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Published on 2/5/2015
As one of the many video game adaptations of the Harry Potter series, this adventure game for the GBA sticks fairly closely to the plot of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone as Harry attends his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Despite the large number of adaptations out there, at the start of 2015 this is only the first Harry Potter game to receive a movie on TASVideos.
This game has gameplay and mechanics that differ from the Harry Potter games on any other console, and was notorious for its infuriating pit and platform puzzles, but in this movie it is hard to tell what all the fuss was about. With precise spell usage, a little enemy manipulation, and the aid of some prefects who clearly need an eye-test, the game is completed in a little under an hour.

The YouTube and downloadable encodes have the author's commentary as soft subtitles.

Published on 1/16/2015
Epilepsy/Seizure Warning: this game features about 1 second of screen flashing when completing each stage.
You play the role of Miner Willy, a bold explorer and adventurer. He discovers a network of underground caverns used by an advanced but now extinct civilization, and realizes that the mines contain lucrative metal ores. Through 20 caverns, you must collect all treasures before all time (air) runs out, watching out for the nasty guardians, the obstacles, dead falls, quicksands and all elements to be found in a classic platform game.
This movie completes the Enhanced Game mode exclusive to the GBA port, which contains 10 new levels interspersed with the original 20 levels. Reading the author's commentary is recommended.
Manic Miner

Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 1.9.0

Published on 3/22/2015
Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge is a spinoff title that takes place after Rayman 3. The Hoodlums are back, and are trying to create a clone of Reflux. It's up to Rayman and Globox to stop them for good!
The game plays as an isometric platformer, and on different levels you can control either Rayman for platforming segments or Globox for more stealth-like segments.
Several glitches are abused here to speed up the gameplay and even break apart whole levels. For more information, see the author's comments.

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