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Published on 11/8/2023
Demons of Asteborg is an action-platforming game that was made in 2021 for the Sega Genesis, many years after Sega ceased support for the system. In this epic game, you play as Gareth, one of the royal guards of the Kingdom of Asteborg. The kingdom is under attack by the Zadimus and his horde of demons, who swore vengeance after being defeated in a great war in the past. As Gareth is the son of one of the heroes who helped end the war, it's up to him to stop Zadimus from conquering Asteborg and save the world from the demon invasion.
Riyan and CoolHandMike both work together to complete the game as fast as possible, using a variety of glitches to bypass significant portions of the game. For more details on these glitches and how they were used, you can read the authors' notes.

Published on 9/19/2023
Celeste Mario’s Zap & Dash! is a ROM hack of Super Mario Bros., released in July 2023 as a precursor to the work-in-progress Mario Machina. Described by its main creator w7n as a “hastily done minihack”, it is the most technically impressive hack of this game by far, with heavy modifications to almost the entire game engine. The player progresses through a mostly linear world, using walljumps, Celeste-style dashes and various features in the level design to assist movement. The main collectables in the game are moons, which serve as a measure of completion as well as increasing the maximum number of dashes the player is able to store.
chbld, fella8 and Riyan, however, do not collect any moons on their way and opt to dash through the game in record time. Please read the authors' comments for more details.

Watch this run being played back on a real console.
Game Version:
Celeste Mario.nes
Uses warps
Video Downloads:
Compatibility MP4
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.9.1

Published on 9/7/2022
A fast-paced action platformer from Sunsoft with similarities to both Mega Man and Blaster Master. What could go wrong with a mix like that?
This movie shaves a cool 01:16.59 seconds off the previous movie due to some wrong warps that were discovered since the old movie's publication.

Published on 10/18/2021
Chef Cookie must navigate through his cursed restaurant to foil the wicked Ohdove (which is like saying "Hors D'Oeuvre" with a cold). On his way he dispatches anthropomorphic food items with deadly kitchen utensils.
Riyan beats the previous movie by 00:14.76 seconds thanks to an impressive amount of lag reduction, as well as various route optimizations.
A must see for fans of the absurd.
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.6.2

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