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Published on 8/20/2010
Lagrange Point (ラグランジュポイント), is a very late (as in, released in 1991) Japanese-only RPG produced for the NES. This game is notable because Konami teamed up with readers of Family Computer Magazine (ファミリーコンピュータマガジン) to form a group, called 芸夢工房 (geimukoubou, art dream workshop), in order to make this game. The readers were permitted to design the characters, monsters, events, message-texts, music, the title-screen, and such. With enhanced sound for the NES due to Konami's VRC7 sound generator Integrated Circuit, the game is considered a masterpiece to many Japanese people.
The story is about a pilot, Jin (also known as Gin), who is exploring a biohazard outbreak at a space colony, linked to the disappearance of Dr. Stolte. He arrives, only for the spaceship to be attacked. The effect of the outbreak soon becomes clear.
More information on the game can be found on the Japanese Wikipedia (machine translation). It also has a fan translation by Aeon Genesis.

This run features commentary in the form of soft subtitles created by FractalFusion and the author, neo_omegon. The downloadable encodes include both the commentary and the unofficial translation where it applies, while the YouTube encode only includes the commentary.

Published on 6/25/2010
Watch as two Final Fantasy games, V and VI (VI is also III in North American publication), are beaten with one controller's input. Since FFVI takes longer to beat than FFV, the FFV run also beats a few optional bosses which are not fought in the single-game run of FFV. The two games finish at the same time.
Since FFV is only available in Japanese, FFVI is also played with the Japanese version. The (J) version of FFVI also has an equipment glitch which is not present in the (U) version. Otherwise, this run of FFVI is quite similar to our single-game FFVI movie.
For more details, we suggest you read the submission comments.
Note: The encodes are stacked horizontally, even though the screenshot is stacked vertically.

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