Be patient

Impatience can often lead to unnecessary escalation. Only escalate if you feel the situation is trending out of control, and ensure that your method of escalation will not lead to a worse outcome. Lead by example: Stay calm, address the situation, hear out all parties, and come to a resolution.
Backgrounds and abilities are also important to keep in mind. Do not assume bad faith, doing so may only make the situation worse. Seek to understand why a person may be acting out before you decide what to do with them, that way you can avoid unfair punishment.

Be professional

Moderation is not about taking sides, it is ultimately about crisis management and conflict resolution. Even if one party is clearly in the wrong, you should ensure that they are not being ganged up on by other users.
Conflict resolution helps maintain a safe space where people can feel welcome. Giving out too many punishments may make people feel threatened and unsafe around you, while allowing too many problems to go unaddressed may make people feel threatened and unsafe around the rest of the community.
In some cases, you may not be able to avoid bias or personal engagement with an incident. In such cases, ask for help from other moderators or staff. Feel free to take a step back from such situations, or even recuse yourself entirely in favor of another moderator.

Take initative

While you are not expected to constantly monitor everything around the site and the Discord server, if you see a potential problem you shouldn't hesitate to make your presence known. All that may be needed to prevent a fight is simply asking all involved to calm down.
Remember that your job is resolution and prevention. If you see someone acting out, you should not provoke them into acting out further. Step in as soon as you can and attempt to de-escalate without direct accusation or provocation.
Even if you decide a situation is not immediately worthy of moderation, stay involved with it to ensure that action can be taken if it ever goes out of control.

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