Tool-assisted movies (138)

Pitfall II: Lost Caverns is a platforming video game originally released for the Atari 2600 in 1984. The sequel to the popular Pitfall!, it opens up the world into a free-roaming adventure instead of progressing on a linear path.
This run is different from the any% TAS in that it does everything necessary to achieve the maximum score. This means avoiding falling down pits (which decreases your score by 100 each time) and following a much longer route in order to obtain all items.
Lobsterzelda improves the previous run by 00:04.57 seconds.
Published on 8/23/2019
Emulator Version:
BizHawk V. 2.3.2

Princess Rescue is a homebrew game that's inspired by the Super Mario series, even following the same general storyline (a princess gets kidnapped by a big, evil, spiked turtle). A look-alike of a famous plumber must save her from its clutches.
This run completes every level without dying a single time, now 1.1 seconds faster than the previous run, thanks to better optimisation. If you want to see this game beaten as quickly as possible, please watch this run.
Published on 6/27/2021

Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle is a 1982 video game published and developed by Coleco for the ColecoVision and Atari 2600. The game is based on the television series The Smurfs. In the game, the player must brave a series of obstacles to rescue Smurfette from Gargamel's castle.
Lobsterzelda and ViGadeomes complete all three skill levels of the game, from easiest to hardest, in just under three and a half minutes.
Published on 6/27/2019
Emulator Version:
BizHawk 2.3.1

Diamond Mine is a top-down action arcade game released in 1983 by IDSI on the Commodore 64. The goal of Diamond Mine is to collect as many diamonds as possible from 20 underground shafts, with each level containing eight diamonds. One must collect all eight diamonds in the shaft before being able to leave the shaft and complete the level.
DrD2k9 digs his way through all 20 diamond shafts as fast as possible.
Published on 8/20/2017
Diamond Mine

Emulator Version:
BizHawk 1.13.0

The second Castlevania title released on Nintendo DS after Dawn of Sorrow, this game is a direct sequel to Bloodlines on Sega Genesis. Dracula rises from the dead yet again (cue groan), and it's up to Jonathan Morris, helped out by Charlotte Aulin, a powerful mage student, to defeat him.
This time, mtbRc fully completes every single map (amounting to 1000% in total, and is therefore considered full completion), defeats all bosses and completes the game in record time.
Published on 4/10/2020

Contra 4 (2007) is largely a combined remake of the early NES and SNES Contra titles, featuring remixed music and vastly improved visuals utilizing both screens of the DS as if they were one contiguous screen.
Soig improves upon the previous publication by not only optimising it further, but also playing through the 40 missions of the game's challenge mode, which are unlocked after the main game is beaten.
Published on 7/19/2019

Ivy is a lost bird who is wandering aimlessly around looking for her mother. Normally when you play the game you simply draw vines for Ivy to walk on and you can pull them to bounce her over an obstacle.
With tools, this turns into a mad orgy of bouncing and springy physics action that is difficult to follow with the naked eye. Don't blink or you'll miss it!
Published on 3/13/2011

Mega Man ZX Advent is the second game in the Mega Man ZX series. What's so different between the classic series and ZX Advent? First, you get to choose between a male (Grey) and a female (Ashe) character. Then, instead of stealing weapons from the bosses, the player steals the boss itself! Instead of switching between weapons, the player switches between forms using the Biometal Model A. Finally, the player has less freedom to pick the stages of his choice.
In this run, hellagels and red-crowned-crane collect all secret disks, life ups, BM upgrades and sub tanks, achieving a 100% completion rate.
Published on 9/1/2012

Newer Super Mario Bros. DS is a hack of New Super Mario Bros. that adds entirely new levels and custom enemies, bosses, music and graphics to the DS game. The hack also modifies the Blue Shell of the original game into the Hammer Suit from Super Mario Bros. 3.
Soig collects all Star Coins in every level of the game and spends them all in record time.
Published on 11/19/2018

Over the Hedge is a stealth-based platformer for the Nintendo DS based on bypassing home security in order to steal things for endangered species. This time, our heroes suddenly decide to become completionists.
jlun2 improves upon the previous publication by 00:15.41 seconds, thanks to the use a new NPC wall clip in the last level as well as some optimizations.
Published on 4/28/2017
Emulator Version:

Touch! Gostop DS is a handheld version of the popular Korean card game Gostop, developed and published by CTGAME Entertainment in 2008.
In this run, perfectacle carefully manipulates luck to beat every ranked opponent as quickly as possible. For each opponent, a minimum amount of points must be obtained before being able to move on to the next one. Clever strategy and use of auto-wins are also used to rack up multipliers and obtain extravagant high scores in a remarkably short period.
Published on 8/6/2015
Touch! Gostop DS

Emulator Version:
desmume x86 0.9.7 svn4118

This Konami-"disowned" Castlevania title follows the earliest Belmont, Sonia, as she attempts to thwart Dracula for the first time. We also meet his son Alucard for the first time. The 5 optional Belmont Treasures are collected in this movie, which enables a secret ending after the credits with mysterious implications.
strizer86 breezes through the game by whipping enemies, climbing ropes strangely, and screenwrapping around Dracula's castle. The author beats the previous run by 1:53.92 minutes, owing to careful lag management, judicious use of Burning Mode, and a variety of new tricks.
Published on 9/15/2020

Jealous about the success of Donkey Kong Country for the fancy 16-bit system, Cranky arranges for King K Rool to once again steal Kong's Banana Hoard, this time on a 8-bit system. It's yet again up for Donkey and Diddy to get them back!
This run aims to find all the bonuses and does that with an in game time of 31:09.
Published on 6/22/2013

In what is essentially a port of Donkey Kong Country 2 to the Game Boy, Diddy Kong and his girlfriend must rescue Donkey Kong from Captain K. Rool. Along they way they are distracted by a copious amount of shiny coins and other miscellaneous tasks.
This movie achieves 100% completion, which is the maximum allowable by the game.
Alyosha improves the previous TAS by 2 minutes and 3.05 seconds, thanks to better optimisation, but also thanks to using an intended shortcut.
Published on 11/8/2020

The seven rainbow bridges, connecting the seven rainbow islands, have disappeared. King Dedede is to blame as always... or is he? The evil Dark Matter has him under his control and plans to turn Dream Land into a dark world. Kirby aims to save the day by going through seven worlds, aided this time by three animal friends (though you never see Rick the Hamster used in this run).
To get the true ending to the game, the player has to find a rainbow drop on each island, which form the rainbow sword after the main showdown with Dedede. These rainbow drops are hidden off the main paths of the stages, and most of them require a special power to break the barrier guarding the drop. This has a large effect on the route in some stages.
illayaya's run is over five minutes faster than the previous run by Soulrivers. Part of this is due to cutscene skips after bosses, though this run is also much more optimized. Details can be found in the submission comments.
Published on 5/13/2015
Emulator Version:
Bizhawk 1.8.1

This is Metroid II: Return of Samus completed with all the items collected. Being truthful to the original Metroid values, the game holds many items cleverly hidden, so finding all of them is not an easy task.
That being said, Metroid II doesn't keep track of the collected items' percentage. Moreover, the game has two excessive Energy tanks and an additional copy of each beam. It's been agreed that the author should take all the E-tanks, and at least one copy of each beam. However, due to the apparent linearity of this game, collecting so many additional items doesn't make the movie dramatically slower.
This movie is nearly 6 minutes faster than Alter's previous movie due to better precision, faster Metroid fights, and missile planning.
Note: This movie does not use secret worlds, also known as "select glitch".
Published on 10/8/2007

Pokémon: Blue and Red Version are part of the first generation of the Pokémon franchise. They were developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo in North America in 1998. They feature a 10-year old boy who ventures around the Kanto region and aim to become the Pokémon champion. During his journey, he encounters various monsters, which he can catch to use for battles, or just to fill up his Pokédex.
In this run, MrWint fills the Pokédex without resorting to any glitches and obtains the diploma in both games in less than four hours. Note that Mew isn't caught here; this is because it can only be obtained through either an event or glitches.

The official encodes feature commentary by the author as soft subtitles. In addition, the downloadable encodes feature additional audio tracks: The first (default) track features audio from both games, while the second and third tracks feature audio from Blue and Red, respectively.
There's also an alternate encode provided by the author which features a detailed overlay.
Published on 5/6/2016

Pokémon: Red Version is part of the first generation of games within its famous series, known for having a very large number of beneficial glitches. In fact, the game can be completed in less than one minute of in-game time by save data corruption as shown by this run, and it can be completed in around 10 minutes using a more "conventional" glitch, as shown by this run. These runs break the game, and avoid much of the gameplay intended by the developers.
Published on 5/29/2021

Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced is similar to Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped for the PlayStation. In this game, Crash is trying to rescue his friends from the hypnosis of Doctor Nefarious Tropy and his ally N. Trance. To do this, he must collect Power Crystals to open portals to new areas and move closer to the captured Bandicoots and N. Tropy's hideout.
This run by Gibran collects all Crystals, Gems and Relics from every level and defeats all the bosses in record time.
Published on 10/2/2021

Denki Blocks! is a puzzle game released for the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and several other platforms. The main Tournament mode has 8 stages, each of which have 25 puzzles, which can be done in any order. To beat each stage you need to finish any 15 puzzles.
This run by qqwref and AdituV complete all 25 puzzles in each group in an optimal order.
Published on 11/28/2015
Denki Blocks!

Emulator Version:
BizHawk 1.11.3

Timon and Pumbaa are back for an all-new adventure that takes place during the original The Lion King movie, although from the point of view of these two goons. You control Timon, Pumbaa, or both as they attempt to find their dream home and help Simba take Pride Rock back from Scar.
This TAS by Doc Skellington plays through the game in under 40 minutes while collecting all of the grubs in each level, thus achieving 100% completion.
Published on 11/21/2015

DK: King of Swing is a Donkey Kong spinoff game developed by Paon and published by Nintendo in 2005 for the Game Boy Advance. The Kongs are planning a competition to see who's the best in the jungle! Just before it begins, K. Rool steals all the medals for the tournament! DK must hunt down K. Rool and get back those stolen medals for the tournament!
The complete definition of the '200%+" goal is defined in the submission text.

Note: this run has been commentated by its author, you can watch here.
Published on 3/13/2020

This game is a 2003 port of the original Donkey Kong Country for SNES. This version has increased brightness, at the cost of contrast and colour saturation, to make the game easier to see on an unlit LCD screen, some new features, including new minigames, hidden pictures, a Time Trial mode, and multiplayer games.
In order to achieve 101%, you need to play and beat every stage, find all bonus-rooms (only finding them is required, beating is not) and find all 52 cameras to fill the scrapbook. One camera requires you to collect the KONG-letters in every stage.
Published on 7/15/2017
Emulator Version:
BizHawk 1.12.2

Dr. Muto is about a scientist who blows up his own planet, and must gather items to restore it. The mutable doctor can morph into different creatures such as a mouse, a fish, and a gorilla to reach the needed items, similar to Shantae.
Author jlun2 collects every item in the game in record time.
Published on 5/19/2020
Dr. Muto

Emulator Version:
BizHawk 2.4

Not content with merely constructing the mirror and saving the day, Kirby and his multicolored clones have decided that they must also collect anything and everything that they come across.
We also have an any% run, which collects only the items needed to beat the game.
Published on 10/8/2009

The third game in the Megaman Zero subseries takes place two months after its predecessor. It features mostly the same game play as before, but with a different Cyber Elf system and customizable armor. Also new are the Secret Disks, which can be analyzed for information about the series, enemies, items, and the characters.
This run aims to collect all disks, all sub-tanks, and all Ex-Skills. It also gets a special rank when the final stage ends (Disk Capturer) and unlocks Ultimate Mode afterward. Geinuhayst saved 01:22.93 minutes from the previous run by using different Ex-Skills and tricks to allow faster movement and quicker boss fights. See the submission notes for details.
We also have a run that completes the game as quickly as possible.
Published on 4/5/2020

After a major surgery, Samus' Power Suit has been reduced in appearance. To compensate, she decides to arm herself to the teeth with 250 missiles and more power bombs than she really needs. It's her favorite thing to do when sequence breaking isn't as feasible.
Reseren collects all 100 capacity increasing items for Samus' health, missiles and power bombs. The abilities recovered from the Core-X are not part of this number.
Published on 11/26/2021

Samus's first adventure is retold in Metroid: Zero Mission with extra storyline, extra items and on a system with a better graphics processor. This run completes the game with 100% item collection, at least as far as the end-of-game display is concerned.
This run is an improvement over Dragonfangs's previous work. It saves about 4 seconds of In-Game time, but uses a new route that removes lots of door transitions, saving about 20 seconds of real time. The previous run used VisualBoyAdvance that runs this game inaccurately fast compared to BizHawk (mGBA core) used here, which is why the movie time appears longer.

There is also an alternate YouTube stream featuring audio commentary by the author as well as members of the speedrunning community.
Published on 7/24/2019

Postman Pat and the Greendale Rocket is a 2006 Game Boy Advance game based on the 2003 half-hour television special of the same name. The plot follows the eponymous postal worker as he embarks on an epic quest to save the Greendale railway from closure and get its flagship locomotive back on the tracks.
This movie completes the game from beginning to end as fast as possible, while collecting all of the stamps, letters, and parcels scattered throughout the levels.
Published on 4/14/2016
Emulator Version:

Everyone's favourite gymnastic winner is back, and this time, he's sparing no expense to make sure the evil Vizier's reign of sand-based terror is stopped once and for all. Watch as our hero slaughters the Vizier's entire army, robs him of his precious metal, confiscates his valuable medical resources and steals all his ancient scrolls without even stamping his library card.
In this run, theenglishman achieves a self-defined full completion, which is everything you can acquire or do in the game without the use of a Nintendo GameCube/Game Boy Advance link cable. In the case of this game, it boils down to:
  • Kill all 75 Sand Persians, which makes the Prince reach max stats (Level 30, 150 HP, 115 Attack, 90 Defence)
  • Acquire all available consumables (9 Life Potions, 9 Sands of Time, 5 Antidotes - consumables can be used at any time)
  • Collect Slowdown Ring and Freeze Ring
  • Collect all tutorial Scrolls
  • Reassemble all Medals and lower all the Medal Gates
  • Press the three GameCube switches
See the author's comments for more thorough explanation.
Published on 9/12/2016

Eggman has broken the world into seven parts, now the player must find the seven Chaos Emeralds to restore the world.
Sonic Advance 3 is a Sonic game with a twist: the player can play with a friend in co-op mode or one of many multi-player modes like ring race. The game contains features from Sonic Advance and Sonic Advance 2, but with more options like choosing from 2 characters in story mode (a leading and a following character).
This run is an improvement of 2 minutes over Dashjump's previous run.
Published on 6/11/2017
Sonic Advance 3

Emulator Version:
VBA-rr v23.5

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3 is a platform video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance. It is an enhanced remake of the Nintendo Entertainment System video game Super Mario Bros. 3, and is based on the remake found in Super Mario All-Stars for the Super NES.
It contains several enhancements, including the addition of Mario and Luigi's voices by Charles Martinet, a multiplayer mode based on the original arcade game Mario Bros and the ability to scan e-Cards, utilizing two Game Boy Advances, the e-Reader, and a copy of Super Mario Advance 4. Once a card is scanned, it adds certain content to the game.
JeyKey_55 beats every level in the game in record time. For an "all levels" run of the NES game, see this TAS by Lord Tom & Tompa.
Note that this run plays the original European release for the GBA, the e-Reader levels were not present in that version. If you want to see all the e-Reader levels beaten, we have such a movie as well.
Published on 5/16/2018

Lucky Luke is based on a comic series created by Belgian cartoonist Maurice De Bevere. The series was very popular in Europe, so it's not surprising that it was adapted into a game.
TheKDX7, author of the other Lucky Luke run, improves upon the previous publication by 13 seconds due to more precise movements and some routing changes.
Published on 12/29/2016

Desperados have stolen a train. Lucky Luke has got to catch them before they lay waste to the land.
Lucky Luke: Desperado Train is a game developed by Infogrames and released in November 15th 2000 on GameBoy Color. The themes of certain levels are in touch with famous titles such as: The Ballad of the Daltons, Western Circus, Travelling up the the Mississippi and The Rivals of Painful Gulch.
During the game you have to shoot bad guys on your way, collecting the ammos, dynamites, money, and some useful items. During 12 levels you have to chase the train stolen by desperados. Lucky Luke has got to catch them before they lay waste to the land from Atlantic coast to Pacific one. Some characters in game are friendly and they can help you.
Published on 11/30/2016

Shantae is an obscure Game Boy Color game released over a year after the Game Boy Advance came out. Because of this, it was released in extremely small quantities. It is notable for its impressive animation and scope.
In this run, arandomgameTASer goes for 100% completion, which includes getting all upgrades, all magic dances and at least one of each usable item. The run also collects the Tinkerbat form which is only accessible if the game is played on a Game Boy Advance.
Additionally, this run is over 20 minutes faster then the previous run, thanks to a plethora of new glitches, tricks, and route optimizations. More information is provided in the author's comments
We also have a run that just completes the game as quickly as possible.

Downloadable encodes have the author's commentary as soft subtitles.
Published on 11/12/2016

Toki Tori is a puzzle made by Two Tribes for the GBC in which you must use the skills available to you to advance through 60 levels, seperated into 4 worlds of 15 levels. Skills include building ladders to cross gaps that your jump can't make, warping to other areas of the level or building gaps for enemies to fall through.
ThunderAxe31 completes all levels, including the Hard levels, in record time, while improving his previous movie by 00:08.54 seconds.
Published on 3/29/2018
Toki Tori

Emulator Version:
BizHawk 2.2.1

Wario Land II was the last first-party title made for the Game Boy, and was later re-released for the Game Boy Color to take advantage of the new hardware. Wario's nemesis, Captain Syrup, and her Black Sugar Gang (formerly the Brown Sugar Pirates) invade his castle and steal his precious treasure. Outraged, Wario races across the land to defeat Captain Syrup and take back the treasure.
This run beats the game with 100% completion: collecting all treasures, completing the picture panel and completing the extra time attack stage (the Really Final Chapter).
We recommend reading the author's submission text; it has a great deal of information.
To see a run that aims for fastest time, check out the any% run.
Published on 11/5/2009

Winnie the Pooh: Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood is an adventure game developed by NewKidCo and published by NewKidCo and Disney Interactive. It was released in North America in April 2000 for the Game Boy Color.
The game follows Winnie the Pooh as he interacts with other characters in the wood. Most of the game uses a board game structure, where the player rolls a dice and draws cards to move around on the map in an attempt to explore the wood. The game is aimed at a younger demographic and was designed to be simple. It was the first Winnie the Pooh game to be released on a video game console.
In this movie, Winslinator achieves "100% Knowledge", equivalent to 100% completion of the game, in record time.

You can watch the console-verification of this movie here.
Published on 1/19/2021

Spider-Man is based on the 2002 movie of the same name, featuring Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker.
The 100% category for this game requires the player to complete the game on the "Hero" or "Super Hero" difficulty, collect every Golden Spider, and acquire 50,000 hero points. Natetheman223 wastes no time in getting to the task, and web-slings to 100% completion in record time.
We also have a run of NewGame+ using the Green Goblin.
Published on 4/5/2021

Emulator Version:
Dolphin 5.0

TMNT: Mutant Melee (released as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Melee in PAL regions) is a 3D fighting game based on the 2003 animated series. Whilst the combat system is similar to previous games based on the same series, TMNT: Mutant Melee is more arena-focused.
Here, author Dimon12321 presents a tool-assisted, shell-raising journey through all 170 levels of the game's Adventure Story mode.

Note: There are also lossless encodes and encodes at additional resolutions available in the discussion thread.
Published on 12/7/2018

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 is the third game of the Tony Hawk series. This one introduced the revert and double tap tricks, which allowed for much longer and higher scoring combos. There are 8 main levels in the game along with a secret level unlocked after completing the final competition. Six of the levels have goals scattered across the level, with the remaining three being competitions.
In this run, Fog skates, grinds, and flies through the air across all story mode levels to complete all goals in the game as well as getting gold medals in all of the competitions as fast as possible.
We also have an "any%" run of the game if you just want to see the game completed as fast as possible.
Published on 2/18/2016

Chakan: The Forever Man is a fairly standard platform game in which you control a dead guy (Chakan has lost his soul) through many levels of hack and slash platforming. The ultimate goal is defeat all the bad-guys and so finally achieve inner-peace.
The story-line (if you can call it that) does give this game an interesting image and it is much darker than most other titles available on the Genesis.
This is a full completion run, which, compared to the any% branch, beats some additional levels and collects all items.
NOTE: Don't be fooled by the fake credits after the final level. The game is not quite over yet.
Published on 3/21/2016

Landstalker is a challenging adventure RPG developed by Climax Entertainment (who also helped develop the Sega Shining series). You play as an adventure-seeking treasure hunter named Nigel, an elf who's remarkably young-looking for his age (88!). After completing his latest bounty, he runs into a wood nymph named Friday who's being pursued over her alleged knowledge of the whereabouts of King Nole's treasures. After helping her evade her pursuers, the two team up as they set off for Mercator Island in search of the fabled fortune.
Are King Nole's treasures truly close by? Are they ripe for the taking, or still jealously guarded to this day...?
In ars4326's run, 100% completion is based on RTA strats and is defined as follows:
  • Collect all Life Stock (minus the shop in Kazalt)
  • Obtain all equipment
  • Collect all unique/key items
  • Complete all side quests
  • Activate all teleport trees
Published on 5/7/2015

Marvel Land is a platform game released to arcades by Namco in 1989 and ported to the Genesis two years later. You are Talmit, a man trying to save the Marvel Land amusement park from the clutches of the evil King Mole. You must defeat all of King Mole's minions inside Marvel Land to save Princess Wondra and return peace to the land of Coni.
The author, RattleMan, chooses the hardest difficulty and collects all of the necessary items in order to finish the game with 100% completion.
Published on 2/11/2013
Marvel Land

Emulator Version:

This game is a classic side scrolling 2D platformer, about an anthropomorphic crazy squirrel Mr. Nutz. He is only one who can stop a dictatorship of yeti Mr. Blizzard and his henchmen who want establish eternal winter.
Published on 12/12/2014
Mr. Nutz

Emulator Version:
Gens Rerecording v11c

In this final installment of the famous Phantasy Star series, the protagonist, while out on a routine assignment, uncovers evidence pointing to a sinister threat to the entire solar system. One thing leads to another and he and the rest of his party eventually find themselves fighting the root of all evil.
No reason to rush things though, right? In addition to completing all sidequests, the author also uncovers every single reference to Phantasy Star Universe.
This run is 2:28.42 minutes faster than the previous record.
Published on 5/30/2020

In this run of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic has decided that getting all the emeralds is the only way to go and as such powers his way through the special stages to achieve this (and a perfect ending). This run also avoids using a glitch called horizontal underflow, which is explained in the author's comments.
The downloadable encodes in the second set use a camhack, which attempts to always keep Sonic onscreen and puts HD sprites on top of the background to make the TAS look even better.

FLASHING LIGHTS WARNING: 37:15 onwards, Hyper Sonic will have moments of a bright flash that some users may find to be discomforting
Published on 11/9/2009

A Sonic video without Sonic! Instead, Knuckles takes the spotlight and collects all the Chaos (and Super) Emeralds.
This run improves upon the previous publication from Evil_3D by 00:30.24 seconds, thanks to the help of some new glitches and strategies.

Each second link or sets of encodes use a camhack, in order to have the camera focus on Knuckles while keeping the sprites in the foreground.
Published on 9/21/2017

Sonic 3D Blast is an isometric platformer/collectathon by Traveler's Tales for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. While visiting Flicky Island, Sonic notices that the Flickies, his small, feathered friends that can travel between parallel worlds, were captured and turned into badniks (the robot enemies of Sonic) by Dr. Robotnik in his never-ending quest for the Chaos Emeralds. Seven levels separate Sonic from the final showdown with Robotnik.
the0nlykyd collects all Chaos Emeralds and gets through the final fight, thus getting the good ending, in record time.
Published on 5/10/2019
Emulator Version:
BizHawk 2.3.0

The evil doctor Robotnik has a new plan to take over the world. He has built a new weapon, the Veg-O-Fortress on Mount Mobius and with it, he is transforming all creatures into robots. Sonic sneaks into the fortress and tries to stop Robotnik.
This run aims to complete all levels in the game, which includes the optional intermediate levels, and the now featured Multiball levels. These only appear after collecting all rings on the map, thus those need to be gotten too.
Published on 1/9/2013
Emulator Version:
Gens Re-Recording v11a

The kingdom of Zebulos is once again attacked, this time by the neighboring Gedol Empire, whose ruler King Gedol decides that he can kidnap Princess Cherry as Bowser can kidnap Princess Toadstool. The rescuing hero, Sparkster, thinks that espionage is boring. So instead of infiltrating the Gedol empire by stealth, he goes in sword swinging and jetpack blazing, cutting down swaths of whatever poor lizardmen decide to get in his way.
This game is the official sequel to Rocket Knight Adventures, whereas the SNES version with the same title is some sort of spinoff. Although the control is sluggish compared to the other two games, the author generally keeps the speed and pace fast, and exploits a bunch of tricks that make some bosses fall very, very fast.
This is a 42 second improvement to the previous movie by Ferret Warlord.
Published on 8/15/2010

Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure is the first Tiny Toon Adventures-based game released on the Mega Drive/Genesis. It was released in 1993 and developed and published by Konami. Buster Bunny's mission in this game is to trace down and defeat Montana Max, who has stolen and hidden some treasure and rescue Babs Bunny.
The author, Evil_3D, beats all stages of the game by using very precise jumps, manipulating luck and avoiding lag. This movie obsoletes the any% run, because it contains all game-play of the latter, effectively superseding it.
Published on 2/11/2018

The Game Gear Shinobi is the first of the two Shinobi games released for the Sega Game Gear. The level design structure starts off with a non-linear stage select, players must rescue all 4 ninja pals and use their combined strength to get through the City of Fear.
Greenalink collects all life expansions in the game to upgrade the character, and as a result you get to see some interesting damage abuse strategies in the later levels that cut down a decent amount of time.

The author has provided textual commentary that can be seen as soft subtitles in the encodes and in the movie file.
Published on 2/24/2019
The GG Shinobi

Emulator Version:
Bizhawk 2.3.1

The gameplay of AD&D: Cloudy Mountain involves exploring a series of randomly generated mazes, searching for tools or arrows with which to progress on the overworld map, or to defeat monsters. The end goal is to reach Cloudy Mountain and recover the Crown of Kings from the fearsome winged dragons!
Winslinator uses two controllers and substantial luck manipulation to tear through the game's content while collecting the key, axe, and boat in the process.
If you're itching for more Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, we also have a run for this title's fastest completion.
Published on 7/22/2021

1001 Spikes is a platform game released by Nicalis in 2014, consisting of a series of levels with various traps and hazards. The protagonist is Aban Hawkins, who explores different environments in search for his father, the archaeologist Jim Hawkins, and the treasure of Poko-Mum rumoured to be behind a golden door.
This time, keylie plays with 4 Abans and completes the game, while collecting all skulls, in record time. This obsoletes keylie's 1-player run by nearly 9 minutes.
Published on 4/13/2020
1001 Spikes

Emulator Version:
libTAS v1.3.5

This is it, Madeline. Just breathe. You can do this.
Celeste is a platform game released in 2018 and developed by independent game studio Matt Makes Games, who also developed TowerFall Ascension. It features Madeline, a young girl who sets on a journey to reach the summit of the titular mountain. Can she survive the many dangers that await her on her ascent?
This time, EuniverseCat, fishmcmuffins, keylie, dahlukeh and Lanvilla collect all 175 red strawberries, the moon berry, all 24 crystal hearts, all B-Side cassette tapes as well as completing every chapter (which also includes the B- and C-Sides as well as the recently released Farewell chapter) in a record in-game time of 1:16:51.335.

There is also an alternate YouTube stream featuring audio commentary by EuniverseCat, fishmcmuffins and Chaikitty, a speedrunner of the game.
Published on 12/25/2019

Pac-Land is a classic platformer in which Pac-Man must travel across his colorful cartoon world to return lost fairies to Fairyland. This isn't as leisurely as it sounds, as his rivals, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde and Sue are out to get him along the way.
Unlike the other run by the same author, this one avoids the level warp in order to play through all 32 stages as fast as possible.
Published on 12/17/2014

Banjo-Kazooie stars the bear-bird team of Banjo and Kazooie, who are searching for Jiggies, or Jigsaw puzzle pieces, to unlock doors and save Banjo's sister from a rhyming witch. Even though Banjo's name is first, Kazooie ends up doing most of the heavy lifting as new skills are developed.
In this run, Hyperresonance collects all 100 Jiggies hidden throughout the game.
This is an improvement of 24:40.71 over the previous movie. This was possible with overwhelming route changes (and much better route planning ahead), a myriad of new glitches and tricks, and much more optimized movement. This movie loses some time to loading zones on BizHawk vs Mupen (about 2 minutes), so the final time is not quite indicative of how good the run is. With console like loading zones, this would be a 1:57.
Note: There are encodes of higher resolution in the discussion thread.
Published on 11/14/2016

This run of Bomberman 64 achieves 100% status, which means earning 120 gold cards and all custom parts (alternate costumes for multiplayer modes). To acquire the prime "gold parts", players must obtain 120 gold cards within three hours of in-game time on hard mode.
Watch zvsp blast through the stages and collect the cards very quickly. Many bomb-stacking glitches are used to skip areas. Some cards require killing a certain minimum number of enemies, so you'll also get to see Bomberman blow up lots of enemies. Also, the player dies on purpose several times, for deathwarps and as shortcuts for some cards in hazardous conditions.
Also, see the any% run by Nahoc. For more Bomberman goodness, check out more Bomberman Movies.

Here are some 60fps encodes on Nicovideo: part1, part2, part3
Published on 3/28/2013

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is a 2.5 dimensional side-scrolling adventure game featuring Kirby, our little pink hero. This time around, it's up to Kirby to collect the seventy-four crystal shards and save the fairies' home, Ripple Star.
In this run, Nahoc collects all shards while showing off some of the abilities this game has to offer. Please read the submission text for more information.
Note: There are encodes of higher resolution in the discussion thread.
Published on 2/14/2012

Micro Machines 64 TURBO (released in 1999) is the Nintendo 64 remake of Micro Machines V3 (released in 1997) for the PlayStation and PC. It features the same clunky menu system and the same 43 primary courses and 31 unique vehicles (the PlayStation version also had a plodding training mode, "Cherry's Driving School" with five courses defined by cones and a unique training vehicle). The visuals have been slightly improved and a "turbo selection" speed control was added that allows players to choose faster, harder levels of speed.
In this run, Weatherton speeds through one lap of all the courses. To do so, three different gameplay modes are necessary: Time Trial, Test Drive, and Party Play modes. Each track is played using an in-game code to drive at double speed, making the action even more frantic and impressive.
Published on 5/23/2013
Emulator Version:
Mupen64 0.5.0

Jojo the raccoon, discontent with only getting second billing at the impending opening of Dr. Gavin's new theme park Whoopie World, decides to sabotage the park in favour of founding his own Jojo's World. It's up to Dr. Gavin's robot, Rocket, to stop Jojo and get the park back in working order in time for opening.
This run collects 100% of the Tickets, Tinker Tokens and life upgrades.
Published on 5/22/2010

In a shocking twist of events, Bowser kidnaps Peach inside her own castle. Mario shows up and rains on Bowser's parade by collecting all 120 stars and winning in record time.
Numerous bugs are exploited in order to speed up Mario's progress and the physics engine is abused to its fullest.
This is an improvement of 09:04.17 over the previous movie by Rikku.
If you prefer to see the game beaten in the fastest time, then watch the "0 Stars" run.
If you're looking for a TAS on the Nintendo DS remake, you can watch it here.
Note: There are encodes of higher resolution in the discussion thread.
Published on 12/13/2012

Super Mario 64: The Green Stars is a Super Mario 64 rom hack made by Kampel, released in August 2013. Also listed under "hacking" in the credits are Kaze, Frauber and VL-Tone.
The hack has a number of differences compared to the original game, such as an increased count of 130 stars, harder level design, and (as the title implies) green stars. The game is intended as a fan-made sequel to Super Mario 64, and is often praised for feeling very similar to the original game.
The trio of authors power through the hack with incredible speed, showcasing the various levels and landscapes, abusing the game's programming errors, and collecting all 130 stars in under 100 minutes.
Note: There are encodes of higher resolution in the discussion thread.
Published on 10/16/2017

Super Mario 74 is a Super Mario 64 ROM hack made by Lugmillord in 2011. It introduces new harder levels, custom music and a greater amount of Stars to collect.
The hack often pokes fun at both the player and the original game. Most of the dialogue is silly or sarcastic and some star names are deliberately unclear to give the player no help in finding them.
First-time TASer homerfunky uses the game's various glitches to blast through the hack, finishing with all 151 stars in less than two hours.
Published on 4/10/2015

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 is the third entry in the Tony Hawk series of video games.
In this playaround, emu shows off by performing crazy stunts, executing large combos and achieving a really high score.
If you want to see more skating action, be sure to check the runs of the first two games in the series.

Note: Due to copyright, some of the music had to be edited out and replaced with a different track from the game for the YouTube encode so the video doesn't end up blocked everywhere.
Published on 12/17/2007

Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment is the sequel to Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril and was released in 2012. Inspired from I Wanna Be The Guy and other classic platformers, this game follows the same format of having a large map in Metroidvania style where one has a large map to freely explore and must venture to various parts of it. You always die in one hit (3 hits for easy difficulty), but there are unlimited lives and a password system that allows you to continue where you left off. In total, there are over 650 rooms, 25 enemy types, 13 boss battles, 42 music tracks, and more bonus features this time around.
This time around, Timmy ventures through a mountain base (hence the subtitle "Mountain of Torment") to thwart the villains' plans once more.
This is an improvement of 29.60 seconds compared to the predecessor movie
Published on 2/29/2020

Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril may look old, but it's actually released in 2010! It's still possible to buy a new NES cartridge of this game online!
Mainly inspired by the PC game I Wanna Be the Guy, this game is classic platforming action, where anything can kill the player in one single hit. While it's not unfair (as opposed to I Wanna Be the Guy), it's still really hard.
Aglar collects every item and key before going to the last area, and takes the right path to get to the best ending, all of this on the hardest difficulty possible and without taking any damage!
Published on 4/24/2011

Bionic Commando (1988) is a platform game with a hero who can't jump, but can quickly latch onto objects with his bionic arm. The name of the original (Japanese) version of the game literally translates to The Resurrection of Hitler: Top Secret. Nintendo censored the Nazi references for the North American version.
Unlike our any% run of this game, this run collects every non-respawning object. This includes completing every action stage (but not the neutral zones), obtaining every gun, and exposing the secret enemy truck routes to get the helmet item.
Published on 8/13/2014

Donkey Kong: Original Edition is an attempt to take the Nintendo Entertainment System port of Donkey Kong and make it more like the arcade original. While still inferior to the original coin-op in terms of cutscenes, graphics, and sound, it has restored the 50M level, which was absent on most home ports.
Published on 3/8/2015

Tired of being mocked by the viruses, Dr. Mario switched to his "fast-acting" and "extra strength" medication. The viruses never knew what hit them.
poco_cpp, inari80000 and tas_suki improve the previous TAS by 37.76 seconds, thanks to better virus layouts and improved strategies.
You can watch this run being played back on a real console.
Published on 10/29/2019

A short Japanese game about a small green toy who can summon stars to help him defeat monsters and to use them as platforms to reach high places and travel fast.
In this movie, the authors collect all of the items to enter the secret 7th level after the boss at the end of the 6th level, and do so 2 minutes and 15 seconds faster than the previous movie.
The game cartridge of Gimmick! contains a special microchip, FME7, which extends the number of sound channels in the game from 5 to 8, creating a more melodic soundtrack than in most other NES games.
This movie has an Atlas Map encode of Level 6, which shows the standard encode overlaid on a zoomed out map.
If you like this, be sure to check out the other run of this game, which skips the secret items.

Watch this run being played back on a real console.
Published on 6/12/2010

This M.C. Kids movie is different from the other one in that it completes all the levels in the game, not just the required ones.
Jules improves the predecessor movie by 01:56.23 minutes. The time saved comes from more optimization, and a host of new shortcuts and tricks.
Published on 12/31/2020

This is a full completion of Metroid, meaning that all items (100%) were collected.
This is a 8 minute 16 second improvement over the previous movie by Zoizite. Much of the improvement comes from using the Up+A restart sequence, though many new shortcuts and optimizations also save time.
This movie has now been console verified. Watch this run being played on a real NES console.
Published on 7/5/2009

North & South is a humorous, cartoony kind of game about an incredibly bloody war. In it, you move army units around on a board until you approach your opponent, at which point a battle occurs.
JWinslow23 goes the extra mile and takes away all the states from the South in record time.
Published on 4/24/2016

Nuts & Milk is a platform game deriving influences from a number of famous Nintendo games, including Kirby (puffy pink blob as a protagonist), Mario Bros. (green and red fireballs), Donkey Kong Jr. (spring platforms, jumping from ladder to ladder and fruits) and Wrecking Crew (barrels).
This improvement of 00:15.22 seconds over the previous published movie collects all the fruit in all stages, including the bonus round (the latter of which triggers the 'PERFECT' ending).

You can watch this run being played back on a console.
Published on 6/10/2011

Dizzy, the intelligent egg-like creature, is back in this second game of the famous series from the 1980s. He needs to gather items that he can trade for boat parts to escape from some islands. For the best ending, he also needs to find 30 coins, some of which are hidden.
This game has a reputation of high difficulty because of its physics and control scheme, but goofydylan8 makes it look like a relaxing platformer through masterful route planning and item management.
We also have a run of Dizzy the Adventurer.
Published on 3/16/2012

R.C. Pro-Am is a racing video game developed by Rare. It was released for the NES by Nintendo for North America in March 1988, and then in Europe on April 15 of the same year. Presented in an overhead isometric perspective, a single player races a radio-controlled car around a series of tracks. The objective of each track is to qualify for the next race by placing in the top three racers. Players collect items to improve performance, and they must avoid a variety of hazards such as rain puddles and oil slicks. It is an example of a racing game which features vehicular combat, in which racers can use missiles and bombs to temporarily disable opposing vehicles.
In this run, FatRatKnight gets the 1st place, as well as the deserved gold trophy, on each of the 48 tracks he completes.
Published on 2/11/2018

Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos (1990) follows a wizard called Shadax on his quest to retrieve the eponymous staff in order to save a princess from being unjustly incarcerated. The game is essentially a huge isometric labyrinth filled with devious traps and oddball creatures to ensure especially frustrating peril in the absence of any kind of map to help the player. (Well, at least it was like that before the Internet era, but make no mistake: the game isn't by any means easy nowadays, either.) One of the most memorable aspects of the game is its jazzy musical theme filled with deep bass notes uncommon for the NES.
This is a 100% completion run of Solstice. Getting 100% means visiting every room and picking up all of the items. We also have an any% Solstice run.

Watch a resync of this run being played back on a real console.
Published on 5/29/2013

Technically an improvement of one of the oldest runs on the site, this TAS aims to complete all levels and overworld enemy battles as fast as possible.
The run features tricks and strategies not seen in the current warpless run, and is worth checking out even if you're already familiar with that run.

Downloadable encodes include the author's commentary as soft subtitles. These can also been seen in the fm2 file, and in this encode on Tompa's personal Youtube channel.
And if watching this TAS on an emulator isn't satisfying enough, why not see it played back on a real console!
Published on 5/4/2015

The Goonies II is a sequel to The Goonies, despite the fact that there is no sequel movie. In it, you control Mikey, who must rescue all of his friends from the Fratellis.
While we already have a published movie of this game, in this one the author collects all items and secrets. Details about the route are in the author's comments.
This is an improvement over McBobX's previous run by 03:12.75 minutes.
This movie has a full Atlas Map encode, which shows the standard encode overlaid on a zoomed out map.
Published on 1/13/2017

The Legend of Zelda (ゼルダの伝説) is an adventure game that needs no introduction to most NES players.
This time, Link is not just satisfied with collecting the Triforce and saving the princess; he feels like getting through Hyrule with a lot of shiny artifacts and weapons, even if he never uses them after getting them. In this run, the player collects the best version of every object and status upgrade, including all the heart containers, every inventory item, the best sword, and both bomb upgrades. Link even buys the Bait an extra time more than required, so that the bait remains in his inventory at the end of the game. For more details about what constitutes a 100% run, see the submission comments.
We also have other runs for The Legend of Zelda: an any% run through the first quest, a 'swordless' first-quest run, and an any% run through the second quest.
Published on 1/5/2014

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is quite different from most of the early games in the Legend of Zelda series. It combines an overworld view with side-scrolling platform stages. In addition, the character can gain experience and levels, visit towns, and earn spells and items which are needed to proceed.
Instead of aiming purely for speed, Arc and Inzult take a more comfortable journey through Hyrule in this movie, collecting every item, visiting every palace, and more along the way. Don't confuse "comfortable" with "slow" however, as the authors' extensive understanding of the game (seriously, check out the submission notes!) helps Link finish his quest at top speed.
If you'd like to watch a movie focusing entirely on speed, check out the authors' any% run: [4367]NES Zelda II: The Adventure of Link by Arc, Inzult in 34:58.74

You can watch the complete run being played back on a console.
Published on 4/2/2021

Contrary to the other Rondo of Blood TASes on the site, this one not only goes through the hurdles of saving three useless villagers from their prisons (with some of said prisons even resembling their regular habitats), but also plays through all the picturesque levels just to prove that Maria isn't really a suboptimal character. No videogame character fighting dark priests by stoning them to death with small white birds should ever be called suboptimal.
If you want to see a shorter run through the game, we suggest watching these: Richter any% in 23:18, Maria any% in 24:22.
Published on 12/28/2009

Not only was Castlevania: Symphony of the Night the first installment of the Castlevania series on PSX but also the first PSX game to have a published run here.
Not satisfied with just going on a death spree to Dracula, Alucard decides to steal every single one of his father's heirlooms, while also killing his prized collection of monsters. Luckily he has the handy ability of phasing through walls whenever he needs to.
A run that beats the game through save data corruption is available here, along with one that avoids data corruption. If you prefer the main character to have muscular bare arms and to pray to the rain gods to defeat bosses, you may enjoy the Richter version. If you want to see a run on Replay mode that can skip many cutscenes, see this run. We also have a run of the Saturn version using Maria. We even have a run where Alucard avoids killing everything except Dracula.
Due to the lengthy amount of time needed to obtain the best ending in the previous run, this run was deemed significantly more entertaining, and thus obsoletes it.

Note: Due to an emulation error, the audio in the ending FMV sequence doesn't play.

Author's commentary during the run's video can be watched on YouTube
Published on 8/10/2014

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back is the second game of the Crash Bandicoot series developed by Naughty Dog. The story takes place immediately after the events of the previous game. It features similar gameplay to the other two games in the series.
This run from SuPeRbOoMfAn collects all Crystals and Gems from 27 levels and defeats all five bosses before destorying the Cortex Vortex with N. Brio's help as fast as possible without abusing any major glitches.
Published on 9/6/2021

Crash Bandicoot: Warped is the third game of the Crash Bandicoot series developed by Naughty Dog. The story takes place immediately after the events of the previous game. It features similar gameplay to the first two games in the series.
We recommend reading the author's comments for information about this run.

There is also an alternate YouTube stream featuring audio commentary by the author.
Published on 12/25/2017

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos chronicles the adventure of a crocodile (creatively named Croc) who runs and jumps through four worlds in order to save his Gobbo friends. However, thanks to a glitch in the physics engine, Croc adds another trick to his repertoire: the ability to float. In this run, the player makes heavy use of the floating glitch and various other tricks to rescue all the Gobbos, collect all the jigsaw pieces, and complete the secret fifth world.
Note: There are encodes of higher resolutions in the discussion thread.
Published on 5/31/2012

Frogger: He's Back! is a late '90s remake of the original arcade classic Frogger. The game sports an updated set of graphics rendered in 3D and several new moves. Frogger must hop left, right, down and up through jungles, busy streets, sewers, and even the clouds to save his five little buddies as well as the golden frogs of myth.
CaneofPacci manages to beat the game in just under 48 minutes while still saving all of the frogs on each level.

Note: Due to an emulator bug, the game music does not dump properly from PSXjin.
Published on 6/5/2014

X decided he's fed up with being in the shadow of Zero and shows him how it's done, beating Sigma and his army and collecting all of the items in the process.
If you still want to get your Zero fix, you can check out the run which aims for fastest time without collecting any items.
Published on 7/14/2011
Mega Man X4

Emulator Version:
PSXjin v2.0.1

Unlike the other categories of this game, this run uses both X and Zero to collect as many items as possible. The variety of characters and armors used make for a run with interesting differences from the other categories.
Published on 3/18/2012

Capcom decided to make some easy money, so they recycled parts of Mega Man X5, threw in overly difficult trial-and-error gameplay, made almost everything an obstacle course, and called it Mega Man X6.
Rescuing all Reploids on Xtreme mode is inadvisable for all but the most hardcore, yet this TAS makes it look easy. Not only that, it collects everything that can be collected before beating the game.
In this run, Rolanmen1 uses additional items and tricks that are not present in the any% or all stages runs, such as X's Blade Armor. Though X still has less screentime than Zero, he is used to his fullest potential in the Gate stages.
Published on 10/20/2011

Capcom decided to make some easy money, so they recycled parts of Mega Man X5, threw in overly difficult trial-and-error gameplay, made almost everything an obstacle course, and called it Mega Man X6.
Rescuing all Reploids on Xtreme mode is inadvisable for all but the most hardcore, yet this TAS makes it look easy. Not only that, it collects everything that can be collected before beating the game.
In this run, Rolanmen1 shows off X's max potential, getting every collectible in the whole game, while Zero watches from the side and enjoys the show.

The author has provided an extra encode with item collection display and a special upscaling filter that reduces pixelization (nnedi3).
Published on 9/29/2017

In Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee Abe shut down RuptureFarms and saved his buddies from becoming snacks. But RuptureFarms was just the beginning; the Glukkons are digging up bones at the ancient Mudokon burial grounds. They use the bones to make Soul Storm Brew. Abe must travel to the Soul Storm Brewery, stop those corporate villains and save the enslaved Mudokon workers.
This run looks longer than the one it obsoletes, but that's because of more accurate emulation resulted in longer loading times. Actual gameplay has been improved, thanks to new discoveries.
Published on 12/25/2019

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, a game released for several platforms, details the adventures of Abe, a Mudokon, attempting to save his race from slavery and other horrible fates at the hands of the evil Glukkons.
In this run, Samtastic rescues all 99 of Abe's fellow Mudokons, earning the good ending and unlocking some bonus features to boot.
This movie is 00:03.35 seconds faster than the previous run. The real-time difference appears bigger due to inaccurate framerate used in the previous publication.
Published on 10/24/2020

Pepsiman is based on the Japanese Pepsi mascot who appeared in different commercials in Japan. In these he appeared where people were thirsty, quenched the people's thirst, then injured himself most of the time.
The game more or less follows this series of events as you run along stages collecting Pepsi cans, while trying your best to avoid injury or public humiliation. The goal of every stage is to run along a set course, jumping or sliding out of harm's way and in the end reach a vending machine with... you guessed it! Pepsi of course!
Although it may not look like it due to emulation differences, xxNKxx has improved over his previous movie by 174 frames of in-game time.
Published on 8/11/2018
Emulator Version:
BizHawk 2.3

When a villain known only as Mr. Dark appears, trouble brews in Rayman's world. Mr. Dark captures the Toons - the source of light - and Rayman's friends. Without the light, evil creatures begin to roam, making the world unsafe for everyone. It's up to you, as Rayman, to free your friends and put an end to Mr. Dark's dastardly schemes!
Rayman is a side-scrolling platformer starring the titular Rayman, a big-nosed chap with no arms or legs. Rayman can jump and use his hair to hover for a short period of time. He can also attack by throwing his fists, or winding up his fists for a more powerful punch. He can occasionally find special powerups that grant him unlimited flying power, giving him the ability to navigate through tricky mazes.
scrimpeh and Got4n tear through this difficult game with a variety of glitches and physics exploits. For more details on how these glitches work, we recommend reading the authors' comments for information about this run.
Note that any% is the same as 100% for this game, as Rayman requires all the Toons to unlock the final battle with Mr Dark.
Published on 4/12/2017

Spyro: Year of the Dragon is the third installment in the Spyro series and the last Spyro game to be released for the PlayStation, in addition to being the last one created by its original creators.
After many technical issues, this first ever completed TAS of Spyro: Year of the Dragon finishes the game with 100% (in-game 117%) game completion, over an hour faster than any normal speedrun. This is done through carefully planned routes, precisely executed glitches and highly optimized movement.

Author's vocal commentary during the run's video can be watched on YouTube.
Published on 11/7/2014

Suzuki Bakuhatsu (鈴木爆発) is a bomb disposal game where the player must disassemble and disarm increasingly complicated and bizarre explosives. Given a set of tools – initially only a screwdriver and nipper; later also a wrench (spanner), allen wrench (hex key), and adhesive tape – the player must disarm each bomb within a specific time limit. The player can rotate and pan all around the object, looking for places to use different tools, but must always be mindful of the timer. If it runs out, the bomb explodes and it's game over. Additionally, there's no pausing once the timer starts, so quick thinking is critical!
This time, Spikestuff defuses all the bombs in record time.
Published on 4/28/2020
Suzuki Bakuhatsu

Emulator Version:
BizHawk 2.2.2

The very first game of the action-adventure franchise, featuring Lara Croft as she sets out on an expedition to recover a mysterious artifact called the Scion.
Watch as Troye decides to explore every nook and cranny of these tombs and walk out discovering every secret.
Published on 5/28/2021

Mole Mania, known as Moguranya (モグラ~ニャ) in Japan, is an action puzzle game. The main character is a mole named Muddy Mole, whose wife and children have been kidnapped by the farmer, Jinbe. Muddy has to go to Jinbe Land and save his family. In the game, the player will solve puzzles by moving a black ball to a gate. However, there are many obstacles and enemies in the way. Therefore the player will dig into ground to find ways around them.
This run aims to beat all levels as fast as possible without using surrender. To accomplish this, the author, Ryuto, uses a warp glitch to skip many rooms. As always, please see the author's notes for more details.
There is also a run by the same author that skips several levels.
Published on 4/17/2011

Kenseiden follows the story of Hayato, a samurai looking to retrieve five ability-granting scrolls and kill some evil warlocks. This involves battling through sixteen levels, including four rounds of impossibly difficult "training".
It's a prime infuriating example of fake difficulty, as Hayato moves incredibly slowly and there are generally an impossibly large number of enemies on the screen at any given time (especially bad in the training stages, where one hit sends you back to the beginning).
This version of the run collects all the scrolls and bonus upgrades (as opposed to the any%).
While this TAS appears to be slower than the previous movie, it is in fact an improvement of 5.22 seconds when only considering time saves during the levels, resulting from overall better optimisation and a new strategy at the final boss (the same one as in the any% TAS).

The second set of encodes feature a re-synced version of the TAS done on the Japanese version with the FM sound. Due to the shorter boot time, the main gameplay starts about 7.37 seconds earlier.
Published on 2/4/2018

Robotnik is trying to take over South Island once again. Our blue little hero decides to stop him, while also collecting all the chaos emeralds in his free time. A glitch which allows Sonic to skip the cutscene after most bosses helps him to proceed even faster to the following zone.
The goal of this TAS is to beat the game with the best ending, which requires collecting 5 emeralds throughout the game, causing a 6th emerald to drop after the final boss.
This run improved the predecessor movie by 00:33.06 seconds. The main timesave comes from lag reduction, but a few seconds were saved thanks to other tricks, techniques and routing.
Published on 2/15/2018

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Master System completed with all emeralds. Unlike many Sonic games, acquiring emeralds is done within normal stages rather than bonus levels, and getting all of them allows you to play the true final level.
Trivia: This game slightly predates the Mega Drive/Genesis version, so it features the official first appearance of Sonic's flying mutant fox friend, Tails.
Published on 12/8/2007

Zillion is a video game companion for the anime of the same name. It features a freely explorable world in the vein of the Metroid games. JJ, the main character from the anime, must infiltrate the base of the evil Noza (misspelled as Norsa in-game) Empire and find five floppy disks in order to input the self-destruct sequence into the main computer and destroy the base.
In this run, Caitsith2 manipulates enemies to fire earlier and the four-digit codes to only contain numbers above 4. He also rescues both of his captured friends in order to achieve 100% completion.
Published on 11/19/2012

The SNES version of Aladdin (1993) follows the plot of this Disney movie much more closely than its Genesis counterpart.
Unlike in the other movie of this game, Jasmine wasn't happy with just being rescued by Aladdin; she made him spend a little time picking up some jewelry for her on the way. This movie aims to complete the game with all the red gems collected, which takes a little more time, but adds quite a bit to the entertainment value of the run. The core trick of this TAS is to abuse the parachute extensively to move faster than normal walking or jumping.
Published on 1/2/2009

Demon's Crest is the third installment of the Gargoyle's Quest series. The player controls Firebrand, who is scouring the Demon Realm for elemental Crests, which preside over different elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Time, and Heaven). When collected, these crests allow Firebrand to transform his shape at will and gain powerful new abilities and defenses.
Demon's Crest is notorious for some very difficult bosses. In this run, the author abuses boss weaknesses to the extreme by carefully switching Gargoyle forms as necessary. In addition, heavy luck manipulation was used during several encounters to make the otherwise troublesome boss fights look easier than a play through of Barney's Hide and Seek.
This is an improvement of 00:17.45 over Brookman's previous movie.
Published on 12/5/2015

This run of Donkey Kong Country aims for 101% completion.
The author of this run discovered several new time-saving techniques. Some of them are small enough to go unnoticed, and others are jawdroppingly huge. The total improvement over the previous run is a tremendous 6 minutes 6.93 seconds this time around.
The in-game time of this run is about 33 minutes 10 seconds. For a detailed analysis of new techniques as well as comments about individual levels, read the author's comments.
If you desire more rolling primates, we recommend watching the any% movie.

The author, Tompa, also provided audio commentary of his TAS along with Pichi, which is available right here.
Published on 6/6/2017

Donkey Kong's been kidnapped and old Cranky Kong insists that Diddy collect a bunch of coins that say "DK" on them. These goals are compatible enough that Diddy and Dixie decide to get a little bit sidetracked on their rescue plan.
This movie improves on its predecessor by 00:45.28 seconds, primarily by using a debug code to get 75 Kremkoins early, allowing for a faster route through the game. Reading the authors' comments is recommended.
For more primate action, check out the any% run.
Published on 5/5/2012

Donkey and Diddy Kong appear to have been kidnapped, so now it's up to that daring damsel of adventure, Dixie Kong, to find the missing monkeys. But this is no solo expedition; her cousin, the titanic toddler Kiddy Kong, is here to help her kick some Kremlin butts.
This is the first entry of the 105% category of this game. By using a password to remove the 'DK' barrels, the game officially enters hard mode, and the maximum percent completion is obtained. For more Kong action, you can also view the pure speedrun that doesn't collect all items.
Published on 12/21/2010

A fairly straightforward adventure RPG game played in very fast pace. Lots of events are squeezed into a movie of just 2 hours.
Note: This movie is three minutes longer than the previous one, because this plays the secret "Gem Mansion" which the previous version did not. Nevertheless, it is much more optimized than the previous version.
Published on 5/17/2007
Illusion of Gaia

Emulator Version:

Abel's daughter has been kidnapped by his former friend, Bayer. Bayer has sold his soul to the devil, and sacrificed Abel's wife, in an attempt to resurrect the King of Demons. With no other choice, Abel vows to save his daughter, no matter what the cost - even if it is his own humanity...
Majyuuou is a side-scrolling platformer for the Super Nintendo, taking influences from Castlevania and Contra. You play as Abel, intent on rescuing his daughter from the depths of Hell. As you defeat certain bosses, they will drop large, color changing gems. Pick up the gem, and you'll transform into either a red Harpy, a blue Dragon, or a green Lizard, depending on what color it is when you pick it up. Each demon type has its own special attacks.
This run aims for the game's True Ending, which requires unlocking and using the Black form in Stage 6. To unlock the Black form, you need to use a unique form for every stage before Stage 6. Any combination of Red, Green and Blue will do, as long as you use all three of them.
Published on 8/24/2016

Emulator Version:
BizHawk 1.11.5

Rockman & Forte (ロックマン&フォルテ), known as Mega Man & Bass in the western world, used to be the last game in the original Rockman/Mega Man series, until Rockman & Forte Mirai kara no Chōsensha (ロックマン&フォルテ 未来からの挑戦者) was released for the WonderSwan.
This time around, Dr. Wily has his own creation turned against him, allowing the player to use Mega Man or a bad guy!
However, in this run, the players only use Mega Man and collect each and every CD in the game, which shouldn't be possible using only one character. Then again, many things happen in this movie that weren't intended to be possible.
This run is a collaboration between sparky, the current author of the other branches for this game, parrot14green, the author of the previous "100 CDs" run, and woabcfl, the author of the Rockman no Constancy runs. It improves the previous movie by 01:40.97. You can read the authors' comments for more details.
There are two more Rockman & Forte runs to watch on this site; featuring completion of the game with Rockman and Forte as fast as possible, without worrying about CD collection.
Published on 11/23/2011

Here we see Mega Man destroy Dr. Wily's army yet again, only this time on the SNES. You would think poor old Wily would learn from his past 6 mistakes, however this isn't so.
This version plays on the Japanese version, Rockman 7. This change affects times outside of the player's control, but is still counted towards the movie's length.
Unlike our other run for this game, this run collects all of Mega Man's upgrades. Part of this involves running into Protoman in two stages before fighting him for his shield. For more details, see the run's comments.
Published on 5/25/2010
Mega Man 7

A/V files:
A/V file via Mirror
Emulator Version:
Snes9x 1.43 v17

Originally thought to be an April Fools joke, it turns out that Capcom really did hide a one-hit-kills weapon in Mega Man X. That platform in Armored Armadillo's stage always did seem a little strange. Unlike the later games, collecting the Hadoken is much more time consuming.
Hetfield managed to improve the previous run by 6.5 seconds, thanks to better lag reduction and overall better optimisation. Please read the author's comments for more details.
If you want to see more of the blue-clad hero, we recommend watching the any% run.
Published on 8/15/2016

In the latest in silly ideas turned into inspirations for our ever-dedicated TASers, this movie takes one controller and wires it into three SNES emulators at once; the same input is used to play 3 games simultaneously with one controller. There are also animations constructed with spare controllers during this movie.
This movie beats the first three Mega Man X games with 100% completion each (an improvement on its predecessor, which beat only the first two games and without 100% completion).
If you like this movie, there are other movies that beat four games with one controller!
Note: There might be a visual anomaly during the battle with Serges in X 2. This is an emulator bug relating to the Cx4 chip used in the Mega Man X 2 cartridge.
Encoder's Note: There are multiple audio tracks included with the encode. Track 1 is the combined audio of all 3 games panned so that the left side is MMX1, center is MMX2, and right is MMX3. Track 2 contains MMX1's audio, track 3 contains MMX2's audio, and track 4 contains MMX3's audio.
Published on 10/8/2011

Mega Man X2 makes a particularly interesting run as there are many weapons that can be used to increase mobility. These include a grappling hook, a fast mid-air dash, and a weapon that can transform enemies into platforms.
This TAS obsoletes the "low%, best ending" as well as the "all upgrades" runs, since it collects all the parts of both X and Zero. It became possible to separate the "full completion" branch from the "any%" one after it was found to be faster to forgo acquiring the Shoryuken in the latter.
Published on 11/4/2016

Mega Man X3 is the third game in the Mega Man X series, and the last one to be released on the SNES.
In this collaborative work, Hetfield90, nrg_zam & GlitchMan speed through the game very rapidly, collecting all heart tanks, subtanks, Ride Armor modules, upgrades and finally the Golden Armor.
It is a 00:34.58 improvement over the previous run by Hetfield90, thanks to a number of new glitches, explained in the authors' comments.
See also the any% run, which doesn't collect the upgrades but also collects the Z-Saber.
Published on 10/22/2016

Metroid Super ZeroMission is a Super Metroid hack that is heavily based on the GBA game Metroid: Zero Mission, inspiring modifications of the game engine, graphics, and maps.
In this run, the author, Hoandjzj, clears everything in the game. If you're looking for a run that simply aims for the end, watch this run.
This movie is 07:39.64 minutes faster than its predecessor due to a version change and better strategies.
Published on 4/30/2013

In this strange game, you play a character named Plok who wants to get rid of all the fleas on his home island. Plok has the ability to shoot his arms and legs to harm enemies. To complete some stages, Plok has to kill all the fleas in the stage before the goal flag appears at the end of the stage.
Plok is in a hurry, so he looks for opportunities to travel faster. He finds slides lying around almost everywhere. He finds nice presents making him a lot faster. He finds tiny holes in the Flea Pit for big shortcuts. He finds helpful sawblades, nice guys pushing him into the right direction, and even a lovely fish which helps him climb a mountain. Even water helps him climb a mountain to discover one more slide. He also takes advantage of the fact that he can do bigger jumps without his legs.
Memory and fsvgm777 return to the island of Akrillic for another TAS, this time completing every level in the game, and defeating every boss, in record time. Click here to see the authors' any% run of Plok!.
Published on 2/24/2021

In a series of vertical shoot 'em ups, Pop'n TwinBee: Rainbow Bell Adventures is a side-scrolling platformer with jetpack mechanics similar to Sparkster. Twinbee, Winbee, and Gwinbee must recover the seven Rainbow Bells and rescue Princess Melora from Dr. Warmon.

A translation of the in-game text in English is provided in the encodes as soft subtitles.
Published on 8/17/2020

Shapeshifting dogs. Evil robots. Alchemy. Cheesy B movie references. These are all par for the course in Secret of Evermore, a very loose "sequel" to Secret of Mana. The story follows a boy that is thrust into a virtual world and finds himself with no immediate means to escape. As the boy travels, the geography changes to reflect certain eras of real-life history, adding a unique aspect to the game.
The author has aimed for fastest time with 100% completion.
Published on 8/21/2005

¡Ándele! ¡Ándele! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! A super fast hero and ethnic stereotyping, what more can you ask for in a TAS?
Unlike the any% run, here Speedy Gonzales spends some extra time to rescue all kidnapped mice, getting the alternate ending.

The movie file, YouTube, and downloadable encodes contain a subtitle commentary track.
Published on 7/14/2013

Arguably one of the most well known and well developed SNES hacks in existence, Super Demo World puts Mario into a new realm that spans well beyond his original adventure.
Features of the hack include:
  • the ability to store unconventional items in the reserve box, such as a koopa, springboard, message box, or vine
  • 120 exits in total, including two secret worlds
  • creative and challenging level design, with some puzzle elements thrown in
  • "new" graphics (mostly backgrounds taken from other games, such as Donkey Kong Country 3 and Mega Man X)
In this run, PangaeaPanga improves upon the previous movie by more than five minutes using newly discovered glitches and a slower overworld route, which counterintuitively saves time.
To see a much shorter run completing the minimum number of stages, see this run.
Published on 7/17/2014

Take Square's RPG history & Nintendo's Super Mario series and mix them in a bowl. Add a pinch of comedy and a quart of luck manipulation. Stir thoroughly.
This game doesn't count completion percent, but it still has stuff to accomplish to meet what's expected of a full completion run. The author, illayaya, defined it as follows:
  • All depletable chests
  • All menus unlocked
  • All unique items/equips
  • Kill Culex and Jinx
  • Star firework in credits
Published on 3/8/2015

Acknowledged as one of the best Mario games of all time, Super Mario World is a must see for fans of classic games. This run completes the game fully (all 96 exits) and makes use of almost every known glitch to make it as fast and exciting as possible.
This TAS by bahamete, Kaizoman666 & Masterjun is an improvement of 06:43.97 minutes over the previous movie. The improvement comes from new glitches and better optimization.
Published on 2/7/2013

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is a vibrant, colorful and fun game that stars the popular Yoshi. From a technical standpoint, the game is very exceptional on the SNES due to its use of the SuperFX² coprocessor. The chip allows for many cool special effects that are otherwise impossible on the SNES.
This is a 100% completion of the game. It plays through all the levels and collects every item that contributes to end-of-level score: 5 flowers, 20 red coins, and 30 stars. By getting 100% completion in each stage, six extra stages are also unlocked. These are played at the end of the run, again with 100% scores.
The authors of the run have spent over three years working on this run, showing off plenty of egg juggling, precise shots, and other incredible antics. This run does not use certain glitches present in the other runs of the game (an any% run and a warp glitch run), but there should still be plenty to surprise you. Reading the authors' lengthy comments is recommended.

Note: The many graphical issues are a result of inaccurate emulation.
Published on 2/19/2013

In accordance with standard procedure, Samus discarded all of the items she collected on previous adventures before embarking on this one.
Super Metroid has a wide variety of time-saving glitches to exploit, many of which are explained on the Super Metroid Tricks page. Be sure to check it, as well as the author's comments, for more information on the improvements. This is an improvement of 6:28.70 over the predecessor movie.
If you prefer to watch the fastest completion without getting all the items and without any large skip glitches, check out Super Metroid in 35:58 by Sniq.

Every second encode link leads to a version where all graphics have been fixed.
Published on 8/1/2019

The Addams Family is a game from Ocean Software released in 1992 for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. It also has a simplified NES port under the name Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt. In this game, it's implied that family members have been captured and are being held hostage by enemies, it's up to Gomez to save them all.
The three authors defeat all the bosses, collecting all health upgrades and saving every family member in record time, which makes for a very creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky run.

This run has commentary provided by the authors. They are embedded in the torrents and in the YouTube video.
If you want to see this game beaten in the fastest way, see the any% run.
Published on 10/31/2018
The Addams Family

Emulator Version:
BizHawk 2.2.1

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is the third game of its series. It began development in 1988 as a NES title but was ultimately moved to the SNES, being released in Japan on 21 November 1991, exactly 1 year after the console. It set new standards for the system and was among the first games to use 1MB of memory. The game is widely regarded as one of the best video games, both of its era and of all time. A Link to the Past spawned two official manga, a Satellaview spinoff, a GBA port, a 3DS remake, a popular randomizer, and rereleases on the SNES Classic and Wii Virtual Console. Nearly 30 years later, it remains one of the most popular speedrun games.
fmp and Yuzuhara_3 complete the inventory of items and defeat Ganon in record time. For more details, please read the authors' comments.
The second set of encodes feature a minimap at the right side, showing the player's position on the map and the camera's position.

The author provided video commentary for this movie that can be seen here.
Published on 12/30/2018

Mario has returned to the Mushroom Kingdom from a trip, only to find that Bowser has started a construction campaign of building new hideouts. The construction projects are depriving the kingdom's plants of sunlight and thus, Mario decides to demolish the projects with his hammer. Along the way, he meets his old enemies from the original Wrecking Crew, including former rival Foreman Spike.
This Japan-only sequel to the original game takes a more competitive approach, giving two opponents their own sides to demolish as many panels as they can. Once one of the sides is completely filled up, the other player wins.
In this run, pirohiko takes advantage of a shortcut that humorously ends a level instantly if three lines of at least three panels of the same color overlap.
Published on 5/13/2014
Wrecking Crew '98

Emulator Version:

When Merlin was a young Sokoban man, he enjoyed life through minecart-surfing, skin-diving and burrow-crawling. Abusing glitchy spells and items, he wandered the world along with a frozen lady who came from the lake, in the Meanwhile, occasionally beating bad things like meanie trees, yestoday's launch and even a crouching dragon.
The author collects all heart pieces and other non-respawning items even without actually touching all of them. However, it is pretty sad that the prize T-shirt will never seem to be awarded with, although the "100% heart pieces collected" screen after the credits says so.
Published on 11/3/2008

Zombies Ate My Neighbors (1993), also known simply as Zombies in PAL regions, is an overhead run-n-gun with a unique style and an unusual premise: instead of killing bosses per se, the protagonists need to save their hapless titular neighbors, referred to in the game simply as "victims", before classic horror movie monsters such as zombies and vampires get to them. Having all victims die to a monster attack incurs a game over, but saving at least one is enough to advance to the next stage.
There are ten victims in every stage (some have extras), and this TAS aims to save all of them—including one that normally isn't intended to be saved. Both playable characters are controlled simultaneously, and the levels are routed to minimize the score tallies. As usual, Speed Shoes drops are constantly manipulated so that every stage can be run through as quickly as possible.
This movie by Allbeert beats the previous record for this branch by 16:15.97. We also have a single-player any% that kills off all unnecessary victims ASAP to streamline the process and, thanks to that, cut the run time nearly in half.
Published on 4/27/2020

Virtual Boy Wario Land was a platformer released for the Virtual Boy system in 1995. The main objective of the game is to traverse the 14 levels and find a hidden key in order to open up the next level. There are treasures hidden along the way; this TAS collects them all and therefore achieves the best ending.
EZGames69, Bloopiero and Cyorter improve the previous movie by 1 minute and 29.67 seconds, thanks to better optimisation. Please read the authors' comments for more details.
We also have a run that forgoes hunting for treasure and simply gets to the end as fast as possible.
Published on 12/19/2021

New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a 2009 side-scrolling platform video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii video game console. New Super Mario Bros. Wii follows Mario as he fights his way through Bowser's henchmen to rescue Princess Peach. Mario has access to several power-ups that help him complete his quest, including the Ice Flower, the Fire Flower, and the Starman, each giving him unique abilities. There are some new powerups to this game, such as the Propeller Hat which lets the player ascend very quickly.
Here, author Soig manages to "complete everything in New Super Mario Bros. Wii" in under 3 hours.
Published on 8/2/2018
Emulator Version:

Iji is a freeware game released by Daniel Remar in 2008. Quoting his website, where the game can be downloaded: "Iji is an action-packed strategic platform shooter with a detailed story, large levels with multiple paths, powerful bosses and lots of secrets. There are alternate gameplay events, dialogues and scenes depending on what you do, a wealth of extras and bonus features, and seven stats to upgrade through a leveling system. Iji herself has superhuman strength and abilities, and can crack Nanotechnology, use her enemies' most devastating weapons against them, and be a pacifist or a killer - the story adapts to how you play."
Matslo123 collects everything that can be collected in a single playthrough (all posters, ribbons and superchages, Yukabacera's scrambler, the trapmine, the banana gun and all armor and jump upgrades) and clears the game in record time.
Published on 6/9/2019

In VVVVVV, the player controls Captain Viridian, who is lost in an alternate dimension, in search of the missing members of the spaceship's crew. Instead of jumping, the player is able to control the direction of gravity, allowing Captain Viridian to flip between the floors and ceilings of the environment. The graphical style of the game is heavily influenced by the Commodore 64.
In the spirit of the retro games' secret hunt, 20 aptly named Shiny Trinkets are hidden throughout the game. The author makes sure to collect all of them in his movie.
Additionally, this TAS is completed on the game's no-death mode, which removes all the cutscenes and dialogues, as well as allows collecting a specific Trinket without having to die. Dying once on this mode prompts an instant game over, making it an especially brutal challenge in unassisted conditions. As this naturally prohibits the skips and glitches that abuse forcible deaths, it allows the audience to see the game in its entirety and, indeed, enjoy its level design and excellent chiptune-style soundtrack.
If you would like to see the game completed with no holds barred, make sure to check out the glitched any% and the game end glitch TASes that complete the game a lot quicker than one would have imagined!
Published on 11/20/2014

Emulator Version:
Hourglass r81

Castlevania: Spectral Interlude is a Castlevania fangame for the ZX Spectrum, developed by Rewind and released in 2015. It mostly pays homage to the classic Castlevania games of the NES era, particularly Simon's Quest, but also takes on elements from later "Metroidvania"-style titles in the series.
Plot-wise, the game is set in the early 1800s, a few decades after Symphony of the Night, with the plot aiming to explain the disappearance of Richter Belmont and the Belmont clan after said game. The protagonist of the game is Richter's son, Simon Belmont (named after his ancestor of classic Castlevania fame), who with the help of sorcerer Joseph aims to remove Dracula's evil influence on the world by collecting demonic altar pieces, summoning Dracula, and whipping him to death as usual. However, some things don't go exactly as planned...
Noxxa achieves 100% completion and defeats Dracula in record time. Said 100% completion consists of the following:
  • Collect all 28 Altar Pieces
  • Defeat all 7 bosses
  • Get all 6 boss items
  • Get all 9 Health upgrades (HP maxes at 48)
  • Get all 7 Heart upgrades (hearts max at 50)
  • Get all 8 Metallic Plates
  • Apply all 8 Metallic Plate upgrades to the whip
  • Get all 6 subweapons
  • Get all other town upgrades (warp shrine, 2 map enhancements)
  • Complete the map by filling in all map tiles (visit every room)
  • Get the "true" ending (trigger Death event)
This is the first ever ZX Spectrum publication on this site.
Published on 8/29/2018

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