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Published on 6/27/2021
Princess Rescue is a homebrew game that's inspired by the Super Mario series, even following the same general storyline (a princess gets kidnapped by a big, evil, spiked turtle). A look-alike of a famous plumber must save her from its clutches.
This run completes every level without dying a single time, now 1.1 seconds faster than the previous run, thanks to better optimisation. If you want to see this game beaten as quickly as possible, please watch this run.

Published on 8/21/2012
Dragon Unit (also known as Castle of Dragon) is an obscure arcade game about a castle with a dragon in it. Perhaps it's not the most original sounding game; but it does have nudity, gratuitous violence, and Engrish to make up for it. The action is very fast paced, and with the help of TAS skills, the dragon master is dispatched quicker than a hard boiled egg.
We also have a movie of the NES version and a 2 player run.

Published on 5/18/2011
Metal Slug X (2001) is a remixed version of Metal Slug 2, the second installment of an immensely popular run'n'gun series released on the Neo Geo MVS. The games are notable for incredibly detailed pixel graphics, fluid animation, and good humor; but the real key to their longevity is, of course, their high difficulty as far as survival goes.
This is x2poet's 00:16.20 seconds improvement over the previous movie, despite now using the hardest difficulty setting. One notable improvement is the use of both players, compared to one in the obsoleted run.
You can also see more of x2poet's Metal Slug work by looking at his runs from Metal Slug, Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug 4 and Metal Slug Advance.

Published on 8/14/2010
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an arcade game based on the TMNT cartoon released in December of 1987. Konami released this mega-hit in 1989, as one of the first arcade games to offer 4-player beat-'em-up action.
In this run, DarkKobold uses all 4 ninja turtles to freak the foot soldiers, mangle the mousers, total the Technodrome, and kick Krang and The Shredder back to Dimension-X in a little over 12 minutes.

Published on 7/10/2010
Space Invaders needs no introduction. Space Invaders Extreme 2 is part of a recent revival of the series, introducing power-ups and a variety of new gameplay modes.
This run plays Score Attack mode on the hardest available path. Note that it doesn't aim for highest score because doing so would make the movie considerably longer.

Published on 1/28/2015
Volley Fire is a shooter originally released in 1990. The player's objective is to destroy the enemies on the other side of the screen, tactfully aiming shots through moving debris while avoiding any hazards.
In this TAS by MUGG, enemy AI is manipulated to end all the fights in record time.

Published on 8/5/2007
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is a well known stealth action game where agent Sam Fisher tries to rescue CIA agents from the bad guys.
However, in this run the author doesn't care about stealth at all and runs through the levels as fast as possible.
FractalFusion has also created a TAS for the game's GBA sequel.

Published on 12/19/2012
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is the second game in the Splinter Cell series. Unlike its predecessor, you have to pay some heed to the stealth system. This leads to more creative solutions to many levels. The author's comments contain many details about the gameplay and routes chosen.

Published on 7/22/2022
Alwa's Awakening: The 8-Bit Edition is an official NES demake of the PC game Alwa's Awakening that was co-developed by the developers of the original game. While Alwa's Awakening was a throwback to the 8-bit era of video games with its retro-esque gameplay and graphics, the NES version is a full-on port to an 8-bit video game console. And unlike most demakes, this version retains most of the levels of the PC version along with adding exclusive content.
Darkman425 forgoes the use of screen wrapping and out of bounds glitches in this run that would save over 20 minutes of game time in favor of playing the the game mostly inbounds. Other glitches are still used to save time along with soft resets. You can read the author's notes for more details.

Watch this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 11/27/2022
This video game adaptation of Jaws appears to be based on Jaws: The Revenge, with some elements from the first Jaws movie. The game has you hunting down the shark as with the second half of Jaws, but it also appears to be set in the Caribbean like with Jaws: The Revenge. Unlike Jaws: The Revenge, you cannot survive being chomped on and dragged underwater by the shark.
SpaceColonizer opts to not die in this run to save time, which would have skipped a bonus stage as he collects shells to power up. The good thing is that by completing the bonus stage perfectly, enough points can be gained quickly enough to get the mini-sub, which can kill the shark more quickly.

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FCEUX 2.4.0

Published on 10/28/2019
Mega Man 2 is a game that hardly needs any introduction. This movie plays Rockman 2, the Japanese version, which is essentially Mega Man 2 in difficult mode.
warmCabin completes the games without any zips in record time. Please read the submision comments for more details.
The second YouTube stream features an input display.
The author streamed his TAS with live commentary, which can be viewed here.

You can watch this run being played back on a console.

Published on 5/4/2011
Solomon’s Key is a puzzle platform game with an old clumsy magician who has the power of creating and destroying platforms. And through that power, he saves the world.
This movie plays all the rooms of the game, including the hidden rooms with Page of Time, Page of Space, and even a princess of some kind. (Fairy collection rooms were not included.) No warps were used. Due to those secrets, it accomplishes the best ending of the game.
This movie is almost a minute and a half faster than the predecessor movie. In addition, it marks the obsoletion of the last Famtasia movie.

Published on 4/10/2019
Iji is a freeware game released by Daniel Remar in 2008. Quoting his website, where the game can be downloaded: "Iji is an action-packed strategic platform shooter with a detailed story, large levels with multiple paths, powerful bosses and lots of secrets. There are alternate gameplay events, dialogues and scenes depending on what you do, a wealth of extras and bonus features, and seven stats to upgrade through a leveling system. Iji herself has superhuman strength and abilities, and can crack Nanotechnology, use her enemies' most devastating weapons against them, and be a pacifist or a killer - the story adapts to how you play."
This time, Matslo123 plays through the Ultimortal difficulty, which gets unlocked after clearing Expert difficulty, whilst not taking damage in the process in record time.

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