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Published on 12/17/2023
Crime City is a 1989 beat 'em up game that was developed by Taito for the arcades. The game involves police officers Tony Gibson and Raymond Broady, who receive a call during their day off that a huge amount of prisoners have broken out of prison and committed a number of large crimes within a very short timespan. They have managed to occupy a shipping port, rob a bank, and kidnap the mayor, among other things. It's up to the two of them to solve the problem as police officers by doing a very '80s move, killing all of them.
This was the game used in TASVideos's Dream Team Contest 11, where groups of tool-assisted speedrunners compete to produce the fastest tool-assisted speedrun within a given deadline. This movie is the combined result of all those efforts. Here, you can witness Raymond Broady die and get shot multiple times in the speedrunners' quest to beat the game as fast as possible.
For more information on Dream Team Contest 11, you can visit this link. For more details how the run was ultimately constructed, you can read the authors' notes here.

Published on 9/3/2016
Bible Buffet: a turn-based board game with action stages and bible quizzes. In it, you spin a spinner and move the number of spaces it says.
When you land on your spot, if it is just a regular spot, you play an action game for points, weapons, hearts, etc. If it has a red circle, you spin again. If the space you land on has a red circle connected to another red circle by dashes, you move forward or backwards to the second circle. If the space has a red circle with a question mark in it, you take a pop quiz of three trivia questions then get to select either a key, a heart or move ahead one, two, three or four spaces.
When you spin, if you get the book instead of a number, you get a pop quiz of three questions. If you get the happy face, something good happens like move ahead ten spaces, get a key, get a heart, etc. If you get the sad face, something bad happens like lose your turn, move back 1 space and lose your turn, and so on.
Invariel and Spikestuff reach the end of the board in record time.

Published on 12/29/2016
In comparison to the usual run-through platform games, this is one of the games that requires more planning to play efficiently.
The game features an inventory and equipment and a spells system, all of which were rare to see in NES games when this game came out.
This is the 4th published version of the TAS, now 00:16.71 seconds faster than the previous version.
The author has written comments describing all the planning and tricks that went into this movie.

This movie has a full Atlas Map encode, which shows the standard encode overlaid on a zoomed out map.

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