Tool-assisted movies (100)

Published on 10/3/2015
Donkey Kong is a classic arcade game that spawned many ports, including this very Atari 2600 port. This port, however, only has two stages: 25m and 100m, possibly due to the limitations of the console.
BrunoVisnadi improves the previous movie by 1.19 seconds with better optimization.
Donkey Kong

Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 1.11.1

Published on 8/4/2015
As the Pharaoh's Son, it is up to the Prince to lift the curse of Anubis, God of the Dead, by reaching the Temple of Ra and solving the riddle of the Sphinx. Armed with a sling and some rocks, the Prince journeys across Egypt, trading with nomads, digging for treasures, and calling upon the goddess Isis for counsel and healing.
This run by Samsara uses the Sceptre to move faster, and carefully manipulates nomads, Isis, and the Sphinx to finish the game in the fastest time possible.

Published on 4/13/2015
River Raid is an early vertical shooter where you fly a plane down a river and fire missiles to blow up helicopters, jets, ships and bridges.
As you can imagine, a tool-assisted speedrun turns this regular raid into an unstoppable barrage of destruction.
This movie obsoletes the previous one due to Lord Tom getting 1 million points instead of 100,000, thus reaching the true end of the game.
This run was performed by a bot coded by the author, based on a Java port of the game he wrote himself. For more on the extensive work put into this TAS, see the author's comments.

Published on 7/25/2015
Ninja Golf is an Atari 7800 video game which combines scrolling beat 'em up with golf simulation gameplay. Released in 1990, it later gained some renown for its outlandish subject matter and unique blend of gameplay styles.
The player starts each hole by aiming his ball and shooting it toward the green. He then runs toward the ball, in traditional sidescroller fashion, fighting various enemies encountered along the way. These enemies include other ninjas, gophers, birds, giant mutant frogs, sharks and more.
The enemies faced depends on the environment the ninja golfer is currently in. Sharks are encountered in water hazards and snakes in the sand traps. Ninjas are encountered in all the environments, including underwater.
In this run, adelikat sports, fights, and runs his way through multiple ninjas, sharks, and even dragons to complete possibly the strangest nine holes of golf.

Published on 8/4/2015
The player as a spider has to make their way through several obstacles to the top of an apple cider conveyor. Therefore the apples on the conveyor, the squeezing mechanisms and various living creatures disturb the player. Jumping over obstacles and climbing the thick threads, the player struggles doughtily, gaining points and progressing from level to level.

Published on 7/8/2015
As a covered wagon party of pioneers, you head out west from Independence, Missouri to the Willamette River and valley in Oregon. You first must stock up on provisions, and then, while travelling, make decisions such as when to rest, how much food to eat, etc. The Oregon Trail incorporates simulation elements and planning ahead, along with discovery and adventure, as well as mini-game-like activities (hunting and floating down the Dalles River).
Thanks to good management of the resources, adelikat manages to reach the Willamette River and valley in 8 minutes and 24.63 seconds.
This is the first ever Apple II publication on this site.

Published on 1/22/2015
Dragon Unit (also known as Castle of Dragon) is a side-scrolling action-adventure game in which Geraden must hack and slash his way through the kingdom and destroy legions on Darklarza's forces. Initially equipped with a sword and a shield, plus the armor on his back, Geraden can upgrade to more powerful offensive and defensive options, as well as obtain various powerful magic spells.
While the speed boost trick can't be done when playing with two players, mamuuuut still keeps things interesting with a variety of two-player antics.
We also have a run of this game using a single player.

Published on 2/8/2015
Released in 1996, Metal Slug is a widely popular game about two soldiers named Marco Rossi and Tarma Roving, enrolled in the Peregrine Falcon Squad, fighting against General Morden and a bunch of other Nazi impersonators in giant mechs & machines in order to stop his New World Order under his power.
Watch x2poet destroy anything that stands in his path through wide use of bombs and guns, and about half a minute faster than the previous run!
If you enjoyed this movie, check out the other Metal Slug runs for more explosive military action.

Published on 9/13/2015
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo is a puzzle spin-off of Super Street Fighter II Turbo first released on the arcades in 1996, then ported to several home consoles. The game works on a mechanic of normal blocks (which can group together into power gems), crash gems (which destroy gems of the same color), and counter gems sent over from opponents that count down until they turn into normal blocks. Blocks fall in pairs and after the 25th pair a diamond gem appears which destroys all gems of the same color on the playfield.
dwangoAC chooses Ryu and plays through the hardest difficulty in a mere 7 minutes and 8.15 seconds.

Published on 1/13/2015
C64anabalt is an official conversion of Canabalt for the Commodore 64 (in cartridge form). Canabalt is the game that defined the endless runner genre. The game controls consist of a single jump button to alter the height of the player's suit-clad character, who runs across a war-torn city at an ever increasing pace.
At the incredible speeds reached in this TAS, the building generator can bug out and fail to create sections of buildings. Author dwangoAC had to carefully avoid these bugs in order to successfully run the maximum distance.
There are two different versions of this port. This movie uses the Encore build, which includes a faithful port of the original soundtrack to the C64's SID sound chip.

Published on 8/25/2015
The original arcade game Zaxxon was the first game to employ an isometric perspective, later used in other games like Q*Bert, Marble Madness, and Fallout. This ColecoVision port preserves the graphical style which gave the game its name – AXONometric projection.
This run by dwangoAC uses the hardest difficulty and performs several difficult shots in order to beat the first cycle of the game in under two minutes.

Published on 10/10/2015
Kama Sutra is a 32-level Doom 2 megawad released in March of 2005, created by Adolf "Gusta" Vojta and Jakub "method man" Razak, a pair of Czech speedrunners. They are together known as the "KSteam" after this project.
This run uses Skill 4, Ultra-Violence. This is the most common skill level used in the Doom speedrunning and TAS community.

Published on 4/19/2015
Finally, 16 years after Doom was modified to allow savestates and slowdown (giving birth to tool-assisted speedrunning), TASVideos presents such a movie!
Doom is a 1993 science fiction horror-themed first-person shooter (FPS) video game by id Software. It is considered one of the most significant and influential titles in the video game industry, for having ushered in the popularity of the first-person shooter genre. The original game is divided into three nine-level episodes and distributed via shareware and mail order. The Ultimate Doom, an updated release of the original game featuring a fourth episode, was released in 1995 and sold at retail.
This run by Akse beats the second episode using Skill 4, Ultra-Violence. This is the most common skill level used in the Doom speedrunning and TAS community.
Note: The encode has been extended to include the full ending music. This is not present if you play back the movie in Doom.

Published on 6/30/2015
Doom is a 1993 science fiction horror-themed first-person shooter (FPS) video game by id Software. It is considered one of the most significant and influential titles in the video game industry, for having ushered in the popularity of the first-person shooter genre. The original game is divided into three nine-level episodes and distributed via shareware and mail order. The Ultimate Doom, an updated release of the original game featuring a fourth episode, was released in 1995 and sold at retail.
This run by Akse beats the third episode using Skill 4, Ultra-Violence. This is the most common skill level used in the Doom speedrunning and TAS community.
Note: The encode has been extended to include the full ending music. This is not present if you play back the movie in Doom.

Published on 7/19/2015
Doom is a 1993 science fiction horror-themed first-person shooter (FPS) video game by id Software. It is considered one of the most significant and influential titles in the video game industry, for having ushered in the popularity of the first-person shooter genre. The original game is divided into three nine-level episodes and distributed via shareware and mail order. The Ultimate Doom, an updated release of the original game featuring a fourth episode, was released in 1995 and sold at retail.
This run by Akse beats the fourth episode using Skill 4, Ultra-Violence. This is the most common skill level used in the Doom speedrunning and TAS community.
Note: The encode has been extended to include the full ending music. This is not present if you play back the movie in Doom.

Published on 2/23/2015
CD-Man is a Pac-Man clone first released in 1989, then updated to Version 2.0 in 1992. The game speed options range from the really slow "Zzzzz..." to the mind-numbingly fast "Warp". Five levels are present in Version 2.0 of the game, unlike the original version, which ended at level 3.
Author c-square controls two characters simultaneously at the highest speed setting and clears the 5 levels twice in 3.71 seconds, making it one of the fastest published TASes on this site.
Due to the sheer speed of the game, slowed down encodes are available. One is at 16.7% of the regular speed, while another is at 10% of the regular speed.

Published on 5/18/2015
From the submission comments: It's Commander Keen 3! Released in 1990, this is the final game in the Vorticon trilogy, using the same engine as Keens 1 and 2. This time Keen must face the Grand Intellect, an evil leader who enslaved all Vorticons and indoctrinated them with only one thought: "Keen must die!"
While there are 16 levels total, only 3 are required to beat the game. In RTA timing this run finishes in 1:37.68 and beats the cancelled run by 30.39 seconds.
If you enjoy this movie, TASVideos also has runs of all the other Keen games.

Published on 12/22/2015
Initially published as a commercial game between Invasion of the Vorticons and Goodbye, Galaxy! in 1991, Commander Keen: Keen Dreams was largely overlooked until it saw a shareware release in late 1992 almost a year after Goodbye, Galaxy!. It is informally known as Keen 3.5 among fans.
In Keen Dreams, Commander Keen goes to sleep and finds himself in the land of Tuberia, where he discovers that Earth children are being trapped in their sleep to work as slaves for the evil King Boobus Tuber. Out of ammo and lacking his trusty pogo stick, Keen must resort to scavenging Flower Power and Boobus Bombs from the local flora in order to combat the tuberian threat.
slamo improves his previous TAS by 24.98 seconds (~21.22 seconds on RTA timing), thanks to a new route, ditching two long levels (Melon Mines and Spud City) in favor of 4 shorter levels on the southern part of the overworld.

Published on 2/24/2015
Jill of the Jungle: Volume I - Jill of the Jungle is the first episode of a shareware series. It is a platform game where the player takes the role of the titular character, an Amazon woman who takes the not-so-typical role of a monster-slaying, leather-wearing warrior. Jill's most distinguishing ability is morphing into various creatures, such as a bird, a fish, and others, which allow her to explore specific areas. Levels often feature platform structures that must be navigated precisely, as well as keys and gems that must be found in order to advance.
Author slamo runs through the first volume in 6 minutes and 40.85 seconds.

Published on 3/1/2015
Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon is a simulation game developed by MPS Labs and published by Microprose in 1990. The goal of this game is to normally rack up as much money as possible by expanding the railroad empire across the land, building stations, buying trains, creating industries and fending off the competition, with a starting capital of £1 million, in order to retire with the highest job rank.
In this TAS, however, c-square loses as much money as possible on the highest speed setting, Turbo, and still manages to earn the highest rank thanks to an underflow, where the value wraps around to be +£32 million after losing money past £32'767'000, in just less than 40 seconds. One could say he crashed the economy by doing so.

Published on 9/4/2015
Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!! is a DS game developed by WayForward, based on the popular show Adventure Time. Its gameplay is heavily inspired by Zelda II.
In this run, arandomgameTASer heavily abuses many glitches in the game, in particular an item jumping glitch, to beat the game in record time. Mathematical!

Published on 8/22/2015
Beyblade: Metal Masters is a video game based on the manga called Beyblade: Metal Fusion. Said manga also inspired a four-season anime series called Beyblade: Metal Saga. The game is largely based on the events of the anime series.
xy2_ spins his Beyblades to victory with the first available character, Gingka, in about 7 and a half minutes.

Published on 9/15/2015
Dementium: The Ward is a first-person survival horror game created by Renegade Kids and Gamecock for the DS. You wake up in a mysterious, derelict hospital and must explore the dark, solve puzzles, and avoid the fearsome surgical experiments roaming the halls to escape with your life.
In this tool-assisted speedrun, jlun2 makes his own path through the game, cutting through enemies, bosses, and even walls to assure his character's freedom in under 37 minutes.

Note: Due to an emulation error, certain sounds play louder than intended.

Published on 9/16/2015
"Whoa, didn't see that coming!"
Johnny Test is a game based on the TV cartoon series of the same name. In the game, Johnny tampers with Susan and Mary's "Real Life Simulator" machine, inadvertently allowing Wacko access to the machine, who uses it to turn the town of Porkbelly into a Medieval city. If that weren't enough, Brain Freezer is holding the twins' beloved Gil hostage. Johnny and Dukey will push all the limits with numerous laboratory gadgets trying to fix this experiment gone wrong. They will have to break some rules in order to stop the bad guys and save Porkbelly – all before his parents find out.
Author dekutony runs through the game, taking advantage of multiple powerups and programming errors to beat it in 19 minutes and 55.68 seconds.

Published on 9/1/2015
Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days is the first 3D handheld Kingdom Hearts game, released in North America in 2009. It follows Roxas during his time working for Organization XIII.
In this run, arandomgameTASer runs through the game's missions very quickly, utilizing extensive route planning and tricks throughout.

Downloadable encodes have the author's commentary as soft subtitles. The YouTube encode removes the credits and its associated ending theme for copyright reasons.

Published on 9/1/2015
The classic Metal Slug series comes to the DS with Metal Slug 7. Although there is only one player this time, this version is notable for allowing the player to keep two weapons and switch freely between them. Also, each player has a special advantage compared to the others: for instance, Eri can use more grenades, whereas Tarma does more damage while using a Metal Slug.
This run uses Eri and Tarma, just like mtvf1's first Eri/Tarma run. It improves zk547's deathless run by 01:08.10, despite having to use two continues to switch between Eri and Tarma.
Also check out the runs of other Metal Slug games such as Metal Slug, Metal Slug X, Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug 4, Metal Slug 5 and Metal Slug Advance.

Note: The second pair of downloadables and torrents are encodes of only the top screen.

Published on 4/15/2015
Over the Hedge is a licensed stealth-based platformer for the DS, mainly notable for its tank-like character controls.
In this run, jlun2 makes extensive use of out of bounds clipping, breaking every single level.

Published on 7/14/2015
Pokémon: Pearl Version is part of the 4th generation of Pokémon games, after Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. For the first time in the main series, it features 3D graphics and online play over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. In addition, there are 107 new Pokémon to catch.
In this run, MKDasher beats the game fast using luck manipulation and a major glitch that loads the overworld map incorrectly, allowing him to venture outside the level boundaries. For more information, see the author's comments.

There is also an alternate YouTube stream featuring commentary by the author.

Note: Due to an emulation error, there are moments of flickering black pixels across the ground.

Published on 12/14/2015
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is a DS Spidey game released in 2010, featuring prominent Metroidvania and beat-em-up elements. It shares the same game engine with Web of Shadows and Daniel X
In this run, arandomgameTASer uses great power to blazes through with a combination of web swinging goodness and aerial attacks. It even has the Spidey humor.

Published on 12/28/2015
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is a DS Spidey game released in 2010, featuring prominent Metroidvania and beat-em-up elements. It shares the same game engine with Web of Shadows and Daniel X.
This time around, Spidey decides to delay saving the universe by collecting a bunch of upgrades, much to the anger of Madame Web.
This run completes the game with all items collected, which includes all health and abilities. This is different from 100%, which would require obtaining all achievements.

Published on 8/6/2015
Touch! Gostop DS is a handheld version of the popular Korean card game Gostop, developed and published by CTGAME Entertainment in 2008.
In this run, perfectacle carefully manipulates luck to beat every ranked opponent as quickly as possible. For each opponent, a minimum amount of points must be obtained before being able to move on to the next one. Clever strategy and use of auto-wins are also used to rack up multipliers and obtain extravagant high scores in a remarkably short period.

Published on 6/13/2015
The second quest of The Legend of Zelda is what you get by having completed the game once. It is more difficult than the first quest. In this movie, the authors enter ZELDA as the player's name to start the 2nd quest without having to complete the game first.
The authors in this run also enter some of their own code, and don't really complete the game a second time either – yet somehow do. See the authors' notes for more details.

Published on 9/1/2015
This game is about two bumbling idiots fighting over the fate of the earth: Daffy Duck, savior of mankind, and Marvin the Martian, hero of Mars.
In this TAS, Scepheo & MUGG helps Daffy Duck fight Marvin by leading him through the parallel galaxy of Glitch-on, cutting Marvin off before he can reach Earth in only two minutes! If you're looking for a glitch festival, you'll definitely want to watch this movie!
If you're looking for more Duck Dodgers action, see the run of the SNES version.

Published on 1/30/2015
It is several years after the death of Dr. Von Frankenbone, and things around the castle are starting to fall apart. The electricity bill hasn't been paid in some time, and now the Frankenstein-like character Franky needs to find the cash to pay it off. The locals have trapped Franky inside the late doctor's private manor, and he must escape and piece together the golden tablet depicting his beautiful girlfriend Bitsy in order to pay the bills.
Dr. Franken II is a side-scrolling platformer that places you in control of Franky as he searches far and wide for the pieces of the golden tablet, including exotic locales like Egypt and the bottom of the ocean. Like the first Dr. Franken, there are many trap doors, monsters, and other obstacles. Keys are needed to unlock new areas of the game, and they can be found in the far reaches of the level.
The author, Flip, runs and jumps through the levels with precision, completing the tablet and saving Franky's home, improving the previous movie by ~43 seconds.

Published on 8/21/2015
Kid Dracula (also known as Akumajou Special - Boku Dracula-kun) is simultaneously a remake and sequel to the Famicom game, which was only released in Japan. As a spinoff of the Castlevania series, this game is much more light-hearted, and features a quirky array of enemies that range from the standard skeletons, witches and ghouls to... ghosts, giant robots and aliens!?
Hetfield90 and StarvinStruthers improve the previous publication by around 27.3 seconds, thanks to much better optimisation.

Published on 5/13/2015
The seven rainbow bridges, connecting the seven rainbow islands, have disappeared. King Dedede is to blame as always... or is he? The evil Dark Matter has him under his control and plans to turn Dream Land into a dark world. Kirby aims to save the day by going through seven worlds, aided this time by three animal friends (though you never see Rick the Hamster used in this run).
To get the true ending to the game, the player has to find a rainbow drop on each island, which form the rainbow sword after the main showdown with Dedede. These rainbow drops are hidden off the main paths of the stages, and most of them require a special power to break the barrier guarding the drop. This has a large effect on the route in some stages.
illayaya's run is over five minutes faster than the previous run by Soulrivers. Part of this is due to cutscene skips after bosses, though this run is also much more optimized. Details can be found in the submission comments.

Published on 6/14/2015
Last Action Hero is a platform game based on the film of the same name. Action hero Jack Slater must make his way through each stage while collecting movie tickets and beating up any bad guys who stand in his way.
The game includes two driving stages in which tickets are found floating above the road and by ramming enemy cars. A speed booster can also be picked up to allow Jack to finish the stage faster.
TehBerral improves his old run by 00:27.78 seconds, thanks to better optimization and luck manipulation. Read the author's comments for more details.

Published on 6/6/2015
Master Karateka is a game in the vein of Karateka. As a karate master and the sole survivor of the village, the protagonist must confront the evil Akuma and defeat his army to rescue his beloved Mariko and get his revenge.
MUGG blazes through the three stages in 2 minutes and 39.96 seconds.

Published on 11/25/2015
Pac-In-Time for the Game Boy was released in 1994 as a port of the DOS version of the game. Pac-In-Time is in turn a re-skin of the game Fury of the Furries for DOS and Amiga, which was licensed to Namco and re-released with Pac-Man instead. This game is a departure from normal Pac-Man gameplay involving mazes and ghosts, and is instead a platformer.
In this run, watch as slamo demonstrates some furious rope swinging action and so many physics glitches that it'll make you cry. Waka waka.

Published on 7/1/2015
Pingu: Sekai de Ichiban Genki na Penguin (ピングー 世界で1番元気なペンギン) is a video game based on the Swiss children's stop-motion series Pingu. This game, however, was exclusively released in Japan. The game consists of four mini-games showcasing Pingu's daily life, like fishing and playing hockey.
Author dekutony gets through the four mini-games in around 10 minutes.
*noot noot*

Published on 2/18/2015
Tennis is, as the name implies, Nintendo's version of the sport. Either one player versus a computer opponent or two players will compete in tennis in a more or less standard suite of rules (scoring, sets etc.).
Thanks to a serve glitch and some precise rallying, mugg manages to reach a time of under 5 minutes.

Emulator Replay:
VBA-rr v24 svn391

Published on 1/23/2015
Tetris is a puzzle game originally designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov. This Game Boy port was included with every system sold, resulting in the game becoming hugely popular.
This run by MrWint completes Mode B at level 9 as fast as possible, and improves the previous movie by 00:06.96 seconds. Most of the improvement comes from a glitch where the game copies the top few rows after line clears. For more details, read the submission comments.

Emulator Replay:
BizHawk svn8760 (1.9.1)

Published on 6/14/2015
An awful lawyer named Tully has kicked The Addams Family out of their house, so it's up to Gomez to throw knives in his face.
Using a glitch that allows the player to warp to the last level, the game is completed in under 2 minutes.
This is an improvement of 00:06.71 seconds over the previous movie. Much of the improvement comes from Gomez using a new route that involves a detour to collect a potion that increases movement speed.

Published on 9/28/2015
Trip World (1992) is an aptly named game developed by Sunsoft, a video game company you might know from titles like Gimmick!, Ufouria and Journey to Silius.
It follows a rabbit-like creature called Yacopu on his quest to retrieve the Maita Flower and return peace to the hearts of the people. Along the way he gains abilities like turning into a ball and a big, scary Godzilla-like rabbit.
MUGG's latest improvement is now about 30 seconds faster than the previous version, thanks to new glitches, new routes and better optimization.

You can watch the complete run being played back on a console.

Published on 1/28/2015
Volley Fire is a shooter originally released in 1990. The player's objective is to destroy the enemies on the other side of the screen, tactfully aiming shots through moving debris while avoiding any hazards.
In this TAS by MUGG, enemy AI is manipulated to end all the fights in record time.

Published on 8/24/2015
Atlantis: The Lost Empire is a platform games based on the 2001 Disney movie. The game follows the story of Milo Thatch, using his knowledge of the Atlantean language to interpret the text of the Shepherd's Journal, joins an epic expedition to discover the titular lost city.
The protagonist must often jump and climb his way through the stages, as well as dispatch of the enemies with explosives and throwing weapons before he can reach the lost city of Atlantis and save it from imminent doom.

Published on 6/25/2015
Normally a solar eclipse isn't a dangerous event, but for Soma Cruz being sucked through a portal and into Dracula's castle during one will turn his day into a total nightmare. As Soma you must venture through the castle and find a way out. As you do so, you will discover the true meaning behind the event, and why Dracula has risen yet again.
Those who greatly dislike that Aria of Sorrow's main character isn't related to the Belmont clan whatsoever can safely relax, because the powerhouse known as Julius Belmont enters the stage to destroy every boss faster then Soma ever could.
Julius is only available to those who have completed the main quest. While he can't do most of Soma Cruz's fancy tricks, he can get around just as quickly by glitching through walls and hopping madly around the castle, producing almost inhuman sounds with every jump.
This movie obsoletes the previous one in this category, despite having a longer time, because it uses hard mode, is more optimized and also manages to get into a Julius vs. Julius fight.

Note: This movie starts where a main quest TAS left off. We do not usually accept movies beginning from a save. Please read the rules to see our reasons.

Published on 11/27/2015
Denki Blocks! is a puzzle game released for the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and several other platforms. The main Tournament mode has 8 stages, each of which have 25 puzzles, which can be done in any order. To beat each stage you need to finish any 15 puzzles.
This run by qqwref and AdituV completes the shortest 15 puzzles in each group in an optimal order.

Published on 11/28/2015
Denki Blocks! is a puzzle game released for the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and several other platforms. The main Tournament mode has 8 stages, each of which have 25 puzzles, which can be done in any order. To beat each stage you need to finish any 15 puzzles.
This run by qqwref and AdituV complete all 25 puzzles in each group in an optimal order.

Published on 11/21/2015
Timon and Pumbaa are back for an all-new adventure that takes place during the original The Lion King movie, although from the point of view of these two goons. You control Timon, Pumbaa, or both as they attempt to find their dream home and help Simba take Pride Rock back from Scar.
This TAS by Doc Skellington plays through the game in under 40 minutes while collecting all of the grubs in each level, thus achieving 100% completion.

Published on 10/4/2015
After having eaten very heavily just before going to bed, Garfield finds himself trapped in a nightmare from which he must escape and where he lives through all of his nine "lives". Amusingly, this is unrelated to a similarly-titled story collection.
The game is a sidescrolling platformer, which is divided into 9 levels. Each level represents one of Garfield's lives (though this implies Garfield has lived an entire life in the sewer and another in a tree...). To complete the level, Garfield must fulfill a goal which is given at the beginning, like finding 10 eggs or getting the key to a door. After three levels, there is always a boss fight. Apart from jumping, Garfield can kick to get rid of his foes and he can perform a ramming attack and an elbow blow.
tormented runs through the game in 10 minutes and 7.79 seconds.

Published on 2/5/2015
As one of the many video game adaptations of the Harry Potter series, this adventure game for the GBA sticks fairly closely to the plot of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone as Harry attends his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Despite the large number of adaptations out there, at the start of 2015 this is only the first Harry Potter game to receive a movie on TASVideos.
This game has gameplay and mechanics that differ from the Harry Potter games on any other console, and was notorious for its infuriating pit and platform puzzles, but in this movie it is hard to tell what all the fuss was about. With precise spell usage, a little enemy manipulation, and the aid of some prefects who clearly need an eye-test, the game is completed in a little under an hour.

The YouTube and downloadable encodes have the author's commentary as soft subtitles.

Published on 7/30/2015
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is the second Kingdom Hearts game released, detailing Sora's encounters in the mysterious Castle Oblivion.
In this run, Doc Skellington heavily abuses luck for nearly everything, beating the game in about the time it would normally take one to finish the first level.

The YouTube encode removes the credits and its associated ending theme for copyright reasons.

Published on 9/22/2015
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is the second Kingdom Hearts game released, detailing Sora's encounters in the mysterious Castle Oblivion.
This run is done on Reverse/Rebirth, which is Riku's campaign. The author, Doc Skellington, heavily abuses luck for nearly everything, beating the game in about the time it would normally take one to finish the first level. More information can be found in the author's comments.

The YouTube encode removes the credits and its associated ending theme for copyright reasons.

Published on 1/16/2015
Epilepsy/Seizure Warning: this game features about 1 second of screen flashing when completing each stage.
You play the role of Miner Willy, a bold explorer and adventurer. He discovers a network of underground caverns used by an advanced but now extinct civilization, and realizes that the mines contain lucrative metal ores. Through 20 caverns, you must collect all treasures before all time (air) runs out, watching out for the nasty guardians, the obstacles, dead falls, quicksands and all elements to be found in a classic platform game.
This movie completes the Enhanced Game mode exclusive to the GBA port, which contains 10 new levels interspersed with the original 20 levels. Reading the author's commentary is recommended.
Manic Miner

Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 1.9.0

Published on 10/29/2015
Mario vs. Donkey Kong is an evolution of the ever popular Donkey Kong franchise that pits Jumpman (aka Mario) yet again against the ape Donkey Kong. This time, Mario faces puzzling levels that require him to hit switches that activate/deactivate colored walls in an attempt to save the Mini-Mario toys.
The author, Chef Stef, abuses game physics and collision detection to complete the levels in record time. Using a series of new glitches and strategies, he also beats his previous run by almost seven and a half minutes.

Published on 1/23/2015
The third game in the Megaman Zero subseries takes place two months after its predecessor.
It features mostly the same gameplay as its predecessors, but with a different Cyber Elf system and customizable armor. Also new are the Secret Disks, which can be analyzed for information about the series, enemies, items, and the characters.
This run is 00:28.38 seconds faster than the previous version.

Published on 12/19/2015
Monster House is a 2006 animated film about a haunted house and three children trying to best it. The movie was reasonably successful; so like most successful movies, it got a spinoff game.
jlun2 improves his previous run by 5 minutes and 4.56 seconds, thanks to much better optimization and new glitches. Reading the author's comments is recommended.

Published on 3/22/2015
Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge is a spinoff title that takes place after Rayman 3. The Hoodlums are back, and are trying to create a clone of Reflux. It's up to Rayman and Globox to stop them for good!
The game plays as an isometric platformer, and on different levels you can control either Rayman for platforming segments or Globox for more stealth-like segments.
Several glitches are abused here to speed up the gameplay and even break apart whole levels. For more information, see the author's comments.

Published on 9/11/2015
Sonic Advance was Sonic the Hedgehog's first appearance on a portable Nintendo console, and he brought all his friends with him.
In this run, Tails shows what he's capable of and sets off to defeat Dr. Eggman once again. He aims to do so as fast as possible without using the game-destroying glitch featured in this run as Sonic.
If you want to see more Sonic Advance runs, check out the run as Knuckles, Amy and an alternate run as Sonic where the aforementioned glitch is not used.

Published on 12/6/2015
Disappointed with movies in which characters move just too slowly? Look no further! In this high-speed run, Dashjump demonstrates that even Knuckles can prove himself to be a very swift character.
No Chaos Emeralds are collected in this movie, but it demonstrates almost every single move that Knuckles is capable of.
If this is still too slow for you, we also have a TAS as Sonic.
Note: In order for Knuckles to be available, starting from a reset is needed. This is normally not allowed; refer to the rules to see why.

Published on 8/16/2015
In Super Monkey Ball Jr., like in the other Super Monkey Ball movies, you must guide a monkey trapped inside a transparent ball by tilting the game world across several floors. However, due to the GBA not having analog controls, it is noticeably more difficult to guide the monkey to the goal.
TASeditor improves the previous run through the Master stages by 00:02.80 seconds, thanks to better optimization.

Published on 5/8/2015
The Tony Hawk skateboarding series makes its debut on the Game Boy Advance with this adaptation of the second Pro Skater game.
Gameplay is similar to the original console game. The levels have been adapted from the console version for the two dimensional isometric perspective; one is even taken from the original Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.
In this run, TaylorTotFTW improves upon the of previous run by Noodlez by 02:01.74, using a completely different route and much more optimized movement.

Published on 1/13/2015
In Catwoman, the titular Batman villainess is spun off into her own game. Talia tries to hire Catwoman to steal a crystal skull, but Catwoman decides to keep it for herself, not knowing Ra's al Ghul plans to use it to destroy Gotham.
Catwoman has dozens of moves to help her navigate and fight her way through nine levels filled with enemies and platforms. She can attack with her claws, jump off walls, flip, grab ledges and swing with her whip, like in Bionic Commando. She also has a stealth option, allowing her to disappear into the background of a level and sneak along silently.
In this run, TehBerral plays through the game in 24 minutes and 46.23 seconds using a series of time-saving tricks.

Published on 4/26/2015
Donkey Kong 5 is an unlicensed game created by Sintax. A dragon named Lombado has abducted Sodoma, a fairy responsible for taking care of the world's plants. In her absence, the plants all wither, leaving Donkey Kong without his beloved bananas. The starving ape decides to go on a journey to save Sodoma and all of the plants.
The game features content "borrowed" from many other games. See how many game "references" you can spot!
This run by k80may beats the game in under 5 minutes using precision and a hovering trick.

Published on 2/22/2015
Doug's Big Game immerses the gamer in the world of Doug and his alter-ego Quailman in an action-packed adventure to find the missing Patti Mayonnaise. Players can collect power-ups to max out Quailman's powers, unleash the mighty Quaileye, and save the day.

Published on 1/26/2015
Hugo 2½ is a game released only in Germany that's based on a Danish call-in game show for kids. It includes six levels (one of them is exclusive of this version) which are directly based on mini games from the TV show. The goal is always to both survive and collect as many money bags as possible. The amount of required bags to beat a level depends on the chosen difficulty level.

Published on 9/17/2015
Pokémon Puzzle Challenge, originally released in Japan as Pokemon de Panepon (ポケモンでパネポン), is a video game for the Game Boy Color. It is based on Panel de Pon (known as Tetris Attack in the West), only with characters from the Pokémon franchise.
zvsp plays through the hardest difficulty, whilst showing the different Pokémon, in Challenge Mode/VS COM Mode in a brisk 5 minutes and 11.62 seconds.

NOTE: This run starts from a save file with all the Pokémon unlocked. We do not normally accept runs that start from dirty SRAM; refer to the Movie Rules for more details.

Published on 3/18/2015
Mario is back to the Game Boy, but this time in color.
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is a remake of Super Mario Bros. with some new game modes, including a challenge mode where coins and time remaining are crucial to gaining the target score, and a race mode where Mario competes against Boo to reach each level's finish first.
This run completes the Original mode, and 33 frames faster (ignoring lag frame differences due to different emulators) than the previous version. While this mode looks like a direct port of the NES game, there are different physics and glitches, making optimizing Deluxe a very different task.
There is also a run of the You vs. Boo mode by got4n and the author of this TAS.

Watch a resync of this run being played back on real hardware.

Published on 5/16/2015
Survival Kids is a game about a boy or girl who gets trapped on an island and tries to survive and escape. There are multiple endings in the game.
The author aims for the best ending: ED 8. We also have a run that glitches the game in order to reach ED 3.

Published on 6/8/2015
This is the first handheld version of Tony Hawk's popular skateboarding game. It bears little resemblance to the original Playstation version. It is actually composed of two different events, a half pipe and a race mode.
Half pipe mode is viewed from a side perspective, kind of like the classic Skate or Die game. You perform tricks to achieve a high score. Race mode is viewed from a top-down perspective, where you goal is to perform tricks and get to the end quickly.

Published on 11/30/2015
In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry and his friends unravel the mystery behind the Heir of Slytherin (yes, it's Lord Voldemort, duh) and his Chamber of Secrets. USTA2877 would make short work of that, but is frequently interrupted by senseless (unskippable) cutscenes and loading screens, which this game (series) is somewhat notorious for. Most of this run is relatively glitch-free, so lean back and enjoy a fast-forward through the second part of the Harry Potter series.

Note: The minor audio and animation glitches are caused by bugs in Dolphin's emulation and capture.

Published on 5/4/2015
Ikaruga (2001) is a vertical shoot 'em up published and developed by Treasure as a spiritual successor to its earlier title, Radiant Silvergun (1998). It was first released on arcade machines, then eventually ported to Dreamcast, GameCube, XBLA, Android, and even Steam, thanks to the loyal following among the Western shoot 'em up fans. GameCube version was chosen for creation of this TAS as it provided both the most arcade-accurate port, and the most accurately emulated platform of those available at the time.
Ikaruga features a polarity mechanic wherein enemies can be black or white, shooting black or white bullets, respectively. Additionally, player ships themselves can switch between black and white: when white, ship absorbs white bullets and deals extra damage to black enemies, and vice versa. When enough bullets are absorbed, a powerful enemy-seeking attack can be unleashed. As such, typical gameplay consists of frequent polarity switching, chain-killing enemies, and absorbing bullets instead of dodging them; to capitalize on this, the author chooses to control both player ships in order to absorb as many bullets as possible, do more damage, and pick off escaping enemies without breaking a kill chain.
The goal of this TAS is to maximize the score. Ikaruga's scoring system mainly consists of color-based enemy chaining: killing three enemies of the same color in a row increases chain value, messing up the color sequence resets it. Absorbing bullets and lasers, speedkilling bosses, and having spare lives at the end are also significant score boosts—all of these are used in the TAS to the fullest extent. The final score is a massive 50,230,200, only attainable with two players.

Ikaruga has been extensively competed in both Western and Asian gaming communities, leading to publication of an official superplay DVD, as well as blessing us with many amazing feats of unassisted gameplay. If you've enjoyed this TAS and would like to see what some of the best human players have to offer, make sure to watch VTF-INO's unassisted doubleplay, in which the player attempts to achieve maximum score by controlling both ships in realtime; also check out RNA's flawless stage 5 boss fight done solo, and Sa Suisai's full-game unassisted playthrough on Normal difficulty, executing some inhumanly precise chains on the XBLA version of the game.

Published on 2/3/2015
A complete conversion of Sonic Adventure 2 from the Dreamcast, with additional features exclusive to the GameCube.
Play as either Sonic, Knuckles and co. or the evil crew of Dr. Eggman, Shadow and Rouge through a total of 150 missions across 30 levels. As Sonic's team, you must stop Dr. Eggman from taking control of the Chaos Emeralds, and as Dr. Eggman's team, you must hold Sonic at bay while collecting all of the Emeralds to take full control of the planet.
Exclusive to the GameCube are improved visuals, new 2-player battle games (including Kart Racing, Hunting and Chao Karate) and the ability to grow Chao and exchange them to the Game Boy Advance game Sonic Advance for portable training.

Published on 10/27/2015
Sega's Super Monkey Ball (2001) lets you take control of one of four monkeys trapped inside a transparent ball. You must complete each stage by tilting the game level to roll your monkey using the force of gravity and colliding with objects. There are over 100 unique levels ranging in difficulty from easy to near impossible.
In this TAS, the authors start at the Expert difficulty, where they proceed to tear through most of its 60 levels as well as the 10 Master levels, using warps where necessary and breaking most of the heavily optimized console world record times.
This TAS improves upon the previous publication by nearly 16 in-game seconds, using many new route optimizations. More information can be found in the submission text.

Published on 7/1/2015
Tony Hawk's Underground 2 is the sixth installment in Neversoft's Tony Hawk's series and is the sequel to Underground. The gameplay in Underground 2 is similar to that of previous Tony Hawk games: the player skates around in a 3D environment modeled after various cities and attempts to complete various goals. Most goals involve skating on or over various objects or performing combos. Scores are calculated by adding the sum of the point value of each trick strung together in a combo and then multiplying by the number of tricks in the combo.
In this run, Fog skates, grinds, and flies through the air to complete this game as fast as possible on the easiest difficulty using multiple glitches along the way. For more information on the tricks and glitches used in this run, check out the submission text.

The YouTube encode removes the credits and its associated ending theme for copyright reasons.

Published on 8/8/2015
Zapper: One Wicked Cricket! is a platform game that was released for the Xbox, PS2, GBA, PC and GameCube in 2002 in North America. In this game, Zapper the Cricket has to collect 6 eggs in each of 20 levels in order to save his brother from Maggie, an evil magpie. The concept behind its gameplay is similar to that of Frogger.
In this fast-paced TAS, Amateseru and tomiy hop madly through the levels required to beat the game in 16 minutes and 47.77 seconds.

Published on 10/2/2015
Bram Stoker's Dracula is based on the 1992 horror film of the same name. This is a typical platform type of video game. You play as Johnathan Harker, as you fight your way through bats, wolves, zombies, skeletons... and yes, Dracula himself.

Published on 9/2/2015
Contra: Hard Corps (1994) was the first game in the series to be exclusively released on a non-Nintendo console. The game took a lot of elements from previous installments and spiced them up with even more dynamic combat, different playable characters, nonlinear plot and about twice the amount of boss fights.
In this movie the author takes the secret "fifth ending", thereby skipping most of the game. If you want to see runs which play more of the game, then you should see this run (with the quickest "normal" ending) or this run (with the "best" ending).
The Japanese version was chosen because, for some reason, it gives the players a health bar, allowing them to take some damage without dying.

While the time may look longer, it is a 00:00.25 second improvement over the previous movie. The previous movie used an inaccurate FPS (60) instead of the standard Genesis framerate (59.923).

Published on 12/9/2015
Earnest Evans is an Indiana Jones-esque treasure hunter who has to go through various levels and settings and battle hordes of monsters and bosses.
Samsara knocks off another 14.94 seconds from the previously published movie, thanks to new tricks and better optimization.

Published on 12/3/2015
We follow our hero, Earthworm Jim, as he attempts to foil the evil Psycrows' plan to steal away the beautiful Princess What's-Her-Name.
YamiAmarillo beats this quirky game in record time, via the use of various tricks and glitches, as well as using the easiest difficulty to minimize the in-between level mini-games.

Published on 5/14/2015
Flashback is a Prince of Persia style platformer for the Sega Genesis. It has some major glitches which allow for large portions of this otherwise long game to be skipped. The present TAS implements a new version of the Walk through walls glitch along with improved routing to save over a minute over the previous (formerly, the longest non-obsoleted) run.

Published on 10/12/2015
James Bond 007: The Duel is a sidescrolling platformer featuring a storyline that is not based on a James Bond film. A mad professor has commandeered a Caribbean satellite launch center and is planning to use its technology to take over the world, and only 007 can stop him!
The game requires precision in jumping, as Bond will easily die if he falls from high places. Bond's gun also needs to be reloaded on occasion and ammo needs to be conserved. Besides shooting the bad guys in his way, Bond has to find all of the female hostages and set bombs in each base in order to proceed.
Archanfel improves the previous run by 2 minutes and 21.13 seconds thanks to better optimization and new tricks like dying to save time and using minor bullet damage to avoid lethal falling damage from great heights.

Published on 5/7/2015
Landstalker is a challenging adventure RPG developed by Climax Entertainment (who also helped develop the Sega Shining series). You play as an adventure-seeking treasure hunter named Nigel, an elf who's remarkably young-looking for his age (88!). After completing his latest bounty, he runs into a wood nymph named Friday who's being pursued over her alleged knowledge of the whereabouts of King Nole's treasures. After helping her evade her pursuers, the two team up as they set off for Mercator Island in search of the fabled fortune.
Are King Nole's treasures truly close by? Are they ripe for the taking, or still jealously guarded to this day...?
In ars4326's run, 100% completion is based on RTA strats and is defined as follows:
  • Collect all Life Stock (minus the shop in Kazalt)
  • Obtain all equipment
  • Collect all unique/key items
  • Complete all side quests
  • Activate all teleport trees

Published on 5/22/2015
Mickey Mania is a 1994 platformer video game developed by Traveller's Tales and published by Sony Imagesoft for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Mega CD, and Super NES. In the game, the player controls Mickey Mouse, who must navigate through various side-scrolling levels, each designed and based from classical Mickey Mouse cartoons from 1928 to 1990.
Archanfel improves emu's run of this game by about 11 seconds thanks to a new route in "Mickey and the Beanstalk." There are only minor changes in the rest of the run, so emu is still listed as a co-author.

Published on 9/27/2015
Pocket Monster II is an unlicensed game made by DVS Electronic Co. for the Sega Genesis. It stars Pikachu as he fights other Pocket Monsters, or Pokémon, across four stages using Poké Balls and melee attacks. While some of the graphics are taken from other games, the music tracks are original and adapted from the Pokémon TV show's songs.
The author, dekutony, abuses several minor glitches throughout the run to beat the game in under four minutes.

Published on 9/13/2015
The Flintstones a classic 2D platform video game based on the famous Flintstones animated series from 1960s. Developed by Taito Corporation released in 1993, exclusively for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.
There are six levels, in each one Fred must complete a small quest: retrieve a lost necklace for his wife, find his son lost in the desert, liberate pterodactyls race from the yoke of the evil witch, etc. The gameplay involves mostly jumping and hitting the enemies in the heads with a heavy cudgel.

Published on 5/10/2015
In this action/puzzle game, you control three Vikings lost in time and space, each with their own special abilities needed to solve the levels.
This movie controls three characters simultaneously. Archanfel manages to improve the previous TAS by 8 minutes and 17 seconds through much better optimization. See the author's comments for what was improved.
Keep in mind that only Vikings that are onscreen can be controlled.

Published on 12/5/2015
Ys III - Wanderers from Ys is the third installment in the Ys series, taking place three years after the events of the first two. Unlike the previous two's top-down perspective, this game is a sidescroller.
In this run, The8bitbeast beats the game in record time via the use of a glitch to give the player maxed out stats. For more information, see the submission comments.

Published on 8/29/2015
Coca Cola Kid is a platformer starring Coca Cola's Japanese mascot of the 90s. On his way through the levels, the kid can make use of a skateboard, but has to continue by foot if knocked off. Enemies can be defeated by kicks and flying kicks. Unsurprisingly, energy is restored by collecting cans of a certain soft drink. Its gameplay bears a very strong resemblance to Sonic the Hedgehog, which is no coincidence, since it's built off of the Sonic the Hedgehog engine and was made by Sega.
Samsara, ars4326 and dekutony rush to the end in good old Sonic-- ahem, Coca Cola Kid fashion in 8 minutes and 26.47 seconds.

Published on 12/18/2015
Batman Returns is a game based on the movie of the same name. Unlike the Master System version, however, Batman must move through four levels on his quest to stop the Penguin and Catwoman. Enemies trying to stop him include circus clowns on the streets, policemen (whom Catwoman put on his trail) on the roofs of Gotham City, and penguin commandos in the sewers and the Penguin's lair.
DwainiumB hops around and defeats Penguin in record time.

Published on 10/7/2015
Blockout is best described as a 3-dimensional successor to Tetris with shapes of up to 5 cubes arranged in various polyforms falling into a 3D pit. Blockout remains popular as there is still an active community as well as several leaderboards. The game was ported from the original DOS to Apple IIGS, Macintosh, Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari ST, Atari Lynx, Genesis and arcade, with the Lynx version faithfully ported by the original designers, Aleksander Ustaszewski and Mirosław Zabłocki. The original manual is available courtesy of (albeit with several inaccuracies compared to the released game) and Hardcore Gaming has a good history of the game's development and subsequent ports.
This run by dwangoAC completes all levels of Blockout as fast as possible on Out-Of-Control with Fast Rotation.

Published on 1/24/2015
Lupin III: Legend of the Gold of Babylon (ルパン三世 バビロンの黄金伝説) is a game based on the animated movie of the same name released in 1988 by Toho. You control Arsene Lupin through 7 stages to help a mysterious space woman get her golden space ship.
scrimpeh runs (or rather, jumps) through this fairly short game in 4 minutes and 49.66 seconds.

Published on 10/7/2015
Metal Gear!? It can't be!
This is the original MSX version of the first entry of the ever-popular Metal Gear series of stealth video games created by Hideo Kojima and developed and published by Konami. In this game, Snake infiltrates Outer Heaven, a fortified state founded by a "legendary mercenary" 200 km north of Galzburg, South Africa, in an operation codenamed Intrude N313. He must find out what happened to Gray Fox, after losing contact with FOXHOUND.
In this movie, however, dunnius isn't very stealthy at all; he goes through numerous alerts in order to reach a time of 26 minutes and 28.05 seconds.

Published on 3/29/2015
Paper Mario, first released in Japan in August of 2000, is a role-playing game for the Nintendo 64. Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach and stolen the Star Rod, which allows him to grant himself any wish. To counteract the power of the Star Rod, Mario must locate the seven Star Spirits, who can combine their power to stop Bowser's evil plans.
Numerous tricks and glitches allow a tool-assisted speedrun to skip large portions of the game and beat it impressively quickly. See the author's comments for more on this.
For more tool-assisted Paper Mario action, check out the run of The Thousand-Year Door by the same author.

Downloadable encodes include the author's commentary as soft subtitles and also an additional audio commentary with the encodes. There is also a live commentary (dead link) by the author and iateyourpie. A second YouTube stream is available with an informative overlay.

Published on 4/10/2015
Super Mario 74 is a Super Mario 64 ROM hack made by Lugmillord in 2011. It introduces new harder levels, custom music and a greater amount of Stars to collect.
The hack often pokes fun at both the player and the original game. Most of the dialogue is silly or sarcastic and some star names are deliberately unclear to give the player no help in finding them.
First-time TASer homerfunky uses the game's various glitches to blast through the hack, finishing with all 151 stars in less than two hours.

Published on 5/13/2015
Super Smash Bros. began a series of games that mixes characters from several Nintendo-made games into a unique fighting game. It relies not on wearing down the opponent's "life" but increasing damage until he or she can be literally knocked off the stage. Wildly popular, this game has inspired many lazy days of casual multiplayer gaming but also intense competitive tournaments that happen to this day.
This is the first speed-oriented TAS of this game to be published here. DennisBalow shows off super fast gameplay with Kirby on the hardest difficulty. The Japanese version was used for even faster attacking and movement speed.
We also have a Fox run that aims for entertainment instead of speed.

Published on 5/11/2015
Atlantis no Nazo (アトランチスの謎) is a game where an explorer is trying to save his friend and must find his way through a maze of rooms; in this case, levels.
This is an improvement of 00:03.00 seconds over the previous run through further optimizations by exposure.

Published on 10/14/2015
After having read a book about mermaids Barbie falls asleep thinking about the busy day to come: Going to the mall to pick up a new outfit, Lunch at the soda shop, swimming at the beach, and meeting Ken at the party. In this game you lead Barbie through her busy day, collecting pieces of her enchanted ball gown ensemble along the way, in an attempt to make her dreams come true. Collect them all and she is off to the Fantasy Ball with Ken!

Published on 2/17/2015
BreakThru is a short, fast-paced game developed by Data East. It was released to arcades in 1986 and later ported to a few home consoles. You are the driver of a blue dune buggy, and your mission is to recover a stolen fighter plane, which lies behind 5 enemy lines that you must "break thru".
MESHUGGAH improves the previous movie by roughly 1.5 seconds, thanks to better optimisation. He strikes even more fear into the hearts of his enemies than before by tearing across the landscape and shooting everything in his path.

Emulator Replay:
FCEUX 2.2.2

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