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Cave Story (2004) is a famous freeware indie game notable for being made entirely by one person, Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya.
Watch as nitsuja completely destroys this difficult game with amazingly precise movement. This playthrough saves Curly and finishes with the best ending after beating Ballos.
The program used to make this run, Hourglass, was also developed by nitsuja—with the creation of this run in mind. As such, it is our first published run of a Windows game.

Downloadable encodes and the YouTube encode include commentary as soft subtitles.
Published on 11/12/2011

The good Mecha Santa plans to spread happiness and cheer all over the world. Princess Pitch, previously a sidekick in the game Garden Gnome Carnage, sets out to put an end to those silly plans.
This time around, Princess Pitch decides to take on Mecha Santa and his army of robot elves on a difficulty harder than the hardest (Reallyjoel's Mom), since it's too easy otherwise. Reallyjoel's Mom is a secret joke difficulty meant to be impossible: it multiplies the spawn and attack rate of all enemies several times over and removes all powerups and ammo refills. Consequently, a player without tool assistance will maybe beat one room - if s/he's lucky.
This TAS gets through with liberal use of the piledriver move, as well as precise movement and shooting.
Published on 2/6/2014
Emulator Version:

Rosenkreuzstilette (ローゼンクロイツスティレッテ) is a platform game published by independent Japanese studio [erka:es]. Gameplay resembles a Mega Man clone, with Spiritia collecting various weapons from each boss defeated, and alternate protagonist Grolla playing more like Zero from the Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero series.
See how many things from different Mega Man games you can spot while watching this! Stage by stage notes are in the author's comments.
This run is a 22 second improvement over the previous movie by Bernka thanks to better optimization.
This movie uses Grolla. For more action, we also have a Spiritia movie by the same author.
Published on 1/12/2016
Emulator Version:

In VVVVVV, the player controls Captain Viridian, who is lost in an alternate dimension, in search of the missing members of the spaceship's crew. Instead of jumping, the player is able to control the direction of gravity, allowing Captain Viridian to flip between the floors and ceilings of the environment. The graphical style of the game is heavily influenced by the Commodore 64.
In the spirit of the retro games' secret hunt, 20 aptly named Shiny Trinkets are hidden throughout the game. The author makes sure to collect all of them in his movie.
Additionally, this TAS is completed on the game's no-death mode, which removes all the cutscenes and dialogues, as well as allows collecting a specific Trinket without having to die. Dying once on this mode prompts an instant game over, making it an especially brutal challenge in unassisted conditions. As this naturally prohibits the skips and glitches that abuse forcible deaths, it allows the audience to see the game in its entirety and, indeed, enjoy its level design and excellent chiptune-style soundtrack.
If you would like to see the game completed with no holds barred, make sure to check out the glitched any% and the game end glitch TASes that complete the game a lot quicker than one would have imagined!
Published on 11/20/2014

Emulator Version:
Hourglass r81

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