Tool-assisted movies (3)

Published on 2/5/2013
Of all the games based on the movie Jurassic Park III, this one follows the plot most closely. Paleontologist Alan Grant has crash-landed on Isla Sorna and must now travel across eight levels full of dinosaurs to reach the rescue boat on the other side. Along the way, he can pick up items like the flare gun to blast his way through the dinosaurs in his path as well as some tough boss dinosaurs.

Published on 9/16/2023
Rampage World Tour is the sequel of the classic Rampage. It starts off at Scumlabs International where three lab technicians, George, Lizzy, and Ralph, have mutated in an accident involving toxic waste. George has turned into a gigantic ape, Lizzy into a gigantic lizard or dinosaur, and Ralph into some sort of gigantic wolf. The three destroy the lab they previously worked at and then embark on a path of destruction encompassing the entire globe in an attempt to wipe off Scumlabs from Earth.
Chamale destroys every single city present in the game as George in less than an hour.

Published on 2/25/2014
In River City Ransom, Alex and Ryan face off against gangs of students and evil bosses to win their town back and rescue their girlfriends. Several bosses need to be found and beaten before you can enter River City High and beat up the final bad guys (including an obvious imitation of the Double Dragon heroes). The gameplay also has elements of an RPG, where you can level up your character with shop purchases, but none of that is done here.
A glitch that is abused often in this run, pressing Left and Right at the same time, causes the player character to do all sorts of crazy things and usually lose all of his power. This is done to reduce lag during running segments and abuse collision detection.
This run obsoletes the previous one by nearly a minute due to much more optimization of boss fights and some new tricks. Weapons are also used more, so expect to see some chains and trash cans!
For a River City Ransom movie that concentrates more on goofing around than aiming purely for speed, click here. For a run that only uses Ryan, click here.

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