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Published on 5/6/2022
Basic Math is an Atari 2600 video game where you get to practice elementary mathematics with one or two-digit numbers. All four arithmetic operations are used here: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The game keeps track of how many problems you get right and shows your final score at the end.
The8bitbeast manipulates the game so that it gives him problems that can be solved with the fewest amount of frames necessary. For more information, you can read his notes here.
Basic Math

Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.7

Published on 11/15/2022
Eli's Ladder is one of the rarest games ever produced for the Atari 2600, and possibly the rarest edutainment game made for the console. It is a math-focused edutainment game where you help an alien named Eli climb up a ladder by solving very simple arithmetic problems.
yep2yel solves all the math problems in this game as fast as possible in this run.
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.8

Published on 6/12/2022
For the Atari 2600 is Math Grand Prix a racing game where you answer math problems in order to move your car so you can beat your AI-controlled opponent. There are nine game levels to choose from, which are difficulty levels that determine the arithmetic operations for the problems you're gonna encounter and the size of the numbers being calculated.
ShesChardcore completes this game on Game Level 9 as fast as possible by manipulating the game to give equations that require the fewest inputs to answer and to make sure the opponent moves as slowly as possible.
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.8.0

Published on 12/30/2022
Word Zapper is an edutainment game for the Atari 2600. With a given word shown to you for a few seconds and a 99 second time limit, you are to scroll a set of letters from the alphabet and zap each letter in the correct order to form the word, then finish the round by shooting the alien emoji. You can also use the alien emoji in place of any letter, but the round must be finished with it and another one won't be given to you unless you shoot down five asteroids.
ShesChardcore completes a cycle of the game as fast as possible by manipulating the RNG to generate the words that can be zapped out the fastest on-screen.
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.8

Published on 1/22/2023
Mario Teaches Typing is an edutainment game that uses the Mario license to teach typing to kids. Play a variety of minigames that somewhat resemble the main console Mario games by typing out sentences and letters, which can sometimes even include trivia from the '90s!
In this run, c-square aims for the maximum scores that can be reached with all the minigames, using scripts and subframe input to type out as quickly as six letters in a single frame during two minigames.

Published on 10/28/2022
Donkey Kong Jr. Math is an edutainment spinoff of Donkey Kong Jr. where players get to solve math problems with Donkey Kong Jr. There are three modes: "Calculate A", where two players compete to create a sum number that equals the number Donkey Kong holds up using numbers on vines and arithmetic operations laying around; "Calculate B", which is a harder version of "Calculate A"; and "+−×÷ Exercise", where players can brush up on their basic math skills.
ShesChardcore and MarioAtWork improve the previous movie by 14.71 seconds, thanks to better luck manipulation. Please read the authors' comments for more details.

Published on 2/2/2023
Mickey's Safari in Letterland is an educational platformer for the NES. Mickey must collect all the letters in the alphabet for his museum by going to 6 different territories.
Using Normal difficulty, LogansGamingRoom only has to collect 6 letters in total, completing the alphabet set for Mickey's museum in record time.

Published on 8/15/2021
Math Blaster Episode 1: In Search of Spot is an edutainment video game released for the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and PC. The game involves solving math puzzles through various minigames, which include shooting trash with numbers on them, flying through caves, and entering a ship from the bottom, all in an effort for the main protagonist to save his partner Spot.
qflame "blasts" all the math problems in record time.

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