Tool-assisted movies (79)

Published on 6/14/2009
Ghouls 'n Ghosts is the sequel to the brutally hard Ghosts 'n Goblins, and is brutally hard in its own right. This run is of the original coin-op version, which is most similar to the Genesis one. One of the major differences is less armor from chests.
Creative use of damage and picture perfect boss fights combine with some glitchy looking jumps as xipo takes on Lucifer's many demons. The game is completed twice (which is necessary to get the ending) and along the way we are treated to some fabulous Engrish and more information than necessary about the damsel in distress.

Published on 11/7/2009
Metal Slug X (1999) is an updated version of Metal Slug 2, the second installment of an immensely popular run'n'gun series released on the Neo Geo MVS. The games are notable for incredibly detailed pixel graphics, fluid animation, and good humor; but the real key to their longevity is, of course, their high difficulty as far as survival goes.
This is AngerFist's debut performance on FinalBurn Alpha. Please read the discussion thread if you experience desyncs.

Published on 8/14/2009
In this highly entertaining playaround of one of the first of Capcom's Marvel vs. Capcom-styled games, you can watch SDR abusing computer opponents - and himself - throughout various two-on-two fights, before beating Apocalypse in record time.

Published on 12/27/2009
Resident Evil: Deadly Silence is a Nintendo DS enhanced port of the original PlayStation survival horror game. The S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team has gone missing and it's up to the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team to investigate their disappearance.
In this run, Fladdermus takes control of Alpha team's Jill Valentine and proceeds to tear apart Classic Mode in under half an hour. For more information, see his comments.

Published on 11/24/2009
At TASVideos, we see a lot of feats made, among the most popular however is smashing Tetris. The game seems to have the uncanny ability to agree, be sure to enjoy the sight of 'Back to Back Tetris' because you're going to see it a lot.
Tetris DS

Emulator Replay:
DeSmuME 9.0.4

Published on 11/7/2009
Eggerland is a predecessor of the NES Adventures of Lolo games, and in certain ways, it has much more features than Adventures of Lolo 1.
This movie abuses a couple of the game bugs in a surprising way.
Note that this is a Famicom Disk System game. Read What is FDS for more information.
Also note that this movie is about 42 seconds longer than the previous movie. This is due to the inaccurate (shorter) FDS load times emulated by Famtasia.

Published on 10/23/2009
This game is Super Mario Bros., the original, but on the Famicom Disk System. It is much similar to the ROM version of the game, except for one minor difference that is demonstrated here.
The -1 stage is completely different. In the NES and Unisystem versions, the -1 stage repeats infinitely and cannot be completed, but in FDS, it can be completed, and then come -2 and -3.
The -3 stage in FDS is a castle level, and completing it ends the game, even though it says "princess is in another castle". The princess is not seen in the ending, but she is sighted twice in the -1 stage, as shown in this movie.
This movie is 84 frames faster than the previous one due to the use of a "cheap trick".
Watch this run being played back on a real console.
Emulator Replay:
FCEUX 2.2.3

Published on 12/28/2009
In this game, some short fat guy decides to prove that the police as well as Batman are incapable of doing their jobs. So he steals Batman's outfit, some of his toys, and brings along with himself advanced military weapon prototypes to wipe out the Joker once and for all 'till the next game, and save Gotham city.
This run starts off with walking by enemies, showing how incompetent criminals are at firing guns. It proceeds to aerial combat a bit reminiscent of Gradius, further demonstrating that even when criminals fire, their weapons are no match for Batman's Batwing, even when piloted by a Batman impostor. The big finale here shows that as evil as the Joker is, he like all others cannot withstand rocket grenades indefinitely.

Emulator Replay:
VBA-rr v21+

Published on 10/23/2009
Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru (カエルの為に鐘は鳴る, For the Frog the Bell Tolls) is a Japanese-only action-adventure game with RPG elements. In this funny, cool, and unique game, Prince Sabure is on a journey to save the Mille-Feuille Kingdom and its beautiful princess before his rival does. Along the way, he gains the ability to transform into a frog and a snake and can use these new powers to make it to the overtaken castle even faster.
The rival, Prince Richard, is known as one of the characters who make an appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.
In this movie, author Ryuto uses a few tricks and even death as a shortcut to help him beat the game in under an hour and a half.

Published on 11/26/2009
Little Master is a Japan only strategy RPG. Normally, it'd be a long and winding game.
This TAS makes it look like a walk in the park, albeit, a very large park.

Published on 11/2/2009
In this special episode of Looney Tunes, Bugs, Daffy, Tweety, Porky, Taz, Speedy Gonzales, and the Road Runner decide to rip off popular games such as Atomic Runner, Sonic the Hedgehog & Gradius. They do this by going through this Sunsoft classic as fast as possible so that they don't die from all of the ripoffs. This has led to some... strange results.

Published on 12/23/2009
In the second game of this popular series, the four warring countries from the original game find themselves uniting against a common foe who, at the game's opening, has almost completely overrun the planet.
With the help of carefully devised strategies, a little bit of luck manipulation, and moving the cursor at inhuman speed, the author repels this planetary invasion over the course of slightly more than an hour.
Reading the author's comments is strongly recommended to help keep track of what's going on.

Published on 11/18/2009
Gunstar Super Heroes is the sequel to Gunstar Heroes for the Genesis. Compared to Gunstar Heroes, in this game, you can go much faster. You can also yell and shout more than should be possible in a game!


Those who experience motion sickness easily might not want to watch the autoshooter segments too closely. You have been warned.

Published on 10/8/2009
Not content with merely constructing the mirror and saving the day, Kirby and his multicolored clones have decided that they must also collect anything and everything that they come across.
We also have an any% run, which collects only the items needed to beat the game.

Published on 5/13/2009
Zero has a new body which he does all the same old stuff with. Once again, it's on the Game Boy Advance. As with the other games in the series, there is a delay with every hit of the Z-Saber, so many enemies are killed in other ways. (In particular, in this game, Zero can pick up guns from some enemies and use them for added variety.)
This run is almost 4 minutes and 20 seconds faster than the previous movie, in spite of having over 30 seconds more text due to game version differences. A large part of this improvement is due to new combos. Also, the invulnerability times of midbosses are abused even further with midair wobbling of the Z-Saber or the Z-Knuckles. For more details, see the run's comments.

Published on 11/6/2009
Gex 3: Deep Pocket Gecko is the portable version of Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko. The plot and goals are the same as in its home console counterpart, though all the levels have been remade in beautiful 2D.
The author, mmbossman, runs and bounces around the Media Dimension, collecting only the required remotes to beat Rez and save Agent Xtra.

Published on 12/29/2009
This is a port to the GBC of much better known PlayStation game of the same name, with surprisingly good graphics for the platform and surprisingly poor imitations of the music from the sequel to the original game.
Rayman, the original flagship character of the now-renowned company UbiSoft, has no arms or legs, but that doesn't stop him from making surprisingly quick progress through this slow-paced game.

Published on 10/25/2009
"¡Ándele! ¡Ándele! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba!"
In Speedy Gonzales: Aztec Adventure, Sylvester the cat has kidnapped all the mice from Speedy's village, and our super fast hero races to rescue them. There are weapons he can pick up to fight enemies along the way, as well as speed boosts to help him jump over dangerous obstacles like spike pits.
If you're looking for more Speedy Gonzales action, we also have a run of Speedy's SNES game.

Published on 11/29/2009
The author plays the GBC version of Tetris this time.
This movie aims to complete the required number of lines as fast as possible. Of course the best course of action is to get only "tetrises" (4 lines at once).
This is a 4.02 second improvement over the previous movie.
Tetris DX

Single level
Emulator Replay:
VBA-rr v21

Published on 11/5/2009
Wario Land II was the last first-party title made for the Game Boy, and was later re-released for the Game Boy Color to take advantage of the new hardware. Wario's nemesis, Captain Syrup, and her Black Sugar Gang (formerly the Brown Sugar Pirates) invade his castle and steal his precious treasure. Outraged, Wario races across the land to defeat Captain Syrup and take back the treasure.
This run beats the game with 100% completion: collecting all treasures, completing the picture panel and completing the extra time attack stage (the Really Final Chapter).
We recommend reading the author's submission text; it has a great deal of information.
To see a run that aims for fastest time, check out the any% run.

Published on 9/2/2009
Alien Soldier, released in 1995, is a spiritual successor to Gunstar Heroes (you can tell by the cameo appearances of certain bosses), and a real treat in terms of production values as described in the tagline quoted above. The game's rather nonsensical plot boils down to the protagonist, Epsilon-Eagle, having to fight his former terrorist comrades (as well as everything on his path). Thankfully, speedrunners don't care about plots either way.
What is more important is that Alien Soldier epitomizes Treasure's concept of an action game: a fast-paced, flashy, relentless boss rush. As such, it has 33 grotesque bosses, each of them promising a guaranteed game over for inexperienced players. However, using Epsilon-Eagle's vast arsenal of weapons and dodging abilities, the authors plow through the game's "SUPERHARD" difficulty without any regard to its name in this long-awaited movie, achieving a total in-game time of 8 minutes 13 seconds.

Published on 2/8/2009
Dark Castle looks like a Genesis version of Donkey Kong. This new movie is eleven frames faster than the previous version by Aqfaq and stanski.
Selected statement by Aqfaq:
I managed to skip most of the game, which is good because Dark Castle sucks.

Published on 4/10/2009
Ghouls 'n Ghosts is a sequel to Ghosts 'n Goblins on the NES. On a quest to recapture stolen souls from Lucifer (Loki in this game), the player advances through a series of levels filled with demonic and undead creatures.
Usually, one would have to finish the game twice in order for it to end properly. Instead of doing so, the author of this movie uses a password to start off on the 2nd playthrough. Despite the game displaying "Practice" on the screen, this movie is indeed played on hardest difficulty. See the author's comments for a more thorough explanation.
This movie has an Atlas Map encode of Level 1-1, which shows the standard encode overlaid on a zoomed out map.

Published on 11/26/2009
In this action platformer loosely based on the famous film (and not to be confused with The Action Game or The Graphic Adventure), Indiana Jones travels the world to find the Holy Grail with whip in hand.
In this run, he grabs the Grail so fast you don't even see it coming — in fact the sequence in which the grail is chosen goes by before the screen finishes being drawn, so you don't even get to see that.

Published on 12/25/2009
Enemy spies have been sent to buy military weapon technologies from scientists all around the world. Young Indiana Jones has been recruited to infiltrate the meeting locations and prevent the spies from leaving alive.
But Indy doesn't care about the deals and forgets to kill the spies other than the one in England, perhaps thinking, "What the heck, I climbed all the way up to the top of Big Ben; may as well actually defeat the spy this time."
Watch Young Indy blaze through this otherwise uninspiring game with unconventional techniques such as using gear wheels to suddenly appear on another floor and suiciding to avoid fighting bosses.

Note: The audio issues are a result of Gens's inaccurate audio emulation.

Published on 8/8/2009
Kid Chameleon is the story of a kid trapped in an arcade machine, where he has to traverse many different kinds of levels from different "games" and can transform into many types of characters. It is rather convoluted, with the ability to take many paths to the last level.
Instead of taking the fastest path, this movie takes the longest path possible without backtracking, but does so as quickly as possible. Several new tricks originated in this run that only recently found their way into the any%.

Published on 7/3/2009
Madou Monogatari (魔導物語) is an RPG best described as 'strange' (and probably more known for its spinoff series, Puyo Puyo). The game has overly cute design and the battles are probably a little different than you would expect. The story revolves around a girl who is on a quest to pass her final exam in a magic school.
A defining moment is one of the cutscenes, where a slime is encountered and suddenly defeated by a strange girl bursting through a brick wall. Then, an equally strange armored knight drops in from the ceiling and the two of them proceed to ignore you and chase each other away.
The fast completion time is achieved mostly by using a random-effect spell, which has a small chance of producing a devastating elephant stomp (yeah, really). Naturally, in a TAS, the "small chance" gets a new meaning.

Published on 11/5/2009
Shadow of the Beast is a somewhat inferior port of the Amiga hit released in 1989. The North American release was additionally criticized for sloppy conversion that made the game run 16.7% faster than intended and, as a result, sharply increased its difficulty.
Obviously it was no problem for maTO, who plunged through the game with impressive health management in just under 12 minutes.

Published on 11/7/2009
In this direct sequel to the original (once again ported from the Amiga, in a much better fashion but with distorted sound), the hero's sister is kidnapped and he must pursue the same villain as the original to rescue her and settle the score.
With some glitch abuse, a helping of taking damage, and very little difficulty, the author of this run accomplishes this in less than seven minutes (just over half the time of the original game).

Published on 6/23/2009
Shining Force is just under two hours of luck manipulation action. The random number generator is abused to the highest degree. The author used MATLAB, a math scripting language, to optimize the battle speeds.
This is a 4 minute 27 second improvement over the previous movie by the same author.

Published on 8/15/2009
Shining in the Darkness is the first in the Shining series, which includes Shining Force. Unlike the later games, it is a first person dungeon crawler.
The author dissected the game with the help of Lua scripts to find optimal battles and avoid random encounters.

Published on 11/9/2009
In this run of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic has decided that getting all the emeralds is the only way to go and as such powers his way through the special stages to achieve this (and a perfect ending). This run also avoids using a glitch called horizontal underflow, which is explained in the author's comments.
The downloadable encodes in the second set use a camhack, which attempts to always keep Sonic onscreen and puts HD sprites on top of the background to make the TAS look even better.

FLASHING LIGHTS WARNING: 37:15 onwards, Hyper Sonic will have moments of a bright flash that some users may find to be discomforting

Published on 12/6/2009
Based on the famous animated movie, Walt Disney's The Jungle Book is a platform game where you control Mowgli, the boy who was raised by wild animals deep in the jungles.
In each stage, Mowgli must obtain twelve of the red jewels before getting to the end. Usually, the end has Mowgli meeting a friend or fighting a boss.
There are also runs of the NES version and the SNES version.

Published on 6/22/2009
Wolverine: Adamantium Rage is an atypical Genesis platformer with some fast paced action.
In this run mmbossman entertains you with Wolverine's vast repertoire, breaking many laws of physics as he moves through the stages and stabs anything that happens to get too close. A large variety of tricks are used.
He also takes rockets to the face while fighting a helicopter just to squeeze in faster time, showing you just what extremes he will go to entertain you. There is also a wonky palette error glitch in one particular stage.

Published on 10/15/2009
Legacy of Darkness is the second Castlevania game on the N64. This quick run uses the gun slinging Henry, who is available from the start in the Japanese version.
Henry's objective is to rescue 6 children found in 6 stages within a specified time.

Published on 1/22/2009
"The President has been kidnapped by ninjas! Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the President?"
The answer is a resounding "yes", though we're not sure if Karnov counts as a ninja or not.
In this run, Kirkq utilizes obscure and unusual jump patterns to move quickly. During the game's lengthy scrolling sections, optimization shifts more toward entertainment.

Published on 12/6/2009
Blaster Master is a fairly long game involving a random hero that jumps down a hole after his mutant frog, finds a tank, and proceeds to blow up a few bosses and rescue said frog. It's complicated.
In this movie the hero gets bored with the tank early on, skips the bosses and mostly decides to just go straight to the final boss and blow him up. The frog is saved and dissected, and Biology 101 is passed. Hooray!
This movie plays on the European version of the game, which includes a few bugs such as stopping movement by pausing and allowing double (and more) jumping. A changed zip mechanism is also in the European version which allows warping through things you really shouldn't be able to warp through.
This publication beats the previous movie by 9 seconds.
If you would like to see more of the game, we also have a warpless Blaster Master movie here that plays on the US version.

Published on 9/18/2009
Donkey Kong is a classic game that has been challenged plenty of times at this site, by many players. This competitive spirit has made for some "perfect" runs. Yet each time someone manages to squeeze just a bit more out of it.
This latest completion by Phil beats the previous movie by 11 frames by carefully optimizing Jumpman's movement pattern.
This movie has a full Atlas Map encode, which shows the standard encode overlaid on a zoomed out map.

Watch a resync of this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 6/17/2009
EarthBound Beginnings is the first game in the Mother/EarthBound series, known simply as Mother in Japan. It was localized for a 1990 US release, but wasn't released outside Japan until 2015. During that time, the original localized title, "EarthBound", was used for the English release of Mother 2.
Long referred to as "EarthBound Zero" by fans, the game was finally given an official title for its Wii U eShop release.
This movie is done on the US prototype, which does not have the "bread crumbs" glitch used in our other movie of the game. It does, however, have a run button, which means this movie may seem faster at times, even though it's a lot longer.

You can watch the complete run being played back on a console.

Published on 8/31/2009
This movie plays Excitebike really fast with an improvement of over a second compared to the previous movie by JXQ.
Times for each track are:
  • 0 = 36.19 (0.35 improved)
  • 1 = 37.84 (0.40 -"-)
  • 2 = 38.67 (0.19 -"-)
  • 3 = 41.96 (0.02 -"-)
  • 4 = 41.00 (0.02 -"-)
  • 5 = 31.34 (0.40 -"-)
Cumulative in-game savings: 1.38s
Main improvements come from taking ramps faster and a unique trick in which the author goes slower to get a better time. Look for further info in the author's comments.
The encode for this movie features commentary in the form of soft subtitles.
This movie also has two Atlas Map encodes, one of Track 1, and one of Track 2, which shows the standard encode overlaid on a zoomed out map.

Watch a resync of this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 8/9/2009
Extra Mario Bros. is a hack of the original Super Mario Bros. It is noteworthy for being a complete "Metroidvania" game built around the original SMB engine, with very few changes to the engine itself. The five areas in the game are all interconnected (via pipes, naturally), and permanent upgrades have been added to give it a more Metroid-ish feel. (Did I mention the music from Super Metroid? Because there's music from Super Metroid.)
However, despite his newfound ability to return to levels he's visited before and acquire upgrades that don't go away when he dies, Mario still cannot scroll to the left.
This movie collects all of the keys and fights the true final boss but only collects two of the upgrades.

Note: An IPS patch for the hack can be downloaded here.
Emulator Replay:
FCEU 0.98.28

Published on 8/9/2009
For the fans of the Castlevania series ― here's a TAS of a Castlevania game that is hmm.. much much more aimed toward children than the darker-themed games. The game was only released in Japan.
There is also a Game Boy sequel that is known as Kid Dracula.
This is a 50+ second improvement over the previous movie by Phil and Genisto.

Commentary from adelikat and DarkKobold are available in the downloadable encodes and in closed captions on the YouTube link.

Published on 10/3/2009
Kung Fu (1985) is a simple beat-'em-up game in which the protagonist known as Thomas has 5 floors of bad guys and bosses to fight through in order to save Sylvia, his girlfriend. Unfortunately, as the final screen tells us, their happiness "does not continue long" — a common arcade trope to make the player beat the game in a second loop.
Phil bested the predecessor movie by over a second thanks to better luck manipulation and decreasing the amount of jumps.
This movie aims for lowest in-game time. The completion times for each floor are: 1552, 1558, 1552, 1545, 1550.

Published on 7/5/2009
This is a full completion of Metroid, meaning that all items (100%) were collected.
This is a 8 minute 16 second improvement over the previous movie by Zoizite. Much of the improvement comes from using the Up+A restart sequence, though many new shortcuts and optimizations also save time.
This movie has now been console verified. Watch this run being played on a real NES console.

Published on 11/16/2009
The story of The Blues Brothers is that the Blues Brothers have to take unorthodox routes in order to sneak their way into a gig.
This game is really fast-paced. Do a TAS of it, and… see for yourself. :)
This new version is 47.82 seconds faster than the previous movie by the same author.

Published on 7/4/2009
In this The Legend of Zelda hack, Link must save Hyrule (again), reclaiming the Triforce of Power from Thunderbird. Baxter does it masterfully, exploiting glitches from the original game to get the job done quickly. This movie completes both quests.

If you'd like to see a movie of the original unhacked The Legend of Zelda, we have that too, as well as a movie of the second quest and swordless challenge.
You can also watch this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 7/18/2009
Autobots, transform and roll out!
Transformers: Convoy no Nazo (トランスフォーマー コンボイの謎) is about the Autobot Ultra Magnus cruising a very frustrating and difficult journey to discover who killed Optimus Prime. No, I'm serious.
Angry Video Game Nerd covered this game in 2009. Quoting adelikat: As he describes in the video, this game notoriously difficult to play. Poor hit detection, 1 hit and you are dead, awkward controls, and very little in the way of power-ups make this game frustrating for the average player.

Note: There are some moments in this game that consist of heavy flashing lights, viewer discretion is advised.
Uses warps
Emulator Replay:
FCEUX 2.1.0a

Published on 3/13/2009
This game is evil. It gives you power-downs constantly of which you're bound to pick one up sooner or later.
The traps and hazards in this game usually go off when they are in the middle of the screen. Because Werewolf has discovered how to walk backwards and not scroll the screen, it means that he doesn't have to deal with most of them. Also if he manages to somehow get stuck inside a wall and jumps, he will fall through it.
The game features a lot of lycanthropian acrobatics and good visuals for its time.
This is a joint collaboration between AndrewG and AnS, saving 2 minutes 25 seconds compared to the previous version. Together they quicken the boss fights, glitch up the game even more, do a little dance, and howl at the moon.

Published on 12/22/2009
This game, the second in the series, is the direct sequel to Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord. Here, the heroes thoroughly explore a dungeon to collect five pieces of the mystical equipment of the Knight of Diamonds to trade for the "Staff of Gnilda" to save the kingdom. With the aid of heavy luck manipulation, the average viewer will have absolutely no idea what is going on as the heroes blaze through the dungeon, score every critical hit known to adventurer-kind, and walk away from this normally hours-long game in the span of two minutes.
A bot was used to create large portions of this run; as such, the rerecord count has been removed from the submission entry.
This is an improvement of 90 frames from the previous movie done by the same author.

Published on 7/5/2009
Yo! Noid is a game centered around a short man in a rabbit suit making his way through New York City to defeat an identical man in a different color rabbit suit for a pizza reward. The game was conceived as part of a 1980s advertising campaign for Domino's Pizza. As anyone who has played the game knows, the game is quite difficult, since the controls are sluggish, one hit kills you, and the pizza bonus games at the end can be difficult to win if you don't pick up enough useful powerups.
With some movement glitches, warps, and luck manipulation, nesrocks beats this game very quickly. Not only that, to make the run even harder and more impressive, he doesn't kill any enemies.
Watch this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 5/25/2009
Kato Chan & Ken Chan is a gem of a PCE game made by Hudson. Often abbreviated as Kato-Ken in Japan, this game is derived from a Japanese TV program, Kato-chan Ken-chan gokigen TV. The main characters are Cha Kato (Kato-chan) and Ken Shimura (Ken-chan), who are famous Japanese comedians. One particularly distinguishing feature of the game is the ability to attack enemies with farts!
In this run, the author uses Ken-chan, though you will also see Kato-chan appear from time to time to be a nuisance to Ken-chan.

Published on 6/22/2009
Keith Courage in Alpha Zones stars a hero who suspiciously looks like Gunstar Red. He is a part of the alliance N.I.C.E. (Nations of International Citizens for Earth), whose current 'mission' is to defeat B.A.D. (Beastly Alien Dudes) and bring peace to the world.
This TAS features speedy completion by using the inept enemies as boosts to speed through the underworld levels. Only 2 of the weapon upgrades are ever collected and all of the story is completely skipped.
There are also 2 cases of using an instant kill level hazard as a shortcut.
This game should probably have a seizure warning of some sort.

Published on 8/14/2009
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (1993) is an important milestone in the Castlevania series and a predecessor to the even more successful Symphony of the Night. This game was ported two years later to the SNES as Dracula X.
In this installment of a popular TV show, a miserable little pile of secrets known as Richter Belmont is once again called to have it at a savior mankind needs so ill. Armed with his trusty key and a question mark nicknamed 'Vampire Killer', he makes sure no candleholder remains standing in Dracula's castle. Eager to just get it over with, he plows through without as much as a slightest regard to his purple-haired girlfriend and some other people still imprisoned there. It seems what little time one has to spare in a TAS is best spent moonwalking and yelling at the screen, anyway.
A slower version of this run taking only the regular stages is available. Due to this movie being faster, that submission was cancelled, yet there are arguably more entertaining moments in the cancelled submission (the author recommends stage 4 in particular).

Published on 12/28/2009
Contrary to the other Rondo of Blood TASes on the site, this one not only goes through the hurdles of saving three useless villagers from their prisons (with some of said prisons even resembling their regular habitats), but also plays through all the picturesque levels just to prove that Maria isn't really a suboptimal character. No videogame character fighting dark priests by stoning them to death with small white birds should ever be called suboptimal.
If you want to see a shorter run through the game, we suggest watching these: Richter any% in 23:18, Maria any% in 24:22.

Published on 12/29/2009
After having been resurrected by dark priest Shaft, Dracula set out to destroy Richter Belmont's home village and kidnap some of the important characters for him to rescue. One of them is Maria Renard, a 12-year-old vampire huntress who is used as the player character in the second half of the movie after getting freed by Richter.
Despite her prepubescent age, Maria is faster and stronger than Richter, and one can only guess how she managed to fall a victim to kidnappers in the first place. Unfortunately, all of her speed advantages become nullified by a lengthy cutscene following her release, making this TAS slightly longer than the Richter mode.
This is a 2.5 second improvement to the previous movie.

Published on 12/29/2009
Rather different from both the NES version and arcade versions of this game, this version of Double Dragon II features higher resolution graphics much closer to that of the SNES iterations of the series. Notably, many of the glitches present in the NES version are absent here, yielding slower yet arguably no less entertaining gameplay.

Published on 4/24/2009
A Punky Skunk sat on a Hunky Stump. The Punky Skunk thunk the Hunky Stump stunk, but the Hunky Stump thunk the Punky Skunk stunk.
Here we get to watch an adorable skunk bounce on his pogo stick to defeat Badler the wolf and his mice henchmen.

Note for viewers: The PSX emulator PCSX-RR is unable to play the music featured in each stage. The encodes and downloadables have the music tracks edited in provided by the encoder.

Published on 5/19/2009
September 28th. Daylight... The monsters have overtaken the city. Somehow... I'm still alive...
This third entry in the Resident Evil series follows Jill Valentine as she tries to escape Raccoon City. In addition to the hordes of zombies, she must also avoid a bio-organic weapon called the Nemesis, created by the evil Umbrella Corporation to hunt down and kill the remaining S.T.A.R.S. team members for being witnesses of their unethical and illegal experiments in the first game.

Published on 12/21/2009
Join Carlos in a race to clean up the streets of Raccoon City and enjoy the architecture and the new wall colors in a quick run of this well-known minigame from Resident Evil 3.
The objective of the minigame is to reach a specified point in a set time limit which can be extended by defeating enemies. Needless to say, the timer never even comes close to running out here.
This run begins from a save state which has the minigame unlocked, which can be generated by replaying the author's run of the full game. This is not normally allowed by the site, though an exception can be made if prior approval is granted.

Published on 6/19/2009
Heart of the Alien is a direct sequel to the SNES game Out of This World starring Buddy, the alien ally of the main character in the previous game. After flying the pterodactyl to the ruins of his village and leaving his friend in a bed to rest, Buddy begins a search for the red-eyed alien responsible for the destruction of his village and the imprisonment of his people.
In this run, Aqfaq uses tool-assisted precision and glitches to finish this game in a little more than 5 minutes.
Note: Some scenes have graphic violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

Published on 11/24/2009
Who'd have thought playing Tetris could be such a Blast?
Tetris Blast is a spin on the classic Tetris formula. The new type of blocks, bomb blocks, detonate when they are part of a line that gets completed and destroy the blocks around them. A chain reaction of bomb block explosions or a carefully positioned square of four bomb blocks can take out the entire screen.
The author, Ryuto, manipulates luck and forms bomb block squares and explosion chain reactions to finish this game in just under 4 minutes.
This is the only Tetris Blast game released outside of Japan (where it is known as Bombliss). To see a run of one of the Bombliss games by the same author, watch this run.
Tetris Blast

Emulator Replay:
VBA-rr v19.5

Published on 1/2/2009
The SNES version of Aladdin (1993) follows the plot of this Disney movie much more closely than its Genesis counterpart.
Unlike in the other movie of this game, Jasmine wasn't happy with just being rescued by Aladdin; she made him spend a little time picking up some jewelry for her on the way. This movie aims to complete the game with all the red gems collected, which takes a little more time, but adds quite a bit to the entertainment value of the run. The core trick of this TAS is to abuse the parachute extensively to move faster than normal walking or jumping.

Published on 6/23/2009
The Animaniacs are a cartoon comedy trio, known for old school Warner Brothers style comedy mixed with some scathing political commentary.
This platformer of their namesake captures their personality well, with some comical and colorful animations. The author adds in his own techniques of walking on air and creating small scenes within the game while playing, especially during boss fights.
This game has a built in roulette, which is manipulated to always give the best result, especially invincibility when needed for tougher bosses.

Emulator Replay:
Snes9x 1.43+ v13

Published on 8/3/2009
A small quick-footed anthropomorphic mammal and his best pal race to the right to recover all of the special gems and save the world from a boss with a mysteriously foreign sounding name.
Sonic the Hedgehog? No, Ardy Lightfoot.
Abusing the game's awkward hit detection and pulling off normally suicidal strategies that require frame perfect precision, the author blitzes through this cinematic and visually appealing game.
Ardy Lightfoot

Emulator Replay:
Snes9x 1.43

Published on 9/25/2009
Battletoads & Double Dragon ... with no Battletoads! The author uses Billy & Jimmy, some glitches, and some good old fashioned luck manipulation to plow through this game in record time.

Published on 6/14/2009
One of the best (and best known) shooters of the 16-bit era, Contra III: The Alien Wars forgoes any semblance of plot devices in favor of good old fashioned shooting and platforming with some tough as nails bosses, especially in this, the hardest mode.
Apparently not happy with an already amazing movie, Cpadolf felt the need to go on yet another black op, optimizing his distortions of space and time on the way to a 173 frame improvement.
This movie uses a 'warping' glitch to complete the game. There is also the 2-player version, which does not.

Note: There is also a lossless encode available in the discussion thread.

Published on 11/7/2009
Cyborg 009 is based on the manga and anime of the same name, which began a long time ago. There are eight characters that you can use, but one of them is set and you can only choose two others for each mission.
The run uses 008 (Pyunma) and 005 (Geronimo) most of the time. 008 can jump forward quickly and swim in water, while 005 does heavy damage to bosses. Various power-ups are collected to level-up 009 (Joe) due to an event near the end of the game.
The run uses the easiest difficulty due to the final boss taking less time to beat.
If you play this game, it is recommended to level-up 009 first, and a lot.

Published on 10/26/2009
In E.V.O. you play as a creature who evolves by eating his opponents. Just like real life!
We recommend reading the author's notes. They are rather voluminous and contain a great deal of good information.

The author's commentary is available as soft-subs in all of the encodes for this movie. A Lua subtitle script is also available in this run's forum thread with the same commentary from the author.

Published on 1/26/2009
Family Feud (1993) follows the premise of the American TV show of the same name. Two families are pitted against each other in a contest aimed at guessing the results of a public survey. In the first two rounds, the first family member to press a button and give a concise answer that happens to be on the survey earns points. After that, this family can continue guessing answers on the survey, with control switching to the other family on incorrect guesses. After two rounds, the family with fewer points is disqualified, and the last round allows two members of the remaining family to list several of the existing survey answers in a very short time period.
Heisanevilgenius's family, The As, ignores all that and goes with elaborate and utter nonsense instead… only to find the host accepting their answers as correct. The other family, The Halls, doesn't even get the chance to insert a word, proving the racial prejudice of the host. Watch the game and see for yourself.
If you liked how this movie abuses a text recognition system, also see the trouble that TAS tools bring to a drawing recognition system.
Note: Some answers contain coarse language.

This run was resynced to BizHawk 2.8 by DrD2k9 in order to fix the poor sound emulation from the original run, as well as to remove a piece of outdated language.
Family Feud

Emulator Replay:
Snes9x 1.43 v9 / Resync to BizHawk 2.8 by DrD2k9

Published on 9/4/2009
Kirby's Avalanche is a Tetris-based game where you go through Dreamland, fighting various opponents from the Kirby games. Your goal is to become the Avalanche champion.
Kirby's Avalanche

Emulator Replay:
Snes9x 1.43+

Published on 2/1/2009
This is a SNES translation of the well known and popular game.
This TAS, played by Lord Tom, completes the game's Mayhem and Sunsoft levels.
We recommend reading the author's level-by-level comments which explain some of the strategies used in the levels.
The category "takes damage to save time" was flagged because some of the lemmings were sacrificed for overall best completion time (in some levels, it is even necessary).

Published on 11/23/2009
Romancing SaGa is proof that if you want to get around, use a map.
This run abuses severe luck manipulation to force the ending to happen through timing sensitive input.

Published on 9/21/2009
Smart Ball is a game in which a boy gets turned into a blue blob. On his adventure to get a girl and his body back, he discovers the ability to absorb balls, stretch and compress. In this run, he also discovers the ability to seemingly kill everything he touches and make almost impossible jumps.
This movie improves the previous movie by nitsuja by nearly a minute and a half.
Smart Ball

Emulator Replay:
Snes9x 1.43 + v9

Published on 6/7/2009
Arthur's fiancée is once again kidnapped by demons soon before their marriage. Once more Sir Arthur must brave the forces of the underworld in his skivvies. Watch as Ferret Warlord runs through this infamously hard game in record time!
Normally, to fight the final boss of the game, you must play through the game twice. To make the movie less repetitive, Ferret Warlord uses a code to start at the final bosses of the first playthrough. Furthermore, the player must have a special weapon in order to fight the final boss, and this weapon can only be found when the player has fully upgraded armor. Ferret Warlord obtains this weapon at the end of the first autoscrolling level.

Published on 12/20/2009
Super Gussun Oyoyo is a puzzle game best described as a mixture of Lemmings and Tetris. Two treasure hunters named Gussun and Oyoyo are exploring a dungeon when an earthquake occurs, causing the dungeon to begin sinking. The player controls blocks akin to Tetris pieces, leading Gussun to the dungeon exit before it submerges completely.
This run starts from stage 21, the latest possible stage that the game allows one to start on.
Publisher's note: There is a glitch in the sound between stage 30 and 32 inclusive which is a result of the run itself, and not of the encoding.

Published on 9/21/2009
Puyo Puyo is an extremely popular puzzle game series in Japan that originated as spinoff of Madou Monogatari. By making a chain of 4 or more Puyo's, they explode and deliver garbage onto the opponent's screen.
This run of Super Puyo Puyo 2 produces combos strong enough to completely overwhelm the competition every time.
The previous entry in the series, Puyo Puyo, has been localized under other names such as Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and Kirby's Avalanche with different themes, but the gameplay remains the same.
Super Puyo Puyo 2

Emulator Replay:
Snes9x 1.43+

Published on 10/23/2009
Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt is an extremely fast paced game, which makes it difficult. It is made even more difficult by playing on the hardest setting, which gives Pugsley only one single heart, meaning that he dies in one hit. The movie itself looks very impressive and it really gives the impression that the player knows what he is doing.
This is an improvement of 00:47.58 seconds over the previous movie.

Published on 4/6/2009
Full completion of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.
Both this run and the short version use a wobbling trick in order to make Link walk a bit faster. The execution of this maneuver requires the usage of a controller that allows the player to press Up+Down simultaneously (such as, in this case, a modified Snes9x's controller). The traveling-through-walls trick that is seen in the short version is not used.
This run features an improvement of a little over 4 minutes.

Published on 2/12/2009
This game has many qualities that make it a good candidate for TASing. These include soft, pleasing graphics, music that's not painful to listen to, and of course, a very speedy main character. Unfortunately, some of the game's bosses have long invulnerability periods, meaning that Zero has to wait a bit between hits and cannot spam the bosses with 30 hits per second.
The game is not meant to be quite as straightforward as it would seem by watching this movie, as the author takes many shortcuts that require extremely precise jumping. This is an improvement of well over a minute and a half due to better optimization and new shortcuts and tricks.
Emulator Replay:
Snes9x 1.43 v12

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