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Published on 8/10/2014
Not only was Castlevania: Symphony of the Night the first installment of the Castlevania series on PSX but also the first PSX game to have a published run here.
Not satisfied with just going on a death spree to Dracula, Alucard decides to steal every single one of his father's heirlooms, while also killing his prized collection of monsters. Luckily he has the handy ability of phasing through walls whenever he needs to.
A run that beats the game through save data corruption is available here, along with one that avoids data corruption. If you prefer the main character to have muscular bare arms and to pray to the rain gods to defeat bosses, you may enjoy the Richter version. If you want to see a run on Replay mode that can skip many cutscenes, see this run. We also have a run of the Saturn version using Maria. We even have a run where Alucard avoids killing everything except Dracula.
Due to the lengthy amount of time needed to obtain the best ending in the previous run, this run was deemed significantly more entertaining, and thus obsoletes it.

Note: Due to an emulation error, the audio in the ending FMV sequence doesn't play.

Author's commentary during the run's video can be watched on YouTube

Published on 8/14/2017
Crash Bandicoot: Warped is the third game of the Crash Bandicoot series developed by Naughty Dog. The story takes place immediately after the events of the previous game. It features similar gameplay to the first two games in the series.
This run from pirohiko improves upon the previous publication by 02:37.62 minutes, thanks to a newer route compared to the previous publication.

Published on 6/3/2018
Klonoa: Door to Phantomile is the critically acclaimed first game in the Klonoa series. It features the catlike Klonoa and his friend Huepow, a ring spirit. Together, they go on a journey to investigate a mysterious shipwreck that soon turns into a grand adventure to save the land from a powerful demon.
Like Kirby 64, the game is a 2.5D platformer. Klonoa can only move in two dimensions, but everything is rendered in 3D, allowing the path to curve and objects outside the path to be interacted with. Klonoa can attack by throwing Huepow at enemies and having him return with the enemy. Klonoa will then hold the enemy over his head, which allows him either to throw it at another enemy or bounce off of it to jump into the air.
In this run, lapogne36 improves over his previous movie by 10:42.16 minutes thanks to better optimization and new glitches. For more information about these improvements, reading the author's submission comments is highly recommended.

Published on 4/4/2010
The eighth entry in the Mega Man series is very similar to the preceding games, especially its direct predecessor (in light of being the second entry in the franchise released for the PSX, the first being a port of X3). Once again, Mega Man takes on eight Robot Masters and goes on to raid Wily's fortress.
If you're here for the plot, though, you're missing the point - instead enjoy the impossibly fast action and nifty glitch abuse in this run of the longest presently-TASable game in the main series to date.

Note: The credits are missing due to an emulator glitch. For those who are interested in seeing the credits, they can be watched here.

Published on 5/9/2012
In previous Mega Man X games, X would do all the real fighting while Zero would say he was off to destroy power sources and do other such unverifiable tasks. Zero even had the audacity to tell him that one day X would be as strong as him.
This time, X lays back and lets Zero put his money lightsaber where his mouth is, leaving Zero to fight off an entire army as well as Sigma. Zero does such a good job showing how much better he is than X that the series has been transformed for TASVideos to be a Zero series from here on out.
This submission improves the previous run by 00:12.53 seconds primarily through precise optimization of boss battles.

Published on 4/12/2017
When a villain known only as Mr. Dark appears, trouble brews in Rayman's world. Mr. Dark captures the Toons - the source of light - and Rayman's friends. Without the light, evil creatures begin to roam, making the world unsafe for everyone. It's up to you, as Rayman, to free your friends and put an end to Mr. Dark's dastardly schemes!
Rayman is a side-scrolling platformer starring the titular Rayman, a big-nosed chap with no arms or legs. Rayman can jump and use his hair to hover for a short period of time. He can also attack by throwing his fists, or winding up his fists for a more powerful punch. He can occasionally find special powerups that grant him unlimited flying power, giving him the ability to navigate through tricky mazes.
scrimpeh and Got4n tear through this difficult game with a variety of glitches and physics exploits. For more details on how these glitches work, we recommend reading the authors' comments for information about this run.
Note that any% is the same as 100% for this game, as Rayman requires all the Toons to unlock the final battle with Mr Dark.

Published on 11/7/2014
Spyro: Year of the Dragon is the third installment in the Spyro series and the last Spyro game to be released for the PlayStation, in addition to being the last one created by its original creators.
After many technical issues, this first ever completed TAS of Spyro: Year of the Dragon finishes the game with 100% (in-game 117%) game completion, over an hour faster than any normal speedrun. This is done through carefully planned routes, precisely executed glitches and highly optimized movement.

Author's vocal commentary during the run's video can be watched on YouTube.

Published on 7/2/2020
In Tomb Raider II: Starring Lara Croft we follow Lara Croft on her second journey to collect the mythical Dagger of Xian artifact near The Great Wall of China.
This time, exploiting glitches including the PAL-exclusive flare wall bug, Troye completes the game in record time. Please read the author's comments for more details.

Published on 7/27/2013
Electronic Arts brings Blizzard's best-selling strategy game to the PlayStation and Saturn in this release. They've combined all the missions from Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness and its expansion pack, Beyond the Dark Portal, into one package.
You take charge of either the humans and elves or the orcish hordes for control of the lands of Azeroth. Eventually you work through the dark portal and into the orcs' homeland. You take charge of either side as you work through more than 20 missions per side in the fight for survival.
New features for the console release include an auto-build option, where you can set a queue of units to be produced and the ability to select sixteen units at a time instead of the PC's nine.
This run by Flip plays through the Orcish Horde's Tides of Darkness campaign.

Note: The ending FMV cutscene has some graphical errors due to inaccurate emulation

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