneKeen Plus (require data from the original game) Coffeeworlds ColorCode ColorSnatch Colossus Commander Stalin Connect Five Conquest Copter Commander Corewars Cosmic Assault Crack Attack! Crimson Fields Critial Mass Critterding Crown and Cutlas Crrcsim Cryptrover Crystal Core Crystal Stacker Cuba Letra Cube 2 : Sauerbraten Cube Escape Cubosphere Cuby Cultivation Custom Wars (source) CuteGod CuteMaze Cuyo Cytadela D2X-XL Damnation of the Gods Danger from the deep Dark Chess 960 Dark Oberon DarkPhear Darwersi DaveGnukem Dawn DccNiTghtmare Deadly Cobra Dead Meat Death Tower Defendguin Detritus Diamond Fighters Diamond Girl DiabloRL (source) Digger Digital - A Love Story DJ-backgammon Do'SSi Zo'la Dodgin' Diamond 2 Doishi Domination / jRisk Domino Blast Donkey Bolonkey Dopewarsl Dragon Hunt DreamChess Deadly Rooms of Death / Architects' Edition (source) Dragon History (run in scummVM) Dragon Hunt DroidBattles DrSoul DuduSDL Dune Legacy (engine for Dune II, require some data from the original game) Dungeon Crawl - Stone Soup Dungeon Digger DungeonHack DXX-Rebirth Dynamite Eagle Mode EasySok Eat the Whistle EBFCheckers Ecksdee Edax EDuke32 / JonoF's Duke Nukem 3D (require some data from the game) Egoboo Einstein Puzzle El ocaso de Sara (download down?) Elephants Emilia Pinball eMille (java) Empty Clip Endgame: Singularity Enelin / Enemy lines series Enigma Entombed! Epiar Epiphany Escape Escape from Anathema Mines Excalibur - Morgana's Revenge Extreme Tux Racer Exult / Pentagram (require some data from Ultima 7-8) F1 spirit FAangband Ferrari3D Feuerkraft Fictional Air Combat Final Frontier Trader Fireball 12 Finity Flight II (source) Fish Fillets - Next Generation Flightgear FlipOut Flobopuyo Fly Hard FlyingGuns Foo FooBillard Formido FormulaRetro Freeciv (warclient or some mod here) Freecol Freedoom (engine: Skulltag, Doomsday, etc... more here) Freedroid Classic/RPG Free heroes2 (require some data from "Heroes of the Might and Magic II") FreeLords Freenukum FreeOrion Freera FreeSpace 2 (source) FreeSynd Free Tennis Freetrain FreeTumble freeVikings Frets on Fire / FretsOnFireX Frogatto & Friends Froggix Frog Princess VS The Cyborg Fireflies Frozen Bubble Fuego Funky Cars Funny Clown FunRacing Crazy drift Fut Fuzzy adventure GalaxyHack GalaxyMage Game / Zevv Tetris Gamebook Gamma Patrol Gargoyle GPL Arcade Volleyball Gearhead 1 / Gearhead 2 Gem Drop X Gem Hunters Geometry Cometry Ghouls'n Ghosts Remix Gish GL-117 Glaxium Glest (some mod here) / GlestAE Globulation 2 Gltron GLX - Gravity Neo Luxor GNU FreeDink GNU Go GNU Robbo GNU Backgammon GNUDoku GNUDoQ GNUjump Gnurobbo Goba Goblin Hack Golly (download) Gondola Got Angry? Gothello Gottet gPlanarity Gravitation Gravity Force Gravity Strike Gravity Wars gSoko gTans Guisterax Hacker Evolution pay for source code??? ^_^ Hardwar Heart of The Alien Hedgewars Help Hannah's Horse Heroes Hero of Allacrost Heroes of Wesnoth Hex-a-Hop Hexagonal Minesweeper Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion Highmoon HoldingNuts Holotz's Castle Homeworld Hot Potato Online House Of Mirrors Humphrey Icebreaker Imperium: Sticks Infon Battle Arena Insanerz Shooter InterLOGIC Interstate Outlaws Irrlamb Iter Vehemens ad Necem JAG Jake2 Jammer The Gardener JAMP JBrickShooter jBubbleBreaker JChessBoard jClassicRPG Jetris JGammon Jigzo JMario Jomar3D Jooleem José 3D JonoF's Shadow Warrior (require some data from the game) JPexeso JSoko JsTetris jSudoku Jumping Jack Junk Jungle Jurpe / JurpeDemo JVGS Kartofel Katawa Shoujo KBall Kexx 2 Kiki the nanobot kitsune Knights Kobo Deluxe Komi the Space Frog KOPS KQ krank Krystal Drop Kye Lalalove LambdaRogue Lander! Lander 2 Lavirinto3d LBreakout2 LexJongg Lgc (download mirror) Liero-AI Linball LinCity-NG Linéo LinWarrior 3D Little Wizard Lode Runner '07 LordsAWar! Lost hero Lost Labyrinth lothello LTanks Lugaru (open-source demo...) Lunar Lander Luola Machine Ball Mad Bomber Maelstrom Magic Maze Magicor Mango Quest Mah-Jong MahJongg Solitaire 3D ManiaDrive Mare Internum Mars, Land of No Mercy Martian Memory Matchball Max Fighter Mechanized Assault and Exploration Reloaded The Maze of Galious Mbm2K Mechanical Tower Mega Mario Meritous Metal Glove Solid Miners4k Mines of Elderlore MiniRacer Mini Tanques Mirror Magic Mobius Skies Mole Invasion Monster Monster 2 Monsterz Mother of all gravity games NAEV Nannoid Nazghul / Haxima Nelly's Rooftop Garden NeoDraugts Net-bubble NetHack / SLASH'EM / UnNetHack / ... Nethack 3D / Vulture's (download) Nether Earth Remake Neverball / Neverputt Nexuiz Nighthawk Nikwi Nimuh No Friction No Gravity Noiz2sa NuclearChess Numpty Physics Nuncabola nV@derz! Octaspire Crates! Oil Worker OldSkool Gravity Game Omega: the Roguelike Omnitux Oolite OpenAlchemist OpenCity OpenClonk OpenDuke (unfinished) OpenFracas Openglad OpenJazz (require some data from the original game) Open Invaders OpenLander OpenLieroX Open Mortal OpenNERO OpenRedAlert OpenSimulator Open Sonic Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe OpenTyrian Open World Soccer Open Yahtzee Orbit-Hopper ORBIT Orxonox Ostrich Riders Othello GL Othello Master Pachi el marciano Pac-man Pacman3D Paintown - adventure mode Palomino Pang Zero Paranoid Pathman Pathogen Warrior Pathological Peng2illa Pengupop Penguin-Command Penumbra Performous Phantomas PC Pingus Pioneers Pipepanic PipeWalker PiX Bros Planetoids Plee the Bear PokerTH Polly-B-Gone PoopmUp Possible Worlds pouetChess POWDER Powerball Powermanga Primrose Privateer Gemini Gold Project Alexandria Project Football ProScrabble PSY-NO Psy pong 3D Purple Martians Pushover pyAwale PyBreakout Pycadia PyCaptain PyConnectFour PyHalebarde Pykanoid Pylaga pyLaser PyScrabble PySol Fan Club edition Python Super Stupid Space Invaders PyTraffic Qonk QSpacehulk Quackle Quadra Quadromania Quake series: require map/mission pack from the CD to play. Quake (source mirror) / DarkPlaces / QuakeSpasm / ... Quake II (source mirror) / KMQuake2 / Yamagi Quake II / ... Quake III / ioquake3 Quantum Race for the Galaxy Racer Racer (F-Zero style) Racer 2D Rafkill Raid 2 Rail World Raincat Rally 7 Really Rather Good Battles In Space RealTimeBattle Reaper Rebel Warrior versus Nains de Jardins REminiscence (require some game data from "Flashback: The Quest for Identity") Rescue! Max RetroVaders Return to the Shadows Rezerwar Rigs of Rods Ri-li Rise of the Triad (require some additional data files) Road Fighter Robocode Robombs Robot Toast RoboTournament Rock Dodger Rocks'n'Diamonds R'n'D jue RUDI Rushing Bender Rush 2005 Sable Sanity Invaders Scid Scid vs PC Scorched3D SCOURGE2 Scum of the Universe SDL Asteroids SDL-Ball SDL Lopan SDL Sasteroids SDL-Toms Search And Rescue Search for the Red Herring Secret Maryo Chronicles Shooty Shotgun Debugger SilverTree RPG Simutrans Slam Soccer 2006 Slime Volley Slingshot Smash Battle snake3d Snowball Sokoban Sokoban2 Sokobano Sokowiz SolarWolf Sonic Robo Blast 2 Sopwith / SDL Sopwith SoulFu (source) SourGumdrop Space Trader (the website is down, but according the source code was available... maybe there a mirror somewhere?) Space Trader for Java / for Windows Spice Trade spinvaders Spirits Remake (source) Sporktris Starfighter StarGun Star Voyager StepMania Stones of the Gods Stormbaan Coureur StroQ StuntCarRacer Sulk Summoning Wars Super Happy Fun Pinball Super Methane Brothers Super Transbal 2 Super Tux Super TuxKart SYASokoban Symbolica Total Annihilation 3D (require some data from the original game) Tank Command TarotClub TaroTux TecnoballZ Tennix Tetratris True Tetrinux Tetris Queen The Goonies The Legend of Edgar Those Funny Funguloids! Thousand Parsec Thrust Thunder&Lightning Tile World ToME : Tales of Middle Earth TONG Top10 TORCS / Speed Dreams TouchMe Games Towbowl Tactics Tower Toppler Toy Cars Trackballs Train Director Transcend Transfusion (source) Trash Man Trichromic TriMines TripleA Triplex Invaders Truco4gnu Tsombie Tubularix TUER Tuxánci TuxBlocks TuxFisher TuxWordSmith Twin Distress Tyrant U61 UFO: Alien Invasion Ultimate Othello Ultimate Stunts Unknown Horizons Ur-Quan Masters Vacuum Magic Variations on Rockdodger VDrift Vectoroids Vega Strike Vertigo Vertris Violetland vitetris Vodovod Vorton vulcan Warp Rogue Warzone 2100 Which Way Is Up Widelands Windstille WING Wolf4SDL Word War vi Wormux WSpeed XBoing Xbreaky Xconq Xdames XEvil XInvaders 3D XLogical X-moto X Puzzles X-pired xrick Xscavenger XSwing Plus XUT XWelltris Xye Yajac Yoda Soccer Yo Frankie! Zangband / Z+Angband Zaz Zed Zelda-like : Return of the Hylian / Oni Link Begins / Time to Triumph / Mystery of Solarus zeRace Zsnake Multiplayer(network oriented) 0verkill A3P Alien Arena Any Door Is Closed AssaultCube / ActionCube BloodsPilot BZFlag carterrain Digital Paint: Paintball 2 Fight Win Prevail Leges Motus Lips of Suna (still on developpement) Liquid War London Law MegaMek mmpong Mtp Target netPanzer Netrek On Sight OpenArena (few mod here ...) OpenFrag OpenRPG Outer Space Parsec (dead) Passenger Pink Pony pokme Pong² Q3min Rising Snowflake Soccar Sparklet StressFreeZone Super Mario War (download) Teeworlds TetriNET Tremulous (source) / TremFusion (blabla-intro) Trepidation UFO2000 Urban Terror Warsow Web Epoch (source) World of Padman (source) XBlast XPilot NG XreaL MMORPG: Arianne RPG Atrinik Choria Daimonin Deliantra Eternal Lands Iris Legend of Mazzeroth Peragro Tempus PlaneShift Project Diaspora Stendhal The Mana World Retro games: (open-source game that can't run natively on a modern OS) Micropolis Wolfenstein 3D ... Game from specific game engine: Spring games Ren'Py Games Official Hamster Republic Role Playing Game Construction Engine Game editor Golden T Game Engine Jgame (source on sourceforge...) Stratagus ScummVM Other: RetroSpec Gnome games KDE games (other) Games from FSF ABA games (select a game and choose english) Niall Moody games pymike games Andru's games aRainyDay games Average Software games Benny Kramek Charlie Dog games Hein Zelle games Hiz games Ian Mallett games Graeme Gott games Losers Juegos Neotron Games Steinke games Mike Arnautov's adventure game Miran Amon games PiX Juegos games Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection Skoobalon Software Super Effective games --- Alright, there probably a couple of missing entries(gamelist/game/engine/...) in this place from any platform. Just tell me and I'll try to edith, but make sure the game is open-source and enough playable, before posting!!!