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Hi. I'm Ready Steady Yeti (or RSY). I am an American TASer. I particularly focus on games that are badly or at least mediocrely received. I like to TAS because TASing requires the skill to do full and in-depth analyses of games, which in itself requires a lot of focus, patience, and attention to detail. I like to TAS shitty or mediocre games released on consoles that I am familiar with, usually ones from the 2000s (the decade of my childhood), such as the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS.

About me

My real name is Billy, and I'm 19 years old. Fun fact: I was named after a rock musician named Billy Corgan, lead singer of the band The Smashing Pumpkins. I am located in both upstate South Carolina and northwestern Ohio, United States, depending on the time of year. I've been playing video games for as long as I can possibly remember. I grew up with several games, mostly for the Game Boy Advance and the PlayStation 2. I discovered the entire speedrunning community as well as the concept of "TAS" in late 2009 after seeing Rikku's 16 star TAS of Super Mario 64. I had discovered this after scrolling through glitch videos of various Mario games on YouTube, including SM64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario 64 DS, and Super Mario Galaxy.
Along with gaming, I have a few other interests and hobbies. For one, I have a very strong interest in social sciences topics, including history, linguistics, culture. I also have a tendency to become obsessed with certain cartoons, anime, and other TV shows. My series obsessions change after a while, but some titles that are unforgettable to me include Duckman, South Park, Angry Video Game Nerd, Futurama, and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, among many others.
One of these temporary cartoon obsessions was with the 1999-2003 Canadian children's cartoon Mona the Vampire. The show has an amusing plot about a young girl who pretends to be a vampire and pretends to fight evil monsters and stuff. In 2014-15, I owned an entire wiki website,, dedicated to being a knowledge base for this series, but it was shut down about a year later because I couldn't afford it anymore. The pseudonym "Ready Steady Yeti" actually comes from an episode of this cartoon series of the same name, one of my favorite episodes of the show. It's highly unfortunate that a console video game was never made based on this series, or else I'd have TASed the fuck out of it.
As I am interested in linguistics, I am also an active Wiktionary user. I am an administrator there. Simply put, Wiktionary is Wikipedia's most well-known sister project. Its purpose is to keep an extensive dictionary of all words in all languages. It's so addicting to edit there. To see my activity and such at Wiktionary in greater detail, you can take a look at my user page there. I've also had some activity in other wikis as well, and have owned quite a few.

How to contact me

I'm more than happy to answer any questions or comments you have for me, be it about my TASes or anything else.
The best way to get in touch with me in regards to TAS stuff is through Discord. My Discord account is RSY#3799, in case you'd like to add me. You can also easily contact me by sending me a personal message on the TASVideos forum, as I'm pretty active here.
Sometimes you can find me on the #tasvideos IRC channel. If I'm there, I'll be under the pseudonym "RSY".

Can you use my content?

If you want to, absolutely! I don't claim copyrights for anything I have rights to. For more information, visit /HomePages/Ready Steady Yeti/Rights.

My philosophy in regards to TASVideos

My philosophy is quite different from many on TASVideos. Because of my own very large preference for speed over supposed entertainment, you will not ever see me trade off speed for entertainment. You will probably also never see me do a playaround or demonstration of a game; at least not one that is intended to obsolete any attempts on completing the game as fast as possible.
I know many members here value entertainment over speed, but I think quite differently in that respect.
Just a note that some users will tremendously disagree with at least most if not all of my opinions described here. Some of these viewpoints are quite unpopular here, and certainly do not reflect the viewpoints of the community as a whole.

Entertainment value of games

Every game is like its own universe. Every single game, no matter what it is, is a new adventure that is unique in some way to any other games, which would present different adventures.
A game's "entertainment" is highly subjective. Sure, there are games that are more popular than others, and some games have more people believing that they are entertaining than people not believing this. There are also games that are much less popular, and games that more people agree are bad games than people who believe otherwise.
"One person's trash is another person's treasure." There's always someone out there who would enjoy any given game. That's just the nature of people; we have a lot of diversity. To extend on that, there are some people who would sincerely dislike games that are extremely popular and well-known for being great games.
Though most of the games I TAS are shovelware or extremely unpopular games, I create such TASes under several motivations. The first motivation is that I know for absolute certain that at least someone will be entertained by them. The second motivation is to entertain myself. In other words, I myself greatly enjoy to make TASes of whatever games I TAS, and, no matter how unserious the game may be, I take the process of TASing very seriously.
I believe TASVideos needs to extend on the amount of well-played TASes it has to offer. The end goal would be "all games in existence have been TASed to the highest optimality," which, of course, we will most likely never actually reach. It is the journey, and not the destination, that must be the focus of our work.
I believe TASVideos should appreciate every single TAS that ever made it to publication. The Vault as a whole should not ever be referred to as "a collection of unimpressive runs", since they often take the same, or possibly a larger, amount of work that Moons and Stars TASes do, and because each TAS has at least some portion of its audience that finds it impressive.
Lastly, any person who knows a particular game at least moderately well, but is unaware of its capabilities when TASed, or is not even aware of TASing in general, WILL almost CERTAINLY be extremely impressed by that game's TAS. This I can almost guarantee to you. No matter how "boring" the run is to a general audience, to a more specific audience, the audience of former players of the game, it is, and I mean IS, entertaining.


TASVideos has many rules about which games are considered . Generally, as a member of the free information movement, I am an inclusionist (someone who supports inclusion rather than exclusion or deletion). To extend on the above section, I believe that, in an ideal TASVideos, submissions that are both reasonably optimized and reach a valid end goal should be able to be published to the Vault, with absolute disregard towards the entertainment value or trivial value of the game in question.


Because of my philosophy on speed vs. entertainment (or at least supposed entertainment), I ONLY choose one of a game's harder difficulties under the following circumstances:
1.) Choosing a harder difficulty does not waste, or save, ANY time AT ALL--not even a SINGLE frame--so it would therefore be a thing that I'd do because I could, just to add a little bit of extra but still unnecessary entertainment (unnecessary in the sense of time).
2.) Choosing a harder difficulty actually HAPPENS to be FASTER. An example of a hypothetical game that could be faster resulting from a higher difficulty being used would be a game where there are lots of elevator platforms, on which you have to wait for extended periods, doing nothing but goofing off; you know how that is. So, the harder the difficulty, the faster these elevator platforms move, which ends up saving the most time. Therefore, choosing the hardest difficulty would make a lot of sense in the sense of time for that hypothetical game.
3.) Choosing a harder difficulty is REQUIRED in order to do some aspect of the gameplay that is needed for a certain TAS's goal. Usually, this means that, in order to truly complete a game's 100% category, it is MANDATORY that you use the hardest difficulty; not just an option. An example of a game like this would be that Transformers game for the PS2 that I'm so obsessed with.
To boil all those three things down for you in a nutshell, I only use harder difficulties when they don't waste time, when they save time, or when they are required for some reason. Otherwise, I WILL stick with the easiest difficulty, because that results in a faster overall completion, even if just by a few frames.


Due to my political philosophy, I, in any and all cases I can think of, disagree that anything should be censored. In my opinion, people should be able to express whatever they want on media at their own discretion.
There are currently rules here at TASVideos to automatically reject all submissions of adult-oriented games, regardless of entertainment value or technical quality. This includes games such as the many "porn games" for the Atari 2600. While they might be "gross" or "inappropriate", adult-oriented games should not be censored here in my opinion.
Supporting viewpoints for the censorship rule generally include that people would look down upon the site for publishing TASes of adult-oriented games. I don't see why a huge problem like that would occur. They're just sprites or 3-D models. In some games there may be actual pictures, I know, but those games may be treated differently since YouTube may take them down in that case for instance. That just brings up another discussion though, which we're not going to get into; I also think YouTube shouldn't censor anything, but that's a whole different matter. The point is, YouTube doesn't censor most 2-D games featuring "nudity", to my knowledge.
In fact, to my knowledge, (today anyway) the Atari 2600 porn games are mostly laughed at rather than treated sexually. Even YouTube allows videos of these games to be published on their site, as well as Twitch and other streaming sites, so on TASVideos which mostly just publishes TASes on sites like this why would it be a problem? A lot of the games already publishable to Vault could be just about as "disturbing" if not more "disturbing" to the same amount of viewers without including sexual elements in them.
As such, I hope that the rule is one day changed. It's not that I have a particular bias towards games with sexual elements, because I don't; it's just that I don't think of them much differently than other games of their times, and I don't think that others should think of them much differently either.

Other stuff


I never actually got why people think Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" is a bad song, or that the music video was bad... But this... If you want to annoy the crap out of your friends, send them this link:
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