gir is the movie capture format of Gens+, an improvement of the Gens Sega Genesis/Megadrive emulator.
This page documents the gir format used by Gens+. It is accurate for version Currently, gir movies are not acceptable for submission for the following reasons:
Because Gens+ is open source, these requirements can be met by a dedicated coder.

GIR file format description

A gir file consists of a 35-byte header, optionally followed by an embedded save state and/or sram image, followed by frame data. The file may optionally be compressed with gzip, in which case it is typically called a giz file.
  0x00-04: magic number (0x00564D47, stored as 474D5600) "GMV\0"
  0x05-08: file version (0x00000001, stored as 01000000)
  0x09-0b: flags
     0x01  - movie file includes savestate
     0x02  - movie file uses 8 joystick inputs
     0x04  - movie file includes sram image
     others - not used
  0x0c-0f: frame count 
  0x10-13: framerate (60 (0x3C) or 50 (0x32) )
  0x14-1b: controller types for players 1-8 (3 or 6), not correctly implemented in 
  0x1c-1f: state size (only valid if movie includes save state)
  0x20-23: sram size (only valid if movie includes sram)
  0x24 -> 0x24 + state size - 1: movie save state (if applicable)
  0x24 + state_size -> 0x24 + state size + sram size - 1: movie sram (if applicable)
  0x24 + state size + sram size: start of frame data
Frame data is stored the same way as the GMV format with one exception: If flags includes 0x02, there are 3 additional frames for players 3-8. This means that gir supports up to 8 players with 6-button controllers.
The file format has no means of identifying NTSC/PAL, but the FPS can be derived from the header.

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