Tool-assisted movies (33)

Bloody Wolf is an Arcade port of a Heavy Barrel-esque game. The goal is to rescue the president, and then rescue the man who rescued the president, due to insufficient leg room in the rescue helicopter.
In this run, the author bunny hops through the game, throws grenades at everything, and dies for no apparent reason.
Published on 12/23/2010

In this third game of the popular PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 platforming series, King Drool steals the top half of the moon. Bonk, the caveman with the giant head, sets out to retrieve the lunar hemisphere. This game features candy power-ups that allow Bonk to shrink or grow.
Memory improves her previous TAS by 6.6 seconds, thanks to a newly found skip in 2-1 as well as better optimisation. Please read the author's comments for more details.
Published on 5/22/2020
Emulator Version:
Bizhawk 2.4

Bonk, a young caveman with a big noggin, intended to become the TurboGrafx-16's flagship character, starred in three games, Bonk's Adventure, Bonk's Revenge, and Bonk III.
Since the system was generally considered a commercial failure, the first two games were ported to other systems like the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Game Boy, and two original games in the series were even made on the Super Nintendo.
In his debut, Bonk's Adventure, you play as him on his quest to rescue Princess Za, a small pink and cute little reptile, from the evil King Drool, a huge and ugly tyronnosaurus.
Memory improves the previous TAS by 2 minutes and 39.09 seconds, thanks to better optimisation, a huge skip in the underwater section of 5-3 and better overall boss management. Please read the author's comments for more details.
Note: There are rapid flashing lights during the cutscene where the rocket flies up to the sky and when King Drool is defeated, which may cause epileptic seizures.
Published on 12/24/2018
Bonk's Adventure

Emulator Version:
Bizhawk 2.2.2

Bonk's Revenge is the second game in a popular PCE/Turbographx 16 platforming series. Bonk is a caveman with a giant noggin he willingly uses as a weapon against his enemies. He can also break the laws of physics by using his enormous head as leverage to glide in midair.
This run features all the trappings of a prehistoric blockbuster adventure, including fire breathing, jungle platforming, raging on huge dinosaurs before they know what hit them, and raw meat.
Memory & EZGames69 improve the previous run by 1 minute and 8.61 seconds, thanks to better optimisation and faster routes. Please read the authors' comments for more details.
Published on 12/5/2020
Emulator Version:
Bizhawk 2.5.2

China Warrior is a beat-em-up for the PC Engine released in 1989. Set in China, it features a Bruce Lee expy, who ventures on to defeat the Dark Emperor atop Lu Hao Yang Castle. This game is notable for having really large sprites.
EZGames69 defeats the Dark Emperor in record time.
Published on 4/10/2021
China Warrior

Emulator Version:
BizHawk 2.6.1

City Hunter is a 1989 side-scrolling action game based on the manga and anime series of the same name. It stars a private detective named Ryo Saeba who works to rid Tokyo of crime.
AmizumiUni beats the game in record time.
Published on 7/30/2021
City Hunter

Emulator Version:
Bizhawk 2.6.2

Cratermaze is a game where you must collect 16 chests and a key and then head to the exit. Monsters will chase you, and you can use a variety of powerups including your trusty long distance shovel to dispatch them.
Published on 10/14/2015

Emulator Version:
BizHawk 1.11.0

In Dragon Egg!, the heroine carries around a portable dragon which, after many power-ups, becomes a lot less portable to the point where the heroine is portable instead.
This is the author's second publication of Dragon Egg!, this time using the new BizHawk emulator.
Most of the 00:24.69 second improvement comes through a new trick that allows the heroine to simply fly through the auto-scroller level, ignoring the slow paced log.
Published on 5/4/2012
Dragon Egg!

Emulator Version:
BizHawk 1.0.3

Dungeon Explorer is based off of Gauntlet, but adds a plot, bosses, magic spells and RPG elements. Notably, it also one-ups Gauntlet by allowing for five players.
The author races through the dungeons with all five players, making short work of bosses. The five characters were selected for their high starting agility, and include a fighter (blue), a warlock (purple), an elf (green), a bard (orange), and a thief (red).
Also, the only exit that matters is the last one used by a player, and the author uses this extensively to use the fastest character, the thief, to run when an earlier exit is available for the other characters to use.

A technical commentary with extra features by the author is available here.
Published on 10/16/2010

Based on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland novels, Fushigi no Yume no Alice (不思議の夢のアリス) (unofficial English title: Alice in Wonderdream) is a cute 2-D platformer which casts you as Alice, a blond-haired girl wearing a pink dress. Your job is to make your way through forests and caves, defeating enemies that you come across by either jumping on their heads or shouting 'IYA' at them.
EZGames69 completes the game in record time.
Published on 9/19/2020
Emulator Version:
BizHawk 2.5

Genpei Touma Den (1990) is a PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 port of the arcade game of the same name. Its gameplay is comprised of an unusual combination of top-down, platforming, and beat-em-up action, each with its own camera perspective. The plot follows the samurai Taira no Kagekiyo who has risen from the dead and is fighting his way across Japan to defeat his enemies.
The game was featured in Dream Team Contest 8, and this run is an improvement upon the winning submission. It uses a warp to skip much of the first half of the game, and also employs damage boosts and RNG manipulation to reach the end in record time. The submission notes contain more details.
Published on 3/11/2020

Gomola Speed is an action/puzzle PC Engine game, released in 1990 in Japan by UPL. Its gameplay is described as a cross of Snake, Flicky, Qix, and Gauntlet - you control a cyber-worm's head, have to collect segments to increase your worm's length, use it to encircle spheres of "food", and then reach the exit while dodging enemies along the way. This is done over the course of 25 Acts which throw several kinds of enemies, mazes, keys, power-ups, and bosses into the mix.
Noxxa completes the 25 Acts in record time. Please read the author's comments for more details.
Published on 11/9/2016
Gomola Speed

Emulator Version:
BizHawk 1.11.7

Kato-chan Ken-chan is a gem of a PCE game made by Hudson. Often abbreviated as "Kato-Ken" in Japan, this game is derived from a Japanese TV program, "Kato-chan Ken-chan gokigen TV". The main characters are Cha Kato (Kato-chan) and Ken Shimura (Ken-chan), who are famous Japanese comedians. One particularly distinguishing feature of the game is the ability to attack enemies with farts!
In this run, the author uses Ken-chan, though you will also see Kato-chan appear from time to time to be a nuisance to Ken-chan.
Published on 5/25/2009

Keith Courage in Alpha Zones stars a hero who suspiciously looks like Gunstar Red. He is a part of the alliance N.I.C.E. (Nations of International Citizens for Earth), whose current 'mission' is to defeat B.A.D. (Beastly Alien Dudes) and bring peace to the world.
This TAS features speedy completion by using the inept enemies as boosts to speed through the underworld levels. Only 2 of the weapon upgrades are ever collected and all of the story is completely skipped.
There are also 2 cases of using an instant kill level hazard as a shortcut.
This game should probably have a seizure warning of some sort.
Published on 6/22/2009

Legend of Hero Tonma is a simple platforming game where Tommy, the main character, goes on a quest to rescue a princess. The game also has some amusing examples of awkward English in between stages.
CoolHandMike and EZGames69 improve the previous movie by 00:08.94 seconds.
Published on 8/31/2019
Emulator Version:
BizHawk 2.3.1

Liquid Kids (known in Japan as Mizubaku Daibouken (ミズバク大冒険)) was released in 1990 on the Arcade and was ported to the PC Engine by Taito, in 1992. This colorful game stars the strangest animal in the kingdom. The platypus... Hipopo journeys through 7 stages to rescue his girl, Tamasun, while saving other friends at the end of each level. Armed with water bombs, he can soak enemies and ride waves to gain a bit of speed.
The author, jaysmad, uses warps in order to unite the couple as soon as possible.
Published on 12/18/2015
Liquid Kids

Uses warps
Emulator Version:
BizHawk 1.9.1

Monster Pro Wrestling is a Japanese game in which you choose a monster and battle other monsters in turn-based battles. It is notable for its humorously nonsensical battle animations, such as the appearance of a dozen heads on screen and death blows literally tearing monsters apart.
In this movie, Aqfaq uses well-planned strategy and a fair amount of luck manipulation to defeat each monster in the fewest rounds possible. For more information, check out his detailed submission text.
Published on 7/21/2014
Emulator Version:

Ninja Gaiden is a port of the popular NES game of the same name with upgraded graphics, different music and many gameplay differences.
In this TAS, Bernka and Rum utilize a game-breaking glitch involving corrupting the memory to warp to the end cutscene early.
Published on 10/8/2013

Ninja Gaiden is a port of the popular NES game of the same name with upgraded graphics, different music and many gameplay differences.
t1280136161 and Bernka play through the entire game using various glitches in 9 minutes and 18.38 seconds. There's also the game end glitch TAS, where a memory corruption bug gets exploited to trigger the end cutscene early gameplay-wise.
Published on 7/12/2015
Ninja Gaiden

Emulator Version:
BizHawk 1.10.0

Ninja Spirit began life as an arcade game and received many ports, including a Game Boy version and this version. It would be a stock platform game but for the ability to have up to two 'spirits' which behave like the options from Gradius.
In this run, CoolHandMike and EZGames69 complete the PCE mode of the game, saving 00:49.76 seconds over the previous run. Time savings within each level often result from lag reduction, which requires strategic routing, weapon usage, and enemy manipulation. The authors' comments provide details.
Published on 9/12/2019

Doc, the creator of the two cyborgs Arnold and Sonya, has been kidnapped as a prelude to an alien invasion. It's up to the two of them to stop the invasion and rescue their creator.
The author uses an unconventional mode of transport in this run. A dual-player charge shot that is done incorrectly causes the players to be ricocheted around the screen. This provides a faster form of movement than walking, when aimed correctly!
Published on 12/8/2010

Rick and his girlfriend Jennifer enter West Mansion (known as Splatterhouse) to study Dr. West's parapsychology teachings for a school project. After a flash of lightning and a scream, Jennifer is gone, and Rick is left wearing the Terror Mask, which gives the wearer great strength.
Splatterhouse is the first game in the series, but only the second game to appear on a home console (after Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti on the Famicom), which was later continued on the Sega Genesis.
Samsara and EZGames69 improve the previous movie by 155 frames, if emulation differences are not accounted for, thanks to better optimisation. Please read the authors' comments for more details.
Published on 11/2/2020

Emulator Version:
BizHawk 2.5.2

The Legendary Axe is about a man, his axe, an evil cult leader, and its human sacrifice. your goal in this game is to rescue your childhood friend Flare from the evil Jagu.
Published on 12/19/2012

In this sequel to The Legendary Axe, Prince Zach has taken control of the kingdom with assistance from evil. Now Prince Sirius must fight his way through the evil hordes in order to contest his brother's rule.
EZGames69 completes the quest in record time via tight platforming, damage management, lag reduction, and quick boss fights.
We also have a run of the first game.
Published on 11/21/2019
Emulator Version:
Bizhawk 2.3.1

In Vigilante, you are a tough lone hero fighting to save his girlfriend, Madonna, from a dangerous gang called the Skinheads. The unnamed hero can use his fists and feet to beat up his foes, as well as bullet-breaking nunchucks he can pick up along the way.
The author, Sonikkustar, lets nothing stop him as he tears through every Skinhead and rescues Madonna in record time.
Published on 11/20/2010

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (1993) is an important milestone in the Castlevania series and a predecessor to the even more successful Symphony of the Night. This game was ported two years later to the SNES as Dracula X.
In this installment of a popular TV show, a miserable little pile of secrets known as Richter Belmont is once again called to have it at a savior mankind needs so ill. Armed with his trusty key and a question mark nicknamed 'Vampire Killer', he makes sure no candleholder remains standing in Dracula's castle. Eager to just get it over with, he plows through without as much as a slightest regard to his purple-haired girlfriend and some other people still imprisoned there. It seems what little time one has to spare in a TAS is best spent moonwalking and yelling at the screen, anyway.
A slower version of this run taking only the regular stages is available. Due to this movie being faster, that submission was cancelled, yet there are arguably more entertaining moments in the cancelled submission (the author recommends stage 4 in particular).
Published on 8/14/2009

Contrary to the other Rondo of Blood TASes on the site, this one not only goes through the hurdles of saving three useless villagers from their prisons (with some of said prisons even resembling their regular habitats), but also plays through all the picturesque levels just to prove that Maria isn't really a suboptimal character. No videogame character fighting dark priests by stoning them to death with small white birds should ever be called suboptimal.
If you want to see a shorter run through the game, we suggest watching these: Richter any% in 23:18, Maria any% in 24:22.
Published on 12/28/2009

After having been resurrected by dark priest Shaft, Dracula set out to destroy Richter Belmont's home village and kidnap some of the important characters for him to rescue. One of them is Maria Renard, a 12-year-old vampire huntress who is used as the player character in the second half of the movie after getting freed by Richter.
Despite her prepubescent age, Maria is faster and stronger than Richter, and one can only guess how she managed to fall a victim to kidnappers in the first place. Unfortunately, all of her speed advantages become nullified by a lengthy cutscene following her release, making this TAS slightly longer than the Richter mode.
This is a 2.5 second improvement to the previous movie.
Published on 12/29/2009

Rather different from both the NES version and arcade versions of this game, this version of Double Dragon 2 features higher resolution graphics much closer to that of the SNES iterations of the series. Notably, many of the glitches present in the NES version are absent here, yielding slower yet arguably no less entertaining gameplay.
Published on 12/29/2009

Final Zone II is a top down shooter in which you control various soldiers throughout the game. The objective of the game is to fight an enemy army led by "ZOD", who is a mass murderer and killed some of your commando friends. There are several manga-style cutscenes in the game, all of which have been really cheesily dubbed to English. The game also features the "best" song to ever feature in a video game, that is, Momoco's theme (which you'll hear in Round 4).
Noxxa defeats Ruman in record time.
If you want to see the game being riffed along with all the cutscenes, we recommend watching the videos by retsupurae:
Part 1
Part 2
Published on 7/16/2017
Final Zone II

Emulator Version:
BizHawk 1.13.0

In this obscure title for an obscure platform, our ninja hero must fight his way through a horde of enemy ninja who attack from every angle in order to rescue the girl.
Join arukAdo in this exciting adventure as he slices through his enemies and their defenses like a hot chainsaw through fresh butter (and beats up the girl too).
We also have an alternate version of this run which plays on hard difficulty. The only difference between difficulty levels is enemy hit points, which is normally grounds for playing on the easiest possible difficulty (to improve speed and entertainment).
Published on 2/14/2010

Prince of Persia is a 2D platformer that is commonly regarded as a progenitor of the cinematic platform genre. Rather than following the more common jump-and-run mechanics, it focuses on careful advancement through fairly complex levels, emphasizing the protagonist's vulnerability and survival aspect. Rotoscoping technique is used to give more realism to the animation of the characters' movements.
This run by Challenger, done on the TurboGrafx CD port of the game, defeats Jaffar in record time, by setting the speed to the fastest one available.
Published on 9/23/2017

The title of the series upon which this game is based, and therefore the game itself, has been rendered a variety of different ways in English; this is perhaps indicative of just how bizarre an experience playing this game is.
This is an improvement of 50.17 seconds over the previous movie, thanks to better optimisation and better strategies on the bosses. Please read the authors' comments for more details.
This game was released for the SuperGrafx, a slight modification of the TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine meant to enhance the graphical capabilities of the console.
Published on 6/16/2017
Emulator Version:
BizHawk 1.12.1

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