Tool-assisted movies (35)

Published on 12/28/2015
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is a DS Spidey game released in 2010, featuring prominent Metroidvania and beat-em-up elements. It shares the same game engine with Web of Shadows and Daniel X.
This time around, Spidey decides to delay saving the universe by collecting a bunch of upgrades, much to the anger of Madame Web.
This run completes the game with all items collected, which includes all health and abilities. This is different from 100%, which would require obtaining all achievements.

Published on 1/8/2023
Super Mario Bros. 2 is the infamous sequel to Super Mario Bros. that was released only in Japan for the Famicom Disk System. Considered too difficult and too similar to the original game, it was skipped over for localization in favor of making Doki Doki Panic into the actual Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES. This game would later be remade in Super Mario All-Stars as Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels.
Kzwbz, Argentu-M, and Endless Wind collaborate to create a run that collects every item in Worlds 1-8 except for Poison Mushrooms as fast as possible. World 9 is not played as it does not contain any items, and Worlds A-D are not played as that requires completing the game eight times in a row to unlock.

Published on 5/5/2012
In this run of Sonic Advance, the author doesn't take advantage of the game-destroying spindash glitch featured in the normal run. It goes somewhat slower because of this, but new inventive solutions are used to get through each act, and the result is still much faster than any oversized ferret ought to be moving.

There are two encodes for this movie: The first is a standard encode and the second is a camhacked encode that keeps Sonic in the center of the screen more often.

Published on 9/11/2015
Sonic Advance was Sonic the Hedgehog's first appearance on a portable Nintendo console, and he brought all his friends with him.
In this run, Tails shows what he's capable of and sets off to defeat Dr. Eggman once again. He aims to do so as fast as possible without using the game-destroying glitch featured in this run as Sonic.
If you want to see more Sonic Advance runs, check out the run as Knuckles, Amy and an alternate run as Sonic where the aforementioned glitch is not used.

Published on 5/12/2014
This run of Sonic 3 & Knuckles collects the maximum number of rings possible to get with Knuckles. This leads to some interesting routes to reach out-of-the-way rings as well as opportunities to show off some new glitches.
See the floating island like never before as you tag along with Knuckles, and try to keep up as he patrols his territory while foraging for rings and revealing secrets that show why he is truly the sole guardian of the island.

Published on 12/23/2019
In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic and Tails continue to thwart the plans of Dr. Robotnik, this time on the Floating Island that is guarded by Knuckles the Echidna.
In this run, you'll see the Floating Island like never before, as Evil_3D, TheYogWog, and kaan55 use every trick in Sonic's and Tails's arsenal to collect as many rings as possible. The routing for this goal is more about efficiently moving between groups of rings than efficiently moving to the end of the stage, and is incredibly complex.
This run starts from a clear-game savestate with all of the Chaos Emeralds and Super Emeralds collected, so that collecting giant rings will award Sonic and Tails a 50-ring bonus instead of taking them to a Blue Sphere bonus stage. We normally do not accept save-anchored movies; more details can be found in the authors' comments.
An atlas encode is also available, which shows the characters' positions on a zoomed-out level map, which might make it easier to follow the action.
For those wishing to play back the emulator movie file, a Gens-11b savestate for this purpose is available here.

Published on 12/19/2011
Fast bouncing around. This is a run of Sonic the Hedgehog which avoids zipping (gaining a large speed boost from being inside terrain), unlike the other run of this game. Therefore, most levels cannot be skipped, and instead have to be traversed using a more normal route, although the author still finds a couple of alternative methods to take shortcuts (it is hard to define hard rules to ban all glitches). In this run, the game is completed without collecting the Chaos Emeralds.
There are also runs where Knuckles and Tails they take advantage of their own abilities to finish the game in record time.
This movie has a full Atlas Map encode, which shows a camhack encode overlaid on a zoomed out map.

Published on 2/25/2017
This game is what you get if you take Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and lock it onto Sonic & Knuckles. As the name suggests, what you get is simply Sonic the Hedgehog 2 with Knuckles the Echidna as the playable character. The levels remain mostly unchanged, save for the addition of a few monitors that can only be reached as Knuckles, whose abilities from Sonic and Knuckles (gliding, climbing walls, and jumping a little lower than Sonic) remain intact.
In this run, you'll see the zones of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (colloquially referred to as West Side Island in the Japanese manual) like you've never seen them before, as Knuckles uses every trick in the book to collect over five thousand rings, with only 11 throughout the game eluding his grasp. (For the time being, anyway...)
We also have runs with Sonic and Tails and Knuckles in this game.

Published on 8/29/2017
Paper Mario, first released in Japan in August of 2000, is a role-playing game for the Nintendo 64. Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach and stolen the Star Rod, which allows him to grant himself any wish. To counteract the power of the Star Rod, Mario must locate the seven Star Spirits, who can combine their power to stop Bowser's evil plans.
Malleoz aims to collect all the star spirit cards by heavily manipulating luck and impressively abusing programming errors and loading zones, making this run a whirlwind of entertainment and speed. For a detailed explanation of the tricks used in this run, see the author's submission notes.
You can also see this game beaten by the same author in the fastest time possible here.
Note: There are encodes of higher resolution in the discussion thread.

There is also live commentary (dead link) by the author and Stryder7x available, and a second YouTube stream with an informative overlay.

Published on 10/25/2017
In this TAS of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the author aims to beat the game as quickly as possible, while completing all dungeons, and with the added challenge of doing so without opening any doors. He achieves this by exploiting multiple glitches not seen in any other category of the game in order to complete this challenge.
The submission notes go over in great details all the stipulations of the goal, the tricks, and glitches.
This TAS was done using the Japanese v1.0 version of the game. The reasons for this are glitches that are exclusive to v1.0, as well as text that is significantly faster than in the English version, which means that far less time is spent waiting for text boxes and cut scenes to end before getting back to the action.

Published on 10/28/2023
In this TAS of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the author aims to beat the game as quickly as possible while completing all dungeons, temples, and Ganon Trials. This goal is commonly referred to as "all temples", "all dungeons", or "MST (Medallions/Stones/Trials)".
This run has 14:26.90 minutes of improvements in gameplay over the previous TAS of its kind. We reccomend checking out the author's submission notes for more information on the improvements.
The author's notes explain in great detail many of the things done in this TAS which may be confusing to those who aren't familiar with Ocarina of Time speedrunning. Reading them is strongly advised.
You can also watch a live commentary video from the author and from ZFG here.
This TAS is played on the Japanese version of the game. The reason for this is that the text is significantly faster than in the English version, which means that far less time (roughly 12 minutes) is spent waiting for text boxes and cut scenes to end before getting back to the action.

Published on 2/19/2008
This hack of Super Mario Bros. is the sequel to Air, created by the same author, U1. The vast majority of this hack is exactly the same as its predecessor, but with two major changes: all invisible coin blocks are marked and infinite jumps are no more, which results in a few changes in level design accommodated to it.
Air 2 is a trial-and-error platform puzzle game. Savestates are practically required to beat the game. Abuse of Super Mario Bros. glitches is required by design.
This run does not aim for fastest completion.

Game Version:
Emulator Replay:
FCEU 0.98.13

Published on 12/31/2022
Simon is taking another shot at this castle, but feeling horrible for the destruction he caused last time, he is now trying to respect Dracula's property and leave the place untouched (even if his intention is to kill the count).
As a minimalist variation of a pacifist goal, this movie does not contain any destruction in the levels: candles and walls are left intact, items stay untouched, and no enemy is harmed — with the exception of the bosses, who are killed mercilessly with the help of the "critical hit" glitch.
With Simon sneaking by most enemies with no subweapons and only his leather whip, this ends up being quite a stealthy run.
eien86 & Challenger improve the previous run by 12.3 seconds, thanks to better optimization with the scroll glitch, a new route within the caves, better boss battles which allowed obtaining the orb early, and removal of lag frames.

Watch this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 7/23/2023
Color a Dinosaur is coloring software for the NES, in which users are tasked, as the name implies, to color one of the 16 dinosaurs present in it. It also has a cult following on TASVideos, as throughout the site's history, most of the TASes were submitted on April Fool's Day, and thus spawned inside jokes on the site, especially by older members.
This TAS by warmCabin and Randomno improves on the previous four color theorem TAS by optimizing the coloring, saving nearly 2 seconds, and fixing mistakes with certain dinosaurs where the four color theorem wasn't properly followed. For details on how the theorem is applied this time around, you can read this forum post.
Video Downloads:
Compatibility MP4
Emulator Replay:
FCEUX 2.6.2

Published on 5/17/2022
The city of St. Canard is plagued by an unseen crime wave. The intelligence agency S.H.U.S.H. suspects that the shady organization F.O.W.L. and their valued operative Steelbeak are its causes. The caped superhero Darkwing has made quite some enemies in the criminal circles thanks to his past heroic deeds, and now the entire city has to pay for that. Naturally, the valiant duck is determined to travel through the dangerous streets of St. Canard, defeat his foes, and foil Steelbeak's plans.
Darkwing Duck is a side-scrolling platform game featuring the titular character from the Disney television series. The gameplay is similar to Duck Tales, also resembling Mega Man games in many ways. Darkwing's default weapon is a gas gun; special adapters that modify its functions can be collected during exploration. By using his cape, Darkwing is able to deflect some of the enemy projectiles. Weapons can be changed via a sub-screen.
For a "pacifist" type of completion, this run avoids killing enemies (they might also have dropped health refills, so health management is mandatory), and to offer maximum variety in addition to the any% version, minimizes the use of subweapons (yet to save a single enemy's life, a single arrow is used). It offers some fresh action and manipulation on bosses, but can't be done entirely along with pacifist, so DreamYao has to use a single arrow to save a single enemy's life.
This is a 827 frame improvement over the previous movie.

Watch this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 9/17/2018
While the NES versions of Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Donkey Kong 3 and Donkey Kong Jr. Math don't share the same amount of stages, they appear to be similar enough to be beaten at the same time with the same controller input.
This movie improves on the previous movie by playing an additional two games as well as improving by 3.99 seconds.
If you like this movie, you may want to check out movies of other games in which as many as four games are played simultaneously with one controller.

Published on 4/8/2010
Lunar Ball, known as Lunar Pool in the US, is, as the name suggests, a pool game for the NES with the curious ability to adjust the friction of the surface of the pool table. Indeed, it is quite possible to play with no friction, and while this may sound easy, it actually proves to be impossibly difficult due to removing the major obstacle from the balls just continuing to roll forever, causing the game to never end.
With some heavy support from a bot (and massive loss of sanity), the author manages the nigh-impossible feat of making it all the way to the end of all 60 tables even in the face of this overwhelming opposition.
Reading the submission notes is highly advisable to explain some of the oddities such as the occasional pocketing of the cue ball. (In short: The cue ball is deliberately pocketed in order to avoid getting a perfect score on every level because the point counter would take unbearably long to tick all the points, up to a half minute per level.)
For more heavy optimization of pool tables, see also the run of this game with the default friction level.
Lunar Pool

Video Downloads:
Compatibility MP4
Emulator Replay:
FCEU 0.98.15

Published on 5/23/2007
The games Mega Man 3, 4, 5 and 6 are all the same. Eight robot masters are defeated and Mega Man steals their weapons. After some kind of distraction, Mega Man attacks Wily's fortress and it typically gets blown up. If you don't believe that's true, we offer this movie.
While driving home the point in honor of our first multi-game movie, Baxter and AngerFist prove that Capcom really has been making the same game over and over again by playing Mega Man 3, 4, 5 and 6 using the same input.
No attempt is made to synchronize the endings of these games. Mega Man 6 finishes first and Mega Man 4 finishes last.
Encoder's note: There are more encodes (labeled multitrack) available in the Archive collection. Track 1 contains the audio of all four games arranged in such a way that Mega Man 3 and Mega Man 5's audio are on the left audio channel and Mega Man 4 and Mega Man 6's audio are on the right audio channel. Tracks 2 to 5 contain the sole audio of Mega Man 3 to Mega Man 6 respectively.
We recommend sitting back as far as possible and looking (staring?) at the center of the screen when watching the encode.
If you like this movie, you may like to check out some other movies in which multiple games are played simultaneously with one controller.

Published on 11/21/2006
While the CPUs were distracted, FractalFusion changed the dice on them and then left the board for a few minutes. When he came back, all the CPUs were crying. The fraud squad is still investigating.
This movie aims to defeat 4 CPU controlled players, ceasing to press buttons on the controller after as little time as possible. Luck is manipulated for the first 1:08, and then the CPUs are left to lose by themselves without requiring any further actions by the player.

Watch a resync of this run being played back on a real console.

Emulator Replay:
FCEU 0.98.12

Published on 8/25/2014
Bowser has kidnapped the princess (again) and Mario must save the day. But this time through, he takes a stroll. Nothing bothers Mario as he walks through all the stages, sometimes backwards, on his way to save the princess.
This movie demonstrates that it's possible to complete every single stage without pressing the B button. Having been bothered by the lack of running and shooting in this game, the ending outright asks the player to press B.
This movie also improves the previous one by 00:10.82 seconds through new strategies and better optimization.

The authors have provided a comparison encode, which is available for download at, and as a YouTube stream.
This run can be played back on a real NES console, watch that here!

Published on 10/8/2015
Once again, Bowser has kidnapped Peach, but this time Mario isn't trying to rescue her quite as urgently. Fed up with getting no reward for his endeavors beyond cake, Mario takes a leaf out of Wario's book and decides that while rescuing Peach, he might as well make as much money as he can.
In this movie, the aim is to complete the game while collecting as many coins as possible without dying, doing so as fast as possible. In fact, Mario collects 1431 coins in total, which is rather surprising as there are only 1225 distinct coins in the game!
If you enjoyed this TAS, be sure to check out this movie, in which Mario completes the game without pressing the B button.
Watch this run get played back on a real NES!

Published on 10/25/2020
Bowser has kidnapped Peach again, but this time, Mario's hoarding tendencies are kicking in. He's grabbing all of the items in the kingdom, even when he doesn't really need them.
In this movie, the aim is to complete the game while collecting every possible item without dying, doing so as fast as possible.
DaSmileKat manages to improve on the previous movie by 00:01.38 seconds through careful optimization of almost every level.

Watch this run being played back on a real console here, or here.

Published on 5/3/2021
Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach once again, but this time, Mario is tired of jumping around the kingdom to save her. So he instead takes a route that's a bit easier on his legs.
In this movie, the aim is to complete the game with the fewest A button presses possible. This movie uses more creative tricks and exploits than what you'd see in other movies for this game. A more in-depth explanation can be found in the authors' comments.
The total amount of A button presses done in this movie is 62, you can turn on Closed Captions in the youtube video to view a button counter.

You can watch Kosmic give an in-depth look of the run here as well as watching the premiere of the TAS here.
If you prefer console verification with no commentary, click here to watch that.

Published on 7/11/2014
While decidedly not the same game, the Super Mario Bros. games on the NES are similar enough in game mechanics and controls that all four of them can be played at once with the same input.
This second version of the quad-run utilizes the credits glitch found in the newest Super Mario Bros. 3 run. As such, the focus is now on finishing Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels as fast as possible, allowing Super Mario Bros. 3 to entertain while waiting for the other three games to progress. The run also features an ending that may surprise you.
If you like this movie, you may want to check out some other movies in which multiple games are played simultaneously with one controller.
This movie has been played back and verified on console during SGDQ 2016.

Published on 8/20/2021
Capcom decided to make some easy money, so they recycled parts of Mega Man X5, threw in overly difficult trial-and-error gameplay, made almost everything an obstacle course, and called it Mega Man X6.
Rolanmen1 completes all stages as X and Zero using the same controller inputs across both. This goes to show that the two characters do in fact play similarly. It should be noted that a patch is needed to be able to play as Zero from the beginning; this is normally not allowed. Please refer to the rules for more details.

An alternate encode featuring an input display and audio commentary by the author is available right here.

Published on 4/23/2013
Once a proud, spiritual people, Mudokons have largely been reduced to slavery. Now they are the disposable, abusable workforce of the Glukkons.
This movie is just as odd as the world it features. Abe for no reason decides to commit a baseness upon Glukkons and destroy all the labor force they have industriously collected. He doesn't care that it's his own mates who will die. He's not concerned that he too will be milled in the end. The only thing he has to say about it is "Oops". Twisted creep.
This playaround by Dooty (who also made the any% and 100% runs) aims to finish the game as fast as possible while killing as many Mudokons as possible.

Note: In order to view this TAS within the emulator, the GPU plugin P.E.Op.S. Soft GPU 1.4 is required with the "Abe's Games Fix" enabled.
Emulator Replay:
PCSX-rr 0.1.3 (Feos' Abe fix)

Published on 2/24/2007
A high speed racing game featuring rodents from another (nearby) planet. Although the author doesn't classify the velocity potential of the motorcycle as a programming error in the game, the speed at which he rips through the courses may make you wonder.
A password is used to skip to the final round at Super Hard difficulty with fully upgraded Engine and Shot parts. We do not usually accept movies using passwords. Please read the rules to see our reasons.
This movie has an Atlas Map encode of the Sunset City track, which shows the standard encode overlaid on a zoomed out map.

Published on 3/16/2013
From the opposite side of the usual formula of breaking a game to reach the credits as fast as possible, Saturn finishes Chrono Trigger in a single pass while trying to get as much done as possible without glitching the game out and spending too much time grinding. Consequently this video actually looks like an otherwise normal playthrough by an extremely skilled player.
This run aims for maximal completion within reasonable constraints that don't sacrifice entertainment too much. This includes:
  • All forms of Spekkio except the highest level (Pink Nu) are defeated
  • All Tabs (stat upgrade items) that do not respawn are collected
  • All characters' Techs are learned
  • All the sidequests mentioned by Gaspar are completed (to the point he no longer mentions them)
  • At least 1 of every equipable item is collected
It isn't technically possible to do everything possible in Chrono Trigger without New Game+ and resetting a few times, but this run aims to get most of it done.
Some very heavy experience grinding occurs between 2:16:45 and 2:26:18. Viewers may wish to skip through this segment of the video.

Published on 5/8/2019
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are on a quest to retrieve the former's banana horde from the Kremlings. But with less hurry than usual.
In this run, Tompa completes the game while avoiding the Y button that allows characters to run and to roll. Game mechanics such as grabbing a rope and getting shot out of a barrel are used to boost character speeds. See the author's comments for details.

Note: 5 presses of the Y button are required in one boss fight in order to pick up and throw barrels.

Published on 6/25/2010
Watch as two Final Fantasy games, V and VI (VI is also III in North American publication), are beaten with one controller's input. Since FFVI takes longer to beat than FFV, the FFV run also beats a few optional bosses which are not fought in the single-game run of FFV. The two games finish at the same time.
Since FFV is only available in Japanese, FFVI is also played with the Japanese version. The (J) version of FFVI also has an equipment glitch which is not present in the (U) version. Otherwise, this run of FFVI is quite similar to our single-game FFVI movie.
For more details, we suggest you read the submission comments.
Note: The encodes are stacked horizontally, even though the screenshot is stacked vertically.

Published on 6/12/2012
Since moving to the SNES 16-bit land, Mega Man has taken the secret identity X, but everyone knows it's still him because he's the only blue robot who shoots three pellets at a time at other robots, steals their weapons, and zips through walls.
FractalFusion plays this game a bit differently than usual. He abuses a failed password in order to obtain all weapons before the intro stage; this also causes all 8 Mavericks to be flagged as beaten, so the run proceeds directly to the Sigma stages after the intro stage.
Because the failed password does not include X's armor upgrades and the Maverick stages are never entered, the dash boots (normally impossible to avoid) are never collected, meaning that Mega Man X spends the entire run walking through the stages; this provides more opportunities for entertainment than usual. For more information, read the author's comments.

Published on 10/8/2011
In the latest in silly ideas turned into inspirations for our ever-dedicated TASers, this movie takes one controller and wires it into three SNES emulators at once; the same input is used to play 3 games simultaneously with one controller. There are also animations constructed with spare controllers during this movie.
This movie beats the first three Mega Man X games with 100% completion each (an improvement on its predecessor, which beat only the first two games and without 100% completion).
If you like this movie, there are other movies that beat four games with one controller!
Note: There might be a visual anomaly during the battle with Serges in X 2. This is an emulator bug relating to the Cx4 chip used in the Mega Man X 2 cartridge.
Encoder's Note: There are multiple audio tracks included with the encode. Track 1 is the combined audio of all 3 games panned so that the left side is MMX1, center is MMX2, and right is MMX3. Track 2 contains MMX1's audio, track 3 contains MMX2's audio, and track 4 contains MMX3's audio.

Published on 6/5/2023
Super Diagonal Mario 2: The Ultimate Meme Machine is a ROM hack of Super Mario World that sets out to do what it says in the subtitle, be the "Ultimate Meme Machine". It is an ambitious joke hack that is filled to the brim with in-jokes, memes, and internet culture references that were popular throughout the 2010s. It also includes music that was popular during that era and some pretty questionable gameplay mechanics. Oh, and Mario is tilted at a 45 degree angle.
IgorOliveira66, not wanting to pass up the opportunity, decides to break this romhack apart into even smaller pieces than it was originally produced in. In fact, some of the glitches performed here aren't even possible in the original Super Mario World. However, due to how the romhack is designed, it can be hard to distinguish between what is a glitch and what is a deliberate design choice. But for more eagle-eyed viewers, this may not be a problem.

WARNING: This video includes flashing lights that may trigger epilepsy.

Published on 8/25/2011
Mario's doctor heard about the "Magic Mushrooms" which make Mario grow to twice his normal size and let him break bricks. Fearing for Mario's health, he orders Mario to avoid those nasty powerups.
This run aims to complete as many exits as possible without collecting any permanent powerups, including Mushrooms, Fire flowers, Feathers, Switch Palace blocks. Unable to fly, Mario is forced to confront most obstacles and overcome them in unique ways. Riding Yoshi is also banned. 86 out of the total 96 exits are completed.
In this run, the author, PangaeaPanga, saves 01:32.43 over the previous movie by using better paths, new tricks, and lag reduction. For a level by level analysis of the improvements, please see the author's notes.

Published on 5/24/2022
WARNING: This video includes flashing lights that may trigger epilepsy. The heaviest spots are at the 43:24, 53:02, 57:49, 1:16:19, 1:37:36, and 2:09:15 marks of this TAS.

Super Mario World is one of the most popular SNES games of all time. Its relevance in today's gaming culture cannot be understated. From its colorful graphics, to its smooth and satisfying controls, to its memorable soundtrack, and to its many MANY glitches.
Over the years, Super Mario World has had a wide range of exploits in order to do some crazy stuff. However, many of the glitches don't save any time in a speedrun. This TAS by IgorOliveira666 aims to showcase as many glitches and exploits in this game as possible, without worrying about speed. Some glitches are so intense that they crash the game, necessitating a restart of the console.

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  1. Video and audio content must not be changed (including the pointers to this site).
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