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Published on 1/22/2015
Dragon Unit (also known as Castle of Dragon) is a side-scrolling action-adventure game in which Geraden must hack and slash his way through the kingdom and destroy legions on Darklarza's forces. Initially equipped with a sword and a shield, plus the armor on his back, Geraden can upgrade to more powerful offensive and defensive options, as well as obtain various powerful magic spells.
While the speed boost trick can't be done when playing with two players, mamuuuut still keeps things interesting with a variety of two-player antics.
We also have a run of this game using a single player.

Published on 6/3/2012
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter is the 4th Capcom fighting game to incorporate characters licensed from the Marvel Comics universe. It is in many ways a direct sequel to X-Men vs. Street Fighter, featuring many of the same characters and the same tag-team gameplay. It was well-received and paved the way for the Marvel vs. Capcom series.
In this playaround, the author shows many different characters, sometimes controlling both 1P and 2P, sometimes against the CPU. Infinite combos, glitches, and strange situations appear non-stop. A number of the glitches and techniques are detailed in the author's comments.

Published on 5/20/2016
Osman is a arcade game in the spirit of Strider. It's a very obscure and underrated arcade game, which didn't see much of the light of day, thanks to various issues with the hardware... and the fact that the game is unforgivably hard.
This run by xy2 beats the game with the highest score possible, without relying on checkpoint farming to increase the score further.

Published on 4/11/2016
Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge (Samurai Spirits: Amakusa's Descent (サムライスピリッツ天草降臨) in Japan) is the fourth installment of SNK's Samurai Shodown series of fighting games. Story-wise, it's the second and final chapter of a story between Samurai Shodown and Samurai Shodown II, with III being the first chapter.
In this playaround-style run, Dark Noob shows off more glitches, combos, and character variety than the preceding run in this category. This makes the movie nearly twice as long, but there should be plenty to enjoy. For some details, see the submission comments.

Published on 8/26/2016
You control a shinobi, Joe Musashi, who must battle his way through each level in search of hostages which must be rescued. You have shurikens, kicks and punches to defend yourself with, as well as powerful ninja magic which can clear the screen of enemies in one go.
Each level is broken down into smaller scenes, and hostages are guarded by big blokes who throw swords. Watch out for gun-toting enemy henchmen and ninjas. Reaching the end of each level will find you battling it out with a boss. These range from 8ft tall giants to helicopter gunships.
In this run, V kills all the enemies that appear throughout the game, but doesn't try to respawn any of them to increase the kill count, because that would result in endlessly killing the same enemy.

Emulator Replay:
FBA-RR v0.0.7

Published on 3/22/2012
Dramatic battle is a special mode in the Street Fighter Alpha games that allows both players to fight on the same side. As in the previous movie, error1 again uses this mode to show a variety of entertaining combos with Rose and Dhalsim.
Note: See this post for an explanation about why this movie obsoletes the Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha one.

Published on 2/25/2013
Street Fighter Zero 3 (ストリートファイターZERO3), better known as Alpha 3, was released in 1998.
SFZ/A3 is an evolution of the previous Zero series, and there was a huge improvement in the fight style, combos, animations/mode and with addition of fighters that were missing in Street Fighter Alpha or Zero.

Published on 8/27/2010
This is a playaround of what is considered the most popular hack of Street Fighter II - Championship Edition. The hack was found in bootlegged arcade cabinets throughout the world, surpassing the original in availability in some places.
This hack features several modifications, such as the ability to change characters mid-match, teleportation, midair special moves, and new projectile attacks. Capcom later incorporated some of these new moves into Street Fighter 2 Turbo.
In this run, the author shows off all the fighters and makes good use of some of the craziness added to the game. He also shows off quite a few glitches that are quite amusing to see.

Note: As it is widely available in stand-alone form, no patch is available or necessary.

Published on 2/5/2016
Super Street Fighter II Turbo, released in Japan as Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge (スーパーストリートファイターII X -Grand Master Challenge), is a competitive fighting game released for the arcades by Capcom in 1994. It is the fifth installment in the Street Fighter II sub-series of Street Fighter games, following Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers. Like its predecessor, it ran on the CP System II hardware.

Published on 2/9/2016
The King of Fighters '97 is the fourth game in the King of Fighters series. This King of Fighters introduces two special modes - Advanced Mode (based on KOF '96) and Extra Mode (based on KOF '94 & '95). It concludes the three part 'Orochi Saga' story-line that began in King of Fighters '95 (and continued in KOF '96) (see the Wikipedia article for more details).
In this playaround, mamuuuut shows off various combos and glitches with for instance, Terry Bogard and Choi Bounge.
NOTE: The sound effects when selecting the team/order are higher pitched than usual in the official encodes.

Published on 2/29/2012
In this first publication from the King of Fighters series, x2poet uses the game's female characters to swiftly humiliate their opponents, showing off multiple combos and AI manipulation along the way.

Published on 8/14/2009
In this highly entertaining playaround of one of the first of Capcom's Marvel vs. Capcom-styled games, you can watch SDR abusing computer opponents - and himself - throughout various two-on-two fights, before beating Apocalypse in record time.

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