Tool-assisted movies (100)

Published on 1/18/2023
Knuckles' Chaotix is one of the few Sonic games that doesn't feature Sonic himself. The story differs between the English and Japanese versions of the instruction manual that came with the game, but they both involve Dr. Robotnik trapping Knuckles' friends on a special island. Knuckles must now save his friends and discover the mystery behind the island. The gameplay is similar to that of earlier Sonic games, with the added gimmick of being bound to a partner with an elastic tether, giving the game its reputation for wonky rubber band physics. After each stage, the next level and your next partner are selected via roulette.
Tuffcracker completes the game while going for all 6 Chaos Rings to achieve the best ending in this game.

Published on 8/23/2019
Pitfall II: Lost Caverns is a platforming video game originally released for the Atari 2600 in 1984. The sequel to the popular Pitfall!, it opens up the world into a free-roaming adventure instead of progressing on a linear path.
This run is different from the any% TAS in that it does everything necessary to achieve the maximum score. This means avoiding falling down pits (which decreases your score by 100 each time) and following a much longer route in order to obtain all items.
Lobsterzelda improves the previous run by 00:04.57 seconds.

Published on 6/27/2021
Princess Rescue is a homebrew game that's inspired by the Super Mario series, even following the same general storyline (a princess gets kidnapped by a big, evil, spiked turtle). A look-alike of a famous plumber must save her from its clutches.
This run completes every level without dying a single time, now 1.1 seconds faster than the previous run, thanks to better optimisation. If you want to see this game beaten as quickly as possible, please watch this run.

Published on 6/27/2019
Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle is a 1982 video game published and developed by Coleco for the ColecoVision and Atari 2600. The game is based on the television series The Smurfs. In the game, the player must brave a series of obstacles to rescue Smurfette from Gargamel's castle.
Lobsterzelda and ViGadeomes complete all three skill levels of the game, from easiest to hardest, in just under three and a half minutes.
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.3.1

Published on 7/31/2023
Xanthiom is an Atari 2600 homebrew game developed by Mathan Games in 2023. The player controls Lieutenant Grisham, on a mission to rid the threats to the galaxy on the planet Planet Coati 5. This homebrew is very much a take on what the original NES Metroid would be like on the Atari 2600 with the limitations therein.
Darkman425 and nymx save the galaxy whilst collecting every item in the game.

Published on 8/20/2017
Diamond Mine is a top-down action arcade game released in 1983 by IDSI on the Commodore 64. The goal of Diamond Mine is to collect as many diamonds as possible from 20 underground shafts, with each level containing eight diamonds. One must collect all eight diamonds in the shaft before being able to leave the shaft and complete the level.
DrD2k9 digs his way through all 20 diamond shafts as fast as possible.
Diamond Mine

Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 1.13.0

Published on 10/26/2022
Venture is an action-adventure game where a treasure hunter named Winky goes into dungeons to find treasure. The goal is to get all of the treasure in each level while fighting and dodging monsters. Stay in a room too long, and a big monster called the Hallmonster will chase down Winky and try to kill him.
In a TAS, due to a version-exclusive delay when changing direction inside rooms, the order of rooms visited is important, and changes to Winky's facing angle must be minimized to save time.
In this run, nymx plays the game on the hardest difficulty and collects every treasure in record time.

Published on 2/10/2024
In this timeless classic, the tyrant Jaffar has seized power and has forced Sultan's daughter to marry him. Jordan Mechner's brother David, the brave youth who is a prisoner in Jaffar's dungeons, must rescue her within 60 minutes.
This time, eien86 aims to defeat every single enemy in the game and also drinks every potion in the regular stages and rescues the princess in a little less than half an hour.

Published on 9/20/2023
Bejeweled 3 is a tile-matching puzzle game and the fifth game in the Bejeweled franchise. As with previous games, you earn points by matching three or more gems of the same kind by switching their places. Extra points are earned for long combos and consecutive chain combos. In most classic modes, you continue doing this until you can no longer make combos.
For this run, berrimeow plays Quest mode and completes every quest in it and gets every medal, extensively manipulating the RNG in the process. Quest mode is composed of various takes on the original Bejeweled game such as "Poker", where the gems you match up determine the card hands you can get.
Bejeweled 3

Video Downloads:
Compatibility MP4
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.9.1

Published on 4/10/2020
The second Castlevania title released on Nintendo DS after Dawn of Sorrow, this game is a direct sequel to Bloodlines on Sega Genesis. Dracula rises from the dead yet again (cue groan), and it's up to Jonathan Morris, helped out by Charlotte Aulin, a powerful mage student, to defeat him.
This time, mtbRc fully completes every single map (amounting to 1000% in total, and is therefore considered full completion), defeats all bosses and completes the game in record time.

Published on 7/19/2019
Contra 4 (2007) is largely a combined remake of the early NES and SNES Contra titles, featuring remixed music and vastly improved visuals utilizing both screens of the DS as if they were one contiguous screen.
Soig improves upon the previous publication by not only optimising it further, but also playing through the 40 missions of the game's challenge mode, which are unlocked after the main game is beaten.

Published on 10/15/2022
Intellivision Lives! is a collection of Intellivision titles developed to preserve the best of the best, such as Crown of Kings, also known as Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain on the Intellivision console. These may appear identical games on the surface level, but under the hood, this is based on the prototype release, and have different RNG algorithms.
Watch as Winslinator walks through walls and substantial luck manipulation to tear through the game's content while collecting the key, axe, and boat in the process.

Published on 3/13/2011
Ivy is a lost bird who is wandering aimlessly around looking for her mother. Normally when you play the game you simply draw vines for Ivy to walk on and you can pull them to bounce her over an obstacle.
With tools, this turns into a mad orgy of bouncing and springy physics action that is difficult to follow with the naked eye. Don't blink or you'll miss it!
Video Downloads:
High Quality MKV
Emulator Replay:
DeSmuME 9.0.6

Published on 9/1/2012
Mega Man ZX Advent is the second game in the Mega Man ZX series. What's so different between the classic series and ZX Advent? First, you get to choose between a male (Grey) and a female (Ashe) character. Then, instead of stealing weapons from the bosses, the player steals the boss itself! Instead of switching between weapons, the player switches between forms using the Biometal Model A. Finally, the player has less freedom to pick the stages of his choice.
In this run, hellagels and red-crowned-crane collect all secret disks, life ups, BM upgrades and sub tanks, achieving a 100% completion rate.

Published on 11/19/2018
Newer Super Mario Bros. DS is a hack of New Super Mario Bros. that adds entirely new levels and custom enemies, bosses, music and graphics to the DS game. The hack also modifies the Blue Shell of the original game into the Hammer Suit from Super Mario Bros. 3.
Soig collects all Star Coins in every level of the game and spends them all in record time.

Published on 7/30/2022
Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors is a visual novel for the Nintendo DS developed by Chunsoft and published by Aksys Games in North America in 2010. It features Junpei, who finds himself trapped aboard a sinking ship, and, along with 8 other people, needs to find a door with a 9 on it.
yep2yel solves the many puzzles of the various escape rooms and gets all endings in record time.
We very strongly recommend that you play the game first before watching the TAS, as it'll inevitably spoil the story and the solutions.

Published on 4/28/2017
Over the Hedge is a stealth-based platformer for the Nintendo DS based on bypassing home security in order to steal things for endangered species. This time, our heroes suddenly decide to become completionists.
jlun2 improves upon the previous publication by 00:15.41 seconds, thanks to the use a new NPC wall clip in the last level as well as some optimizations.

Published on 8/6/2015
Touch! Gostop DS is a handheld version of the popular Korean card game Gostop, developed and published by CTGAME Entertainment in 2008.
In this run, perfectacle carefully manipulates luck to beat every ranked opponent as quickly as possible. For each opponent, a minimum amount of points must be obtained before being able to move on to the next one. Clever strategy and use of auto-wins are also used to rack up multipliers and obtain extravagant high scores in a remarkably short period.
Emulator Replay:
DeSmuME 0.9.7 x86 svn4118

Published on 8/21/2023
Don't Shit Your Pants! is a text adventure-like Flash game about a man needing to defecate. You play as this man, who appears to be incapable of shitting like a civilized human being on his own. Guide yourself to the toilet to take a big brown fat dump. Or not.
Spikestuff improves on their previous run by 3.67 seconds through more optimized typing and clicking, the latter which can be attributed to better Flash accuracy.
Video Downloads:
Compatibility MP4
Emulator Replay:
libTAS v1.4.4 // ruffle-nightly-2023-04-30

Published on 6/5/2022
Meat Boy is a Flash game made by Jonathan McEntee and Edmund McMillen, where Bandaid Girl is kidnapped by Dr. Fetus, and it is up to the titular character to save her. Later, Team Meat released Super Meat Boy, which is based off of this game.
slamo rescues Bandaid Girl while collecting all the hidden bandaids in some levels in record time.
Meat Boy

Video Downloads:
Compatibility MP4
Emulator Replay:
libTAS 1.4.3 + Ruffle nightly 2022-02-15

Published on 8/25/2023
One Chance is a storybook-style Flash game by Awkward Silence Games released in December of 2010 to critical acclaim. The premise starts with a cure for cancer being found and released into the Earth's atmosphere in a gaseous form. However, this cure turns out to not only kill cancer cells, but any living cell it makes contact with. Dr. John Pilgrim, the player protagonist, now has 6 days to create an antidote before literally all life on the planet perishes. One unique characteristic of this game is that it can only be played once, and cannot be replayed again if it's completed in any way.
In this run, Spikestuff aims to get every possible ending in the game as fast as possible with the use of a modified Flash file that allows for replaying the title. The same thing can be done on the original Flash Player by disabling the Local Storage setting, but the version of Ruffle used for this run does not have that feature.

Caution: Some sequences in this game may be disturbing and triggering to some people. Viewer discretion is highly advised.
Video Downloads:
Compatibility MP4
Emulator Replay:
libTAS v1.4.4 // ruffle-nightly-2023-08-10

Published on 8/17/2023
Thy Dungeonman is a text-based adventure game that originates from the Homestar Runner Flash cartoon. It is a parody of such adventure games and features a coarse butchery of Shakespearean English and lots of odd logic and surreal settings. Playing the game can be likened to a dream, familiar but very off.
dwangoAC, Spikestuff, and rythin all collaborate to collect every item that doesn't kill you and get the best ending as fast as possible, typing so fast that the letters don't even show up on the screen.
Thy Dungeonman

Video Downloads:
Compatibility MP4
Emulator Replay:
libTAS v1.4.4, Ruffle 2023-06-04

Published on 9/15/2020
This Konami-"disowned" Castlevania title follows the earliest Belmont, Sonia, as she attempts to thwart Dracula for the first time. We also meet his son Alucard for the first time. The 5 optional Belmont Treasures are collected in this movie, which enables a secret ending after the credits with mysterious implications.
strizer86 breezes through the game by whipping enemies, climbing ropes strangely, and screenwrapping around Dracula's castle. The author beats the previous run by 1:53.92 minutes, owing to careful lag management, judicious use of Burning Mode, and a variety of new tricks.

Published on 6/22/2013
Jealous about the success of Donkey Kong Country for the fancy 16-bit system, Cranky arranges for King K. Rool to once again steal Kong's Banana Hoard, this time on a 8-bit system. It's yet again up for Donkey and Diddy to get them back!
This run aims to find all the bonuses and does that with an in game time of 31:09.

Published on 11/8/2020
In what is essentially a port of Donkey Kong Country 2 to the Game Boy, Diddy Kong and his girlfriend must rescue Donkey Kong from Kaptain K. Rool. Along they way they are distracted by a copious amount of shiny coins and other miscellaneous tasks.
This movie achieves 100% completion, which is the maximum allowable by the game.
Alyosha improves the previous TAS by 2 minutes and 3.05 seconds, thanks to better optimisation, but also thanks to using an intended shortcut.

Published on 5/13/2015
The seven rainbow bridges, connecting the seven rainbow islands, have disappeared. King Dedede is to blame as always... or is he? The evil Dark Matter has him under his control and plans to turn Dream Land into a dark world. Kirby aims to save the day by going through seven worlds, aided this time by three animal friends (though you never see Rick the Hamster used in this run).
To get the true ending to the game, the player has to find a rainbow drop on each island, which form the rainbow sword after the main showdown with Dedede. These rainbow drops are hidden off the main paths of the stages, and most of them require a special power to break the barrier guarding the drop. This has a large effect on the route in some stages.
illayaya's run is over five minutes faster than the previous run by Soulrivers. Part of this is due to cutscene skips after bosses, though this run is also much more optimized. Details can be found in the submission comments.
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 1.8.1

Published on 10/8/2007
This is Metroid II: Return of Samus completed with all the items collected. Being truthful to the original Metroid values, the game holds many items cleverly hidden, so finding all of them is not an easy task.
That being said, Metroid II doesn't keep track of the collected items' percentage. Moreover, the game has two excessive Energy tanks and an additional copy of each beam. It's been agreed that the author should take all the E-tanks, and at least one copy of each beam. However, due to the apparent linearity of this game, collecting so many additional items doesn't make the movie dramatically slower.
This movie is nearly 6 minutes faster than Alter's previous movie due to better precision, faster Metroid fights, and missile planning.
Note: This movie does not use secret worlds, also known as "select glitch".

Published on 5/6/2016
Pokémon: Blue and Red Version are part of the first generation of the Pokémon franchise. They were developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo in North America in 1998. They feature a 10-year old boy who ventures around the Kanto region and aim to become the Pokémon champion. During his journey, he encounters various monsters, which he can catch to use for battles, or just to fill up his Pokédex.
In this run, MrWint fills the Pokédex without resorting to any glitches and obtains the diploma in both games in less than four hours. Note that Mew isn't caught here; this is because it can only be obtained through either an event or glitches.

The official encodes feature commentary by the author as soft subtitles. In addition, the downloadable encodes feature additional audio tracks: The first (default) track features audio from both games, while the second and third tracks feature audio from Blue and Red, respectively.
There's also an alternate encode provided by the author which features a detailed overlay.

Published on 5/29/2021
Pokémon: Red Version is part of the first generation of games within its famous series, known for having a very large number of beneficial glitches. In fact, the game can be completed in less than one minute of in-game time by save data corruption as shown by this run, and it can be completed in around 10 minutes using a more "conventional" glitch, as shown by this run. These runs break the game, and avoid much of the gameplay intended by the developers.

Published on 12/14/2022
Tower of Hanoi is a puzzle game that dates back to 1883 at the very least when French mathematician Édouard Lucas brought the game to the West. With three rods and a tower of discs on a rod at one end, the goal of the game is to get all of the discs to the rod at the other end while following these rules: 1.) Only one disk may be moved at a time, which then has to be placed on top of another stack or on an empty rod, 2.) No disk may be placed on top of a disk that is smaller than it.
For this run, FractalFusion plays a homebrew port of Tower of Hanoi for the Game Boy and completes all the puzzles it has to offer in record time. In this version of the game, the tower can be moved in its entirety to either section in the foreground.
You can get the game here.

Watch a resync of this run being played back on a real console.
Game Version:
100% completion
Video Downloads:
Compatibility MP4
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.8

Published on 10/2/2021
Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced is similar to Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped for the PlayStation. In this game, Crash is trying to rescue his friends from the hypnosis of Doctor Nefarious Tropy and his ally N. Trance. To do this, he must collect Power Crystals to open portals to new areas and move closer to the captured Bandicoots and N. Tropy's hideout.
This run by Gibran collects all Crystals, Gems and Relics from every level and defeats all the bosses in record time.

Published on 1/22/2024
Dangerous Xmas is a homebrew platforming game for the Game Boy Advance and an unofficial spinoff to the computer game Rick Dangerous. In this game, it appears that some unspecified fascist enemies have come to ruin Christmas by stealing everyone's gifts. It's up to Rick Dangerous himself to take out those guys and their dictator leader and get all of the gifts back in time for Christmas day.
In this run, brunovalads goes for the goal of collecting every gift that was stolen along with killing the dictator and completing the game in record time.
You can get the game here.
Video Downloads:
Compatibility MP4
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.9.1

Published on 11/28/2015
Denki Blocks! is a puzzle game released for the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and several other platforms. The main Tournament mode has 8 stages, each of which have 25 puzzles, which can be done in any order. To beat each stage you need to finish any 15 puzzles.
This run by qqwref and AdituV complete all 25 puzzles in each group in an optimal order.
Denki Blocks!

Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 1.11.3

Published on 11/21/2015
Timon and Pumbaa are back for an all-new adventure that takes place during the original The Lion King movie, although from the point of view of these two goons. You control Timon, Pumbaa, or both as they attempt to find their dream home and help Simba take Pride Rock back from Scar.
This TAS by Doc Skellington plays through the game in under 40 minutes while collecting all of the grubs in each level, thus achieving 100% completion.

Published on 3/13/2020
DK: King of Swing is a Donkey Kong spin-off game developed by Paon and published by Nintendo in 2005 for the Game Boy Advance. The Kongs are planning a competition to see who's the best in the jungle! Just before it begins, K. Rool steals all the medals for the tournament! DK must hunt down K. Rool and get back those stolen medals for the tournament!
The complete definition of the '200%+" goal is defined in the submission text.

Note: this run has been commentated by its author, you can watch here.

Watch a resync of this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 7/15/2017
This game is a 2003 port of the original Donkey Kong Country for SNES. This version has increased brightness, at the cost of contrast and colour saturation, to make the game easier to see on an unlit LCD screen, some new features, including new minigames, hidden pictures, a Time Trial mode, and multiplayer games.
In order to achieve 101%, you need to play and beat every stage, find all bonus-rooms (only finding them is required, beating is not) and find all 52 cameras to fill the scrapbook. One camera requires you to collect the KONG-letters in every stage.
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 1.12.2

Published on 5/19/2020
Dr. Muto is about a scientist who blows up his own planet, and must gather items to restore it. The mutable doctor can morph into different creatures such as a mouse, a fish, and a gorilla to reach the needed items, similar to Shantae.
Author jlun2 collects every item in the game in record time.
Dr. Muto

Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.4

Published on 2/26/2023
Dr. Sudoku is a sudoku video game for the Game Boy Advance. It comes with 1000 sudoku puzzles to solve and a snazzy soundtrack to listen to. It also has a mode where you can create your own sudoku puzzles, which can be saved and stored on the cartridge.
For this run, g0goTBC and Lightmopp elect to solve all 1000 puzzles in record time. Consideration is put not only into the quickest way to solve each puzzle, but also the least number of times needed to move the cursor in order to solve the puzzle. For details on how this is achieved and the computer science behind it, you can read the authors' notes.
Dr. Sudoku

Video Downloads:
Compatibility MP4
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.8

Published on 9/27/2023
Ice Age for the GBA is a licensed game based on the animated movie of the same name. It's a platformer that superficially appears to follow the plot of the movie, where prehistoric animals Manny, Sid, and Diego work together to bring a human baby back to his tribe. There are also some gameplay mechanics, such as the ability to throw giant nuts, that certainly have no basis in the movie.
In this run, NinjaCocktail completes all the levels in the game, including the bonus levels, and gets congratulated in Comic Sans once again as fast as possible.
Ice Age

Video Downloads:
Compatibility MP4
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.8

Published on 10/8/2009
Not content with merely constructing the mirror and saving the day, Kirby and his multicolored clones have decided that they must also collect anything and everything that they come across.
We also have an any% run, which collects only the items needed to beat the game.

Published on 4/5/2020
The third game in the Mega Man Zero sub-series takes place two months after its predecessor. It features mostly the same game play as before, but with a different Cyber Elf system and customizable armor. Also new are the Secret Disks, which can be analyzed for information about the series, enemies, items, and the characters.
This run aims to collect all disks, all sub-tanks, and all Ex-Skills. It also gets a special rank when the final stage ends (Disk Capturer) and unlocks Ultimate Mode afterward. Geinuhayst saved 01:22.93 minutes from the previous run by using different Ex-Skills and tricks to allow faster movement and quicker boss fights. See the submission notes for details.
We also have a run that completes the game as quickly as possible.

Published on 11/26/2021
After a major surgery, Samus' Power Suit has been reduced in appearance. To compensate, she decides to arm herself to the teeth with 250 missiles and more power bombs than she really needs. It's her favorite thing to do when sequence breaking isn't as feasible.
Reseren collects all 100 capacity increasing items for Samus' health, missiles and power bombs. The abilities recovered from the Core-X are not part of this number.

Watch a resync of this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 4/14/2023
Metroid: Deep Freeze is a ROM hack of Zero Mission with some gameplay adjustments in a completely new environment. This run by Mandatoby completes the game with 100% item collection, at least as far as the end-of-game display is concerned.
Reading the submission text for more information is recommended.

Watch a resync of this run being played back on a real console.
Video Downloads:
Compatibility MP4
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 1.13.0

Published on 10/1/2023
Metroid: Desolation is a Metroid: Zero Mission ROM hack by jasinchen and released in 2023. Featuring vastly modified level design when compared to the base game, this hack is set on Area LC-13, where Samus goes to investigate after the water source dried up for unknown reasons, leading to many species dying.
Mikewillplays inspects the planet and finishes the hack with full item completion.
An encode featuring commentary by the author is available right here.

Published on 6/27/2023
Metroid: Scrolls 6 is a rom hack of Metroid: Zero Mission. Created for the 2018 Berserker Contest. The levels are completely new, as well as a changed soundtrack. The plot goes that Samus is bored and wants to kill a dragon, and discovers one might be nearby in a realm she finds.
Mikewillplays slays the dragon and collects 100% of the items in record time.

Published on 12/2/2023
Metroid: Spooky Mission is a short ROM Hack of Metroid: Zero Mission that is themed around Halloween and is the winner of Metroid Construction's 2017 Fall Contest. All of the levels are entirely new and most of the graphics have been replaced with either original ones or graphics inspired by games like Super Mario World and the GBA Castlevania games. It also has a few tweaks to the original gameplay like the addition of a tractor beam power up from the Metroid Prime series.
Mikewillplays in this run goes for 100% completion, collecting all of the items and spooks in record time.

Watch a resync of this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 7/24/2019
Samus's first adventure is retold in Metroid: Zero Mission with extra storyline, extra items and on a system with a better graphics processor. This run completes the game with 100% item collection, at least as far as the end-of-game display is concerned.
This run is an improvement over Dragonfangs's previous work. It saves about 4 seconds of In-Game time, but uses a new route that removes lots of door transitions, saving about 20 seconds of real time. The previous run used VisualBoyAdvance that runs this game inaccurately fast compared to BizHawk (mGBA core) used here, which is why the movie time appears longer.

There is also an alternate YouTube stream featuring audio commentary by the author as well as members of the speedrunning community.

Watch a resync of this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 5/5/2022
Pac-Man World is a 1999 video game for the PlayStation and Game Boy Advance. It was released to coincide with the 20th anniversary, with the character Pac-Man going to a birthday party. A Game Boy Advance version would be released in 2004, with many features removed.
Pac-Man World is a platform game played in 3D graphics that plays heavily into the history of the character; every non-boss level features a maze that plays by the rules of Pac-Man. Every level is littered with Pac-Dots, fruits and ghosts, much of the music is modified from early entries into the series.
This TAS by ThunderAxe31 completes the game at 100% completion in record time.
Pac-Man World

Video Downloads:
Compatibility MP4
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.8

Published on 4/14/2016
Postman Pat and the Greendale Rocket is a 2006 Game Boy Advance game based on the 2003 half-hour television special of the same name. The plot follows the eponymous postal worker as he embarks on an epic quest to save the Greendale railway from closure and get its flagship locomotive back on the tracks.
This movie completes the game from beginning to end as fast as possible, while collecting all of the stamps, letters, and parcels scattered throughout the levels.
Emulator Replay:
VBA-rr v24 svn422

Published on 9/12/2016
Everyone's favourite gymnastic winner is back, and this time, he's sparing no expense to make sure the evil Vizier's reign of sand-based terror is stopped once and for all. Watch as our hero slaughters the Vizier's entire army, robs him of his precious metal, confiscates his valuable medical resources and steals all his ancient scrolls without even stamping his library card.
In this run, theenglishman achieves a self-defined full completion, which is everything you can acquire or do in the game without the use of a Nintendo GameCube/Game Boy Advance link cable. In the case of this game, it boils down to:
  • Kill all 75 Sand Persians, which makes the Prince reach max stats (Level 30, 150 HP, 115 Attack, 90 Defence)
  • Acquire all available consumables (9 Life Potions, 9 Sands of Time, 5 Antidotes - consumables can be used at any time)
  • Collect Slowdown Ring and Freeze Ring
  • Collect all tutorial Scrolls
  • Reassemble all Medals and lower all the Medal Gates
  • Press the three GameCube switches
See the author's comments for more thorough explanation.

Published on 9/29/2023
Rayman 3 is the third game of the Rayman series. It was originally developed to be the GBA version of Rayman 2, which is why the plot mostly centers around Rayman 2's plot. Globox swallows a Dark Lum, so Rayman goes out to find a cure. However, Admiral Razorbeard attempts to get the Dark Lum out of Globox to make himself more powerful. Rayman must now get a cure for Globox while also stopping Admiral Razorbeard's plans.
NinjaCocktail improves on their previous run by 25.13 seconds thanks to a new glitch that allows Rayman to turn invisible and walk through locked doors to collect the required Lums at the expense of the camera not focusing on Rayman himself.

Published on 6/11/2017
Eggman has broken the world into seven parts, now the player must find the seven Chaos Emeralds to restore the world.
Sonic Advance 3 is a Sonic game with a twist: the player can play with a friend in co-op mode or one of many multi-player modes like ring race. The game contains features from Sonic Advance and Sonic Advance 2, but with more options like choosing from 2 characters in story mode (a leading and a following character).
This run is an improvement of 2 minutes over Dashjump's previous run.

Published on 5/16/2018
Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3 is a platform video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance. It is an enhanced remake of the Nintendo Entertainment System video game Super Mario Bros. 3, and is based on the remake found in Super Mario All-Stars for the Super NES.
It contains several enhancements, including the addition of Mario and Luigi's voices by Charles Martinet, a multiplayer mode based on the original arcade game Mario Bros and the ability to scan e-Cards, utilizing two Game Boy Advances, the e-Reader, and a copy of Super Mario Advance 4. Once a card is scanned, it adds certain content to the game.
JeyKey_55 beats every level in the game in record time. For an "all levels" run of the NES game, see this TAS by Lord Tom & Tompa.
Note that this run plays the original European release for the GBA, the e-Reader levels were not present in that version. If you want to see all the e-Reader levels beaten, we have such a movie as well.

Published on 8/11/2023
Super Metroid - GBA Edition is a ROM Hack of Metroid: Zero Mission that changes the level design to be nearly identical to Super Metroid on the Super Nintendo. While not a complete 1:1 remake, this hack does what it can to be as faithful to the original game as possible.
Mikewillplays aims to beat the whole game while collecting 101% of the items.

Published on 4/28/2023
Capybara Quest is a homebrew platformer for the Game Boy Color about a capybara who goes on a journey to rescue its baby capybara from a pelican that flew off with it. Along the way, the capybara can collect fruits called Yuzus as an optional sidequest.
Despite this run looking longer than the previous one, Alyosha and brunovalads actually save one frame of gameplay time with a single carefully timed button press.
You can play the game here.

You can watch the complete run being played back on a console.

Published on 10/27/2023
Lucky Luke is an action platformer that is based on the Belgian comic series of the same name. It stars Lucky Luke, a gunslinger who's fast with his wits and his gun. In this game, you get to face off against various Wild West legends such as Billy the Kid and Jesse James along with original villains like Pat Poker.
TheKDX7 improves on their previous full completion run by 6.53 seconds by optimizing the fight against Billy the Kid.

Published on 11/30/2016
Desperados have stolen a train. Lucky Luke has got to catch them before they lay waste to the land.
Lucky Luke: Desperado Train is a game developed by Infogrames and released in November 15th 2000 on GameBoy Color. The themes of certain levels are in touch with famous titles such as: The Ballad of the Daltons, Western Circus, Travelling up the the Mississippi and The Rivals of Painful Gulch.
During the game you have to shoot bad guys on your way, collecting the ammos, dynamites, money, and some useful items. During 12 levels you have to chase the train stolen by desperados. Lucky Luke has got to catch them before they lay waste to the land from Atlantic coast to Pacific one. Some characters in game are friendly and they can help you.

Published on 7/7/2023
Pokémon: Yellow Version is part of the first generation of games within its famous series, whereas Pokémon: Silver and Crystal Version are part of the second generation of the Pokémon franchise. They were developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo in North America in 1999, 2000 and 2001 respectively. In this journey, the player encounters various monsters, which they can catch to use for battles, or just to fill up their Pokédex.
In this run, gabraltar fills the Pokédex without resorting to any glitches and obtains the diploma in all three games in less than seven hours. Note that Mew and Celebi aren't caught here; this is because they can only be obtained through either an event or glitches.

The downloadable encode features additional audio tracks: The first (default) track features audio from the three titles, while the second, third and fourth tracks feature audio from Crystal, Silver and Yellow, respectively.
There's also an alternate encode provided by the author which features commentary and a detailed overlay.

Published on 11/12/2016
Shantae is an obscure Game Boy Color game released over a year after the Game Boy Advance came out. Because of this, it was released in extremely small quantities. It is notable for its impressive animation and scope.
In this run, arandomgameTASer goes for 100% completion, which includes getting all upgrades, all magic dances and at least one of each usable item. The run also collects the Tinkerbat form which is only accessible if the game is played on a Game Boy Advance.
Additionally, this run is over 20 minutes faster then the previous run, thanks to a plethora of new glitches, tricks, and route optimizations. More information is provided in the author's comments
We also have a run that just completes the game as quickly as possible.

Downloadable encodes have the author's commentary as soft subtitles.

Published on 8/2/2022
Super Jacked Up Tomato Face Johnson is a homebrew platformer about a muscular tomato with a set of trained legs. Tomato Face Johnson has just learned that there's a new protein shake in the market, but he doesn't have enough money. He must now go through inexplicably dangerous rooms and collect money along the way so he can buy his gain-enhancing protein shake. Oh, and there are some cans of beans to collect along the way.
In this run, Twisted Eye completes the game and collects every can of beans as fast as possible.
You can play the game here.

Watch a resync of this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 11/19/2022
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX is an updated version of an older GB game which adds color, an additional dungeon, various other minor features, and a lot of bug fixes. Link, after rescuing Hyrule (again?), sets off on a journey and subsequently shipwrecks on the mysterious Koholint Island, which has been overtaken by evil monsters which he must defeat in order to find a way back home.
In this TAS, TwistedTammer goes through the entire game collecting all the permanent inventory items, which includes heart pieces, L2 upgrades, capacity upgrades, photographs, and the colored tunic upgrade exclusive to the DX version of the game. However this run does avoid some major glitches in order to make the viewing experience more enjoyable.

Published on 6/16/2023
The Pact is a short homebrew puzzle-platformer for the Game Boy Color. The simple premise has sworn enemies Bop Bop the Rabbit and Wile F. the Dragon being forced to work together to escape Cayate the Ogre's castle after he traps them there. Each character has their own unique quirk: Bop Bop is the only one that can end the level by reaching the exit, and Wile F. can walk on spikes. Both characters have the ability to turn into statues that freeze in place while they take turns moving. This can be used to get around various obstacles in each room.
In this run, brunovalads plays the 1.0 version of the game for the level breaking glitches it has that were fixed in later versions, and beats the game while collecting all the fruit in record time.
You can play the game here,

Watch this run being played back on a real console.
Video Downloads:
Compatibility MP4
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.9

Published on 3/29/2018
Toki Tori is a puzzle made by Two Tribes for the GBC in which you must use the skills available to you to advance through 60 levels, seperated into 4 worlds of 15 levels. Skills include building ladders to cross gaps that your jump can't make, warping to other areas of the level or building gaps for enemies to fall through.
ThunderAxe31 completes all levels, including the Hard levels, in record time, while improving his previous movie by 00:11.65 seconds, not counting the time lost due to the introduction of the GBC BIOS sequence.
Toki Tori

Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.2.1

Published on 11/5/2009
Wario Land II was the last first-party title made for the Game Boy, and was later re-released for the Game Boy Color to take advantage of the new hardware. Wario's nemesis, Captain Syrup, and her Black Sugar Gang (formerly the Brown Sugar Pirates) invade his castle and steal his precious treasure. Outraged, Wario races across the land to defeat Captain Syrup and take back the treasure.
This run beats the game with 100% completion: collecting all treasures, completing the picture panel and completing the extra time attack stage (the Really Final Chapter).
We recommend reading the author's submission text; it has a great deal of information.
To see a run that aims for fastest time, check out the any% run.

Published on 1/19/2021
Winnie the Pooh: Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood is an adventure game developed by NewKidCo and published by NewKidCo and Disney Interactive. It was released in North America in April 2000 for the Game Boy Color.
The game follows Winnie the Pooh as he interacts with other characters in the wood. Most of the game uses a board game structure, where the player rolls a dice and draws cards to move around on the map in an attempt to explore the wood. The game is aimed at a younger demographic and was designed to be simple. It was the first Winnie the Pooh game to be released on a video game console.
In this movie, Winslinator achieves "100% Knowledge", equivalent to 100% completion of the game, in record time.

You can watch the console-verification of this movie here.

Published on 12/14/2023
Luigi wins a mansion in a contest and his brother, Mario, goes missing there. It is your goal to search the haunted mansion to figure out where he is. Your weapons to protect you are a flashlight and the Poltergust 3000, a ghost vacuum. Capturing ghosts and collecting keys helps you progress in your quest to find Mario.
NEVERDOORS aims to beat the game with 100% completion, by acquiring all portrait ghosts, all 50 boos, and collecting 100,000,000G to achieve the A Rank.
The author also provides an in depth commentary video of this run which can be viewed here.

This run plays the Hidden Mansion, a mode unlocked after beating the game once that increases the power of the Poltergust and allows skipping some cutscenes, to make the run more entertaining.

Published on 4/5/2021
Spider-Man is based on the 2002 movie of the same name, featuring Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker.
The 100% category for this game requires the player to complete the game on the "Hero" or "Super Hero" difficulty, collect every Golden Spider, and acquire 50,000 hero points. Natetheman223 wastes no time in getting to the task, and web-slings to 100% completion in record time.
We also have a run of NewGame+ using the Green Goblin.

Emulator Replay:
Dolphin 5.0

Published on 8/22/2023
Super Monkey Ball Adventure takes the monkey rolling madness of the previous games and puts a story-based spin on it. Choosing from one of the four monkeys, Players roll their way around the various islands of Monearth, talking to citizens and performing the tasks they request (such as delivering sandwiches, finding a missing baby, rescuing rare flowers, and more) to cheer them up.
Gonquai completes the Story Mode while achieving 100% completion.

Commentary subtitles are available in the YouTube encode and in the downloadable encode on the publication page.
Video Downloads:
Compatibility MP4
Emulator Replay:
Dolphin 5.0-14749

Published on 12/7/2018
TMNT: Mutant Melee (released as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Melee in PAL regions) is a 3D fighting game based on the 2003 animated series. Whilst the combat system is similar to previous games based on the same series, TMNT: Mutant Melee is more arena-focused.
Here, author Dimon12321 presents a tool-assisted, shell-raising journey through all 170 levels of the game's Adventure Story mode.

Note: There are also lossless encodes and encodes at additional resolutions available in the discussion thread.

Published on 8/23/2023
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 is the third game of the Tony Hawk series. This one introduced the revert and double tap tricks, which allowed for much longer and higher scoring combos. There are 8 main levels in the game along with a secret level unlocked after completing the final competition. Six of the levels have goals scattered across the level, with the remaining three being competitions.
Rocker improves the previous TAS by 38.93 seconds, thanks to better optimisation as well as better routing, limiting backtracking. Please read the author's comments for more details.
We also have an "any%" run of the game if you just want to see the game completed as fast as possible.

Published on 3/21/2016
Chakan: The Forever Man is a fairly standard platform game in which you control a dead guy (Chakan has lost his soul) through many levels of hack and slash platforming. The ultimate goal is defeat all the bad-guys and so finally achieve inner-peace.
The story-line (if you can call it that) does give this game an interesting image and it is much darker than most other titles available on the Genesis.
This is a full completion run, which, compared to the any% branch, beats some additional levels and collects all items.
NOTE: Don't be fooled by the fake credits after the final level. The game is not quite over yet.

Published on 7/27/2023
This is a ROM hack of Sonic the Hedgehog with the title character replaced by Knuckles the Echidna, complete with his signature ability to glide as well as the usual spindash. Everything else is unchanged. If you haven't seen Sonic the Hedgehog completed before, you may wish to do so before seeing what a character with a more advanced move set can accomplish.
ShiningProdigy9000, rodonic01, WST, and marzojr all work together to speed through the bonus stages to collect all 6 Chaos Emeralds and zip through the rest of the stages as fast as possible.
There is also a run of different ROM hack of the same game that replaces Sonic with Tails.

There are alternate encodes where the camera is hacked to stay focused on Knuckles as much as possible.

Published on 5/7/2015
Landstalker is a challenging adventure RPG developed by Climax Entertainment (who also helped develop the Sega Shining series). You play as an adventure-seeking treasure hunter named Nigel, an elf who's remarkably young-looking for his age (88!). After completing his latest bounty, he runs into a wood nymph named Friday who's being pursued over her alleged knowledge of the whereabouts of King Nole's treasures. After helping her evade her pursuers, the two team up as they set off for Mercator Island in search of the fabled fortune.
Are King Nole's treasures truly close by? Are they ripe for the taking, or still jealously guarded to this day...?
In ars4326's run, 100% completion is based on RTA strats and is defined as follows:
  • Collect all Life Stock (minus the shop in Kazalt)
  • Obtain all equipment
  • Collect all unique/key items
  • Complete all side quests
  • Activate all teleport trees

Published on 2/11/2013
Marvel Land is a platform game released to arcades by Namco in 1989 and ported to the Genesis two years later. You are Talmit, a man trying to save the Marvel Land amusement park from the clutches of the evil King Mole. You must defeat all of King Mole's minions inside Marvel Land to save Princess Wondra and return peace to the land of Coni.
The author, RattleMan, chooses the hardest difficulty and collects all of the necessary items in order to finish the game with 100% completion.
Marvel Land

Emulator Replay:
Gens 9.5b

Published on 12/12/2014
This game is a classic side scrolling 2D platformer, about an anthropomorphic crazy squirrel Mr. Nutz. He is only one who can stop a dictatorship of yeti Mr. Blizzard and his henchmen who want establish eternal winter.

Published on 5/30/2020
In this final installment of the famous Phantasy Star series, the protagonist, while out on a routine assignment, uncovers evidence pointing to a sinister threat to the entire solar system. One thing leads to another and he and the rest of his party eventually find themselves fighting the root of all evil.
No reason to rush things though, right? In addition to completing all sidequests, the author also uncovers every single reference to Phantasy Star Universe.
This run is 2:28.42 minutes faster than the previous record.

Published on 12/19/2023
Pringles is a simple unlicensed homebrew game starring an older version of the Pringles mascot, complete with the hair and proper shading. In a world full of Pringles chips, Pringles cans, and gigantic ingredients, the goal is to get the Pringles mascot to the exit by eating Pringles chips, which boost the mascot upwards with each chip. Higher rankings for each level is achieved by going the longest in the air without touching the cans.
LogansGamingRoom and Tompa improve on the previous "all As" run by 4.79 seconds thanks to better lag reduction and more well-optimized strategies.
You can get the game here.

Game Version:
100% completion
Video Downloads:
Compatibility MP4
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.8

Published on 9/21/2017
A Sonic video without Sonic! Instead, Knuckles takes the spotlight and collects all the Chaos (and Super) Emeralds.
This run improves upon the previous publication from Evil_3D by 00:30.24 seconds, thanks to the help of some new glitches and strategies.

Each second link or sets of encodes use a camhack, in order to have the camera focus on Knuckles while keeping the sprites in the foreground.

Published on 6/6/2023
Sonic & Knuckles is the fourth game in the Sonic series. It retains the same basic features as in the previous Sonic games (speed, rings for protection, Special Stages with Chaos Emeralds) as well as the three different shield types introduced in Sonic 3 (Fire, Water and Electric). Players can select either of the two title characters for play - either Sonic, or the all-new Knuckles the Echidna. Knuckles cannot jump as high as Sonic, but he can glide by holding the jump button while in the air. If you glide into a wall, Knuckles will also be able to climb it. He can also break through walls that Sonic can't. With these abilities, Knuckles can access different areas from Sonic, making for each level an entirely new experience.
This TAS aims to complete the game with 100% collection of the chaos emeralds.

Note: This publication also includes an alternative encode known as "Camhack", which allows the viewer to see the position of Knuckles when off screen.

Published on 7/28/2023
In this run of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic has decided that getting all the emeralds is the only way to go. And not just the Chaos Emeralds, but also the Super Emeralds. With those, Sonic can go from Super Sonic to Hyper Sonic, a super form so fast and powerful, it flashes the screen constantly. Tails can also tag along to help in this endeavor, but he's not used in this run.
ShiningProdigy9000, Takz15x, and kaan55 all collaborate to improve on the previous run by six minutes. A lot of this is done by using strategies and glitches that the previous run forwent to better show off the game, along with using all new strategies. For further details, you can read the authors' notes.
We also have a regular run with Sonic, one with Amy through a romhack, one with Knuckles, one with just Tails, a ring attack run with Knuckles, a 100% run with knuckles, a run in Competition mode and a run with Sonic and Tails on NewGame+.

Warning: The usage of Hyper Sonic in this run will have moments of flashing lights that are not suitable for those that are photosensitive.
There are alternate encodes that hack the camera in the game so that it stays on Sonic as much as possible.

Published on 5/10/2019
Sonic 3D Blast is an isometric platformer/collectathon by Traveler's Tales for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. While visiting Flicky Island, Sonic notices that the Flickies, his small, feathered friends that can travel between parallel worlds, were captured and turned into badniks (the robot enemies of Sonic) by Dr. Robotnik in his never-ending quest for the Chaos Emeralds. Seven levels separate Sonic from the final showdown with Robotnik.
the0nlykyd collects all Chaos Emeralds and gets through the final fight, thus getting the good ending, in record time.
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.3

Published on 2/22/2024
Sonic Classic Heroes is an extensive ROM hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 that combines the original game and Sonic the Hedgehog and adds a lot of new features. The main showcase is the ability to choose up to three characters to play the game with and the ability to switch between characters during gameplay. A number of features from Sonic 3 & Knuckles have also been added such as each character having their own unique ability, elemental shields, and the ability to save your progress. Certain bugs that were in the original Sonic 2 have been fixed and certain gameplay mechanics have been improved for a smoother playthrough.
For this run, CyanTheGamerhog01 decides to go for 100% completion by collecting all the Chaos Emeralds present in both the first and second games with the main trio of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, doing so in record time.

Published on 1/9/2013
The evil doctor Robotnik has a new plan to take over the world. He has built a new weapon, the Veg-O-Fortress on Mount Mobius and with it, he is transforming all creatures into robots. Sonic sneaks into the fortress and tries to stop Robotnik.
This run aims to complete all levels in the game, which includes the optional intermediate levels, and the now featured Multiball levels. These only appear after collecting all rings on the map, thus those need to be gotten too.
Emulator Replay:
Gens 11a

Published on 2/27/2023
Sonic bounces around surprisingly fast. The lack of Spin Dash makes the strategy a bit different from that of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles runs, since preserving your momentum becomes a lot more important. However, this doesn't prevent the authors from achieving crazy velocities even with such a significant limitation. In this run, the game is completed while collecting all 6 Chaos Emeralds.
There are also runs where Knuckles and Tails take advantage of their own abilities to finish the game in record time.

The second encode link leads to a camhacked version. But don't expect the videos where Sonic is visible offscreen to make any more sense than the original ones!

Published on 10/29/2023
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992) was the game that introduced the Super Dash Attack. The ability, referred to as Spin Dash in later games, has become one of the most beloved features of the series and, indeed, one of the most prominent features of the speedrunning scene as a whole.
In this exhilarating movie, the authors speed their way through this classic's bonus stages to collect all 7 chaos emeralds, as well as the varied acts making good use of Spin Dashes and tails to finish them in record time. They also manage to save 15.6 seconds over the previous run thanks to new routes and strategies. For more details on that, you can read their notes here.
For more Sonic the Hedgehog 2 tool-assisted speedruns, you can check out this page. It also includes runs with Knuckles, which is possible with a special cartridge lock-on combination.

Published on 11/21/2023
This is an official version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 with Sonic & Knuckles locked on it. Here, the title character is replaced by his rival, Knuckles, who has his signature abilities of climbing and gliding carried over to this version. Other than that, the levels are unchanged. If you haven't seen Sonic the Hedgehog 2 completed before, you may wish to do so before seeing what a character with spiked knuckles and gliding can accomplish.
Takz15x and ShiningProdigy9000 save a little over 52 seconds over the previous run thanks to a couple of new tricks and strategies.
For more Knuckles in Sonic 2, we have a run of him just beating the game as fast as possible without having to collect the Chaos Emeralds and a run where he collects nearly every ring in the game. We also have a 100% run with Sonic and Tails instead.

There are also alternate CamHack encodes that attempts to keep Knuckles visible on the screen as much as possible and over any sprite layers.

Published on 8/15/2010
The kingdom of Zebulos is once again attacked, this time by the neighboring Gedol Empire, whose ruler King Gedol decides that he can kidnap Princess Cherry as Bowser can kidnap Princess Toadstool. The rescuing hero, Sparkster, thinks that espionage is boring. So instead of infiltrating the Gedol empire by stealth, he goes in sword swinging and jetpack blazing, cutting down swaths of whatever poor lizardmen decide to get in his way.
This game is the official sequel to Rocket Knight Adventures, whereas the SNES version with the same title is some sort of spinoff. Although the control is sluggish compared to the other two games, the author generally keeps the speed and pace fast, and exploits a bunch of tricks that make some bosses fall very, very fast.
This is a 42 second improvement to the previous movie by Ferret_Warlord.

Published on 2/11/2018
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure is the first Tiny Toon Adventures-based game released on the Mega Drive/Genesis. It was released in 1993 and developed and published by Konami. Buster Bunny's mission in this game is to trace down and defeat Montana Max, who has stolen and hidden some treasure and rescue Babs Bunny.
The author, Evil_3D, beats all stages of the game by using very precise jumps, manipulating luck and avoiding lag. This movie obsoletes the any% run, because it contains all game-play of the latter, effectively superseding it.

Published on 2/24/2019
The Game Gear Shinobi is the first of the two Shinobi games released for the Sega Game Gear. The level design structure starts off with a non-linear stage select, players must rescue all 4 ninja pals and use their combined strength to get through the City of Fear.
Greenalink collects all life expansions in the game to upgrade the character, and as a result you get to see some interesting damage abuse strategies in the later levels that cut down a decent amount of time.

The author has provided textual commentary that can be seen as soft subtitles in the encodes and in the movie file.
The GG Shinobi

Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.3.1

Published on 7/22/2021
The gameplay of AD&D: Cloudy Mountain involves exploring a series of randomly generated mazes, searching for tools or arrows with which to progress on the overworld map, or to defeat monsters. The end goal is to reach Cloudy Mountain and recover the Crown of Kings from the fearsome winged dragons!
Winslinator uses two controllers and substantial luck manipulation to tear through the game's content while collecting the key, axe, and boat in the process.
If you're itching for more Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, we also have a run for this title's fastest completion.

Published on 10/23/2022
Venture is an action-adventure game where a treasure hunter named Winky goes into dungeons to find treasure. The goal is the get all of the treasure in each level while fighting and dodging monsters. Stay in a room too long and a big monster called the Hallmonster will chase down Winky and try to kill him.
In this run, Winslinator plays the game until the difficulty can no longer increase, collecting all of the treasure in the process. The difficulty of the game stops increasing after level 9.

Video Downloads:
Compatibility MP4
Emulator Replay:
BizHawk 2.8

Published on 4/13/2020
1001 Spikes is a platform game released by Nicalis in 2014, consisting of a series of levels with various traps and hazards. The protagonist is Aban Hawkins, who explores different environments in search for his father, the archaeologist Jim Hawkins, and the treasure of Poko-Mum rumoured to be behind a golden door.
This time, keylie plays with 4 Abans and completes the game, while collecting all skulls, in record time. This obsoletes keylie's 1-player run by nearly 9 minutes.

Published on 12/25/2019
This is it, Madeline. Just breathe. You can do this.
Celeste is a platform game released in 2018 and developed by independent game studio Extremely OK Games, who also developed TowerFall Ascension. It features Madeline, a young girl who sets on a journey to reach the summit of the titular mountain. Can she survive the many dangers that await her on her ascent?
This time, EuniverseCat, fishmcmuffins, keylie, dahlukeh and Lanvilla collect all 175 red strawberries, the moon berry, all 24 crystal hearts, all B-Side cassette tapes as well as completing every chapter (which also includes the B- and C-Sides as well as the recently released Farewell chapter) in a record in-game time of 1:16:51.335.

There is also an alternate YouTube stream featuring audio commentary by EuniverseCat, fishmcmuffins and Chaikitty, a speedrunner of the game.

Published on 10/29/2022
In VVVVVV, the player controls Captain Viridian, who is lost in an alternate dimension, in search of the missing members of the spaceship's crew. Instead of jumping, the player is able to control the direction of gravity, allowing Captain Viridian to flip between the floors and ceilings of the environment. The graphical style of the game is heavily influenced by the Commodore 64.
This time, Elomavi, abusing various glitches, collects all 20 trinkets on the latest version of the game as of this writing in record time. Please read the author's comments for more details.

Published on 12/17/2014
Pac-Land is a classic platformer in which Pac-Man must travel across his colorful cartoon world to return lost fairies to Fairyland. This isn't as leisurely as it sounds, as his rivals, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde and Sue are out to get him along the way.
Unlike the other run by the same author, this one avoids the level warp in order to play through all 32 stages as fast as possible.

Published on 11/14/2016
Banjo-Kazooie stars the bear-bird team of Banjo and Kazooie, who are searching for Jiggies, or Jigsaw puzzle pieces, to unlock doors and save Banjo's sister from a rhyming witch. Even though Banjo's name is first, Kazooie ends up doing most of the heavy lifting as new skills are developed.
In this run, Hyperresonance collects all 100 Jiggies hidden throughout the game.
This is an improvement of 24:40.71 over the previous movie. This was possible with overwhelming route changes (and much better route planning ahead), a myriad of new glitches and tricks, and much more optimized movement. This movie loses some time to loading zones on BizHawk vs Mupen (about 2 minutes), so the final time is not quite indicative of how good the run is. With console like loading zones, this would be a 1:57.
Note: There are encodes of higher resolution in the discussion thread.

Published on 4/12/2023
Blast Corps is a driving/puzzle/destruction sandbox video game by Rare for the Nintendo 64. A wheeled carrier hauling a pair of defective nuclear missiles to a disposal site is locked on a straight-line course there, and the slightest jolt will cause them to detonate. Unfortunately, there are a LARGE number of obstacles in that straight-line path. The Blast Corps, a cleanup crew made up of former military personnel, have been called up to clear the way for the carrier, lest it hit something and the missiles detonate. To do this job, the Blast Corps team has access to a wide variety of vehicles to destroy the obstacles, including a rocket-launching motorbike, a somersaulting mecha robot, and a dump truck.
In this run, WarHippy completes every task in the game as quickly and efficiently as possible, including getting the platinum medals in every level. This includes all 21 carrier levels and all 36 time trial levels. The trick of switching to truck/carrier view during the main levels — done in real-time speedruns to reduce lag — is not used for the sake of the viewers being able to see all of the destruction happening in the run. For more information on the production of the run, you can read the author's notes.

Note: The flickering during the fade transitions and other graphical glitches are due to inaccuracies and bugs in the emulator used for this run.

Published on 3/28/2013
This run of Bomberman 64 achieves 100% status, which means earning 120 gold cards and all custom parts (alternate costumes for multiplayer modes). To acquire the prime "gold parts", players must obtain 120 gold cards within three hours of in-game time on hard mode.
Watch zvsp blast through the stages and collect the cards very quickly. Many bomb-stacking glitches are used to skip areas. Some cards require killing a certain minimum number of enemies, so you'll also get to see Bomberman blow up lots of enemies. Also, the player dies on purpose several times, for deathwarps and as shortcuts for some cards in hazardous conditions.
Also, see the any% run by Nahoc. For more Bomberman goodness, check out more Bomberman movies.

Here are some 60fps encodes on Nicovideo: part1, part2, part3

Published on 11/19/2023
Bomberman Hero is an action platforming game by Hudson Soft and the second Bomberman game on the Nintendo 64. Bomberman is in the middle of training at his headquarters when he receives news that the princess has been captured by the Garaden Empire, so he goes out to rescue her.
In this game, Bomberman travels through four different worlds: Planet Bomber, Primus Star, Kanatia Star, and Mazone Star. Each level has Bomberman completing various tasks and destroying enemies with bombs.
In this run, Captain_Forehead aims to complete every level with a clear point of 5.

Published on 2/14/2012
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is a 2.5 dimensional side-scrolling adventure game featuring Kirby, our little pink hero. This time around, it's up to Kirby to collect the seventy-four crystal shards and save the fairies' home, Ripple Star.
In this run, Nahoc collects all shards while showing off some of the abilities this game has to offer. Please read the submission text for more information.
Note: There are encodes of higher resolution in the discussion thread.

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