Tool-assisted movies (2)

Published on 12/8/2017
007: Nightfire is a James Bond game. Does anything more need to be said? Guns, cars, planes, submarines, spaceships, girls, and megalomaniacs.
Authors FitterSpace, gamerfreak5665 and aleckermit show off James Bond's impressive skill set, including cocaine-induced firearm handling and driving so reckless, not even a cute animal would give him car insurance.
This run improves upon the previous publication by more than six minutes of total run time, but with increased load time accuracy, new out of bound glitches, and better optimization, the real time saved compared to the previous run is nearly ten minutes.

Published on 6/1/2017
Goldeneye: 007 for the Nintendo Wii is a full-scale re-imagining of the N64 game, and includes no assets from the original game. It takes the classic Goldeneye story and updates it to the standards of a modern first-person shooter. It also features Daniel Craig rather than Pierce Brosnan, who played James Bond in the film and the Nintendo 64 game. It has many modern features such as the ability to sprint and aim down sights.
The missions in this game are based on the ones from the classic Nintendo 64 version instead of the film. Some of the stages from the original game have been combined in this game (for example, Bunker on Wii is like Bunker+Silo on N64 and Cradle is like Control+Cradle on N64). But there are also some brand-new missions like Nightclub and Solar.
This TAS plays on the hardest difficulty, 007 Classic. Like the original N64 game, the harder difficulties have more objectives than the easier difficulties. This makes the route much more interesting because the goal isn't simply to sprint to the end of the mission. 007 Classic also removes regenerating health, so there is much more health management on this difficulty. Because a modern Call-of-Duty style FPS game with no health regeneration would be unfair, the developers added body armor that is only available on 007 classic, which the TAS makes great use of.
Since this game has roughly 35 minutes of unskippable cutscenes, the author provided a condensed video with all the cutscenes and loading screens removed.

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