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This is the ninth game in the Dragon Quest series released exclusively to the Nintendo DS as well as being the first in the series to support local multiplayer.
Published on 5/9/2018 12:00 AM

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011 pits duelists against each other in epic battles both on the streets and on the duelist field. With over 4,200 cards, duel runner battles with up to 3 teammates, and worldwide tournaments through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, there's dozens of hours of fun packed into this game.
In this run, Hoandjzj uses strategy, planning and luck manipulation to win the World Racing Grand Prix in as few turns as possible.
Published on 8/30/2013 12:00 AM

Disney's Hercules is based on the animated movie of the same name. You take control of Hercules of Greek mythology, son of the god Zeus and a mortal woman, the legendary hero and strongest man in the world. Your goal is to prove yourself worthy of being admitted to Mount Olympus, the residence of gods, and to become a god yourself. You must commit heroic deeds and overcome various obstacles to show your strength and courage. To make this even more difficult, Hades, the overlord of the dead, is sending fearsome Titans to stop you.
The author, Hoandjzj, uses precision and a few tricks to beat this game in just under 34 minutes.
Published on 1/26/2013 12:00 AM

Monkey Magic is a tie-in game for the PSX based on the anime of the same name. It features a monkey named Kongo, who can move about in the typical platformer manner, as well as cast various magic spells.
The author here uses a variety of tricks to skip parts of the game, and fly over other parts. Monkeys don't have wings, but that doesn't seem to matter here..

Note: PSXjin performs very poorly emulating this game, and significant sound glitches appear throughout.
Published on 5/18/2012 12:00 AM

This movie has been obsoleted!
Obsoleting Movie
Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories is a card based video game. The rules are one of the simplified prototypes made while developing the trading card game from the manga. The player controls Yugi, who pieces together the millenium puzzle, travels to ancient Egypt, and defeats evil.
In this run, Hoandjzj uses Fusion to overpower the enemies and luck manipulation to get better cards and avoid some of the most challenging cards of the oppenents. The chances for manipulation are limited and often take the form of attacking first with a weak monster before using a monster that could have one-hit-kill the opponent. The first battle can't be won, so it becomes a race to lose quickly.
Published on 2/3/2013 12:00 AM

This movie has been obsoleted!
Obsoleting Movie
Metroid Super ZeroMission is a Super Metroid hack that is heavily based on the GBA game Metroid: Zero Mission, inspiring modifications of the game engine, graphics, and maps.
This is the run where the author, Hoandjzj, clears everything about the game. If you're looking to watch a run that simply aims for the end, you can watch this run.
Published on 8/7/2011 12:00 AM

Metroid Super ZeroMission is a Super Metroid hack that is heavily based on the GBA game Metroid: Zero Mission, inspiring modifications of the game engine, graphics, and maps.
In this run, the author, Hoandjzj, clears everything in the game. If you're looking for a run that simply aims for the end, watch this run.
This movie is 07:39.64 minutes faster than its predecessor due to a version change and better strategies.
Published on 4/30/2013 12:00 AM

Super Metroid Y-Faster is a Super Metroid ROM hack made for a MetFest Summer contest known as "Race to the Finish".
The plot goes like this: A flying brain from another dimension is wrecking the galaxy, and Samus has decided to put an end to it. She has less than one hour to complete her task, otherwise she'll die from damage to her own brain.
This TAS by Hoandjzj speeds through the world while collecting 100% of items in record time.
Published on 6/21/2022 12:00 AM

Super Metroid MockingBird Station is a Super Metroid hack by Xaggoth.
Here is the plot, according to this site:
Samus has been hired to investigate MockingBird Station. Others have come before her, but none of them have returned. Upon arrival, the station sealed the hangar's doors, blocking her way out. After scanning her systems, Samus finds that she must disable the station's power generator before she can leave. Unfortunately, the most direct route to the generator has been blocked and she must take a more roundabout path. The only thing that she knows is that much of the station is in lock down and she will need to release bulkheads to open more of the station. A larger bulkhead in engineering is blocking the alternate route. Disabling the generator will destroy the station, but there is no other option.
Hoandjzj decided to run this game collecting the least amount of items possible, when the hack itself forces the player to collect them. Don't expect to see Mother Brain in this video, since it isn't in this hack.
The in-game completion time is 00:19.

To play the snes9x movie file, you will need the IPS patch for this hack. You can get it here. You will also need to apply this patch to an unheadered version of the ROM; if your ROM has a header, tools such as SNES Tool can be used to remove it.
Published on 10/20/2010 12:00 AM

This movie has been obsoleted!
Obsoleting Movie
In this game based on MGM's world-famous cartoon, the player controls Jerry the Mouse as he explores four different worlds: the movie theater, the junkyard, a toy-based stage and the house where most of the episodes take place. Game controls are simple: the B Button makes Jerry jump and Super Jump, and the A/Y/X Buttons will make him throw marbles straight ahead (A Button), upward (Y Button) and downward (X/Y Buttons) at the enemies. The game also features an alternating 2-Player Mode where P2 controls Jerry's nephew, Tuffy (formerly known as Nibbles).
In this run, Hoandjzj races through the game, outwitting Tom once again in only 12 minutes.
Published on 1/10/2013 12:00 AM

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