Tool-assisted movies (100)

Published on 4/23/2014
In Dodge 'Em (1980), you control a race car on a four lane track, and your goal is to collect all of the dots in order to earn points and advance to the next level. The race track is divided into four quadrants with a break in the lanes between them, and you can change lanes only within these breaks. A second car will travel in the opposite direction and try to get into your lane and crash you, so you need to make sure you switch to any lane it isn't in! You can travel at two different speeds (fast and slow) and even have a second player control the enemy car.
In this mesmerizing movie, yep2yel and morningpee speed around the track and beat the first round of the game in under 55 seconds. In doing so, they improve the previous movie by 00:11.28 seconds thanks to new routes and speed tricks.
Dodge 'Em

Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 1.6.1

Published on 5/16/2014
Spider-Man was the first game to feature the famous hero and also the first Marvel Comics-based video game. Here, Spider-Man must use his web shooters to scale a building and defuse bombs set atop it by the Green Goblin.
Watch as Noxxa climbs the colorful buildings with ease and saves the day in just over three minutes.

Note: While this movie does obsolete one that's nine times shorter, that run only played through one level, while this one plays all six.

Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 1.6.1

Published on 8/21/2014
You and your grandfather just bought a small farm for growing vegetables and raising horses. Unfortunately, you find that the place is infested with animals that are determined to drive you away. Using your trusty gun, you aim to rid the property of these pests.
This run completes the first three levels, after which there is no new content. A trick is used to end the bonus levels immediately by shooting Gramps.

Viewers who have photosensitivity problems may want to avoid watching as the amount of flashing visuals due to the use of the light gun can be uncomfortable to watch.
Barnyard Blaster

Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 1.7.4

Published on 6/25/2014
Choplifter is one of the few games that got ported from home systems to the arcade instead of the other way around. The goal of the game is to pilot an attack chopper to rescue 64 hostages from the clutches of the evil Bungeling Empire.
Besides being fun to play in real-time, it's also well-suited for TASing. It has fast-paced and lag-free gameplay, nice graphics, and simple mechanics. Both moving up and down and rotating the helicopter don't decrease your horizontal speed, which is great for both optimization and entertainment.
In this run, CoolKirby uses tool-assisted precision and tricks like blasting open enemy camps as soon as possible to beat the game in under three minutes.
We also have a movie of the Commodore 64 version.

Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 1.7.0

Published on 7/19/2014
Magician Lord puts you in control of Elta, a wizard who has the task of retrieving eight books of wisdom from the clutches of Az Atorse, the god of destruction. By collecting certain powerups along the way, you can transform into different characters, including Rajin, Samurai, Waterman, Shinobi, Poseidon, and Dragon Warrior. Each transformation makes Elta more powerful and grants him new attacks.
Watch £e Nécroyeur blaze through the game with heavy abuse of a zipping glitch and, well, blazes.
This run improves upon its previous iteration not by time improvement, but by deciding to end the game faster rather than ending input faster; this results in a slightly longer input time, but skips out a big waiting period from the previous run.

Published on 11/22/2014
In Neo Turf Masters, you can pick one of six available golfers and compete on a number of golf courses around the world, including Japan (Fujiyama Oriental Golf Club), America (Grand Canyon Golf Course), Australia (Blue Lagoon Golf Course), and Germany (Baden Golf Course). The game features two modes of play: Stroke Play, in which the player attempts to get the best score by playing all 18 holes, and Match Play, in which two players compete to see who can win more of the 18 holes.
This run by mamuuuut plays the toughest course (Australia) and aims to get the lowest (best) final score while showing off unusual or unexpected paths.

Published on 2/2/2014
In this game, you must move the frog to each berth at the top of the screen. There are three different types of areas.
The author completes the first 5 levels, after which there is no new content.

Published on 7/19/2014
Jazz Jackrabbit is one of the earliest products released by what was then known as Epic MegaGames, better known these days for producing the Unreal engine. It was viewed initially as being a pastiche of the Sonic the Hedgehog games was and arguably developed along those lines, bearing much of the same fast platformer action.
This run completes all the standard levels of the full game, which consists of six episodes. We also have a run of the three bonus episodes by the same authors.
You can also watch runs from one of the authors, Ilari, that completed the two Christmas episodes of this game.

Commentary subtitles are available in the YouTube encode and the page for this run.

Published on 7/19/2014
Jazz Jackrabbit is one of the earliest products released by what was then known as Epic MegaGames, better known these days for producing the Unreal engine. It was viewed initially as being a pastiche of the Sonic the Hedgehog games was and arguably developed along those lines, bearing much of the same fast platformer action.
This run completes all the extra episodes (A-C). There is also a run of the original game available.

Commentary subtitles and WebM encodes are available on the page for this run.

Published on 2/6/2014
Dawn of Sorrow (2005), the first installment of Castlevania on Nintendo DS, is a direct sequel to GBA hit Aria of Sorrow. Everyone is trying to kill our hero Soma Cruz, since in the previous game he absorbed all of Dracula's attributes. Leave it to weird cults to try and bring about the end of the world by unleashing this power.
The game is so fully broken at this point that there really is no plot in this run. Or final boss. Or much of anything at all. Using movement optimizations and a new zip, this movie completes the game 00:19.34 seconds faster than its predecessor. More details about the glitches can be found in the author's comments.

To play back the DSM file, make sure that "Enable Advanced Bus-Level Timing" and "Use dynamic recomplier" are unchecked in the "Emulation settings".

Published on 10/8/2014
Kingdom Hearts Re:coded is a remake of the mobile game Kingdom Hearts coded, released in North America in 2011. It is notable for combining many elements from previous handheld games in the Kingdom Hearts series, in particular 358/2 Days and Birth by Sleep.
In this run, watch as arandomgameTASer dodges, lunges, and yells his way through the game's various Disney inspired levels, abusing a surprising number of bugs and tricks along the way. Let's hope Sora finds a good masseuse.

All encodes of this run come with the author's lengthy commentary. The YouTube encode removes the credits and its associated ending theme for copyright reasons.

Published on 9/25/2014
In this spin-off game based on Metroid Prime, Samus gets knocked and rolled around a pinball table in Morph Ball form. The table contains Metroids, which can latch onto her and suck away health. Tables initially include the surface of Tallon IV, the Pirate Frigate, the Phazon Mines, and Phendrana Drifts, though more can be unlocked by finding and collecting Artifacts, which are found by destroying Space Pirates and other dangerous creatures in certain missions.
In this TAS, Noxxa extensively uses the game's nudging mechanic to give additional momentum and control to the ball's trajectory, along with crazy pinball action to collect the twelve Chozo Artifacts and beat the final boss as fast as possible.

Published on 11/10/2014
Nanashi no Geemu (Namless Game, or ナナシ ノ ゲエム) is a first person survival horror game where you play as a jaded university student who goes on a fetch quest to stop a cursed game from game overing him in real life after 7 days. Despite all the encounters with the supernatural, the player never even bothers to run at all, preferring to casually stroll for justice instead.

Published on 4/15/2014
Sokoban DS is a modern take on the classic Soko-Ban (1982), a maze-based transport puzzle game in which the player has to move a number of boxes to designated positions on the map. Because of the limited movement possibilities and various obstacles, this job requires logic to achieve the goal.
In this movie, coldsun0630 finishes all 250 stages as well as the five tutorial stages using the fastest known solutions.
Sokoban DS

Emulator Replay:
DeSmuME 0.9.9

Published on 2/19/2014
This run demonstrates Minesweeper's Last level of 7 missions being destroyed by Kiske in just under 30 seconds. In fact, the face at the top of the screen is so impressed it's constantly in awe.
This also beats the previous run by 00:00.33 seconds.

Emulator Replay:
VBA-rr v23.5 svn421

Published on 8/9/2014
Join Abe, your favorite Mudokon, as he runs and jumps his way to victory while in a portable RuptureFarms. On a more serious note, Oddworld Adventures is an attempt to take the popular Oddworld series to the Game Boy, many of the features found in the PlayStation version won't be found here.
This run features the use of a pause glitch to allow extreme jumps, saving time from normal platforming or creating otherwise impossible routes to beat the stages in unintended ways.

Published on 4/1/2014
The Crash Dummies need to earn some money so they've taken on some odd jobs. And when it comes to Crash Dummies, the odder the better. Although it shares the same name, this game greatly differs from the NES version and other platforms. You play as crash dummy Slick, trying to earn money. The better you do, the more money you earn. If you don't earn enough, you must redo the level. The levels vary with events like diving off a building as a movie stunt, driving a car to test air-bags, skiing down a mountain, etc. Up to two players can play, alternating.
Best ending
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 1.6.0
Additional Downloads:
(Converted to .lsmv)

Published on 12/22/2014
Originally meant as a sequel to the Super Mario Land games, Wario Land eventually proved popular enough in its own right to launch its own series.
Wario, having been kicked out of Mario's castle in his first appearance, decides, in his eternal greed, to search for a statue stolen by the nefarious Captain Syrup and the Black Sugar Gang. This would normally involve questing for hidden treasures and collecting as many coins as he can possibly amass along the way.
Here, however, Wario decides this isn't worth his time and proceeds as quickly as possible towards the final confrontation — going so far as to skip entire levels and otherwise make a mockery of the game engine.
This run is a 02:11.61 improvement over the previous movie through better optimization.

This movie is set to obsolete the seemingly shorter "game end glitch" branch, because the "glitch" in the latter has been proven to be an emulator bug.

Published on 3/22/2014
Without warning, the forces of Blue Moon mount an assault on the nation of Orange Star. Only Orange Star's new advisor, in collaboration with Orange Star's commanding officers, can stop them and get to the truth behind this sinister plot.
At least, that's what they'd normally do if they weren't capable of just magically compelling their opponents to surrender at the sight of them.
Using a glitch in the design maps mode of the game, this run by Kiske and mtvf1 completes the game impossibly quickly by forcing opponents to yield, allowing instant wins in the campaign missions. The author also improves the previous run by 00:12.81 seconds through new tricks and better use of the "force surrender" glitch.

Published on 12/23/2014
Based on the award-winning TV show, Avatar follows Aang, Katara and Sokka as they journey through exotic locations filled with adventure to help Aang fulfill his destiny to master the four elements and become the Avatar. Along the way, they are challenged by The Maker, who threatens to use her machines to bring an end to the Fire Nation herself.
This run by solarplex uses precise movement and clever battle strategies to beat the game as fast as possible.

Published on 1/8/2014
Boulder Dash is a series of puzzle games that started in 1984. You are to collect the required amount of gems in each level while avoiding enemies and various obstacles.
Boulder Dash EX is based on the original game, and adds original physics, an HP bar and an ability to rotate the map.
This run by Odongdong aims to beat EX Mode by going through all six worlds and 75 levels while collecting the gems as fast as possible.

Published on 12/7/2014
Based on the animated film from DreamWorks, Madagascar follows Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria as they attempt to stop Marty from leaving New York's Central Park Zoo and accidentally wind up in Madagascar. As the game progresses, the animals develop new skills to help them explore the island, such as the stealth crawl, the sneeze jump, and the claw climb.
The game also features the ability to switch between up to four characters at any time. This enables a host of new routes and tricks like rapidly switching characters to prevent damage knockback and enable a triple jump.
In this run, CoolKirby and YoungJ1997lol utilize these tricks to speed through the movie's plot in under half an hour.

Published on 8/23/2014
Oddworld: Munchs Oddysee tells the story of Munch, a frog-like creature, fighting to prevent its kind to become extinct. But he is not alone is his quest; Abe, the Mudokon, will lend him a helpful hand.
In this run, Dooty beats the game in record time by using some major glitches to pass through many walls. Expect the screen to look pretty glitchy for a lot of the run.

Published on 1/30/2014
Pokémon: FireRed Version is an enhanced version of the original Pokémon: Red Version. Many glitches have been removed, and the random mechanics behind wild encounters have changed. This leads to very different strategies compared to our fastest runs on the original generation of games, and as a result, runs of this game see much more of the plot.
Watch as MKDasher crushes this game using Clefable (the first evolved form of Clefairy) and lots of luck manipulation. This run improves the previous version by over 2 minutes by fighting most battles with Clefable instead of Squirtle and using Metronome (which picks a random move to use from all moves in the game) against the Elite Four.

There is also an encode here that contains interesting data like PP left for each move, Pokémon stats, and some commentary on the run alongside the video.

Published on 8/10/2014
Sonic Advance was Sonic the Hedgehog's second appearance on a Nintendo console (being beaten by Sonic Adventure 2: Battle on the GameCube by 10 days), and he brought all his friends with him. You can play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, or Amy on a mission to stop Dr. Eggman from taking over South Island.
This run improves the previous submission by 00:19.89 seconds, thanks to a new route in Angel Island 1 and general optimization.
There's also a run using Knuckles, Tails, and a couple Sonic runs.

Published on 10/27/2014
Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs, known as Spyro Adventure in Europe, is an isometric platform game in the Spyro the Dragon series. One of the Professor's inventions has inadvertently torn a large hole in the fabric of space and time, creating a portal between the Rhynoc Lands and the Dragon Realms. Naturally, Ripto takes full advantage of this by sending his armies of rhynocs through the portal to wreak havoc. Spyro must find somehow find a way to close the portal before Ripto succeeds in taking over the Dragon Realms.
In this run, EgixBacon zips through the game, using precision and a few tricks to take down Ripto in a little under 17 minutes. He also improves his previous run by over two minutes through new sequence breaks and optimizations.

Published on 8/20/2014
Super Mario Advance 2 is the port of Super Mario World to the Game Boy Advance. While similar to the original game in many respects, there are some subtle differences that matter for tool-assisted runs.
This run beats the previous one by 00:14.92 seconds, thanks to many optimizations and using the Japanese version.

Published on 10/25/2014
Tekken Advance is a fighting game in the Tekken series. While it is not considered canon to the Tekken storyline, it follows the events of Tekken 3 and includes most of the characters. It also features new stun mechanics.
This run, done using the hardest difficulty and one round per opponent, uses careful luck manipulation and Paul's powerful Burning Fist to take out everyone as fast as possible. Input is ended early to show the founder of the King of Iron Fist tournament unable to hit an opponent who isn't even fighting back.
For more Tekken runs that aim for fastest time, see the Tekken 2 or Tekken 3 runs for the PlayStation.

Published on 8/20/2014
Oddworld Adventures 2 plays very similarly to other Oddworld games. Abe's job is to free his fellow Mudokons who are being used as slave labor to dig up the bones of their ancestors. The Glukkons use the bones to make Soul Storm Brew. Abe's vocabulary is limited to "Hello", "Follow me" "Wait" and "Work". He must use these commands to direct slave Mudokons to their freedom. When enough slaves in a level have been saved, you go on to the next level to do it all again.
Watch this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 4/3/2014
Pocket Bomberman is a game that fuses platforming with Bomberman.
In this run, Robert_Ordis improves upon his previous movie by 00:05.22 seconds by optimizing each route and utilizing some new tricks.

Published on 4/5/2014
Rockman DX3, also known as Zook Hero 2, is an unlicensed pirate game developed by Vast Fame that rips gameplay off the Rockman X series. Just like Rockman X, there are eight stages, and six of them contain a boss who gives you his weapon upon defeat. The protagonist, Zook, also has abilities nearly identical to those of X. Despite these similarities, the code and graphics appear to be completely original and the music is actually decent.
Unlike the other run of this game, this run uses a release that doesn't have all stages unlocked from the start, which means all bosses must be defeated and all upgrades obtained first before Zook can tackle the final stages.
We also have a run of this game's prequel, Zook Hero Z.

Watch a resync of this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 1/19/2014
In this game featuring the famous SpongeBob SquarePants, SpongeBob stumbles upon a legendary statue that opens the way to the Dutchman’s Underworld. SpongeBob must unlock the statue and defeat the Flying Dutchman to get the Golden Spatula and become the Master Fry Cook.
Here, CoolKirby improves on the previous co-authored run by 00:06.04 seconds through slightly different routes, a couple of new tricks, and better optimization. For more information, see the author's comments.

You can watch the complete run being played back on a console.

Published on 6/10/2014
Stuart Little, the clever, ever-cheerful mouse from the popular movie and classic children's book, is out to take on newfound enemies and domestic obstacles in order to get home safely. The game features plenty of platforms and hazards to run, jump, and flip through, and three difficulty settings. The levels are set in many of the movie's favorite locations, including the thrilling model boat race, a topsy-turvy miniature golf course, a toy cowboy town, and New York's Central Park.
In this run, jlun2 plays on the hardest difficulty, which features some very out-of-the-way items as well as different racing paths not seen in the easiest difficulty. jlun2 was able to improve upon the previous publication by 00:44.46 seconds by optimizing the menuing, and the routing of the various levels. More information can be found in the submission text.

Published on 8/22/2014
The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland is a short, relatively simple platformer for the Game Boy Color, based on the 1999 Sesame Street movie of the same name. It features Elmo trying to retrieve his blanket from the clutches of the Grouches and the evil Huxley.
TASeditor runs through the game at the highest difficulty setting with little problem, retrieving his blanket in just over three minutes.

Published on 2/2/2014
Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun, also known as Tintin: Le Temple du Soleil (The Temple of the Sun), is the second of two licensed games based on the Tintin comic series. It adapts the two-part story of the comic albums The Seven Crystal Balls and Prisoners of the Sun into an interactive game.
The game's physics are very similar to those of the other Tintin game, though there are some slight differences. Among them, the B button now doubles as a crouch button and the hardest difficulty gives Tintin only three health points compared to the previous game's four.
In this run, Noxxa uses movement tricks and some shortcuts to beat the game in under 20 minutes.

Published on 6/17/2014
Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg is a unique platformer where your character's power is defined largely by the kind of egg he or she is holding.
In this TAS, only the mandatory levels are completed, leading to a much shorter completion time than the 100% run done by the same author.
See the author's comments for more information.

Published on 6/1/2014
Crazy Taxi is an open world racing video game developed by Hitmaker (Sega AM3) and published by Sega. The main objective of the game is to pick up customers and take them to their chosen destination as quickly as possible.
In this run, solarplex aims to reach Rank 1 as well as obtain a Crazy License, and this run surely lives up to the crazy nature of the game.
Crazy Taxi

Emulator Replay:
Dolphin 4.0.2-dirty

Published on 8/3/2014
Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc is the third major platform game installment in the Rayman series. It tells the story of how Rayman stops André, an evil black lum, from taking over the world with his army of sack-like "Hoodlum" soldiers. Unlike the game's predecessor, Rayman 3 took a more light-hearted turn; it has sarcastic self-referential undertones and pokes fun at the platforming video game genre.
In this run, Got4n & Andzura abuse many different glitches to skip large parts of levels and even some boss fights. A full list of glitches used and abused can be found in the submission text.

Published on 6/21/2014
Resident Evil 4 features a completely new story and an innovative "over-the-shoulder" third person perspective that replaces the fixed camera system of the previous three Resident Evil games.
Special agent Leon Kennedy is on a mission to rescue Ashley Graham, the daughter of the U.S. President, from a sinister cult in a remote rural part of Europe. Leon must fight hordes of violent villagers and mutated monsters on his way to save her.
The Mercenaries is an unlockable minigame in Resident Evil 4. It is unlocked by completing the main game regardless of difficulty. The objective is to kill enemies to earn points before the evacuation chopper arrives in the allotted time.
In this run, Ubercapitalist plays through the Castle level of The Mercenaries game mode using Wesker. He obtains the maximum amount of kills and the highest score using multiple weapons and major amount of luck and spawn manipulation. Ubercapitalist explains in great detail his process in the submission text.
For those who want to watch the run without all of those item pickups, Ubercapitalist has provided an "Artist's Cut" of the movie here.
Ubercapitalist has also made a TAS of the Village map for The Mercenaries.

Published on 4/4/2014
In the sequel to Super Monkey Ball, you must once again guide a monkey trapped inside a plastic ball to the goal in each stage by tilting the game world. New features include mechanics like portals and more complex level designs, which in a speedrun, lead to some really interesting routes.
In this TAS, the authors skip all the easy levels and warp to the Expert stages, where they proceed to tear through all 50 levels as well as the 10 Master and 10 Master Extra stages, breaking many of the heavily optimized console world record times.

Published on 8/18/2014
Alien Storm is a 1990 beat 'em up arcade game by Sega. The aliens are invading Earth, and it's up to the "Alien Busters" to wipe them out and destroy their creator.
Watch as martandelus completely destroys all those dang aliens with the power of the Ghostbuster's proton backpack.

Published on 2/13/2014
Back to the Future III is a collection of four arcade games. Marty McFly and Doc Brown have traveled back through time to the year 1885 – and they're soon deep in trouble when they face "Mad Dog" Tannen's gang and have to find a way to return to the present. This game takes four scenes from the Hollywood movie Back to the Future III and turns them into arcade sequences: Buckboard Chase, Shooting Gallery, Pie Throwing, and The Train.
Author Kiske runs through this short game using superhuman movements and a pause trick to manipulate luck.
Note that the Genesis version is normally this dark due to a programming error in the game, and not an emulation bug.

Published on 12/13/2014
Blades of Vengeance is a platform game incorporating light RPG elements and character styling, reminiscent of Gods by The Bitmap Brothers. The Dark Lady has unleashed hordes of monsters whom the protagonist must slay. The player can choose from three main characters - the Huntress, Warrior and Sorcerer, all of which have different abilities. Throughout the game the player has the option to improve their powers by collecting armour and weapons (such as a mace and a crossbow) or by using spells. Each of the eight stages ends with a boss.

Published on 2/5/2014
Boogerman is a jump-and-run game where the protagonist flicks boogers and farts at enemies in order to stand a chance against the evil Boogermeister. The game features about 20 levels of dirt, slime and bad taste in worlds like "Mucous Mountains", "The Pits" and "Flatulent Swamps".

Published on 10/11/2014
This version of Duke Nukem 3D was released exclusively in Brazil. The gameplay is fundamentally the same and has the player blasting invading aliens from Duke's point of view. It consists of nine levels based on the PC's Lunar Apocalypse episode and a range of enemies and weapons from the original game. The difficulty has been raised significantly, and the framerate is noticeably reduced. The port also makes heavy use of scanlines and a smaller window size to reduce the overall render load.
Dimon12321 follows the fastest path through each of the maps, and moves extra quickly by running and strafing at the same time.

Published on 9/6/2014
During the prolonged campaign known as the Goblin Wars, the Goblin Army gathered one night to amass a final assault upon Duke Hector Barrik's Castle. In the middle of this decisive battle, however, both armies were suddenly interrupted by a great earthquake as a vortex violently manifested itself in the midnight sky. Friend and foes alike were sucked up and taken into this void. On the other side, the Duke's Castle and its inhabitants mysteriously found themselves deposited within a hollow valley, securely guarded by impossibly high cliffs illuminated by a flaring red sun overhead. Per the Duke's urgent request, four adventurers are summoned and commissioned with the task of exploring this strange new land, in hopes of finding allies to establish trade with.
In ars4326's run, the ground work laid by the previous TASer, A Jesus Fan, is improved upon in this 7+ minute improvement. Most notably, only a single Thief is used throughout due to a programming exploit which allows him to inflict waves of constant critical damage while fighting in dungeons. In addition, a newly discovered reloading trick is used to skip the game's only required overworld fight in the Azcan Jungle. Also, new route strategies and movement optimizations are featured.
Finally, the ending input has been corrected to showcase the game's entire ending upon completing the final dungeon.

Published on 7/3/2014
Ecco the Dolphin is a game where you control a fast, but hard to maneuver dolphin who travels into hostile environment to save the other dolphins after a freak waterspout storm.
This run improves the previous one through better execution, a new route and new glitches. As in the previous run, damage is avoided, as it almost always slows Ecco down. At the same time, a major new glitch allowing Ecco to go through nearly any wall was not used because the frequency of its use would make the run very repetitive.

NOTE: The sound issues are a result of inaccurate emulation.

Published on 11/27/2014
Langrisser II (ラングリッサー2) is the acclaimed sequel to Langrisser, also known as Warsong. The original game was released only in Japan, never finding its way to an official release in English as of this writing.
You are placed into the role of Elwin (descendent of Garrett/Redin), a wandering Swordsman who stops to rest from his journey at a small, obscure village. He soon finds himself, however, in a sudden conflict between an elite detachment of the Rayguard Empire and a peculiar young woman whom they are attempting to abduct. In desperation, her childhood friend Hein rushes toward Elwin and urgently pleads him to help fight off and thwart the Empire's plans. So much for rest...
Who is this young woman? Why is a major military power intent on capturing her? And what's this have to do with a legendary holy blade?
In ars4326's run, cunning strategy combines with heavy luck manipulation to produce a speedrun that completes all of the game's accessible stages (27 normal and 3 'hidden') in just under 2 hours. Virtually no level-grinding is found in this action-packed playthrough as Elwin & Co. seek to stop an Emperor's plans of uniting the continent with the power of an ancient demon sword!

The movie file and the YouTube and primary downloadable (HQ) encodes have the author's commentary as subtitles.

Published on 12/5/2014
This game is a classic side scrolling 2D platformer, about an anthropomorphic crazy squirrel Mr. Nutz. He is only one who can stop a dictatorship of yeti Mr. Blizzard and his henchmen who want establish eternal winter.

Published on 12/12/2014
This game is a classic side scrolling 2D platformer, about an anthropomorphic crazy squirrel Mr. Nutz. He is only one who can stop a dictatorship of yeti Mr. Blizzard and his henchmen who want establish eternal winter.

Published on 10/24/2014
The Genesis version of RoboCop 3 is a side-scrolling platform shooter. You get missions (such as rescuing your colleagues who are being kept hostage), which are divided into several smaller levels. The levels usually consist of several platforms, and are heavily populated by enemies who shoot at you. You can gather special repair kits, which will be used to restore your health after you've completed a level. RoboCop 3 is more of a shooter than its predecessors, having more and tougher enemies. Compared to the NES version, there is no zonal system damage; there are different levels, weapons and enemies.
The author of this TAS blazes through this game on the hardest difficulty in record time.

Published on 12/25/2014
Another Sonic 3 & Knuckles TAS, but with Amy Rose this time. Unlike the three main characters, she wields a hammer as her weapon, and WST & marzojr use it to great effect in glitching through the game. For more details, see the run's comments.

Each second link or set of encodes uses a camhack, which forces the camera to focus on Amy while keeping the sprites on the foreground layer.

Published on 5/12/2014
This run of Sonic 3 & Knuckles collects the maximum number of rings possible to get with Knuckles. This leads to some interesting routes to reach out-of-the-way rings as well as opportunities to show off some new glitches.
See the floating island like never before as you tag along with Knuckles, and try to keep up as he patrols his territory while foraging for rings and revealing secrets that show why he is truly the sole guardian of the island.

Published on 12/18/2014
Sonic's gone to plaid in the latest TAS by marzojr. It starts from a savestate to take advantage of Hyper Sonic from the beginning of the game. (For more details, see the note below and the run's comments.)
WARNING: The awesomeness of Hyper Sonic may damage your eyes or trigger seizures in susceptible people.

Note: This movie begins from a save state from the end of regular mode in order to access Hyper Sonic from the beginning of the game. There is no other way to access it outside of a hack. We normally do not accept movies which begin from a save state.
To download a savestate for this movie, use this link for Gens version 11a or this link for Gens version 11b.

There are also secondary encode links to the camhacked version.

Published on 9/30/2014
Mario had a hell of a time in Sonic's world on NES, so he gave Sonic his world and some crap controls on Genesis.

Published on 4/26/2014
Sorcerer's Kingdom is a turn-based RPG published by Treco in 1992. In addition to an exceptional soundtrack, the game features a leveling system similar to Final Fantasy II (NES), in that your characters gain stats based on the actions they perform in combat. The plot places you in the role of a young man whose renowned father turns up missing after seeking to rid the Kingdom of an ultimate evil power. Desiring to follow in his footsteps, the lad seeks an audience with the King to set out as an adventurer, himself.
Normally, this game requires ample amounts of grinding up your OFFENSE stat in order to damage bosses. ars4326's run minimizes this aspect down to its bare requirements, by using heavy luck manipulation and exploiting the game's leveling system. In doing so, the final boss is slain in just under one hour. Not bad for a day's work!

Published on 1/16/2014
This is a hacked version of Sonic the Hedgehog. The title character is replaced by his sidekick, Miles "Tails" Prower. The levels remain unchanged.
There is more than just an appearance change to this game. Tails' abilities remain intact. If you haven't seen Sonic the Hedgehog completed before, you may wish to do so before seeing what a character with flight and a spindash can accomplish.
In this run, marzojr improves his previous attempt by 00:57.82 seconds.
There is a run with Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog hack, It replaces Tails with Knuckles and flying with gliding.
There is also the original run of Sonic the Hedgehog done by Aglar in record time without the advantage of spindash and gliding/flying.

Note: An IPS patch for the hack can be downloaded here. It must be patched to REV 00.

There is a secondary YouTube encode that has the camera hacked so it stays on Tails even when he's off-screen.

Published on 1/9/2014
Todd's Adventures in Slime World is a platform game developed by Epyx and published by Atari. You play as Todd, a boy exploring an alien planet that is made entirely of slime. After finding out that Slime World is melting, he rushes to find his way back through the mazelike corridors to the safety of his ship.
This publication, unlike the previous one, features the impressive keyboard solo in the ending theme.

Published on 5/4/2014
ToeJam and Earl in Panic on Funkotron is the sequel to the first ToeJam and Earl game for the Sega Genesis. Both games are well-known for their distinctive funk soundtracks. However, unlike the first game, which has randomly generated levels, this game is more of a conventional side-scrolling platformer.
In this game, Funkotron has been invaded by Earthlings, and it's up to our heroes to fix the problem by capturing Earthlings in Trap-o-matic jars and sending the jars to Earth on rocketships. Early in the game, you'll see ToeJam visit a special area called the Hyperfunk Zone multiple times. After these visits, he has unlimited use of superjars, which require fewer throws to bottle enemies than ordinary jars do.
This run gets the good ending by finding the 10 favorite items of Lamont, the Great Funkapotamus. All of the items are needed to get Lamont out of the Funk Dimension at the end of the game. The objects themselves are hidden in secret doors, most of which don't even exist until you've officially asked your friends for directions, but a few can be entered early without the need to trigger the dialogue.

Published on 5/22/2014
Originally known as Minato no Traysia (港のトレイジア) in Japan, this turn-based RPG adventure doesn’t involve the typical ‘save the world’ or ‘vanquish the ultimate evil’ plotline. Not this time around. It’s actually themed around a young man’s sweetheart named Traysia, as he sets out from his hometown to fulfill his dream of exploring the world (vanquishing evil is involved, however).
ars4326’s run showcases two noteworthy features in this TAS. Not a single random encounter is fought, and all boss battles are blitzed through by abusing a party member’s rapid attack animation. At times, the game may remind you of a pseudo-shooter instead of a traditional RPG.

Emulator Replay:
Gens 11b

Published on 11/27/2014
Sega came out with X-Men in 1993, later followed by X-Men 2. Notable is the fact that this game requires a reset towards the end, something that made TASing this game impossible for a long time.
This run by jaysmad improves his previous effort by almost half a minute via new tricks and better lag management.

Published on 10/16/2014
Zero Tolerance is a first-person shooter developed by Technopop and released on the Sega Genesis in 1994. The game features expansive 3D levels and large background graphics, impressive feats on the Genesis' hardware, and a video game plot involving hostile aliens that have invaded a space station and have to be eliminated.
See Dimon12321 complete this shooter in record time while doing relatively little shooting. The character Tony Ramos was picked for the run because he runs faster and takes less damage than the other characters.

Published on 12/6/2014
Gordo 106: The Mutated Lab Monkey follows a mutated monkey on a quest to rescue trapped animals from the evil N. Human. The game is difficult due to the enemies having huge hitboxes and dealing large amounts of damage with each hit.
Author adelikat navigates through the game, running through the hordes of enemies instead of wasting time attempting to fight them, and beating it 20.5 seconds faster than the previous movie.

Published on 12/6/2014
Krazy Ace Miniature Golf is a (spoiler!) miniature golf game for one to four players. The goal is to hit the golf ball into the hole in as few shots as you can while avoiding obstacles and traps.
In this movie, Aqfaq optimizes the angle and power of his shots to beat each of the game's nine holes as fast as possible. You might also enjoy reading his humorous submission text.

Published on 12/16/2014
Pac-Land is a classic platformer in which Pac-Man must travel across his colorful cartoon world to return lost fairies to Fairyland. This isn't as leisurely as it sounds, as his rivals, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde and Sue are out to get him along the way.
CoolKirby uses a warp early on, then plays until Round 32, after which there's no new content. Playing through quickly and moving troublesome ghosts out of the way, he beats the game in a little over 20 minutes.

Published on 12/17/2014
Pac-Land is a classic platformer in which Pac-Man must travel across his colorful cartoon world to return lost fairies to Fairyland. This isn't as leisurely as it sounds, as his rivals, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde and Sue are out to get him along the way.
Unlike the other run by the same author, this one avoids the level warp in order to play through all 32 stages as fast as possible.

Published on 1/23/2014
Every one hundred years, the forces of evil mysteriously start to weaken. Though some of these evil creatures band together to counteract this weakness, many of them are still slaughtered by the forces of good. But one day, One, the most evil one, found a way to break this curse and grow only stronger and stronger. Sensing the presence of a cure within the blood of a young woman, he pulled her into the darkness...right before our hero's eyes! Filled with anger, he grabbed his mystical whip and followed One through the night until finding himself at the base of One's fearsome castle. What evil awaits him there? Will he save the girl in time?
The goal in each level of this MSX homebrew game is to find the cleverly hidden white key and use it to open the door to the next level. There are also items that can be picked up along the way to help our hero in his quest.
In this run, scrimpeh manipulates enemy movement and utilizes damage boosts and invincibility frames to beat the game in under 9 minutes.
For another MSX game with very similar gameplay, see the run of Vampire Killer done by the same author.

Published on 9/28/2014
One of the few N64 titles to be in 2D, Magical Tetris Challenge is another port of Tetris, this time featuring Mickey Mouse.
Watch as PoochyEXE completely destroys this short game, racking up as many points as possible before the AI tries to kill itself.

Published on 9/10/2014
Mystical Ninja, otherwise known as Ganbare Goemon, is one of Konami's longest-running series, yet remains mostly localized to Japan (thanks in part to cultural differences: the series is very Japanese). This is the first of three games in the series released for the N64.
What begins as a quest to investigate an attack on a castle quickly evolves into a race to stop a plot to transform Japan into... a giant stage.
In this run, a lot of new tricks and some big glitches combine to shave over an hour off the previous publication.

Published on 6/13/2014
Superman, better known as Superman 64, is one of the most notorious games to have been released for the Nintendo 64. Here, Lex Luthor pulls off yet another stunt: this time, he and Brainiac have developed a virtual reality version of Metropolis to trick the people of the fair city. Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are the first to be tricked and trapped by the nefarious duo. It's all done to pull in Superman, the world's strongest hero, in order to take him down. But as the man himself, your job is to destroy any and all hopes of the bad guys' chances.
Watch as solarplex flies through seemingly endless amounts of rings and goes wherever he wants, even out of bounds!

Published on 1/26/2014
Although the length of this movie is 20:09.98 when timed with our standard method, applying the timing method used by most Zelda speedrunners (until last hit on Ganon) would result in a final time of 16:57.69. It's important to note this so that there's no confusion about which runs are faster than the others.
In this TAS of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the author aims to beat the game as quickly as possible. He achieves this by exploiting a large sequence break which involves "tricking" the game into warping Link directly from the Deku Tree (the first dungeon) to Ganon's Castle. Child Link then goes on conquering the whole castle without a single thought about becoming an adult beforehand.
Despite how quickly this game can be beaten these days, this run is almost two minutes faster than its predecessor thanks to new tricks at the Deku Tree and tower collapse sequence as well as many small improvements throughout the run.
This TAS was done using the Japanese version of the game. The reason for this is that the text is significantly faster than in the English version, which means that far less time is spent waiting for text boxes and cut scenes to end before getting back to the action.
The author's notes explain in great detail many of the things done in this TAS, which may be confusing to those who aren't familiar with Ocarina of Time speedrunning. Reading them is strongly advised.
Note: There are encodes of higher resolutions in the discussion thread.

Published on 9/28/2014
A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia (1989) is a popular, whimsical game in which a shapeshifting blob (named Blobert) from the planet Blobolonia teams up with an Earth boy to overcome obstacles on both planets and to defeat Blobolonia's evil emperor.
This movie is 00:22.60 seconds faster than the previous one thanks to a couple of route changes and some new tricks.
You can see this movie played back on an actual NES here! Now with an awesome input display to boot!

Published on 6/22/2014
Armadillo (アルマジロ) is a game released only in Japan about the titular young cowboy from Texas, who is in love with Sheryl, the cutest girl of the state. However, an evil organization kidnaps his sweetheart. The matters become even more complicated when the famous Billy The Shell also embarks on a quest to save Sheryl. Will Armadillo be able to rescue the girl and to defeat his enemies?
The starting gameplay consists of moving Armadillo around an area map composed of squares. Some of them are empty, while others represent locations. Once you enter a location, you find yourself on a platform level, that often contains several sub-levels. There are sometimes branching ways on the area map, and you are not obliged to access all the locations to clear an area. On the platform levels, Armadillo can either walk and jump in his normal form (dies from single enemy hit), or turn into a ball, which is invulnerable to enemies' attacks, but is hard to control: the ball follows realistic physics, bounces of walls, and takes time to stop rolling. During the game, Armadillo will also be able to find upgrades that will allow him to take an animal's form for a short time.

Published on 8/13/2014
Bionic Commando (1988) is a platform game with a hero who can't jump, but can quickly latch onto objects with his bionic arm. The name of the original (Japanese) version of the game literally translates to The Resurrection of Hitler: Top Secret. Nintendo censored the Nazi references for the North American version.
Unlike our any% run of this game, this run collects every non-respawning object. This includes completing every action stage (but not the neutral zones), obtaining every gun, and exposing the secret enemy truck routes to get the helmet item.

Published on 12/29/2014
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (originally known as 悪魔城伝説 or Akumajō Densetsu, meaning "Legend of the Demon Castle") is the story of Trevor Belmont's battle against Dracula from the times before Simon's battle in Castlevania. In this complex and difficult game, there are three playable allies whom Trevor can recruit: Alucard (Dracula's son), Grant DaNasty (a pirate captain), and Sypha Belnades (a mystic warlord). TASVideos has runs playing through the game with each of these characters.
Unlike those other runs, which are played on the Japanese Famicom version of the game for its superior soundtrack, this run uses the USA version. This is because the USA version has a hard-difficulty mode you can access by naming your character "AKAMA" at the start. In this difficulty, you cannot recruit any allies, and there are more enemies that generally do more damage. To make this even harder, Fortranm takes a route that visits the Sunken City as Stage 6, showing off a difficult stage that no other run of this game shows.

Published on 8/1/2014
Deadly Towers is an infamous 'Nintendo Hard' game, where you control Prince Myer in his quest to destroy seven bells guarded by seven bosses and stop the evil wizard Rubas. The character is slow and takes a lot of damage very easily, making the game usually a great challenge. While there are powerups which boost your abilities, they are generally found in secret passages with no indication of their location.
In this run by ars4326, the Japanese version Mashou (魔鐘) is used due to it containing an inventory glitch that, essentially, gives you unlimited bells after death-warping and defeating Cold Killer twice. New routes, sequence breaking, and movement optimizations are also involved in this updated run.

Published on 6/1/2014
Double Dragon II: The Revenge (1989) is a beat'em-up game that shows the true value of teamwork. Despite sibling rivalry, Billy and Jimmy help expedite their common goal with well-timed knees to each other's faces.
This new version by xipo is 00:18.52 seconds faster than the previous effort by adelikat. Most of the improvement came from better application of glitches.
If you're more a fan of runs where one macho man defeats an entire gang alone, there is also a one-player run available.

Watch a resync of this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 7/25/2014
Gotcha! The Sport! is a video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System that was released in 1987 based on the 1985 film Gotcha!. It is a Capture the Flag-style game played with paintball guns loaded with simulated paintballs.
The player's mission is to get through the level, capture the enemy flag by shooting it, and return it to your base. This is while simultaneously trying not to get shot by the other team, run out of ammo, or run out of time. A light gun is necessary for this game, but one needs to also use the controller. The directional pad will move the screen left and right. Ammo boxes can be found sitting on the ground or carried by enemies in the background. It seems that only misses cost you ammo, so if one's aim is precise, they will receive a significant bonus for leftover ammunition.
There are three levels in the game: Woods, Warehouse District and Snow Fields. The Woods and Snow Fields levels feature enemies in military garb, while the Warehouse District features enemies modeled after early 1980s punks. These rounds repeat in this order infinitely; each time around, the reaction time needed for the enemies to aim and fire is reduced.
In this run, adelikat uses his amazing uber-Aimbot skills to decimate anyone and everyone who stands in his way to capture the flag. This movie is a demonstration of NES Zapper support in the most recent versions of BizHawk, and is the first movie to use the new bk2 file format for BizHawk.

Published on 7/1/2014
Notable for once being one of the hardest Super Mario Bros. hacks ever made, Hard Relay Mario (2004) is more like a puzzle game with its cryptic and difficult level layouts.
In this run, made over the course of two and a half years, watch as HappyLee abuses the game engine to its fullest, finishing the game in the time it would normally take to get past the first few obstacles.
To see the game as it was meant to be played, you can also watch HappyLee beat the original game in his "warps" and "warpless" runs.
Watch this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 10/11/2014
Hydlide is an old and somewhat notorious game, mostly because it has very strange gameplay mechanics. For the first part of the game, walking consumes health, and the character must stop every now and then to regain it.
This is one of the few games (the only one?) where the level grinding sequences are actually entertaining, while the boss fights aren't. Hitting a boss decreases your own health as well as the boss's, after which there is much waiting for more health until you can hit him again.
This is an improvement of 03:54.80 over the previous TAS, due to overall better levelling strategy and route planning.
There is also a submitted TAS that uses codes and removes the need to level grind or wait for health.
Watch this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 12/6/2014
In Joust, players take control of a knight with a lance who rides their flying ostrich (or stork, for Player 2) to do battle against computer-controlled evil knights who ride atop vultures.
This game has 90 waves, and starts looping after wave 40 (in the NES version), so this run beats 44 waves. After the movie ends, one can see how wave 45 is beaten with no input and with massive amount of deaths (encodes don't have it).

Watch this run being played back on a real console. (Note: On Console, and BizHawk version 2.8, wave 45 is not beaten.)

Published on 1/10/2014
Kamen no Ninja: Akakage, or "Masked Ninja: Akakage", is a Famicom-exclusive video game based on the 1987 anime series of the same name (which itself is a remake of the 1967 Akakage tokusatsu). While the game mainly features the Red Shadow, Akakage, you can also freely switch to Aokage (a young boy) and Shirokage (an old man).
This run by mtvf1 mostly uses Akakage for his superior arsenal of weapons, but switches to Aokage at a few points when the young ninja can move faster.

There is some commentary by the author in the emulator movie file and in the primary (HQ) encode.

Published on 8/22/2014
Mario and Luigi, the best plumbers in the world, have a real job on their hands. A host of characters have taken over the sewers, and the brothers must clear them out of the pipes.
The platform puzzle which first introduced Luigi to the world has both single and multiplayer action with two differing game types. Crabs, turtles and fighter flies must be cleared out by jumping underneath the platform they're on, then kicking them away. Each level is cleared when all of the enemies are defeated.
In this TAS, Spikestuff plays on the enhanced European version (Classic Serie, ported from FDS) for its greater difficulty and completes one round (23 phases). The Bros.' potential for both hilarious antics and impressive teamwork is nicely demonstrated here.
If you're itching for more Mario Bros. action, we also have a run on the American version.

Published on 12/9/2014
Mario and Luigi, the best plumbers in the world, have a real job on their hands. A host of characters have taken over the sewers, and the brothers must clear them out of the pipes.
The platform puzzle which first introduced Luigi to the world has both single and multiplayer action with two differing game types. Crabs, turtles and fighter flies must be cleared out by jumping underneath the platform they're on, then kicking them away. Each level is cleared when all of the enemies are defeated.
This time around, Spikestuff plays on the American version, as it has fewer phases and also has a pause bug not present in the European version, which allows Mario and Luigi to pass through floors. This is especially useful in the Test Your Skill stages, and allows for a faster completion of them. Like in the European version, the Bros.' potential for both hilarious antics and impressive teamwork is nicely demonstrated here.

Published on 5/21/2014
Mega Man is the first game in the famous series that now comprises games on many different systems as well as several television shows and comic books.
While the other run of this game uses lots of tricks to reach the ending impressively quickly, pirohiko and FinalFighter decided it just wasn't fast enough. In this run, they manipulate an object to appear which allows them to execute arbitrary code and warp to the credits, all using only controller input. For an advanced explanation of how it works, check out the submission text.
Watch this run on a real console (played back on the US version)

Published on 1/5/2014
The least-subtle ninja in history is back for a third entry in one of the hardest video game series ever.
Here, Rum improves upon Scumtron's previous movie by 00:02.10 seconds through better optimization.
Watch this movie being played back on a real console.

Published on 3/7/2014
Ninja Jajamaru: Ginga Daisakusen (忍者じゃじゃ丸 銀河大作戦) is a fast-paced action game that was only released in Japan. Its gameplay and art style are highly similar to that of a certain famous game.
Watch as MESHUGGAH bounces over, around, and through this game's many levels and traps, making short work of anything that breathes in the process.

Published on 8/23/2014
Q*bert was originally an arcade video game developed and published by Gottlieb in 1982. It uses "isometric" graphics to create a pseudo-3D effect. The goal of the game is to color all the squares the designated color by stepping on them, while avoiding any enemies that come your way.
Originally made in 2008, watch as unagi quickly blazes through this puzzle game, coloring all squares while getting some unexpected help from a certain little bugger.

Emulator Replay:
FCEUX 2.2.2

Published on 12/31/2014
Quattro Adventure is a cart of 4 games released by Camerica in 1991. One of these 4 games is the platformer Super Robin Hood which is the subject of the current run. The game is unique in its use of hidden 'keys' that open various secret passages allowing the player access to faster routes. Combine this with a developer intended warp and major collision detection glitch and you get the current run of the game in under 5 minutes.

Published on 2/25/2014
In River City Ransom, Alex and Ryan face off against gangs of students and evil bosses to win their town back and rescue their girlfriends. Several bosses need to be found and beaten before you can enter River City High and beat up the final bad guys (including an obvious imitation of the Double Dragon heroes). The gameplay also has elements of an RPG, where you can level up your character with shop purchases, but none of that is done here.
A glitch that is abused often in this run, pressing Left and Right at the same time, causes the player character to do all sorts of crazy things and usually lose all of his power. This is done to reduce lag during running segments and abuse collision detection.
This run obsoletes the previous one by nearly a minute due to much more optimization of boss fights and some new tricks. Weapons are also used more, so expect to see some chains and trash cans!
For a River City Ransom movie that concentrates more on goofing around than aiming purely for speed, click here. For a run that only uses Ryan, click here.

Published on 10/31/2014
You control a ninja, Shinobi, who must battle his way through each level in search of hostages which must be rescued. You have shurikens, kicks and punches to defend yourself with, as well as powerful ninja magic which can clear the screen of enemies in one go.
This movie by MESHUGGAH improves on all of the rejected submissions for this game while incorporating a host of tricks documented on the game's Game Resources page.

Published on 11/22/2014
Silent Assault is an unlicensed game developed by Joy Van and published by Color Dreams in 1990. In this game, an alien force has somehow taken control of all of Earth's military forces. However, the player character is not under the alien power's control, meaning he's the only one who can fight back. Said character now has to fight through enemy military and alien forces over the course of 8 levels of varying awfulness.
The author of this TAS runs through the game in only 5 minutes and 26.91 seconds.

Published on 8/25/2014
Bowser has kidnapped the princess (again) and Mario must save the day. But this time through, he takes a stroll. Nothing bothers Mario as he walks through all the stages, sometimes backwards, on his way to save the princess.
This movie demonstrates that it's possible to complete every single stage without pressing the B button. Having been bothered by the lack of running and shooting in this game, the ending outright asks the player to press B.
This movie also improves the previous one by 00:09.32 seconds through new strategies and better optimization.

The authors have provided a comparison encode, which is available for download at, and as a YouTube stream.
This run can be played back on a real NES console, watch that here!

Published on 7/11/2014
While decidedly not the same game, the Super Mario Bros. games on the NES are similar enough in game mechanics and controls that all four of them can be played at once with the same input.
This second version of the quad-run utilizes the credits glitch found in the newest Super Mario Bros. 3 run. As such, the focus is now on finishing Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels as fast as possible, allowing Super Mario Bros. 3 to entertain while waiting for the other three games to progress. The run also features an ending that may surprise you.
If you like this movie, you may want to check out some other movies in which multiple games are played simultaneously with one controller.
This movie has been played back and verified on console during SGDQ 2016.

Published on 12/31/2014
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle is an awful licensed game based on The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. The game consists of five episodes (stages) of terribly bad side-scrolling platform action. Players can switch control on the fly to either Bullwinkle or Rocky and will have to do this as each character has their own unique abilities. While both characters can jump and throw bombs, only Rocky possesses the ability to fly while Bullwinkle can charge enemies with his antlers. Both of these abilities sap energy for no reason.
Luckily, TASeditor abuses a glitch in which holding Select sort of freezes the condition of the character, meaning it doesn't cost energy while going fast. Therefore, he reaches a time of just under 4 minutes.

Published on 8/7/2014
Titenic (sic) is a Famicom beat 'em up based on the 1997 film Titanic. The game originally surfaced on a ABAB 3-in-1 multicart and was later found on a 15-in-1, separated into two games.
Watch as Jack and Rose jump through the Titanic, beating up everyone in order to ensure the ship sinks in a brisk 4 minutes.

Published on 7/10/2014
Treasure Master is a side-scrolling action game that sends your character on a quest of treasure acquisition. Jump your way through a variety of world environments including the islands, microprocessor-level circuitry, and the moon, and accumulate all of the material wealth you can possibly amass. You have a number of enemies to beware of (such as sharks, caterpillars, and springs). But you also have an impressive array of tools to help you in your quest (moon buggy!).
Treasure Master offers the opportunity to collect not only virtual treasure in a video game, but also treasure in the real world. After practicing the game, players had the opportunity to compete for real prizes.

Published on 9/8/2014
Nintendo games are generally hard games to play, but that doesn't mean they are hard games to play around with. In fact, this TAS makes Trojan look easy, having the player character destroy an entire army with a single sword. Then again, aren't main characters usually intended to be all-powerful?
This is a 144 frame improvement over its predecessor through better luck manipulation and optimization.

Published on 4/5/2014
In this game loosely based on the movie of the same name, Wayne and Garth are trying to stop Benjamin Kane from buying out their show and taking Cassandra for himself. This excellent quest will take them through five areas full of living instruments, nasty ninjas and aggressive appliances trying to stop them.
In this run, Dooty utilizes Garth's laser gun and Wayne's spinning high jump in their respective levels to win in just under five and a half minutes. He also beats the previous run by 00:08.87 seconds through some new tricks and better application of the old ones.

Published on 4/12/2014
In this game you are supposed to hunt down an evil crime syndicate (so what else is new?) by freeing kids from blocks of ice, and capturing the red guys to get clues. Unfortunately the ninja didn't have time for that, he just walks past all baddies and kills the bosses.
The syndicate turns out to be selling drugs, but the Black Manta sets them straight: Drugs kill you think you're cool but you're not. Yeah!
This version is 00:23.71 seconds faster than the previous version by adelikat. We recommend reading the author's comments for this movie.
This game has a crazy main music theme.
It has also been verified to play back on a real NES console.

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