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Published on 11/28/2022
Classic Concentration is the NES adaptation of the game show Concentration, which is based on the memory game known as Concentration or Memory. The premise of the game is to make matching pairs by picking numbers on a board, which if guessed correctly will reveal parts of the board. The board will eventually reveal a puzzle, which then has to be solved for the round to end. The final round is a simple matching game that has to be fully solved under a time limit.
After enduring the lengthy intro, ShesChardcore plays a single game of Concentration in record time.
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.8

Published on 5/9/2017
Double Dare is closely based on an old Nickelodeon children's game show. To win, each team must answer a few of the trivia questions before time runs out. If the team answering thinks the other team might not know the answer, they can "dare" the other team to answer the question for double the points. However, the other team has the option to "double dare" them right back for a chance to win quadruple the points. The winning team gets to race through the Double Dare obstacle course, which features obstacles like the 1-Ton Human Hamster Wheel and a tank of Nickelodeon's iconic green slime.
This run improves the predecessor movie by 00:06.92 seconds.

Published on 11/21/2022
Family Feud is a game show that has received multiple video game adaptations to a number of consoles. As with most game shows, you compete against others as part of a group to answer questions. Unique to Family Feud is that the questions given have multiple answers, so the answers given must be the closest to the public consensus answers for a contestant to get the most points. For the NES version, a game is won when a player reaches $20,000.
SpaceColonizer has rigorously studied the game in order to beat it in record time. 2 controllers are used to shorten the intro. To keep things from getting too boring, questions are not repeated at any point in the run, which would have saved time. For more details, you can read the author's notes.

Published on 11/15/2022
Hollywood Squares is a licensed NES game based on the game show of the same name. It is essentially a quiz-like version of tic-tac-toe. Each contestant gets a turn to pick a square, which contains a celebrity that will be asked a question. The celebrity will then give their answer and it is up to both contestants to figure out if the celebrity's answer is true or false. Guess correctly and you get the square. Fill in the right squares to win the game.
ShesChardcore manipulates the game so that the most favorable questions and answers are given and the AI opponent answers exactly as intended in order to beat the game in record time.

Published on 12/20/2022
Win, Lose or Draw is an NES game that is based on the 1980s American game show of the same name. The premise of the game is based on Pictionary. With two teams, the first team slowly draws a picture that serves as a clue to an answer based on a category while the second team tries to guess what the answer is based off of how much the first team drew. Points are earned from the time remaining after correctly guessing the answer.
ShesChardcore decides to beat a single game of Win, Lose, or Draw as quick as possible. Similar to other NES game show games such as Family Feud, only the necessary letters are input for the parser to interpret as the correct answer. Input is stopped before the final bonus round as there is no way to speed up the bonus round through additional input.

Published on 1/26/2009
Family Feud (1993) follows the premise of the American TV show of the same name. Two families are pitted against each other in a contest aimed at guessing the results of a public survey. In the first two rounds, the first family member to press a button and give a concise answer that happens to be on the survey earns points. After that, this family can continue guessing answers on the survey, with control switching to the other family on incorrect guesses. After two rounds, the family with fewer points is disqualified, and the last round allows two members of the remaining family to list several of the existing survey answers in a very short time period.
Heisanevilgenius's family, The As, ignores all that and goes with elaborate and utter nonsense instead… only to find the host accepting their answers as correct. The other family, The Halls, doesn't even get the chance to insert a word, proving the racial prejudice of the host. Watch the game and see for yourself.
If you liked how this movie abuses a text recognition system, also see the trouble that TAS tools bring to a drawing recognition system.
Note: Some answers contain coarse language.

This run was resynced to BizHawk 2.8 by DrD2k9 in order to fix the poor sound emulation from the original run, as well as to remove a piece of outdated language.
Family Feud

Emulator Replay:
Snes9x 1.43 v9 / Resync to BizHawk 2.8 by DrD2k9

Published on 12/7/2022
Wii Party is a party developed by NDcube and released in 2010. It features a wide array of different game modes, subdivided into Party Games (4 players) and Pair Games (2 players), which are more cooperative than competitive in nature and make heavy usage of mini-games, as well as House Party Games, which heavily rely on IRL social elements.
InputEvelution tackles the Friend Connection pair game and clears it in record time.
Wii Party

Emulator Replay:
Dolphin 5.0-12247

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