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Published on 6/27/2021
Princess Rescue is a homebrew game that's inspired by the Super Mario series, even following the same general storyline (a princess gets kidnapped by a big, evil, spiked turtle). A look-alike of a famous plumber must save her from its clutches.
This run completes every level without dying a single time, now 1.1 seconds faster than the previous run, thanks to better optimisation. If you want to see this game beaten as quickly as possible, please watch this run.

Published on 6/27/2021
Princess Rescue is a homebrew game that's inspired by the Super Mario series, even following the same general storyline (namely a princess gets kidnapped by a big evil spiked turtle). It is up to a lookalike of a famous plumber to save her from its clutches.
Noxxa and KiwiCracker improve the previous TAS by 0.2 seconds (3 frames), thanks to better optimisation.

Published on 7/19/2017
Super 3D Portals 6 is a bootleg demake of Portal for the Atari 2600 made by Hinchy from the TIGSource forums in 2009.
Don't blink, or else you'll miss the entire run from Arcree, TASeditor and MESHUGGAH as they think with 2D portals!
This run improves upon the previous publication by 5 frames thanks to optimizations, reducing one of the shortest TASes on even further.

Published on 3/6/2019
Portal for Commodore 64 is a 2018 unofficial "demake" of the original Portal game developed and published in 2007 by Valve Corporation. The "demake" inherits the basic mechanics of the game and adapts them for a simplified 2-dimensional world.
Gameplay still consists primarily of a series of puzzles that must be solved by teleporting the player's character and simple objects using "the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device", a device that can create inter-spatial portals between two flat planes.

Published on 11/11/2012
Mario & Luigi for MS-DOS is an independent game created by aspiring coder Mike Wiering in 1994. Although it's limited in some ways, the game is reasonably solid and shows decent smooth-scrolling graphics for a 25MHz 486.
Here, veteran DOS TASer Ilari uses tricks requiring exacting precision to squeeze every last millisecond out of this 6 level game.

Published on 12/20/2022
A Koopa's Revenge is a Mario fangame where you play as one mean Koopa. Angry at being another footstool of the Mario Bros., a Koopa decides to go on a rampage and kill as many denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom as possible, Along the way, he can kidnap baby versions of Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi as collectibles despite the fact that their adult versions are in the game and there doesn't appear to be any time travel involved.
sobble_p completes all 16 levels and kills every named character from the Mushroom Kingdom, glitching the game whenever there's downtime for extra entertainment.
Emulator Replay:
libTAS 1.4.4 + Ruffle nightly 2022-11-19

Published on 4/16/2022
Portal: The Flash Version is a Portal fangame that was released one day before the official release of Portal proper. This game is set in a 2D environment, where the player platforms through several test chambers featuring puzzles involving portals.
rythin thinks with portals and goes through all the test chambers in record time.

Published on 8/11/2022
Super Mario Flash is a Flash game that appears to be based off of Super Mario All-Stars, using the map feature from Super Mario Bros. 3 and the level designs from Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario World. While it may not play exactly like the games it's based off of, the game served as a passable substitute for those in the mid-2000s who had Internet but didn't have the resources to play the original games.
In this run, Vexxter, TheAmazingAladdin, and RileyTech improve on their previous movie with better re-routing which also contains intentional slowdowns and newer glitches to complete the game as fast as possible.
Emulator Replay:
libTAS 1.4.3 + Ruffle nightly 2022-07-06

Published on 4/18/2022
Super Smash Flash is a fangame of the Super Smash Bros. series (though mainly inspired by Melee), made by Cleod 9 and released on Newgrounds in 2006. It features a large roster, including characters that aren't present in the Super Smash Bros. series, as well as an adventure mode, where the player goes through 8 stages of platforming and fighting.
ikuyo plays through Adventure Mode and defeats Master and Crazy Hand in record time.

Published on 3/2/2023
Tom & Jerry Room Escape is one of many, many "escape room" Flash games made by 123bee. You play as Tom, who somehow got locked inside of the house by a Jerry the size of a big dog. There is only one way out of this house, a single kitchen door. No windows, no other doors, just that one door. It is up to you to find a way out, no matter what it takes or how complicated your actions must be.
In this run, Spikestuff does all manner of illogical and roundabout things to open the door to the giant Jerry as fast as possible.
Emulator Replay:
libTAS v1.4.4 // ruffle-nightly-2023-01-29

Published on 10/30/2022
Ultimate Flash Sonic is a fan made Sonic the Hedgehog game made for Flash. It takes assets from various Sonic games, mostly from the recently released (at the time) Sonic Advance 1 and 2 games on GBA. Despite only having 2 worlds, the gameplay is similar to the GBA series of games.
grindersky & TheAmazingAladdin stop Eggman's plans in record time.
Emulator Replay:
libTAS 1.4.3 + Ruffle nightly 2022-04-16

Published on 4/4/2022
Citadel of Celestial Cascades is a Touhou fangame by nadomodan. A mysterious citadel appeared above Gensokyo. The rainfall emanating from it never stops, and it's up to Youmu to investigate before Gensokyo drowns from all the rainfall.
rythin reaches the citadel and destroys it in record time.

Published on 1/28/2019
Mari0 is a PC game created by in 2012 that combines the classic Super Mario Bros. with the puzzle-platformer Portal by giving Mario a portal gun. The game launched with 2 "mappacks", with the one most people played being the Super Mario Bros. mappack containing the original set of levels. This TAS instead showcases the other mappack which features 18 Portal-inspired puzzles spread across 9 different levels.
lexikiq and Masterjun improve the previous publication by 10.43 seconds, mainly thanks to using four players to plow through the levels and abusing tricks that are only possible in multiplayer.
There's an alternate YouTube encode provided by the authors that shows this TAS as it was shown at AGDQ2019 (featuring four TASBots instead of four Marios as well as a game timer).

Published on 7/20/2019
Mari0 is a PC game created by in 2012 that combines the classic Super Mario Bros. with the puzzle-platformer Portal by giving Mario a portal gun. The game launched with 2 "mappacks", with the one most people played being the Super Mario Bros. mappack containing the original set of levels.
This time around, Masterjun, lexikiq and dwangoAC play through the Super Mario Bros. mappack in record time.
We also have a run of the Portal mappack.

Due to the overall sheer speed of the movie, the second set of encodes play back the movie at 25% of the regular speed.

Published on 12/8/2018
Order of Twilight is a My Little Pony game created for a 48-hour programming competition. You play as the dreaming pony Twilight and must complete 12 screens worth of content to clear her mind of chaos. The main feature of the game is the spell system, which allows you to perform magic abilities. These abilities include rotating gravity, teleporting, and creating cubes.

Published on 10/29/2016
Classic Kong Complete is a homebrew remake of Donkey Kong with updated graphics and sound. Unlike the NES port, Classic Kong includes all four levels from the original arcade game.
TheRealThingy and BrunoVisnadi improve the previous run by 2.20 seconds, mostly thanks to a shortcut at 75m.

Published on 1/7/2014
Psycho Waluigi is a Mario fangame by Thunder Dragon that stars not Mario but Waluigi, perhaps the most underrepresented playable character in the Mario franchise.
After suffering a massive bump to the head, Waluigi wakes up in the unfamiliar land of Unconcia, only to discover that he now has psychic powers! In true villain fashion, he decides to use his new abilities to take over this strange new land, one kingdom at a time. Using the Psycho Iris, he can pick up objects and throw them at enemies or mind control an enemy to shoot at other foes. He can also collect coins and valuable jewels along the way to trade for powerups like a double jump and accessories like a shiny gold crown.
This tool-assisted run by sack_bot features precise jumping and a glitch that allows Waluigi to clip into walls.

Published on 4/21/2013
Syobon Action, also known as "Cat Mario", is an extremely difficult Mario-clone platformer that usually takes many tries to complete.
In this run, happy_mario and TEHH_083 aim to complete the game as fast as possible — and even faster than before, improving the previous run of this game by two seconds.

Published on 7/26/2015
Also known as Cat Mario, Syobon Action is an extremely difficult (to an uninitiated) Mario-clone platformer that usually takes many tries to complete. This run aims to beat the second World in the fastest possible time.

Published on 2/8/2020
Aliens: Neoplasma is a game submitted for the ZX Dev MID Remakes competition. It takes place in the same universe as the Alien movies created by Ridley Scott. In this game, you play as a woman awaken from stasis to find her shipmates all dead and the ship overrun by aliens. As with most Aliens based stories, the AI on the ship has decided that the alien creatures are more important than yourself and is trying to get them back to Earth at all costs. You are tasked with escaping the ship by running around and activating various terminals to open doors to new pathways through the ship; ultimately leading to the escape pod.
DrD2k9 rushes to the escape pod in record time.

Encoder's Note: The first 7 minutes is dedicated to loading. The game loads at 6:55.

Published on 8/29/2018
Castlevania: Spectral Interlude is a Castlevania fangame for the ZX Spectrum, developed by Rewind and released in 2015. It mostly pays homage to the classic Castlevania games of the NES era, particularly Simon's Quest, but also takes on elements from later "Metroidvania"-style titles in the series.
Plot-wise, the game is set in the early 1800s, a few decades after Symphony of the Night, with the plot aiming to explain the disappearance of Richter Belmont and the Belmont clan after said game. The protagonist of the game is Richter's son, Simon Belmont (named after his ancestor of classic Castlevania fame), who with the help of sorcerer Joseph aims to remove Dracula's evil influence on the world by collecting demonic altar pieces, summoning Dracula, and whipping him to death as usual. However, some things don't go exactly as planned...
Noxxa achieves 100% completion and defeats Dracula in record time. Said 100% completion consists of the following:
  • Collect all 28 Altar Pieces
  • Defeat all 7 bosses
  • Get all 6 boss items
  • Get all 9 Health upgrades (HP maxes at 48)
  • Get all 7 Heart upgrades (hearts max at 50)
  • Get all 8 Metallic Plates
  • Apply all 8 Metallic Plate upgrades to the whip
  • Get all 6 subweapons
  • Get all other town upgrades (warp shrine, 2 map enhancements)
  • Complete the map by filling in all map tiles (visit every room)
  • Get the "true" ending (trigger Death event)
This is the first ever ZX Spectrum publication on this site.

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