Tool-assisted movies (100)

Published on 3/30/2018
Dragster, released in 1980 for the Atari 2600, is the first video game developed by Activision. It was programmed by David Crane, who later wrote Pitfall! The object of the game is to either beat the player's opponent across the screen, or to race against the clock for best time, depending on the settings used.
The game is well known as having the first console speedrun with the world record of 5.51 by Todd Rogers in 1982 according to Twin Galaxies. This record is known as the oldest, unbeaten world record in all of speedrunning.
MrWint & Omnigamer decided to try and match the elusive 5.51, and disassembled the entire game looking for how the 5.51 was achieved. After conducting their research, they found that the long sought 5.51 was outright impossible to achieve within the internal conditions of the game. After lots of flamewars, the now infamous Todd Rogers's record has been taken down, leading to his ban from Twin Galaxies.
This run achieves the fastest possible time of 5.57 on player two while also maximizing the distance, with player one completing the track in the lowest amount of input frames. It also improves the predecessor movie by 00:00.10 seconds, which translates to 00:00.02 seconds if you discard emulation differences. The improvement comes from the fact that the game processes the second player first, so he's the one taking the lead this time.

Watch this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 11/22/2014
In Neo Turf Masters, you can pick one of six available golfers and compete on a number of golf courses around the world, including Japan (Fujiyama Oriental Golf Club), America (Grand Canyon Golf Course), Australia (Blue Lagoon Golf Course), and Germany (Baden Golf Course). The game features two modes of play: Stroke Play, in which the player attempts to get the best score by playing all 18 holes, and Match Play, in which two players compete to see who can win more of the 18 holes.
This run by mamuuuut plays the toughest course (Australia) and aims to get the lowest (best) final score while showing off unusual or unexpected paths.

Published on 2/29/2012
In this first publication from the King of Fighters series, x2poet uses the game's female characters to swiftly humiliate their opponents, showing off multiple combos and AI manipulation along the way.

Published on 9/1/2010
¡Ay, caramba! The Simpsons Arcade Game is Konami's 4-player beat 'em up based on the ultra-hit TV show, The Simpsons. The Simpsons cartoon has now (at the time of writing) spanned 21 seasons, a world-wide movie, and licensing from here to kingdom come. In this TAS, adelikat and DarkKobold use four of the five Simpson family to track down the missing 5th member, Maggie.
All right now, play friendly!

Published on 11/3/2019
Warriors of Fate is a 2D side-scrolling beat 'em-up and sequel to Dynasty Wars taking place in ancient China. Akkila-orkhan, the dark lord of Shang-Lo, has decided to conquer the neighbouring countries. The wise Kuan-Ti has summoned the five greatest warriors of the lands to stop this from happening.
xipo completes the game in record time.

Published on 12/2/2022
Yathzee [sic] is one of many ports of the dice game Yahtzee to the Commodore 64. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible by rolling five dice to make certain combinations. Points are earned depending on the scoring category chosen. A Yahtzee is when all five dice have the same number and is worth 50 points, the most of the categories. Unique to this particular port is the usage of a synthesized voice, which sounds pretty rough due to being on an 8-bit computer.
nymx decides to max out and glitch the score counter by consistently scoring Yahtzees many times in a row. The synthesized voice was kept in to showcase its ability, despite being able to save an additional 43 seconds with it turned off.

Published on 4/19/2015
Finally, 16 years after Doom was modified to allow savestates and slowdown (giving birth to tool-assisted speedrunning), TASVideos presents such a movie!
Doom is a 1993 science fiction horror-themed first-person shooter (FPS) video game by id Software. It is considered one of the most significant and influential titles in the video game industry, for having ushered in the popularity of the first-person shooter genre. The original game is divided into three nine-level episodes and distributed via shareware and mail order. The Ultimate Doom, an updated release of the original game featuring a fourth episode, was released in 1995 and sold at retail.
This run by Akse beats the second episode using Skill 4, Ultra-Violence. This is the most common skill level used in the Doom speedrunning and TAS community.
Note: The encode has been extended to include the full ending music. This is not present if you play back the movie in Doom.

Published on 6/30/2015
Doom is a 1993 science fiction horror-themed first-person shooter (FPS) video game by id Software. It is considered one of the most significant and influential titles in the video game industry, for having ushered in the popularity of the first-person shooter genre. The original game is divided into three nine-level episodes and distributed via shareware and mail order. The Ultimate Doom, an updated release of the original game featuring a fourth episode, was released in 1995 and sold at retail.
This run by Akse beats the third episode using Skill 4, Ultra-Violence. This is the most common skill level used in the Doom speedrunning and TAS community.
Note: The encode has been extended to include the full ending music. This is not present if you play back the movie in Doom.

Published on 7/19/2015
Doom is a 1993 science fiction horror-themed first-person shooter (FPS) video game by id Software. It is considered one of the most significant and influential titles in the video game industry, for having ushered in the popularity of the first-person shooter genre. The original game is divided into three nine-level episodes and distributed via shareware and mail order. The Ultimate Doom, an updated release of the original game featuring a fourth episode, was released in 1995 and sold at retail.
This run by Akse beats the fourth episode using Skill 4, Ultra-Violence. This is the most common skill level used in the Doom speedrunning and TAS community.
Note: The encode has been extended to include the full ending music. This is not present if you play back the movie in Doom.

Published on 11/11/2018
Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire is the sequel to Hero's Quest. It takes place in the town of Shapeir and the desert surrounding it, in a Middle East-like environment. It seems that the powerful elemental spirits have been troubling the Shapeir folk recently. Something, or someone, is behind those troubles. It is the hero's task to find out what is going on, get acquainted with the town's inhabitants and prove once more that he is worthy of his heroic title.
c-square improves his previous TAS by 9.71 seconds, thanks to better optimisation and choosing the Wizard class instead of the Thief class.

The second YouTube stream cuts out the first waiting period in Raseir and shortens the second wait in the same town from 3 minutes (normal speed) to 30 seconds (6x speed).

Published on 12/9/2017
Vohaul's Revenge is the sequel to The Sarien Encounter, and the second game in Sierra's humorous Space Quest series of adventure games. The player navigates Roger Wilco around with the arrow keys and interacts with the world by typing commands. Like in the previous game, there are many ways for the player character to die. Much of the gameplay is dedicated to avoiding the many traps and hazards Roger will meet on his way. Some actions must be performed quickly in order to prevent Roger from getting killed.
DrD2k9 completes the game in record time, thanks to setting the speed to the fastest setting.

The second YouTube stream plays back the movie at 1/5th of the regular speed.

Published on 12/10/2017
Space Quest: Chapter I - The Sarien Encounter is a humorous sci-fi adventure game made with Sierra's AGI engine. The gameplay is similar to that of King's Quest: the player navigates Roger around with the arrow keys and interacts with the game world by typing commands. There are puzzles to solve and plenty of situations where the player will have to use his wit to save Roger from death.
DrD2k9, c-square and Radiant speed through the game in record time.

Due to the sheer speed of the movie, the second set of encodes play back the movie at 1/5th of the regular speed.

Published on 9/4/2015
Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!! is a DS game developed by WayForward, based on the popular show Adventure Time. Its gameplay is heavily inspired by Zelda II.
In this run, arandomgameTASer heavily abuses many glitches in the game, in particular an item jumping glitch, to beat the game in record time. Mathematical!

Published on 9/6/2016
Metroid Prime Hunters is the DS spinoff to the "Metroid Prime" trilogy, involving Samus in a race against six other bounty hunters to collect the eight Octoliths and get the "Ultimate Power".
At least, that's what was supposed to happen. Unfortunately for those bounty hunters, Memory is on the case. Thanks to a variety of tricks, out of bounds glitches, and optimization, Samus blazes through various planets in the Tetra Galaxy and collects the eight Octoliths in record time, destroying everything in her path. World's greatest bounty hunter indeed.
For those curious to see how the series originated, we also have a run of the original Metroid.

Published on 7/10/2010
Space Invaders needs no introduction. Space Invaders Extreme 2 is part of a recent revival of the series, introducing power-ups and a variety of new gameplay modes.
This run plays Score Attack mode on the hardest available path. Note that it doesn't aim for highest score because doing so would make the movie considerably longer.

Published on 12/7/2022
Fleeing the Complex is the 5th game in the Henry Stickmin series. The game is a choose your own adventure with 5 unique endings and multiple different ways to fail (majority of which are hilarious). Henry Stickmin in this game finds himself locked in the complex and needs to find a way to escape, with the help of some old friends and new friends he meets along the way.
TheAmazingYucemu plays through all of the game's 5 unique endings in record time. This run avoids the usage of refreshing as to allow viewers to watch the cutscenes in their full glory.
Emulator Replay:
libTAS 1.4.4 + ruffle nightly 2022-11-15 (99a4172)

Published on 12/30/2012
In this low quality port of a very popular arcade game, Thevlackdemonn2294 speeds through the game as fast as possible. No second round is ever fought, as it it glitched past, except for Shao Kahn, the final boss.

Published on 7/1/2015
Pingu: Sekai de Ichiban Genki na Penguin (ピングー 世界で1番元気なペンギン) is a video game based on the Swiss children's stop-motion series Pingu. This game, however, was exclusively released in Japan. The game consists of four mini-games showcasing Pingu's daily life, like fishing and playing hockey.
Author dekutony gets through the four mini-games in around 10 minutes.
*noot noot*

Published on 9/23/2019
This is the second and last true Mario game for the original Game Boy. It has unique power ups like carrots and bubbles and allows the player to go through each of the worlds in any order. It also features the first appearance of Wario, who would become a staple character for Nintendo.
This is a 1 minute and 5 second improvement over the previous movie thanks to newly discovered glitches which can be found in the author's comments.

Published on 4/29/2012
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is a classic Game Boy Zelda adventure. Link must travel across the dream world of Koholint Island, collecting the 8 Instruments to wake the Wind Fish and go home after a terrible shipwreck.
bobmario511 (the author), however, realized that "Hey, I'm in a dream. That means I can do anything I want!" With that in mind, he embarks on a journey as the legendary hero THIEF to live out his wildest fantasies. Unfortunately, he would soon find out that this dream would end up being the worst nightmare of his life, traveling through a chaotic world devoid of any logic, meaning, or consistent appearance. Summoning the power of all of the allies he can get, our hero, BowWow, Marin, a ghost, and a flying rooster travel together to make sense of the nonsensical hell of Link's own imagination, collecting what he believes to be the 8 Instruments and Secret Seashells on their way.
To see a run of the "normal" completion of this game, see this movie by the same author.

Published on 12/17/2011
Rome has conquered Gaul and put a wall around the last village of resistance. Asterix and Obelix decide to tour the Roman Empire and collect souvenirs in order to show Caesar the futility of walls. It's hard to get the story from this TAS, however, because they fly through the levels so quickly, absorbing damage and rarely bothering to fight back. Though, they do take some breaks to participate in local sports. After all, if you're trying to send a message to Caesar, why not beat his athletes in one Olympic event—or all of them?

Published on 11/2/2020
The main quest completion time has been shortened to nearly one sixth of what it initially was, thanks to the discovery of a glitch that allows Juste to sink into walls.
This is a 02:51.65 minute improvement over the previous movie.
The author has created an elaborate encode that shows the player's position on the map, contents of the game's memory, and hacks the camera to follow the character's movement more. It is available on YouTube, NicoVideo, and Bilibili.
However, if you still think there is not enough zipping through walls, be sure to watch the second quest completed in less than half a minute!

Published on 1/22/2020
DK: King of Swing is a Donkey Kong spin-off game developed by Paon and published by Nintendo in 2005 for the Game Boy Advance. The Kongs are planning a competition to see who's the best in the jungle! Just before it begins, K. Rool steals all the medals for the tournament! DK must hunt down K. Rool and get back those stolen medals for the tournament!

Watch a resync of this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 3/31/2019
Kuru Kuru Kururin is an unusual game that is a mix of racing/puzzle genres. The player controls a slowly spinning stick called the Helirin, and must maneuver it through a series of mazes. The player controls the direction and speed of movement but not the Helirin's constant rotation.
mohoc and E-Sh4rk improve the previous movie by 4 minutes and 10.49 seconds, thanks to the discovery of wall clipping and out of bounds goal zones. Please read the authors' comments for more details. Of note that this TAS also plays the training stages, whilst Ryuto's TAS did not.
There is also a run of the sequel, Kururin Paradise.

The second set of encodes feature a camhack, where the camera is centered at the Helirin, as well as displaying the OoB elements.

Published on 12/3/2019
LEGO Bionicle is a game based on the Bionicle toy sets, only released on the Game Boy Advance.
Set before the Toa Mata arrive on Mata Nui, it chronicles the adventures of Takua as he searches for the kidnapped Turaga and hidden Toa stones.
In this run, Memory abuses multiple glitches and general shoddy programming in this handheld game to complete the game only rescuing two Turaga's (village elders) and two Toa Stones.

Published on 5/13/2009
Zero has a new body which he does all the same old stuff with. Once again, it's on the Game Boy Advance. As with the other games in the series, there is a delay with every hit of the Z-Saber, so many enemies are killed in other ways. (In particular, in this game, Zero can pick up guns from some enemies and use them for added variety.)
This run is almost 4 minutes and 20 seconds faster than the previous movie, in spite of having over 30 seconds more text due to game version differences. A large part of this improvement is due to new combos. Also, the invulnerability times of midbosses are abused even further with midair wobbling of the Z-Saber or the Z-Knuckles. For more details, see the run's comments.

Published on 11/12/2023
Pokémon Radical Red is a enhancement ROM hack of Fire Red featuring Pokémon up to Gen 8, difficulty readjustments, new abilities and much more.
Watch as GobouLePoissonBoue runs with Minimal Grinding, and uses In-Game Codes to skip to battling the Elite 4 and abuse the ROM Hacks' mechanics.

Published on 12/22/2016
Pokémon: Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald form the third generation of Pokémon, after Pokémon: Gold and Silver. Noticeable differences include the graphics and interface, Pokémon abilities, and running shoes that allow the player to move around much faster in the overworld before getting the bike.
This TAS completes the game without using any glitches. There is another TAS of this game which uses a notable glitch to skip the second half of the game.

Note: To play the .bk2 file you need to configure your timezone to GMT-5 (US Eastern Time).

Published on 9/12/2016
Everyone's favourite gymnastic winner is back, and this time, he's sparing no expense to make sure the evil Vizier's reign of sand-based terror is stopped once and for all. Watch as our hero slaughters the Vizier's entire army, robs him of his precious metal, confiscates his valuable medical resources and steals all his ancient scrolls without even stamping his library card.
In this run, theenglishman achieves a self-defined full completion, which is everything you can acquire or do in the game without the use of a Nintendo GameCube/Game Boy Advance link cable. In the case of this game, it boils down to:
  • Kill all 75 Sand Persians, which makes the Prince reach max stats (Level 30, 150 HP, 115 Attack, 90 Defence)
  • Acquire all available consumables (9 Life Potions, 9 Sands of Time, 5 Antidotes - consumables can be used at any time)
  • Collect Slowdown Ring and Freeze Ring
  • Collect all tutorial Scrolls
  • Reassemble all Medals and lower all the Medal Gates
  • Press the three GameCube switches
See the author's comments for more thorough explanation.

Published on 3/3/2019
Riviera: The Promised Land is a role-playing video game originally produced in 2002 by Sting Entertainment for WonderSwan Color as the first episode of the Dept. Heaven series of games. The game was later introduced to Nintendo's Game Boy Advance in 2004, which Atlus USA released in North America in 2005.
The player takes the role of Ein, a Grim Angel, who must battle against demons as well as antagonistic Grim Angels to seal away the four fountainheads of evil known as the Accursed. He is accompanied by four heroines—Fia, Lina, Serene and Cierra—as well as his cat-like familiar Rose. Riviera also contains dating sim elements, as the hero can achieve multiple endings with the supporting characters through decisions made throughout the game.

Published on 5/22/2023
Scooby-Doo! Unmasked is a 2005 platformer game released on home console as well on the Nintendo GBA and DS. The Mystery Gang visits Fred's cousin Jed, who works at a movie studio on special effects. However they find out that Jed has gone missing and all of the animatronics have gone haywire, so it's up to Scooby Doo and the gang to find clues and figure out what happened.
Technickle solves the mystery in record time.

Published on 3/19/2016
Sonic Advance 3 is a Sonic game with a twist: the player can play with a friend in co-op mode or one of many multi-player modes like ring race. The game contains features from Sonic Advance and Sonic Advance 2, but with more options like choosing from 2 characters in story mode (a leading and a following character).
This run is an improvement of 00:22.82 of in-game time and 00:23.57 overall compared to the predecessor movie.

Published on 8/5/2007
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is a well known stealth action game where agent Sam Fisher tries to rescue CIA agents from the bad guys.
However, in this run the author doesn't care about stealth at all and runs through the levels as fast as possible.
FractalFusion has also created a TAS for the game's GBA sequel.

Published on 1/22/2018
Keitai Denjū Telefang (携帯電獣テレファング) is a series of video games produced by Natsume and published by Smilesoft. The games are monster-battling games, where the player contacts various creatures using a cell phone-like device called a D-Shot in order to get them to battle the foes he or she will encounter. The name of the series derives from Keitai, which is Japanese for "cell phone," since phoning creatures is an integral part of the game, and "fang," to symbolize the various beasts involved.
Passwords (phone numbers) can be used to obtain very strong Denjuu, but are not used in this run. There's also a way to beat this game insanely fast with the use of major glitches, like this other movie we have for this game does, but those aren't used in this run either.

Published on 5/21/2020

Published on 11/27/2019
Based on the Spirou comic, this 2-D platformer for the Game Boy Color has the hero foiling an invasion led by the evil gynoid Cyanida.
ViGadeomes and zoboner complete the task in record time by using precise movement and a number of glitches. See their comments for details.

Watch a resync of this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 11/19/2022
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX is an updated version of an older GB game which adds color, an additional dungeon, various other minor features, and a lot of bug fixes. Link, after rescuing Hyrule (again?), sets off on a journey and subsequently shipwrecks on the mysterious Koholint Island, which has been overtaken by evil monsters which he must defeat in order to find a way back home.
In this TAS, TwistedTammer goes through the entire game collecting all the permanent inventory items, which includes heart pieces, L2 upgrades, capacity upgrades, photographs, and the colored tunic upgrade exclusive to the DX version of the game. However this run does avoid some major glitches in order to make the viewing experience more enjoyable.

Published on 12/8/2017
007: Nightfire is a James Bond game. Does anything more need to be said? Guns, cars, planes, submarines, spaceships, girls, and megalomaniacs.
Authors FitterSpace, gamerfreak5665 and aleckermit show off James Bond's impressive skill set, including cocaine-induced firearm handling and driving so reckless, not even a cute animal would give him car insurance.
This run improves upon the previous publication by more than six minutes of total run time, but with increased load time accuracy, new out of bound glitches, and better optimization, the real time saved compared to the previous run is nearly ten minutes.

Published on 5/16/2023
007: Nightfire is a James Bond game. Does anything more need to be said? Guns, cars, planes, submarines, spaceships, girls, and megalomaniacs.
This TAS by FitterSpace aims to complete the game while collecting all the bonus 007 tokens in each level. Normally these tokens only appear after the player has earned a gold medal for each mission, but they can also be unlocked with the password "Q LAB".

Published on 6/21/2014
Resident Evil 4 features a completely new story and an innovative "over-the-shoulder" third person perspective that replaces the fixed camera system of the previous three Resident Evil games.
Special agent Leon Kennedy is on a mission to rescue Ashley Graham, the daughter of the U.S. President, from a sinister cult in a remote rural part of Europe. Leon must fight hordes of violent villagers and mutated monsters on his way to save her.
The Mercenaries is an unlockable minigame in Resident Evil 4. It is unlocked by completing the main game regardless of difficulty. The objective is to kill enemies to earn points before the evacuation chopper arrives in the allotted time.
In this run, Ubercapitalist plays through the Castle level of The Mercenaries game mode using Wesker. He obtains the maximum amount of kills and the highest score using multiple weapons and major amount of luck and spawn manipulation. Ubercapitalist explains in great detail his process in the submission text.
For those who want to watch the run without all of those item pickups, Ubercapitalist has provided an "Artist's Cut" of the movie here.
Ubercapitalist has also made a TAS of the Village map for The Mercenaries.

Published on 11/29/2019
Resident Evil 4 features a completely new story and an innovative "over-the-shoulder" third person perspective that replaces the fixed camera system of the previous three Resident Evil games.
Special agent Leon Kennedy is on a mission to rescue Ashley Graham, the daughter of the U.S. President, from a sinister cult in a remote rural part of Europe. Leon must fight hordes of violent villagers and mutated monsters on his way to save her.
The Mercenaries is an unlockable minigame in Resident Evil 4. It is unlocked by completing the main game regardless of difficulty. The objective is to kill enemies to earn points before the evacuation chopper arrives in the allotted time.
In this run, Ubercapitalist plays through the Village level of The Mercenaries game mode using Wesker. He obtains the maximum amount of kills and the highest score using multiple weapons and major amount of luck and spawn manipulation. Ubercapitalist has also made a TAS of the Castle map for The Mercenaries.

Published on 9/10/2020
Resident Evil 4 features a completely new story and an innovative "over-the-shoulder" third person perspective that replaces the fixed camera system of the previous three Resident Evil games. Special agent Leon Kennedy is on a mission to rescue Ashley Graham, the daughter of the U.S. President, from a sinister cult in a remote rural part of Europe. Leon must fight hordes of violent villagers and mutated monsters on his way to save her.
The Mercenaries is an unlockable minigame in Resident Evil 4. It is unlocked by completing the main game regardless of difficulty. The objective is to kill enemies to earn points before the evacuation chopper arrives in the allotted time.
Ubercapitalist takes on the Waterworld level of The Mercenaries using Wesker. Major manipulation of luck and the AI, in addition to Wesker's powerful arsenal, helps Ubercapitalist achieve the maximum number of kills possible and the highest score well before the evac helicopter arrives.
Ubercapitalist has also made a TAS of the Castle map and a TAS of the Village map for The Mercenaries.

Published on 12/7/2018
TMNT: Mutant Melee (released as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Melee in PAL regions) is a 3D fighting game based on the 2003 animated series. Whilst the combat system is similar to previous games based on the same series, TMNT: Mutant Melee is more arena-focused.
Here, author Dimon12321 presents a tool-assisted, shell-raising journey through all 170 levels of the game's Adventure Story mode.

Note: There are also lossless encodes and encodes at additional resolutions available in the discussion thread.

Published on 8/23/2023
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 is the third game of the Tony Hawk series. This one introduced the revert and double tap tricks, which allowed for much longer and higher scoring combos. There are 8 main levels in the game along with a secret level unlocked after completing the final competition. Six of the levels have goals scattered across the level, with the remaining three being competitions.
Rocker improves the previous TAS by 38.93 seconds, thanks to better optimisation as well as better routing, limiting backtracking. Please read the author's comments for more details.
We also have an "any%" run of the game if you just want to see the game completed as fast as possible.

Published on 3/5/2018
Tony Hawk's Underground is a skateboarding-adventure video game published by Activision in 2003, the fifth entry in the Tony Hawk series.
Underground is built upon the skateboarding formula of previous Tony Hawk's games: the player explores levels and completes goals while performing tricks. The game features a new focus on customization; the player, instead of selecting a professional skater, creates a custom character.
Underground adds the ability for players to dismount their boards and explore on foot. The plot follows the player character and his or her friend Eric Sparrow as the two become well-known professionals and grow apart.
In this run, The Packle improves upon the previous publication by over three and a half minutes thanks to a new glitch involving custom tricks which eliminates most of the RNG this game has to offer.

Published on 10/15/2011
Castle of Illusion is one of the earlier games for the Genesis. Mickey must collect seven jewels to reach the final boss and save Minnie. He attacks enemies either by flinging apples at them, or by smothering them with his cast-iron buttocks.
This run is around 50 seconds faster than the previous run, thanks to new tricks/glitches and better optimisation. Please read the author's comments for more information on the new tricks and glitches.

Published on 12/16/2018
The land of Alurea is under attack by monsters. Due to a preceding time of peace, its twin princes are the only people who know how to fight. They need to find the legendary "Dragon Blue Eyes" stones in order to save their kingdom. This game is also known as Mega Twins.
In this run, TehBerral guides DERP, the red twin, to the best ending on the hardest difficulty. DERP uses melee and magic to make quick work of all enemies in his path, whether they be lowly bats or fearful clowns.

Published on 11/25/2018
Comix Zone is a 1995 beat 'em up video game developed and published by Sega for the Sega Genesis. An unusual feature of the game is that it is set within the panels of a comic book with dialogue rendered within talk bubbles and sprites and backgrounds possessing the bright colours and dynamic drawing style favoured by superhero comics.
Sketch Turner, a "starving artist" and freelance rock musician living in New York City, is working on his newest comic book, named the "Comix Zone". One night, while Sketch is working on Comix Zone during a thunderstorm, a lightning bolt strikes a panel of his comic. In this instant, the main villain of Comix Zone - a powerful mutant named Mortus - manages to escape the comic book's pages, desiring to kill Sketch so he can become flesh and blood and take over the real world. Because he does not possess any power in reality, Mortus sends Sketch into the world of his own comic, freely drawing in enemies attempting to kill him.
Comix Zone is an action platformer in which players control Sketch as he progresses through panels of his comic book, hoping to reach the end and escape before his own creations finish him off. Each level consists of two pages and secrets are discovered by shredding the paper and revealing items. Along with standard attacks such as punching, kicking and jump attacks, Sketch can store up to three items in his inventory to help him overcome obstacles.
Archanfel improved the predecessor movie by 54.21 seconds thanks to faster strategies and manipulations.

Published on 7/3/2014
Ecco the Dolphin is a game where you control a fast, but hard to maneuver dolphin who travels into hostile environment to save the other dolphins after a freak waterspout storm.
This run improves the previous one through better execution, a new route and new glitches. As in the previous run, damage is avoided, as it almost always slows Ecco down. At the same time, a major new glitch allowing Ecco to go through nearly any wall was not used because the frequency of its use would make the run very repetitive.

NOTE: The sound issues are a result of inaccurate emulation.

Published on 7/9/2011
Gods is a game about someone who wants to become a god and gain immortality. This is a delicate and paradoxical issue, because temporal immortality can be bought at just about every shop in this game, but the hero still dies numerous times.
Another fun aspect is bomb-jumping, which allows both higher jumps and traveling vertically through walls. Almost the whole 2nd half of the game is skipped with this trick! However, it is not verified whether this trick will work on an actual console.
This is the author's latest version, improved by another 132 frames.

Published on 12/5/2016
Gunstar Heroes (1993) is widely considered to be one of the best action games on the Sega Genesis, but, ironically, was commercially unsuccessful due to poor promotion. It features a variety of melee attacks, as well as 4 basic weapons which can be combined in pairs (making a total of 14 combinations) — all densely packed in a swift and explosion-heavy gameplay spanning over seven uniquely designed stages. The author takes special care to showcase all the moves the game is capable of, using every possible attack and having lots of fun playing around in autoscrolling sections.
This movie is a little under 4 and a half minutes faster than the previous one due to more aggressive boss fights and a new movement technique. See the author's comments for more details.
The encodes for this movie are also slightly larger than usual — this is due to an amount of colors and on-screen motion even the best codecs have problems coping with.

Published on 12/2/2018
Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition is a 1994 side-scrolling video game developed by BlueSky Software and published by Sega for the Sega Genesis. It is the sequel to Sega's previous Jurassic Park video game, based on the film of the same name and also released for the Genesis. Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition is a revamped version of its predecessor, featuring similar gameplay with several changes, and a new story that continues from where the previous game ended.
This game features fascinating graphics, and the glitches Archanfel abuses are just as stunning! Watch him zip and clip through the entire game under 3 minutes.
Hint: Hover the mouse over the screenshot.

Published on 8/8/2009
Kid Chameleon is the story of a kid trapped in an arcade machine, where he has to traverse many different kinds of levels from different "games" and can transform into many types of characters. It is rather convoluted, with the ability to take many paths to the last level.
Instead of taking the fastest path, this movie takes the longest path possible without backtracking, but does so as quickly as possible. Several new tricks originated in this run that only recently found their way into the any%.

Published on 7/27/2023
This is a ROM hack of Sonic the Hedgehog with the title character replaced by Knuckles the Echidna, complete with his signature ability to glide as well as the usual spindash. Everything else is unchanged. If you haven't seen Sonic the Hedgehog completed before, you may wish to do so before seeing what a character with a more advanced move set can accomplish.
ShiningProdigy9000, rodonic01, WST, and marzojr all work together to speed through the bonus stages to collect all 6 Chaos Emeralds and zip through the rest of the stages as fast as possible.
There is also a run of different ROM hack of the same game that replaces Sonic with Tails.

There are alternate encodes where the camera is hacked to stay focused on Knuckles as much as possible.

Published on 11/27/2014
Langrisser II (ラングリッサー2) is the acclaimed sequel to Langrisser, also known as Warsong. The original game was released only in Japan, never finding its way to an official release in English as of this writing.
You are placed into the role of Elwin (descendent of Garrett/Redin), a wandering Swordsman who stops to rest from his journey at a small, obscure village. He soon finds himself, however, in a sudden conflict between an elite detachment of the Rayguard Empire and a peculiar young woman whom they are attempting to abduct. In desperation, her childhood friend Hein rushes toward Elwin and urgently pleads him to help fight off and thwart the Empire's plans. So much for rest...
Who is this young woman? Why is a major military power intent on capturing her? And what's this have to do with a legendary holy blade?
In ars4326's run, cunning strategy combines with heavy luck manipulation to produce a speedrun that completes all of the game's accessible stages (27 normal and 3 'hidden') in just under 2 hours. Virtually no level-grinding is found in this action-packed playthrough as Elwin & Co. seek to stop an Emperor's plans of uniting the continent with the power of an ancient demon sword!

The movie file and the YouTube and primary downloadable (HQ) encodes have the author's commentary as subtitles.

Published on 8/19/2020
This is a strange platformer where the main character, Michael Jackson, has an obsession with doing weird movements and occasionally dances together with the enemies before beating them to oblivion.
EZGames69 and Bloopiero improve the previous TAS by 23.64 seconds, thanks to newly discovered tricks and better optimisation. For more details, please read the authors' comments.
If you were looking for a run from the arcade version of this game, click here.

Published on 5/30/2020
In this final installment of the famous Phantasy Star series, the protagonist, while out on a routine assignment, uncovers evidence pointing to a sinister threat to the entire solar system. One thing leads to another and he and the rest of his party eventually find themselves fighting the root of all evil.
No reason to rush things though, right? In addition to completing all sidequests, the author also uncovers every single reference to Phantasy Star Universe.
This run is 2:28.42 minutes faster than the previous record.

Published on 5/17/2007
Ristar is a large, colorful game with good music. It also has water-themed levels that aren't slow and boring, which is a true rarity.
The author of this TAS chose to get maximum height bonuses instead of using the end pole for a small, boring speed boost.
As Bag_of_Magic_Food so excellently put it, "Starface has stretchy arms and wastes time spinning on poles."
This is a 1 minute 33 second improvement over the author's previous movie. Details about the improvements can be found in the authors comments.

Published on 9/15/2007
This game has a lot of bosses, to say the least. Because the author speeds through levels so quickly, the amount of time spent fighting bosses is actually greater than the amount of time completing the level in order to reach them.
This is a 7 minute 38 second improvement over the previous movie. Much of this improvement is simply due to defeating bosses more quickly. The author has left detailed comments about these improvements.

Published on 8/15/2009
Shining in the Darkness is the first in the Shining series, which includes Shining Force. Unlike the later games, it is a first person dungeon crawler.
The author dissected the game with the help of Lua scripts to find optimal battles and avoid random encounters.

Published on 12/25/2014
Another Sonic 3 & Knuckles TAS, but with Amy Rose this time. Unlike the three main characters, she wields a hammer as her weapon, and WST & marzojr use it to great effect in glitching through the game. For more details, see the run's comments.

Each second link or set of encodes uses a camhack, which forces the camera to focus on Amy while keeping the sprites on the foreground layer.

Published on 12/23/2019
In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic and Tails continue to thwart the plans of Dr. Robotnik, this time on the Floating Island that is guarded by Knuckles the Echidna.
In this run, you'll see the Floating Island like never before, as Evil_3D, TheYogWog, and kaan55 use every trick in Sonic's and Tails's arsenal to collect as many rings as possible. The routing for this goal is more about efficiently moving between groups of rings than efficiently moving to the end of the stage, and is incredibly complex.
This run starts from a clear-game savestate with all of the Chaos Emeralds and Super Emeralds collected, so that collecting giant rings will award Sonic and Tails a 50-ring bonus instead of taking them to a Blue Sphere bonus stage. We normally do not accept save-anchored movies; more details can be found in the authors' comments.
An atlas encode is also available, which shows the characters' positions on a zoomed-out level map, which might make it easier to follow the action.
For those wishing to play back the emulator movie file, a Gens-11b savestate for this purpose is available here.

Published on 12/19/2011
Fast bouncing around. This is a run of Sonic the Hedgehog which avoids zipping (gaining a large speed boost from being inside terrain), unlike the other run of this game. Therefore, most levels cannot be skipped, and instead have to be traversed using a more normal route, although the author still finds a couple of alternative methods to take shortcuts (it is hard to define hard rules to ban all glitches). In this run, the game is completed without collecting the Chaos Emeralds.
There are also runs where Knuckles and Tails they take advantage of their own abilities to finish the game in record time.
This movie has a full Atlas Map encode, which shows a camhack encode overlaid on a zoomed out map.

Published on 2/25/2017
This game is what you get if you take Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and lock it onto Sonic & Knuckles. As the name suggests, what you get is simply Sonic the Hedgehog 2 with Knuckles the Echidna as the playable character. The levels remain mostly unchanged, save for the addition of a few monitors that can only be reached as Knuckles, whose abilities from Sonic and Knuckles (gliding, climbing walls, and jumping a little lower than Sonic) remain intact.
In this run, you'll see the zones of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (colloquially referred to as West Side Island in the Japanese manual) like you've never seen them before, as Knuckles uses every trick in the book to collect over five thousand rings, with only 11 throughout the game eluding his grasp. (For the time being, anyway...)
We also have runs with Sonic and Tails and Knuckles in this game.

Published on 2/19/2008
A typical streetfighting game which spawned the popular Streets of Rage trilogy. This game is rumored to have used the same engine as Golden Axe, which is why the A button summons magic (sort of) to damage all enemies on screen, instead of doing some sort of roundhouse, like almost all other beat'em ups.
Completed on the hardest difficulty.
Compared to the previous movie, this is over 10 minutes faster. Primarily due to the use of 2-players and a glitch that skips most of the last level.
Details can be found in the authors' comments.
See this run replayed on console.

One of the authors of this TAS, Mitjitsu, has been known to make statements and/or take actions that do not reflect the values of TASVideos as a community.
TASVideos does not in any way condone the statements and/or actions made by this author.
This video is presented not to support or glorify this author, but to archive and showcase this tool-assisted superplay.

Published on 7/27/2012
Streets of Rage 2 is an excellent Beat-'Em-Up game with an extraordinary soundtrack composed by Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima. This run is played with Max and Skate on Mania difficulty.
The author, Sonikkustar, has discovered some new glitches and used 2 players to improve 04:56.97 over the previous run.

Published on 6/21/2013
In part three of the Streets of Rage series, Mr. X is back and this time his plan involves replacing public officials with his own robots. Only Axel, Blaze, Skate, and newcomer Dr. Zan can stop him. Streets of Rage 3 features all of the beat 'em up action you would expect from a Streets of Rage game.
One new feature is the special move power bar, where it only costs energy to do a special move if the bar isn't full. Also new is the ability to do special maneuvers with different weapons, depending on the character. For example, Skate has no special move with the pipe, but he does have one with the knife. The opposite is true for Axel. Any weapon Dr. Zan picks up is turned into energy balls which he can throw at the enemies. Secret characters and multiple endings also add replay value.
In this run, watch atro city stylishly dispose of a lot of thugs and robots using Blaze and Dr. Zan, clearing a long game in only about 38 minutes. A glitch is used which does damage much more quickly when two characters attack multiple enemies at the same time. For more details, read the submission comments.

Published on 5/10/2015
In this action/puzzle game, you control three Vikings lost in time and space, each with their own special abilities needed to solve the levels.
This movie controls three characters simultaneously. Archanfel manages to improve the previous TAS by 8 minutes and 17 seconds through much better optimization. See the author's comments for what was improved.
Keep in mind that only Vikings that are onscreen can be controlled.

Published on 9/9/2018
Tinhead is a robot trying to save the universe from the evil Grim Squidge. Using various transformations and bouncing metal balls, Tinhead does this in record time. This game looks and feels a lot like a Sonic game minus the super speed.
Exonym improved the predecessor movie by 47.29 seconds thanks to new glitches and better optimization.

Published on 1/15/2013
Sonic Triple Trouble is the sequel to Sonic Chaos, they are also known in Japan as Sonic & Tails 1 and 2. Long story short, Dr. Robotnik is after the chaos emeralds again and convinced Knuckles that Sonic and Tails want to steal them, again... But here comes a new challenger! Nack the weasel is here and wants to, guess what, steal the chaos emeralds too! (but just because they are shiny and might sell well on eBay)

Published on 3/10/2023
PBA Bowling is a bowling game for the Intellivision that is licensed after the brand of the Professional Bowlers Association. In this game are two modes of play: standard bowling and Pick-Up Spares. Pick-Up Spares is a challenge mode that randomly arranges the pins to let you practice hitting difficult spares.
DrD2k9 opts to play the standard bowling mode for this run and completes it in record time with the usage of both the 1st and 2nd player controllers. For more information on how that was done, you can read the author's notes.

Published on 7/30/2019
Axiom Verge, released in 2015, is a 2D Metroidvania centered around the protagonist Trace, a scientist who finds himself on the world of Sudra after an experiment gone wrong, separated from Earth by a deadly void called the Breach. When Trace arrives on Sudra he finds its civilization collapsed due to the release of a deadly pathogen in the act of biological warfare. With the help of the Rusalki — giant war machines that guard this world — Trace has to uncover the truth behind the fall of Sudra, confront the perpetrator behind it, and return back to his home world across the Breach.
Axiom Verge takes heavy inspiration from early Metroid games and some other platformers of the era and employs a number of unconventional storytelling and gameplay design decisions, and is all-around well-polished. If you enjoy action platformers or exploration-driven games with a solid sci-fi plot, playing through the game before watching the TAS is highly recommended so that the latter 1/4 of it (and especially the 4th boss, Vision) become easier to comprehend.
keylie improves the previous TAS by almost 3 minutes thanks to getting the grappling hook, better optimisation, and skipping one of the bosses. He completes the game's speedrun mode (which shows an in-game timer and disables all cutscenes) in 25:09.24 by the in-game timer, picking up 15% of items.
Boss times: 02:26.52 (Xedur), 05:39.08 (Telal), 11:02.19 (Uruku), 18:20.54 (Vision), 20:23.42 (Ukhu).

Published on 12/25/2019
This is it, Madeline. Just breathe. You can do this.
Celeste is a platform game released in 2018 and developed by independent game studio Extremely OK Games, who also developed TowerFall Ascension. It features Madeline, a young girl who sets on a journey to reach the summit of the titular mountain. Can she survive the many dangers that await her on her ascent?
This time, EuniverseCat, fishmcmuffins, keylie, dahlukeh and Lanvilla collect all 175 red strawberries, the moon berry, all 24 crystal hearts, all B-Side cassette tapes as well as completing every chapter (which also includes the B- and C-Sides as well as the recently released Farewell chapter) in a record in-game time of 1:16:51.335.

There is also an alternate YouTube stream featuring audio commentary by EuniverseCat, fishmcmuffins and Chaikitty, a speedrunner of the game.

Published on 1/28/2019
Mari0 is a PC game created by in 2012 that combines the classic Super Mario Bros. with the puzzle-platformer Portal by giving Mario a portal gun. The game launched with 2 "mappacks", with the one most people played being the Super Mario Bros. mappack containing the original set of levels. This TAS instead showcases the other mappack which features 18 Portal-inspired puzzles spread across 9 different levels.
lexikiq and Masterjun improve the previous publication by 10.43 seconds, mainly thanks to using four players to plow through the levels and abusing tricks that are only possible in multiplayer.
There's an alternate YouTube encode provided by the authors that shows this TAS as it was shown at AGDQ2019 (featuring four TASBots instead of four Marios as well as a game timer).

Published on 11/27/2011
Invasion of the Zombie Monsters is a B-Movie style platformer for MSX. You take control of Ned, a geek trying to save his girlfriend from a giant demon terrorizing the city. This game was designed to be a throwback to games like Legend of Hero Tonma and Ghouls 'n Ghosts.
This is an improvement of 00:37.90 seconds over the previous run, courtesy of better boss fights and other general optimizations.

Published on 4/12/2023
Blast Corps is a driving/puzzle/destruction sandbox video game by Rare for the Nintendo 64. A wheeled carrier hauling a pair of defective nuclear missiles to a disposal site is locked on a straight-line course there, and the slightest jolt will cause them to detonate. Unfortunately, there are a LARGE number of obstacles in that straight-line path. The Blast Corps, a cleanup crew made up of former military personnel, have been called up to clear the way for the carrier, lest it hit something and the missiles detonate. To do this job, the Blast Corps team has access to a wide variety of vehicles to destroy the obstacles, including a rocket-launching motorbike, a somersaulting mecha robot, and a dump truck.
In this run, WarHippy completes every task in the game as quickly and efficiently as possible, including getting the platinum medals in every level. This includes all 21 carrier levels and all 36 time trial levels. The trick of switching to truck/carrier view during the main levels — done in real-time speedruns to reduce lag — is not used for the sake of the viewers being able to see all of the destruction happening in the run. For more information on the production of the run, you can read the author's notes.

Note: The flickering during the fade transitions and other graphical glitches are due to inaccuracies and bugs in the emulator used for this run.

Published on 10/8/2018
After the events of Doom II, it was thought that the demonic threat was finally put to rest. There was a lone survivor however, and in Doom 64 it is reanimating all of its fallen brethren in one final attempt at carrying out the evil plot. The player once again takes control of the Space Marine in an effort to finally rid the universe of this dark threat.
Here, the author Headshot sets the difficulty to the maximum setting and lets all hell break loose, making you wonder if the demonic forces even stood a chance to begin with.

Note #1: Due to the low brightness levels in the game, a second set of brightened encodes are available.
Note #2: There are also lossless encodes and encodes at additional resolutions available in the discussion thread.

Published on 6/25/2023
Spider-Man is the first 3D game to star the popular web-slinger. It is loosely based on Spider-Man: The Animated Series and Spider-Man Unlimited and features some of the voice cast from each and similar character designs.
Peter Parker is attending a demonstration of the reformed Dr. Otto Octavius's new invention when an imposter Spider-Man steals the device. Spider-Man must work to clear his name and uncover the sinister motives behind the device's theft.
Using various techniques, most prominently out of bounds clips, arandomgameTASer swings on his webs and beats the game in record time.
This is a 01:57.33 improvement over the previous movie thanks to improved optimization and new skips found since the previous TAS attempt.

Published on 3/6/2021
Now this is podracing!
Star Wars Episode I: Racer is a racing game based on the podracing scene in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.
Watch as Zinfidel completes all seven tracks of the Galactic Circuit in record breaking times.

SWE1:R has major emulation problems and this movie will not sync without very specific computer hardware. The 'Audio Throttle' setting in BizHawk should be switched on in order to play this movie without audio skipping.
The encodes of this run include the author's commentary as soft subtitles.

Published on 6/22/2012

Published on 8/12/2017
Super Smash Bros. began a series of games that mixes characters from several Nintendo-made games into a unique fighting game. It relies not on wearing down the opponent's "life" but increasing damage until he or she can be literally knocked off the stage. Wildly popular, this game has inspired many lazy days of casual multiplayer gaming but also intense competitive tournaments that happen to this day.
In this run, Isotarge & Mittenz team up and tackle the two timed bonus games with all unlockable characters.
Due to regional differences between releases of this game, the authors ran through both the Japanese and North American games. Ultimately, the Japanese version was deemed faster and published, but the North American run is available too. See the submission thread for more details, and for higher resolution encodes.

Published on 5/11/2021
Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64 (usually referred to as Smash 64) is the first installment in the Super Smash Bros. series, developed by HAL Laboratory, directed by Masahiro Sakurai, published by Nintendo and released in 1999. The game became a commercial success, spawning various sequels on future Nintendo consoles, with many of the games in the franchise still having thriving competitive scenes to this day.
This movie is focused on entertainment, beating 1P Mode on Very Hard difficulty as Fox McCloud while defeating opponents in the most technical and stylish ways possible. This movie obsoletes the predecessor movie as it is seen as being more entertaining.
Another movie, which aims for fastest completion time instead, can be watched here. There is also a movie that aims to complete all the "Board the Platforms" and "Break the Targets" bonus stages with all characters that can be watched here.

Published on 10/25/2017
In this TAS of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the author aims to beat the game as quickly as possible, while completing all dungeons, and with the added challenge of doing so without opening any doors. He achieves this by exploiting multiple glitches not seen in any other category of the game in order to complete this challenge.
The submission notes go over in great details all the stipulations of the goal, the tricks, and glitches.
This TAS was done using the Japanese v1.0 version of the game. The reasons for this are glitches that are exclusive to v1.0, as well as text that is significantly faster than in the English version, which means that far less time is spent waiting for text boxes and cut scenes to end before getting back to the action.

Published on 12/17/2007
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 is the third entry in the Tony Hawk series of video games.
In this playaround, emu shows off by performing crazy stunts, executing large combos and achieving a really high score.
If you want to see more skating action, be sure to check the runs of the first two games in the series.

Note: Due to copyright, some of the music had to be edited out and replaced with a different track from the game for the YouTube encode so the video doesn't end up blocked everywhere.

Published on 5/3/2010
It's Turok 3! Not very many dinosaurs in this game though, mostly just weird mutants and monsters. nfq blows through the game with multiple sequence breaks and kills several bosses very swiftly.

Published on 8/24/2023
Bubblegum Rosie, also known in the game as Bubble Gum Rossie, is a platformer and one of 52 games in Action 52, probably the most notorious NES multicart ever released. It stars Bubblegum Rosie, a girl who is looking for her bubblegum. Here, she braves through the candy lands in search for it, but there are other creatures that want gum, too, and are willing to kill her just to see if she has gum. There is also a top-down driving level for a change in gameplay, unusual for an Action 52 game.
In this run, OtakuTAS decides to complete the game as fast as possible while also showing off a glitched driving level that results from getting a game over on the second level and playing from the beginning afterwards.

Published on 6/11/2023
This run exploits a programming error that allows the author to start playing from level 23. If you notice that there's nothing meaningful going on in the first minute of the movie, this is normal: the actual gameplay takes place only after triggering the "game over" screen.
eien86 improves the previous TAS by 3.03 seconds, thanks to better optimisation.

Published on 7/18/2013
In Battle City, your goal is to destroy enemy tanks while trying to keep them away from your base. Each level includes 20 enemies as well as some obstacles, like the weak red bricks, armored silver bricks, water and ice, which you can use to your advantage. The basic tank you start with can also be powered up little by little throughout the game.
In this run, NhatNM rolls through the game speedily while losing a little bit of time to entertain with amusing shooting patterns and making the scenery into recognizable letters and shapes.

Published on 11/5/2020
Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team is an action packed beat 'em up crossover that features essentially the same physics as Battletoads. Together, these heroes must defeat the Shadow Boss, the Dark Queen, and an assortment of other baddies.
Lobsterzelda and feos improve the previous movie by 1 minute and 13.58 seconds, thanks to better optimisation and newly discovered tricks. Please read the authors' comments for more details.

Published on 11/12/2007
A rare instance of a Japanese-made NES game based on a U.S.-originated comic book, Bucky O'Hare (1992) provides a player with a good combination of platforming action similar to Mega Man, an interesting plot, and convincing production values. You can play as one of the five unique characters, which you are free to select at any time, after saving them from the clutches of the Toad Empire. Each character has special abilities required to take advantage of in order to pass through the game's numerous variably designed stages, ranging from single-screen puzzle rooms to autoscrolling shoot-'em-ups.
Interesting fact about this game is that Konami used to implement unconventional ways of piracy protection, in this particular case by making each hit or an otherwise harmful collision in the game result in an instant death if you play it illegitimately. Apparently, this was how a large amount of people were used to playing it in pre-emulation era, without ever finding out Konami's little sabotage.
This movie by AnS is set up in a fashion that imitates this handicap by playing the game in hard mode (accessing it through a password), where every hit results in death. Other than that, it also improves the previous movie by 2 minutes 48.7 seconds, using several major glitches and a lot of small tricks explained in great detail in the author's comments.

Published on 5/17/2022
The city of St. Canard is plagued by an unseen crime wave. The intelligence agency S.H.U.S.H. suspects that the shady organization F.O.W.L. and their valued operative Steelbeak are its causes. The caped superhero Darkwing has made quite some enemies in the criminal circles thanks to his past heroic deeds, and now the entire city has to pay for that. Naturally, the valiant duck is determined to travel through the dangerous streets of St. Canard, defeat his foes, and foil Steelbeak's plans.
Darkwing Duck is a side-scrolling platform game featuring the titular character from the Disney television series. The gameplay is similar to Duck Tales, also resembling Mega Man games in many ways. Darkwing's default weapon is a gas gun; special adapters that modify its functions can be collected during exploration. By using his cape, Darkwing is able to deflect some of the enemy projectiles. Weapons can be changed via a sub-screen.
For a "pacifist" type of completion, this run avoids killing enemies (they might also have dropped health refills, so health management is mandatory), and to offer maximum variety in addition to the any% version, minimizes the use of subweapons (yet to save a single enemy's life, a single arrow is used). It offers some fresh action and manipulation on bosses, but can't be done entirely along with pacifist, so DreamYao has to use a single arrow to save a single enemy's life.
This is a 827 frame improvement over the previous movie.

Watch this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 11/21/2022
Family Feud is a game show that has received multiple video game adaptations to a number of consoles. As with most game shows, you compete against others as part of a group to answer questions. Unique to Family Feud is that the questions given have multiple answers, so the answers given must be the closest to the public consensus answers for a contestant to get the most points. For the NES version, a game is won when a player reaches $20,000.
SpaceColonizer has rigorously studied the game in order to beat it in record time. 2 controllers are used to shorten the intro. To keep things from getting too boring, questions are not repeated at any point in the run, which would have saved time. For more details, you can read the author's notes.

Published on 9/9/2015
Fester's Quest, developed by Sunsoft, is based on the 1960s television series The Addams Family. While out one night enjoying a quiet evening of "moonbathing", Fester witnesses an alien invasion occur against the city. Armed with his blunderbuss, Fester vows to stop this invasion by finding and defeating the 5 alien bosses (hidden in office buildings) before tracking down the UFO.
In ars4326's run, Uncle Fester briskly paces through the game's overworld and sewers, picking up a few sub-weapons from fellow Addams Family members along the way. Doing so allows quick destruction of the alien bosses guarding the clues to the UFO's whereabouts (as well as the final boss).
A time-saving glitch allowing instant wins on all of the game's bosses was forewent also, due to the author's preference not to use it.

Watch this run being played back on a real console.

Published on 4/13/2012
Final Fantasy is a well known RPG about saving the world with the usual assortment of characters.
Here, the author defies all common sense and takes a team composed entirely of White Mages, the token "weak healing caster" class. What's worse, three of them meet their untimely demise at the hands of pirates not very far into their journey. Not to worry, because this survivor has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Published on 11/2/2006
In this run, adelikat picks up maximum speed upgrades and has fun with perfect reflexes, much like the previous movie. That is certainly something nice to do, because the game scrolls automatically and the player cannot affect the speed. However, the point of this movie is not just to beat this game as fast as possible, but rather to do all kinds of unpredictable and awe-inspiring things rarely seen in any TAS — without losing time. See for yourself.
This is probably one of the best illustrations on how to create art out of a simplistic and otherwise uninteresting game to watch.
What is also different about this movie is an extra warp which significantly shortens the game, and the use of a new tool (input macro) as described in the submission text. Bots are occasionally used to generate pseudorandom input while still avoiding death.
Also be sure to check out this movie being played back on an actual NES.

Published on 11/29/2008
Selected comments from the author:
High Speed was released on the NES by Rare Inc. in 1991 and is based on a real pinball machine released by Williams Pinball in 1985. The core rules of High Speed were ported over fairly faithfully from the original pinball machine although Rare added in two different minigames and a "wizard mode" goal which is reached by completing a total of 8 cannon minigames and 6 race minigames.
Completing all three races and all four cannon minigames causes a spaceship to appear which displays a message that states "you have beaten the system... for now”; beating another round of three races and four cannon minigames causes a rocket to appear which states “you have beaten the system this time.” and marks the end of the game. Reaching this final “you beat the system” bonus is the goal of this speedrun.

Published on 9/27/2015
This movie completes the 32 mountains of Ice Climber very fast. It catches the bird in every bonus stage, which almost doubles the movie length (partly due to longer bonus countdowns after the stages).
It's not a very exciting movie as a whole, but due to how hard the character is to control, the game is difficult to beat by normal playing. This movie by Alyosha improves the previous run by over a minute due to better optimization and more use of glitches that let a player pass through some unbroken ceilings.

Published on 5/5/2022
Legacy of the Wizard (1987), released in Japan as "ドラゴンスレイヤーIV Dragon Slayer IV: Drasle Family", is actually a part of Dragon Slayer series. This is a nonlinear platforming adventure game, in which you gain control over one member of the Drasle family to explore the vast dungeon filled with mind bending puzzles and obscure secrets.
The goal of the game is to retrieve a powerful sword named Dragon Slayer, protected by four magical crowns, to kill an evil dragon trapped in the nearby labyrinth. Each member of the family has different abilities, and the portion of the labyrinth only he/she can go into to retrieve one of the crowns. However, this prerequisite was circumvented by the clever use of certain glitches.
Lord_Tom improves on his previous run by 58 seconds through more intense RNG manipulation in order to get the required items faster and better resource management. For more details, you can read the author's notes here.
This movie has a full Atlas Map encode, which shows the standard encode overlaid on a zoomed out map. The YouTube encode also includes the author's commentary in the form of subtitles.

Published on 4/3/2008
Released as part of the mostly Game Boy Mickey Mouse series, Mickey Mouse III: Dream Balloon was released in September 1992 by Kemco in Japan for the Famicom. Due to copyright issues it was changed into Kid Klown in Night Mayor World for its US NES 1993 release. In this run, Mickey uses balloons as weapons, as platforms, and as floatation devices to make quick work of the stages.

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