Tool-assisted movies (123)

Princess Rescue is a homebrew game that's inspired by the Super Mario series, even following the same general storyline (namely a princess gets kidnapped by a big evil spiked turtle). It is up to a lookalike of a famous plumber to save her from its clutches.
Noxxa and KiwiCracker improve the previous TAS by 0.2 seconds (3 frames), thanks to better optimisation.
Published on 6/27/2021

Scrapyard Dog starts with Louie's dog Scraps being kidnapped by Mr. Big, who has driven off with Scraps and unleashed (get it?) a band of thugs to stop Louie. Louie must dodge the thugs' attacks while avoiding other enemies, hopping over obstacles, darting under bird droppings, and collecting cans and money.
In this run, Noxxa makes his way through his own junkyard in order to save his beloved dog.
Published on 5/27/2017
Scrapyard Dog

Uses warps
Emulator Version:
BizHawk 1.12.1

The Great Giana Sisters is a platform game developed by Time Warp Productions and released in 1987. It's known for its controversial similarities to Nintendo's Super Mario Bros, eventually leading to its removal from store shelves. Although there are plenty of similarities in terms of level design between the two games (with the first level being practically identical), the controls differ greatly compared to Super Mario Bros.

Publisher's Note: Both the Downloadables and YouTube Encode modifies the video of the Commodore 64's bootup to prevent any epileptic seizures.
Please jump to 3:42 for the start of the run.
Published on 2/8/2017
Uses warps
Emulator Version:
BizHawk 1.11.3

Boston Bomb Club is an old DOS tile-matching puzzle game developed by Silmarils in 1991. The aim of the game is to get the greatest number of bombs across the infernal device constructed by the mad scientists of the Boston Bomb Club from their point of origin to the target zone.
MUGG beats the game in record time.
Published on 5/5/2018
Boston Bomb Club

Emulator Version:
JPC-rr v11.2 (Enhanced)

The second Castlevania title released on Nintendo DS after Dawn of Sorrow, this game is a direct sequel to BloodLines on Sega Genesis. Dracula rises from the dead yet again (cue groan), and it's up to Jonathan Morris, helped out by Charlotte Aulin, a powerful mage student, to defeat him.
This run is an improvement of 14.06 seconds over the previous run by the same author and uses many of the same glitches. Yet another slightly different route selection as well as better optimisation sends Dracula back to his coffin even faster.
Published on 6/17/2017

The second Castlevania title released on Nintendo DS after Dawn of Sorrow, this game is a direct sequel to Bloodlines on Sega Genesis. Dracula rises from the dead yet again (cue groan), and it's up to Jonathan Morris, helped out by Charlotte Aulin, a powerful mage student, to defeat him.
Beating Dracula into a pile of dust in under five minutes wasn't enough for our heroes, so this time they wreck his entire castle and surrounding areas before killing him. Every boss is slain, so you get to see more of that fast "showtime" action. Significant glitching is used; read the author's comments for more information.
Published on 12/22/2017

The second Castlevania title released on Nintendo DS after Dawn of Sorrow, this game is a direct sequel to Bloodlines on Sega Genesis. Dracula rises from the dead yet again (cue groan), and it's up to Jonathan Morris, helped out by Charlotte Aulin, a powerful mage student, to defeat him.
This time, mtbRc fully completes every single map (amounting to 1000% in total, and is therefore considered full completion), defeats all bosses and completes the game in record time.
Published on 4/10/2020

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force is a point-and-click videogame released in the year 2008 on the Nintendo DS. It was developed by 1st Playable Productions and published by Disney Interactive Studios as part of the famous Club Penguin franchise.
The game stars a player penguin, as he/she finds a mysterious puffle with a map piece after reading the local newspaper. After some investigating, the player discovers the super secret organization called the Elite Penguin Force, who helps and rescues penguins in time of need.
In this movie, agent Guest pauses their way through the game's 13 missions, finishing their duty in under half an hour.
Published on 12/25/2018

Herbert's Revenge, based on the online Flash game with the same name, is a point-and-click adventure game where you defend the Club Penguin island from the evil Herbert P. Bear. Using your "Elite" secret agent skills, you can collect information about Herbert through various means and use it to foil his plans in 10 different missions.
This movie by Randomno, dekutony and solarplex abuses a few glitches involving the HUD and story element skips to beat the game in under half an hour. It also beats the previous movie by about 05:14.18 minutes.
Published on 10/4/2021

New Super Mario Bros. was released in 2006 for the Nintendo DS. It features your typical side-scrolling plumber, but in this case he comes with enhanced abilities, like wall jumping and doing flips.
This run beats the previous run by 44.23 seconds due to a much better usage of Shell Mario.
Published on 9/4/2017

Newer Super Mario Bros. DS is a hack of New Super Mario Bros. that adds entirely new levels and custom enemies, bosses, music and graphics to the DS game. The hack also modifies the Blue Shell of the original game into the Hammer Suit from Super Mario Bros. 3.
In this TAS by Soig, the Hammer Suit is heavily abused to beat the hack in record time.
Published on 2/4/2018
Uses warps
Emulator Version:
DeSmuME 0.9.9

Newer Super Mario Bros. DS is a hack of New Super Mario Bros. that adds entirely new levels and custom enemies, bosses, music and graphics to the DS game. The hack also modifies the Blue Shell of the original game into the Hammer Suit from Super Mario Bros. 3.
Soig collects all Star Coins in every level of the game and spends them all in record time.
Published on 11/19/2018

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (Japanese title: Dracula II: Noroi no Fuuin (ドラキュラII 呪いの封印) is the story of Simon's horrible weekend without sleep. Two years after defeating Dracula, the hero is physically weakened by Dracula's curse. He must gather Dracula's remains and incinerate them at the ruins of Castlevania in order to end the curse.
Through a death warp only present in the FDS version, Fortranm and Burb defeat Dracula in record time. Please read the authors' comments for more details.
We also have a run of the NES version (which doesn't perform the death warp) right here.
Published on 9/29/2018

This is a TAS of the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2, a.k.a. 'The Lost Levels', using Mario's brother Luigi. He jumps higher than Mario, but acts slower in many ways. However, the movie is in no way worse than the Mario version - some new creative solutions have been found.
This is an 110 frame improvement over the previous movie by Phil.

Watch this run being played back on a real console.
Published on 12/13/2012

Mario has eaten too many poisonous mushrooms and as a result, decided to go on a furious killing spree. In this berserker state he has also gained the new secret ability to walk through walls at will.
Wondering how some tricks work? Information is available at Super Mario Bros. Tricks page.
This movie is 27 frames faster than the previous version due to new improvements in 1-2 and 8-4.
Watch this run being played back on a real console.

This is the real Super Mario Bros 2. It was never officially released in the USA and Europe. It was later ported to SNES, and released as "Lost Levels" on Super Mario All-stars, which we have a warpless Mario run of.
FDS means Famicom Disk System. It was a Japanese disk-unit version of the NES.
Published on 3/11/2017
Emulator Version:
FCEUX 2.2.1

Altered Space is an isometric platformer similar to Solstice for the NES where you play as Humphrey, a brave astronaut. The goal is simply to escape the spaceship without running out of air, which is lost over time or if you get hit. There are items that can be used to stun enemies as well, but aren't seen in this run due to the time it takes to open the item menu.
Published on 1/27/2016

Bubble Ghost, a game ported to many platforms, has the player, as a ghost, guide a bubble through a house by blowing at it; if the bubble hits anything at all it pops and the player loses a life. If that sounds difficult, well, it is - but that doesn't stop this run from making it look easy.
This movie appears to be slower than the previous publication; however, this is due to more accurate emulation. It is in fact faster by around 25.3 seconds than the previous publication, thanks to a new trick and better optimisation in many places. Please read the author's comments for more details.
Published on 9/10/2016
Bubble Ghost

Emulator Version:
Bizhawk 1.11.6

Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru (カエルの為に鐘は鳴る, "For the Frog the Bell Tolls") is a Japanese-only action-adventure game with RPG elements. In this funny, cool, and unique game, Prince Sabure is on a journey to save the Mille-Feuille Kingdom and its beautiful princess before his rival does. Along the way, he gains the ability to transform into a frog and a snake and can use these new powers to make it to the overtaken castle even faster.
The rival, Prince Richard, is known as one of the characters who make an appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.
In this movie, author Ryuto uses a few tricks and even death as a shortcut to help him beat the game in under an hour and a half.
Published on 10/23/2009

Prehistorik Man (not to be confused with the game of the same name on the SNES, which is the sequel) was a platform game for the Game Boy, made by Titus Interactive. This game is actually a port of Prehistorik 2, which was made for MS-DOS and Amstrad CPC. Even with the major cuts out from the original PC game, Prehistorik Man seems to still be a rather faithful port, and pulled off some very interesting technical feats for the Game Boy.
CasualPokePlayer and WarHippy complete the game in record time.
See this run played back on the Game Boy Player (using Game Boy Interface) here.
Published on 2/3/2021

In this game, known as Rubble Saver in Japan, you are equipped with a mech and fight your way through 9 levels against aliens and other strange enemies.
This run improves the previous publication by 26.98 seconds (32.98 seconds if the Game Boy start-up is not accounted for), thanks to a newly discovered glitch and better optimisation. Please read the author's comments for more details.
Published on 9/13/2018
Emulator Version:
Bizhawk v2.2.2-Gambatte

The Smurfs is a Game Boy sidescroller with much variety to keep one entertained.
The Smurfs was a once popular comic book and TV series that spread across the world in many languages.
While this movie appears to be slower by 9.86 seconds than the previous movie, it is in fact an improvement of around 2.85 seconds when only considering time saves during the levels. This is due to more accurate emulation. Improvements include better optimisation and new tricks.
Published on 11/26/2017

Everyone who has at least once attempted to gather a soul from each of the 120 different enemies in Aria of Sorrow, especially during a speedrun, knows the frustration it incurs after a hundredth failed attempt to get the required drop. That just makes this all-souls TAS, played on hard mode and without using glitch warps in a little less than 25 minutes, even more impressive.
Upon completing his warpless run, Kriole decided to take another jab at this category, improving upon his earlier effort by 51 seconds.
However, if you would like to see the game beaten to a pulp in a mere quarter of this time, don't miss the any% run by klmz.

Note: While the player doesn't use glitch warps (neither by death nor by getting out-of-bounds using transform souls), he uses the normal warp rooms present in the castle.
Note: Starting from reset was necessary to use hard mode. However, doing so is normally not allowed — refer to the rules to see the reasons.
Published on 3/13/2011

Normally a solar eclipse isn't a dangerous event, but for Soma Cruz being sucked through a portal and into Dracula's castle during one will turn his day into a total nightmare. As Soma you must venture through the castle and find a way out. As you do so, you will discover the true meaning behind the event, and why Dracula has risen yet again.
Those who greatly dislike that Aria of Sorrow's main character isn't related to the Belmont clan whatsoever can safely relax, because the powerhouse known as Julius Belmont enters the stage to destroy every boss faster then Soma ever could.
Julius is only available to those who have completed the main quest. While he can't do most of Soma Cruz's fancy tricks, he can get around just as quickly by glitching through walls and hopping madly around the castle, producing almost inhuman sounds with every jump.
This movie obsoletes the previous one in this category, despite having a longer time, because it uses hard mode, is more optimized and also manages to get into a Julius vs. Julius fight.

Note: This movie starts where a main quest TAS left off. We do not usually accept movies beginning from a save. Please read the rules to see our reasons.
Published on 6/25/2015

Everyone who has at least once attempted to gather a soul from each of the 120 different enemies in Aria of Sorrow, especially during a speedrun, knows the frustration it incurs after a hundredth failed attempt to get the required drop. That just makes this all-souls TAS, played on hard mode, even more impressive.
This is an improvement of 1:38.85 over the previous movie, thanks to a more optimised route and newly used items. Please read the authors' comments for more details.
If you would like to see the game beaten even faster, don't miss the any% run by one of the authors, klmz.

Note: Starting from reset was necessary to use hard mode. However, doing so is normally not allowed — refer to the rules to see the reasons.
Published on 9/8/2016

Nathan Graves is a vampire hunter trying to save his master, Morris, from the clutches of Dracula. Normally this would require collecting lots of different items as well as hours of leveling, but Cardboard proves collectible cards passé by gathering almost none of the cards required for spells and blazing through the game at warp speed without regard to levels or his own safety.
This movie is a 10.5 second improvement over the author's previous movie through various small & thorough optimizations.
For those interested in the areas of the game which this run skips, make sure to check out zggzdydp's run which achieves 100% map completion.
Published on 4/7/2008

In Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance, the Belmont clan must again rise to the challenge: Dracula's castle is in disarray and is in serious need of an interior decorator! In this movie, Juste Belmont zips through walls, under floors, and over zombies with the very important task of rearranging furniture. (He also defeats Dracula and rescues his best friends along the way, but that's not very important.)
This movie is a 06:34.27 improvement over its predecessor, thanks to several new improvements and optimizations.
Published on 7/19/2017

This game is a 2003 port of the original Donkey Kong Country for SNES. This version has increased brightness, at the cost of contrast and colour saturation, to make the game easier to see on an unlit LCD screen, some new features, including new minigames, hidden pictures, a Time Trial mode, and multiplayer games.
In order to achieve 101%, you need to play and beat every stage, find all bonus-rooms (only finding them is required, beating is not) and find all 52 cameras to fill the scrapbook. One camera requires you to collect the KONG-letters in every stage.
Published on 7/15/2017
Emulator Version:
BizHawk 1.12.2

Donkey Kong Country 2 is a game made by Rare for the SNES in 1995, and is generally seen as one of the classics. In 2004, Rare released a Donkey Kong Country 2 remake, for the GBA.
The story is simple: King K. Rool, mad at Donkey Kong, becomes a Kaptain (with a K!) and kidnaps Donkey! (Oh no!) In exchange for Donkey Kong, Kaptain K. Rool wants the banana hoard. Of course Donkey and Diddy worked so hard that they don't want to just give it back. Kaptain K. Rool, however, kidnapped the wrong kong, and left the fast kong alone. Diddy (and Dixie) goes off to Crocodile Isle to try and save Donkey Kong!
Published on 9/30/2019

'Golden Sun' is the first installment in the 'Golden Sun' series, developed by Camelot Software Planning. The game is notable for certain distinctive game elements, such as the use of special "Djinn" that empower the player and can be used against enemies.
This movie is a 08:34.29 minute improvement over the previous record.
The author also provided voice commentary to the run that can be watched on YouTube.
Published on 3/18/2021

Super Mario Advance 2 is the port of Super Mario World to the Game Boy Advance. While similar to the original game in many respects, there are some subtle differences that matter for tool-assisted runs.
This run beats the previous one by 00:14.92 seconds, thanks to many optimizations and using the Japanese version.
Published on 8/20/2014

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3 is a platform video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance. It is an enhanced remake of the Nintendo Entertainment System video game Super Mario Bros. 3, and is based on the remake found in Super Mario All-Stars for the Super NES.
It contains several enhancements, including the addition of Mario and Luigi's voices by Charles Martinet, a multiplayer mode based on the original arcade game Mario Bros and the ability to scan e-Cards, utilizing two Game Boy Advances, the e-Reader, and a copy of Super Mario Advance 4. Once a card is scanned, it adds certain content to the game.
EZGames69 and GoddessMaria use warp whistles to beat the game in record time.

You can watch the complete run being played back on a console.
Published on 7/22/2020
Uses warps
Emulator Version:
BizHawk 2.4.2

Donkey Kong 5 is an unlicensed game created by Sintax. A dragon named Lombado has abducted Sodoma, a fairy responsible for taking care of the world's plants. In her absence, the plants all wither, leaving Donkey Kong without his beloved bananas. The starving ape decides to go on a journey to save Sodoma and all of the plants.
The game features content "borrowed" from many other games. See how many game "references" you can spot!
This run by k80may beats the game in under 5 minutes using precision and a hovering trick.
Published on 4/26/2015

Shantae is an obscure Game Boy Color game released over a year after the Game Boy Advance came out. Because of this, it was released in extremely small quantities. It is notable for its impressive animation and scope.
In this run, watch as arandomgameTASer abuses booty dancing and many programming oversights to beat this game in a little over an hour.

You can read the author's commentary in the YouTube stream.
Published on 9/11/2014

Shantae is an obscure Game Boy Color game released over a year after the Game Boy Advance came out. Because of this, it was released in extremely small quantities. It is notable for its impressive animation and scope.
In this run, arandomgameTASer goes for 100% completion, which includes getting all upgrades, all magic dances and at least one of each usable item. The run also collects the Tinkerbat form which is only accessible if the game is played on a Game Boy Advance.
Additionally, this run is over 20 minutes faster then the previous run, thanks to a plethora of new glitches, tricks, and route optimizations. More information is provided in the author's comments
We also have a run that just completes the game as quickly as possible.

Downloadable encodes have the author's commentary as soft subtitles.
Published on 11/12/2016

Mario is back to the Game Boy, but this time in color.
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is a remake of Super Mario Bros. with some new game modes, including a challenge mode where coins and time remaining are crucial to gaining the target score, and a race mode where Mario competes against Boo to reach each level's finish first.
This run completes the Original mode, and 33 frames faster (ignoring lag frame differences due to different emulators) than the previous version. While this mode looks like a direct port of the NES game, there are different physics and glitches, making optimizing Deluxe a very different task.
There is also a run of the You vs. Boo mode by got4n and the author of this TAS.

Watch a resync of this run being played back on real hardware.
Published on 3/18/2015
Uses warps
Emulator Version:
BizHawk 1.8.3

Sega's Super Monkey Ball (2001) lets you take control of one of four monkeys trapped inside a transparent ball. You must complete each stage by tilting the game level to roll your monkey using the force of gravity and colliding with objects. There are over 100 unique levels ranging in difficulty from easy to near impossible.
In this TAS, the authors start at the Expert difficulty, where they proceed to tear through most of its 60 levels as well as the 10 Master levels, using warps where necessary and breaking most of the heavily optimized console world record times.
This TAS improves upon the previous publication by nearly 16 in-game seconds, using many new route optimizations. More information can be found in the submission text.
Published on 10/27/2015

In the sequel to Super Monkey Ball, you must once again guide a monkey trapped inside a plastic ball to the goal in each stage by tilting the game world. New features include mechanics like portals and more complex level designs, which in a speedrun, lead to some really interesting routes.
In this TAS, the authors skip all the easy levels and warp to the Expert stages, where they proceed to tear through all 50 levels as well as the 10 Master and 10 Master Extra stages, breaking many of the heavily optimized console world record times.
Published on 4/4/2014
Emulator Version:
Dolphin 4.0.2 64-bit

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is the 13th game in the Zelda franchise, released for both the Nintendo GameCube and Wii, with an HD port later released on the WiiU.
The world of Hyrule has fallen under the twilight, and after Link gets transformed into a wolf, he meets up with a strange imp named Midna. Together, they team up to defeat the twilight and save the kingdom.
gymnast86 saves the kingdom of Hyrule in record time.

Note #1: There is an alternate YouTube stream featuring commentary by the author, Pheenoh and Dragonbane0.
Note #2: There are also lossless encodes and encodes at additional resolutions available in the discussion thread.
Published on 12/30/2018

Tony Hawk's Underground is a skateboarding-adventure video game published by Activision in 2003, the fifth entry in the Tony Hawk series.
Underground is built upon the skateboarding formula of previous Tony Hawk's games: the player explores levels and completes goals while performing tricks. The game features a new focus on customization; the player, instead of selecting a professional skater, creates a custom character.
Underground adds the ability for players to dismount their boards and explore on foot. The plot follows the player character and his or her friend Eric Sparrow as the two become well-known professionals and grow apart.
In this run, The Packle improves upon the previous publication by over three and a half minutes thanks to a new glitch involving custom tricks which eliminates most of the RNG this game has to offer.
Published on 3/5/2018

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 is the sixth installment in Neversoft's Tony Hawk's series and is the sequel to Underground. The gameplay in Underground 2 is similar to that of previous Tony Hawk games: the player skates around in a 3D environment modeled after various cities and attempts to complete various goals. Most goals involve skating on or over various objects or performing combos. Scores are calculated by adding the sum of the point value of each trick strung together in a combo and then multiplying by the number of tricks in the combo.
In this run, Fog skates, grinds, and flies through the air to complete this game as fast as possible on the easiest difficulty using multiple glitches along the way. For more information on the tricks and glitches used in this run, check out the submission text.

The YouTube encode removes the credits and its associated ending theme for copyright reasons.
Published on 7/1/2015
Emulator Version:
Dolphin 4.0-6734

Blades of Vengeance is a platform game incorporating light RPG elements and character styling, reminiscent of Gods by The Bitmap Brothers. The Dark Lady has unleashed hordes of monsters whom the protagonist must slay. The player can choose from three main characters - the Huntress, Warrior and Sorcerer, all of which have different abilities. Throughout the game the player has the option to improve their powers by collecting armour and weapons (such as a mace and a crossbow) or by using spells. Each of the eight stages ends with a boss.
Published on 12/13/2014

This movie here is one that makes little to no sense to someone who isn't familiar with the game. The main character can move very fast and the dark graphics don't help in figuring out what's going on. There is a lot more going on in this movie than meets the eye. For example, the player uses a secret warp involving combining the alchemy potions that are scattered throughout the levels.
This improves the previous run of the game by 29.5 seconds thanks to a route change.
NOTE: Don't be fooled by the fake credits after the final level. The game is not quite over yet.
Published on 5/27/2017

In this fast-paced platformer, our hero, Casey, is faced with a virtual reality game which seems to make its participants disappear; he must make use of the ability to change into a variety of different forms with diverse abilities to get to the bottom of the mystery.
This run aims for the fastest possible path through the game in real time, and so manipulates the score counter in a few instances.
This is an improvement of a minute and a half to the previously published (five year old) run in this category.
Published on 3/7/2010
Kid Chameleon

A/V files:
A/V file via Mirror
Emulator Version:

Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World is an RPG with some amazingly grand scope. Levels up to 255, hp to 65535, +63 weapons, battles with 255 opponents, time travel, and characters dying of old age.
This run takes care of money problems by finding a nameless, glitched party member and taking all his stuff. Teleportation is used in some places it normally can't be by resting to reset the forbidden flag. Walking backwards is employed when it reduces screen draw time. Temple blessings are used rather than a cleric, and items are used instead of a sorcerer.
Published on 12/12/2012
Uses warps
Emulator Version:
Gens 11 svn304

Skitchin' is a racing game released in 1994 by EA. It is the spiritual successor to the Road Rash series. The goal of the game is to rollerblade to the finish line, grabbing cars to boost your speed (the titular "skitching"), performing tricks, and knocking over other racers with various weapons.
In this tool-assisted speedrun, very few cars are skitched and the other racers are ignored.
Published on 6/25/2010

Mario had a hell of a time in Sonic's world on NES, so he gave Sonic his world and some crap controls on Genesis.
Published on 9/30/2014

Mari0 is a PC game created by in 2012 that combines the classic Super Mario Bros. with the puzzle-platformer Portal by giving Mario a portal gun. The game launched with 2 "mappacks", with the one most people played being the Super Mario Bros. mappack containing the original set of levels.
This time around, Masterjun, lexikiq and dwangoAC play through the Super Mario Bros. mappack in record time.
We also have a run of the Portal mappack.

Due to the overall sheer speed of the movie, the second set of encodes play back the movie at 25% of the regular speed.
Published on 7/20/2019

Pac-Land is a classic platformer in which Pac-Man must travel across his colorful cartoon world to return lost fairies to Fairyland. This isn't as leisurely as it sounds, as his rivals, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde and Sue are out to get him along the way.
CoolKirby uses a warp early on, then plays until Round 32, after which there's no new content. Playing through quickly and moving troublesome ghosts out of the way, he beats the game in a little over 20 minutes.
Published on 12/16/2014

Emulator Version:
BizHawk 1.9.1

Scrapyard Dog, originally released for the Atari 7800, starts with Louie's dog Scraps being kidnapped by Mr. Big, who has driven off with Scraps and unleashed (get it?) a band of thugs to stop Louie. Louie must dodge the thugs' attacks while avoiding other enemies, hopping over obstacles, darting under bird droppings, and collecting cans and money.
With only shrinking pills as weapons, Louie will run from junkyard to city to forest to mountain to desert to snowfield to the final castle in his journey to save Scraps.
In this run, Noxxa makes his way through many strange places in order to save his beloved dog.
Published on 11/26/2016
Scrapyard Dog

Emulator Version:

Penguin Adventure is a game about a penguin going on a journey to retrieve a special fruit to save the penguin princess.
Unfortunately, saving the princess takes more than just successful recovery of the fruit and raw speed, so this run gets the bad ending.
Published on 12/9/2012

In this TAS of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the author aims to beat the game as quickly as possible while completing all dungeons, temples, and Ganon Trials. This goal is commonly referred to as "all temples", "all dungeons", or "MST (Medallions/Stones/Trials)".
This run has 22:15.68 minutes of improvements in gameplay over the previous TAS of its kind.
This movie contains a newer route and newer strategies which allow for a much faster completion than were possible when the last run was made. Several large glitches in the game are not used in the run, such as the Reverse Bottle Adventure or the Get Item Manipulation glitch. These are avoided because it would make the completion of any dungeon completely arbitrary; they can be seen in an old any% run.
This TAS is played on the Japanese version of the game. The reason for this is that the text is significantly faster than in the English version, which means that far less time (roughly 12 minutes) is spent waiting for text boxes and cut scenes to end before getting back to the action.
The author's notes explain in great detail many of the things done in this TAS which may be confusing to those who aren't familiar with Ocarina of Time speedrunning. Reading them is strongly advised.
Note: There are encode of higher resolutions in the discussion thread.
Published on 7/9/2017

Even the worst video games ever made can make for a good TAS.
This movie speedily plays through "The Cheetahmen", game #52 of a compilation of horrid games called Action 52. While the game is pretty horrible in general, it has a rather catchy BGM.
EZGames69 and Samsara improve the previous movie by 44.76 seconds, thanks to better optimisation and using a warp in the 5th level to spawn the last boss early in a glitched up level.
There are also two published runs of the unreleased sequel, Cheetahmen II. One plays through all the levels, whilst the other starts from level 5 from power-on, due to abusing the fact that some games do not initialize their states before reading them.
Published on 7/16/2021

The Adventure Island game series is known for its extreme straightforwardness. Regardless, the games are pretty fast-paced so if you have some free time on your hands, shut down your brain and watch this carefree TAS.
This is a 50 frame improvement to the previous movie of this game.

You can watch this run being played back on a real console.
Published on 5/31/2021
Emulator Version:
FCEUX 2.3.0

Published on 8/25/2011

This run exploits a programming error that allows the author to start playing from level 23. If you notice that there's nothing meaningful going on in the first minute of the movie, this is normal: the actual gameplay takes place only after triggering the "game over" screen.
See the author's comments for more information on this glitch.
This improves the author's previous movie by about 5 seconds.
Published on 11/2/2007

Atlantis no Nazo (アトランチスの謎) is a game where an explorer is trying to save his friend and must find his way through a maze of rooms; in this case, levels.
This is an improvement of 00:03.00 seconds over the previous run through further optimizations by exposure.
Published on 5/11/2015

Battletoads (1991) is a futuristic beat 'em up game known for its extreme difficulty spread over 16 difficult levels. The mechanics in the game also change drastically from level to level, making the game one of the hardest and most varied for the NES.
In this game, the second most diabolical evil genius in the universe, The Dark Queen, has kidnapped Princess Angelica and Pimple - a battletoad. Rash and Zitz must save them by traveling through the most insane multilevel set of plans ever designed. This includes falling down huge shafts, racing through obstacle courses at breakneck speeds, riding on snakes through a massive maze of spikes, passing through a killer ventilation system, navigating through a missile defense system, climbing a never ending revolving tower, and much much more. Along the way, the Battletoads must also face off against an evil army of robots, genetically engineered rodents, and The Dark Queen herself.
In order to make the game a bit easier, its creators embedded some secret warp zones to skip a few early levels in their entirety. But that simply wasn't good enough for MESHUGGAH, feos & Koh1fds; they decided to travel directly to level 3, where they invent their own warp and skip right to the grand finale. They took a glitch found in this TAS and exploited it even further, to the point where the Dark Queen just gives up and returns Angelica and Pimple, going off to hatch an even more evil plan for next time. The glitch is done by breaking the game execution and sending it right to the game ending.
This run conquers the predecessor movie by 00:00.85 seconds by using a more accurate core and a newly discovered void jump trick.

Watch a resync of this run being played back on a real console.
Published on 10/13/2017

Battletoads (1991) is a futuristic beat 'em up known for its graphics and extreme difficulty. The story is that the sexy Dark Queen who wants to rule the universe has kidnapped Princess Angelica and a toad named Pimple. Two other toads, Rash and Zitz, attempt to rescue them and defeat the Dark Queen.
Maybe you thought Battletoads was a game full of amphibians, but it is actually full of bugs. Those beta testers really should have spent a little more time on this game...
In this run, Lobsterzelda improves the previous movie by 4.13 seconds, thanks to better optimisation and recently found tricks. Please read the author's comments for more details.
To see the game broken even further with the use of memory corruption, watch this run.
You can watch this run being played back on a real console.
Published on 8/25/2020

Based on the 1988 Michael Keaton movie, Beetlejuice follows the rough storyline of the movie. A ghoul named Beetlejuice is hired by a recently deceased couple to scare away the new occupants of their old home. The game is a side scrolling action game where the lead character can run, jump, and stomp his way through the house while collecting "scare points" to help in his ultimate goal. The house is equipped with all manner of traps including incinerating lasers, and even the torches hurt.
ktwo improved the predecessor movie by 00:07.47 seconds.
Published on 7/2/2019

In Bubble Bobble, two magical, bubble-blowing dinosaurs (Bub and Bob) fight through an evil, deep forest in order to rescue their kidnapped dinosaur friends.
This movie features one... no, wait, six players controlling two characters simultaneously while smashing the previous time by 2 minutes and 41 seconds. However, this publication chooses to use warps.
Published on 2/4/2010
Bubble Bobble

A/V files:
A/V file via Mirror
Emulator Version:
FCEUX 2.1.2

If science fiction is to be believed, the ultimate evolution for biological beings is to discard the physical body and become an entity of pure energy. For video game characters, it seems to be the ability to zip through walls. In this latest TAS by zggzdydp, Simon Belmont joins the league of characters possessing this ability.
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest is the story of Simon's horrible weekend without sleep. Two years after defeating Dracula, the hero is physically weakened by Dracula's curse. He must gather Dracula's remains and incinerate them at the ruins of Castlevania in order to end the curse.
This movie is 85 seconds faster than the previous effort by the same author. We recommend to read his comments for explanations on how this improvement was achieved.
Published on 5/23/2017

In City Connection you must drive along on roads, painting them a different color. When you have all the roads painted, you go on to the next level. Cops are frequent along the roads, but oil cans will quickly stop them in their tracks. Avoid cats and spikes, and collect balloons to warp to further levels.
In this run, link_7777 & EZGames69 beat all 16 unique levels of this game and take some well planned warps.
Published on 8/1/2018
Uses warps
Emulator Version:
Bizhawk 2.2.2

Deadly Towers is an infamous 'Nintendo Hard' game, where you control Prince Myer in his quest to destroy seven bells guarded by seven bosses and stop the evil wizard Rubas. The character is slow and takes a lot of damage very easily, making the game usually a great challenge. While there are powerups which boost your abilities, they are generally found in secret passages with no indication of their location.
In this run by ars4326, the Japanese version Mashou (魔鐘) is used due to it containing an inventory glitch that, essentially, gives you unlimited bells after death-warping and defeating Cold Killer twice. New routes, sequence breaking, and movement optimizations are also involved in this updated run.
Published on 8/1/2014

Digger T. Rock is searching for the Lost City and must dig through eight caverns to find it. On the way he must battle... dinosaurs!
Jules improves the previous run by 0.87 seconds, thanks to slightly better optimisation.
Published on 2/12/2016

In this run, adelikat picks up maximum speed upgrades and has fun with perfect reflexes, much like the previous movie. That is certainly something nice to do, because the game scrolls automatically and the player cannot affect the speed. However, the point of this movie is not just to beat this game as fast as possible, but rather to do all kinds of unpredictable and awe-inspiring things rarely seen in any TAS — without losing time. See for yourself.
This is probably one of the best illustrations on how to create art out of a simplistic and otherwise uninteresting game to watch.
What is also different about this movie is an extra warp which significantly shortens the game, and the use of a new tool (input macro) as described in the submission text. Bots are occasionally used to generate pseudorandom input while still avoiding death.
Also be sure to check out this movie being played back on an actual NES.
Published on 11/2/2006

Despite the fact that this is a Konami game, this game is not well-known in western countries.
This game is really quite difficult.
火の鳥 = bird of fire (Japanese name for phoenix).
This is a 15.5-second improvement to the previous author's movie, through a route change and extensive luck manipulation.
Published on 3/25/2007

In Kanshaku tamanage Kantarō no Tōkaidō Gojūsan-tsugi (かんしゃく玉投げカン太郎の東海道五十三次), you play a fireworks-maker traveling the Tōkaidō road. The game actually bears quite a resemblance to the actual geography of the Tōkaidō road; famous landmarks, rivers, and flora types are reproduced as well as they can be given the limitations of the Famicom.
The game is quite difficult -- the hero is slow moving and hard to control, and your only weapon is an endless supply of fireworks. The author's comments detail the methods used as well as explaining all of the various baddies encountered during this quest.
Published on 5/23/2012

King Kong is out to rescue his girl from a fortress that is impenetrable without eight keys from other fortresses. Luckily, that turned out to be false once tools were added to the mix.
Baddap1 improves the previous TAS by 2.76 seconds, thanks to a faster third warp and better optimisation.
For a run of another game featuring King Kong, see the Wai Wai World TAS.
Published on 8/2/2020

In this game, also known as The NewZealand Story, you control a kiwi bird and rescue other kiwi birds trapped within the level. There are numerous warps, used to cut this game many minutes short of its expected completion time.
The ceiling and wall physics are very similar to Bubble Bobble, which means some of them can be passed through when you wouldn't expect it. In addition to this, there is a glitch that sends you through the floor, saving a lot of time in the final stages.

You can watch the complete run being played back on a console.
Published on 4/18/2021

Little Samson and his team are out to deliver tool-assisted fun!
This game consists of four heroes with very different strengths and weaknesses. The object (and fun) of the game is to use these traits to your advantage depending on the situation.
In this run, klmz improves his previous movie by 01:59.47 minutes thanks to new glitches and better optimization.
Published on 7/20/2018

Mighty Bomb Jack is a game where Jack goes to rescue his family from a pyramid. Along the way, he meets many enemies who start as mummies and change forms when they hit the ground. He also finds bomb-filled rooms at the end of each round, which work like warp rooms with a twist: you can warp ahead to the bomb room of the next round if the first lit bomb is the last bomb collected. Using this, the author warps past many rounds.
However, this movie aims for the best ending, which is obtained by freeing all the family members in Round 12. This means that the author avoids warping past some rounds in order to collect items. For more details, read the submission comments.
Published on 7/23/2007
Mighty Bomb Jack

A/V files:
A/V file via Mirror
Emulator Version:

Mark is on his way back home from a baseball game when an alien gargoyle called Bert summons him to save his home planet from evil monsters using his almighty baseball bat.
In this very strange game, you must defeat bosses in each stage before obtaining a key to the next stage. The player normally controls Mark, but by picking up a pill from monsters, Bert can be used. Bert can fly and shoot powerful shots, but he only lasts a short while unless another pill is obtained.
This is the fifth effort to tackle this game and the first to be published.
Published on 3/10/2011

Quattro Adventure is a multicart of 4 games released by Camerica in 1991. The third of these games, Boomerang Kid, is a short platform game known for its awkward mechanics and many hidden warps. It also has pretty catchy music.
In this movie, watch rchokler and Alyosha run and jump through the levels with tool-assisted precision, finishing the game in under 5 minutes.
For more of Quattro Adventure, see the runs of Super Robin Hood and Treasure Island Dizzy.
Published on 1/12/2015

Quattro Adventure is a cart of 4 games released by Camerica in 1991. One of these 4 games is the platformer Super Robin Hood which is the subject of the current run. The game is unique in its use of hidden 'keys' that open various secret passages allowing the player access to faster routes. Combine this with a developer intended warp and major collision detection glitch and you get the current run of the game in under 5 minutes.
Published on 12/31/2014

Sesame Street's Count von Count stars in this educational game where the point is to learn how to identify numbers. You can choose to either hop or run across the levels trying to collect as many examples of the number of the day required for that particular level. The number of the day is selected randomly by a spinning number wheel.
TASeditor hops around to get to the ending in 3 minutes and 8.57 seconds. 3 minutes. Ah, ah, ah.
Watch this run being played back on a real console.
Published on 11/20/2015
Uses warps
Emulator Version:
FCEUX 2.2.2

Silent Assault is an unlicensed game developed by Joy Van and published by Color Dreams in 1990. In this game, an alien force has somehow taken control of all of Earth's military forces. However, the player character is not under the alien power's control, meaning he's the only one who can fight back. Said character now has to fight through enemy military and alien forces over the course of 8 levels of varying awfulness.
The author of this TAS runs through the game in only 5 minutes and 26.91 seconds.
Published on 11/22/2014

Solar Jetman is a space adventure game where the main excitement comes from the physics of the game. In the game, you explore planets with a small module you fly around, towing fuel tanks and other artifacts back to the mother ship, often from planets with a ridiculous level of gravity and narrow hazardous caverns. Anyone who has played this game surely knows how difficult it can be, while being entertaining for hours after hours.
No passwords were used in this movie, although a few warps were used to skip stages.
This movie features many changes compared to the previous author's movie, leading to an improvement of about 7 minutes. There's a new warp in the very beginning. A different module is purchased, which lets the player tow wormholes closer to the fuel items you have to collect and allows for some new physics abuse. Some different items are used, such as anti-gravity items. For more details, see the submission comments.
This movie has a full Atlas Map encode, which shows the standard encode overlaid on a zoomed out map.

There is some commentary by the author in the emulator movie file and in the primary (HQ) encode.

Watch this run being played back on a real console.
Published on 2/12/2014

Published on 7/29/2019
Solomon's Key

Uses warps
Emulator Version:
FCEUX 2.20.20

Here at TASVideos we make perfect movies... and then we beat them again — this time by 1 frame, which, considering the fiercely competitive history of this run, is actually significant.
And if watching this TAS on an emulator isn't satisfying enough, why not see it played back on a real console!
Note: Using RTA timing, this run clocks in at 04:54.03.
Published on 1/6/2011

Once again, Bowser has kidnapped Peach, but this time Mario isn't trying to rescue her quite as urgently. Fed up with getting no reward for his endeavors beyond cake, Mario takes a leaf out of Wario's book and decides that while rescuing Peach, he might as well make as much money as he can.
In this movie, the aim is to complete the game while collecting as many coins as possible without dying, doing so as fast as possible. In fact, Mario collects 1431 coins in total, which is rather surprising as there are only 1225 distinct coins in the game!
If you enjoyed this TAS, be sure to check out this movie, in which Mario completes the game without pressing the B button.
Watch this run get played back on a real NES!
Published on 10/8/2015

Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach once again, but this time, Mario is tired of jumping around the kingdom to save her. So he instead takes a route that's a bit easier on his legs.
In this movie, the aim is to complete the game with the fewest A button presses possible. This movie uses more creative tricks and exploits than what you'd see in other movies for this game. A more in-depth explanation can be found in the authors' comments.
The total amount of A button presses done in this movie is 62, you can turn on Closed Captions in the youtube video to view a button counter.

You can watch Kosmic give an in-depth look of the run here as well as watching the premiere of the TAS here.
If you prefer console verification with no commentary, click here to watch that.
Published on 5/3/2021

Published on 1/21/2011

The concept for this run originated long ago because Princess was the only character not used in the normal run aiming for fastest overall time. (In fact, Princess is the only character not used in the fastest warpless run either.)
This movie improves the previous publication by 00:02.95 seconds, manly due to heavier optimization.

You can watch the complete run being played back on a console.
Published on 2/23/2018

Super Mario Bros 3 is a very famous and popular game for the NES. There are normally two main ways to beat it: the quick way using warp whistles to skip worlds, and the longer way which goes through all the worlds.
Lord Tom goes the same route as the game end glitch run. However, he achieves total control of the game, pushing the run to a whole new level. He gives himself new powers, like the speed booster and the suit-swap, to name a few. Read the author's comments for more details.
This run was shown at Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 during the TAS block:

Note: The official encodes for this run include commentary from the author. The second YouTube stream also features input display.
Published on 1/13/2016

Ever since Morimoto published his legendary movie in mid-2003, the players at TASVideos have repeatedly made it faster and faster and even faster! Of course, there doesn't ever seem to be a stop for when it is fastest.
This movie is 00:00.60 seconds faster than the previous movie. Most of the improvement comes from Bowser's Castle, where the authors didn't have to lose time in order to get a favourable Bowser pattern. For more details, see the run's comments.
You can see this run played on an NES right here.

The encodes feature commentary as soft subtitles.
Published on 3/16/2019

While decidedly not the same game, the Super Mario Bros. games on the NES are similar enough in game mechanics and controls that all four of them can be played at once with the same input.
This second version of the quad-run utilizes the credits glitch found in the newest Super Mario Bros. 3 run. As such, the focus is now on finishing Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels as fast as possible, allowing Super Mario Bros. 3 to entertain while waiting for the other three games to progress. The run also features an ending that may surprise you.
If you like this movie, you may want to check out some other movies in which multiple games are played simultaneously with one controller.
This movie has been played back and verified on console during SGDQ 2016.
Published on 7/11/2014

Mikey's friends, the Goonies, have been kidnapped by the Fratellis, an Italian family of small-time crooks and counterfeiters. Mikey must rescue all six of his friends as well as a captured mermaid named Annie.
This movie improves the previous one by four minutes and fourteen seconds thanks to several new glitches, mainly the speed boost glitch and the glasses glitch, along with a new route to make use of these glitches.
Published on 2/17/2017

The Quest of Ki (カイの冒険) is a video game developed by Namco in 1988. It is part of the Tower of Druaga series (in fact, it serves as a prequel to the series). The player controls Ki, a priestess sent by Ishtar in order to retrieve the Blue Crystal Rod, which was stolen by Druaga.
fsvgm777, ruadath & TaoTao use warps to skip most of the regular game and get to the regular ending at floor 60 in 2 minutes and 27.51 seconds, an improvement of 00:01.18 seconds over the previous movie.
Published on 4/3/2017
The Quest of Ki

Emulator Version:
Bizhawk 1.11.9

Toobin' is an unlicensed port of a 1988 Atari arcade game to the NES. Your goal is to float an inner tube down several themed rivers, avoiding obstacles and picking up collectable items. There are also warp whirlpools that can be reached if you destroy the branches surrounding them fast enough.
The author, devanwolf, reaches every warp and achieves top speed in each level by staying along the bottom of the screen, finishing the game 00:01.41 seconds faster than his previous run.
Published on 9/2/2013
Uses warps
Emulator Version:
FCEUX 2.2.1

In order to restore his immortal powers, Wazula, an evil Kahuna, is ordered to travel to Hawaii to kidnap Barbi Bikini, who happens to be Thrilla Gorilla's girlfriend. Now, he's off to Africa so he can rescue her.
Town & Country Surf Designs II: Thrilla's Surfari features 7 worlds each containing 5 stages (except for the 1st and 3rd world where each contain only 4 stages). Most of the game involves controlling Thrilla on a skateboard, dodging or jumping over various obstacles and enemies while attempting to get to the end of the stage. Occasionally, he also rides a surfboard or even a shark.
link_7777, using a warp that skips most of 1-3, 1-4 (the boss of the first world) and all of world 2, defeats Wazula and rescues Barbi Bikini in record time.
Published on 4/9/2017

Autobots, transform and roll out!
Transformers - Convoy no Nazo (トランスフォーマー コンボイの謎) is about the Autobot Ultra Magnus cruising a very frustrating and difficult journey to discover who killed Optimus Prime. No, I'm serious.
Angry Video Game Nerd covered this game recently. Quoting adelikat: "As he describes in the video, this game notoriously difficult to play. Poor hit detection, 1 hit and you are dead, awkward controls, and very little in the way of power-ups make this game frustrating for the average player."

Note: there are some moments in this game that consist of heavy flashing lights, viewer discretion is advised.
Published on 7/18/2009
Uses warps
A/V files:
A/V file via Mirror
Emulator Version:
FCEUX 2.1.0a

Ultima: Warriors of Destiny is an NES port of the fifth game in the Ultima RPG series. The story picks up after that of the fourth game. The Avatar is summoned back to Britannia, where Lord British has been lost in the Underworld and mysterious Shadowlords have corrupted his replacement, Blackthorn. It's up to the Avatar and companions to save the day.
Twisted Eye completes the quest in record time in this run, using the Escape spell to warp to key areas of the map and manipulating luck to avoid all battles. Details are in the submission notes.
Published on 3/24/2020

Wolverine is an action-platformer starring the hero of the same name from the X-Men. In it, Wolverine finds himself stranded on an island full of obstacles, enemies, and hamburger power-ups. He must navigate through it all with his iconic claws to defeat his evil adversaries Magneto and, finally, Sabretooth.
Jules uses the weirdly placed warps to beat the game in record time.
For more Wolverine action, please watch the warpless movie.
Published on 11/12/2016

Emulator Version:
FCEUX 2.2.2

Yo! Noid is a game centered around a short man in a rabbit suit making his way through New York City to defeat an identical man in a different color rabbit suit for a pizza reward. The game was conceived as part of a 1980s advertising campaign for Domino's Pizza. As anyone who has played the game knows, the game is quite difficult, since the controls are sluggish, one hit kills you, and the pizza bonus games at the end can be difficult to win if you don't pick up enough useful powerups.
With some movement glitches, warps, and luck manipulation, nesrocks beats this game very quickly. Not only that, to make the run even harder and more impressive, he doesn't kill any enemies.
Watch this run being played back on a real console.
Published on 7/5/2009
Yo! Noid

A/V files:
A/V file via Mirror
Emulator Version:

Zanac is one of those space shooter games in which you are trying to save the earth.
Due to the highly repetitive nature of this game, the hidden 9th input button (the console's Reset button) is used to enable stage select to warp to the final (12th) level. This results in an unusually long gray screen at the start of the movie. Starting on the final level with 3 lives and only the initial pea-shooter for a weapon normally makes the game near impossible to win.
This is the author's 4th iteration of this movie. It improves on the previous publication by almost 10 seconds by utilizing a hidden fairy and by better boss optimization.
Published on 3/18/2012

Genpei Touma Den (1990) is a PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 port of the arcade game of the same name. Its gameplay is comprised of an unusual combination of top-down, platforming, and beat-em-up action, each with its own camera perspective. The plot follows the samurai Taira no Kagekiyo who has risen from the dead and is fighting his way across Japan to defeat his enemies.
The game was featured in Dream Team Contest 8, and this run is an improvement upon the winning submission. It uses a warp to skip much of the first half of the game, and also employs damage boosts and RNG manipulation to reach the end in record time. The submission notes contain more details.
Published on 3/11/2020

Kato-chan Ken-chan is a gem of a PCE game made by Hudson. Often abbreviated as "Kato-Ken" in Japan, this game is derived from a Japanese TV program, "Kato-chan Ken-chan gokigen TV". The main characters are Cha Kato (Kato-chan) and Ken Shimura (Ken-chan), who are famous Japanese comedians. One particularly distinguishing feature of the game is the ability to attack enemies with farts!
In this run, the author uses Ken-chan, though you will also see Kato-chan appear from time to time to be a nuisance to Ken-chan.
Published on 5/25/2009

Liquid Kids (known in Japan as Mizubaku Daibouken (ミズバク大冒険)) was released in 1990 on the Arcade and was ported to the PC Engine by Taito, in 1992. This colorful game stars the strangest animal in the kingdom. The platypus... Hipopo journeys through 7 stages to rescue his girl, Tamasun, while saving other friends at the end of each level. Armed with water bombs, he can soak enemies and ride waves to gain a bit of speed.
The author, jaysmad, uses warps in order to unite the couple as soon as possible.
Published on 12/18/2015
Liquid Kids

Uses warps
Emulator Version:
BizHawk 1.9.1

Blood Omen is the first game in the Legacy of Kain series, developed by Silicon Knights and published by Crystal Dynamics in 1996. It follows the vampire Kain as he seeks revenge on those who ended his human life.
In this TAS, lapogne36 abuses Kain's full moon wolf form, a wrong warp, and other glitches to beat the game in record time.
We also have a run of the game's sequel, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.
Published on 4/18/2021

Not only was Castlevania: Symphony of the Night the first installment of the Castlevania series on PSX but also the first PSX game to have a published run here.
Not satisfied with just going on a death spree to Dracula, Alucard decides to steal every single one of his father's heirlooms, while also killing his prized collection of monsters. Luckily he has the handy ability of phasing through walls whenever he needs to.
A run that beats the game through save data corruption is available here, along with one that avoids data corruption. If you prefer the main character to have muscular bare arms and to pray to the rain gods to defeat bosses, you may enjoy the Richter version. If you want to see a run on Replay mode that can skip many cutscenes, see this run. We also have a run of the Saturn version using Maria. We even have a run where Alucard avoids killing everything except Dracula.
Due to the lengthy amount of time needed to obtain the best ending in the previous run, this run was deemed significantly more entertaining, and thus obsoletes it.

Note: Due to an emulation error, the audio in the ending FMV sequence doesn't play.

Author's commentary during the run's video can be watched on YouTube
Published on 8/10/2014

Digimon World is a title developed by Bandai which focuses on the protagonist being brought to the Digital World to find out why the titular creatures have lost their memories.
Published on 5/10/2021

Jedi Power Battles is Star Wars meets Double Dragon with a ton of crazy platforming.
The author, DarkKobold, uses Obi-Wan to run through all of Star Wars Episode I, ignoring tons of battle droids and droidekas to get to the final confrontation with Darth Maul. Look for a tribute to SW: EP1 in the final battle!
The author also dies intentionally at one point in the run by making Jar Jar Binks disappear. I'm sure everyone has wished they could do this, at least once.
Published on 10/24/2010

Earthworm Jim is the unlikely story of an earthworm who finds a suit with super powers and goes on a rampage to protect Earth and his puppy Peter(?). The game follows the absurd spirit of the story: for example, the suit can use Jim for a whip, there is a boss who attacks by vomiting fish, you fight lawyers in hell, and in one level, you swing on bungee cords made out of snot.
This movie improves the first run of this game, which was done on the Genesis version, by 00:16.95 seconds. However, the actual improvement is much larger since the Special Edition contains additional levels that are also played through in this TAS.
Published on 11/26/2010

Mole Mania, known as Moguranya (モグラ~ニャ) in Japan, is an action puzzle game. The main character is a mole named Muddy Mole, whose wife and children have been kidnapped by the farmer, Jinbe. Muddy has to go to Jinbe Land and save his family. In the game, the player will solve puzzles by moving a black ball to a gate. However, there are many obstacles and enemies in the way. Therefore the player will dig into ground to find ways around them.
This run aims to beat all levels as fast as possible without using surrender. To accomplish this, the author, Ryuto, uses a warp glitch to skip many rooms. As always, please see the author's notes for more details.
There is also a run by the same author that skips several levels.
Published on 4/17/2011

Hokuto no Ken is one of many video games based on the long-running manga Fist of the North Star (北斗の拳, Hokuto no Ken). This game follows Kenshiro across a world devastated by nuclear war as he journeys to rescue his girl, Julia, from his rival, Shin. To beat Shin's seemingly unstoppable army, Kenshiro uses the secret fighting technique Hokuto Shin Ken to twist his opponents' muscles until they literally explode.
Jules improves the previous run by 5.93 seconds, thanks to better optimisation.
Published on 2/10/2016
Hokuto no Ken

Emulator Version:
BizHawk 1.11.4

Psycho Fox is about furry animals out to stop the evil Madfox Daimyojin, using their trusty bird friend as a baseball to knock out enemies. This all happens in a blink of an eye, so watch closely! Again, Tiger is the fastest one and is used ASAP.
This run beats the previous run by 40 frames, thanks to optimizing the pause glitch and movement. Despite the time save, the final run time is slower due to the SMS BIOS not seen in the previous run. For more details, please read the authors' comments.
There is also a run of this game, which completes the game without warps.
Published on 12/17/2017
Psycho Fox

Uses warps
Emulator Version:
Bizhawk 2.2.1

In this epic RPG, you have to fight an evil religion that tries to take over the world. This TAS does that a little over 13 minutes faster than the previous run by using a few new glitches. Even then, it's still one of the longest published movies on the site. Set aside an afternoon.
Published on 10/23/2020

In Claymates, Clayton's father has developed a formula that can manipulate clay into animals. After he refuses to give the formula to a witch doctor, the witch takes off with the formula and Clayton's father and turns Clayton into a lump of clay. Despite his sorry condition, Clayton vows to save his father and embarks on a journey to defeat the witch.
Most of the gameplay consists of bouncing around the stages and transforming into different animals using bits of formula scattered throughout the level. Special abilities are also available that can change Clayton into animals that can take out enemies easier. Between stages, there is a mini-game where robots can be used to clear obstacles.
In this run, quietkane uses strategies such as taking damage and limiting the number of gems collected to save time on the end-level gem tally screen in order to finish this game as fast as possible.
Published on 12/16/2012

Emulator Version:
Snes9x 1.43 v17

This run of Donkey Kong Country aims for 101% completion.
The author of this run discovered several new time-saving techniques. Some of them are small enough to go unnoticed, and others are jawdroppingly huge. The total improvement over the previous run is a tremendous 6 minutes 6.93 seconds this time around.
The in-game time of this run is about 33 minutes 10 seconds. For a detailed analysis of new techniques as well as comments about individual levels, read the author's comments.
If you desire more rolling primates, we recommend watching the any% movie.

The author, Tompa, also provided audio commentary of his TAS along with Pichi, which is available right here.
Published on 6/6/2017

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are on a quest to retrieve the former's banana horde from the Kremlings. But with less hurry than usual.
In this run, Tompa completes the game while avoiding the Y button that allows characters to run and to roll. Game mechanics such as grabbing a rope and getting shot out of a barrel are used to boost character speeds. See the author's comments for details.

Note: 5 presses of the Y button are required in one boss fight in order to pick up and throw barrels.
Published on 5/8/2019

Donkey Kong's been kidnapped and old Cranky Kong insists that Diddy collect a bunch of coins that say "DK" on them. These goals are compatible enough that Diddy and Dixie decide to get a little bit sidetracked on their rescue plan.
This movie improves on its predecessor by 00:45.28 seconds, primarily by using a debug code to get 75 Kremkoins early, allowing for a faster route through the game. Reading the authors' comments is recommended.
For more primate action, check out the any% run.
Published on 5/5/2012

This is the any% TAS of Donkey Kong Country 2. It aims for overall fastest completion and doesn't give a flying banana about bonus rooms. Warp barrels are used whenever possible, meaning a large part of almost every stage in the first two worlds is skipped.
This is an improvement of 01:33.43 over the previous movie. As usual, longer loading times in a more accurate emulator take away some of the gross improvement time. If only comparing the length of the levels, the total improvement would be 01:39.05. See the author's notes for a more detailed breakdown.
For more primate action, we recommend watching the 102% completion movie.
Published on 11/15/2016

Donkey and Diddy Kong appear to have been kidnapped, so now it's up to that daring damsel of adventure, Dixie Kong, to find the missing monkeys. But this is no solo expedition; her cousin, the titanic toddler Kiddy Kong, is here to help her kick some Kremlin butts.
This is the first entry of the 105% category of this game. By using a password to remove the 'DK' barrels, the game officially enters hard mode, and the maximum percent completion is obtained. For more Kong action, you can also view the pure speedrun that doesn't collect all items.
Published on 12/21/2010

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! is an adventure platform video game developed by Rare and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is the third installment of the Donkey Kong Country series and serves as a direct sequel to Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.
In this movie, Doomsday31415 improves the previous record set by Dooty by 02:02.50 minutes thanks to new tricks and better optimization.
For more primate action, we recommend watching the 105% completion movie.
Published on 6/23/2019

Final Fantasy IV, renamed to Final Fantasy II in North America, was a role-playing game that revolutionized the genre. It was the first Final Fantasy title to introduce the Active Time Battle system and one of the first RPGs to feature a complex, involving plot.
In this TAS, pirohiko blazes through the game in under two hours using a host of tricks, glitches, and battle strategies. We recommend reading the author's comments for more information on the route used.

A second YouTube stream is available with an informative overlay that the author used while creating the run.
Published on 2/28/2014

The Skull Cross Gang is wreaking havoc in Metro City, and it's up to Guy to restore order. This is an improvement of 1:12.82 over the previous TAS by Diman, largely due to better use of combos and manipulation of enemies.
Just like the previous run, Sotel6 uses sledgehammers to kill enemies, bringing new meaning to the phrase "tool-assisted speedrun". (Groan.)
Published on 11/5/2011

Out to Lunch is a little-known, very fast-paced platforming game where you play as a chef whose food has escaped and your goal is to recapture the food items from around the world. However, this is difficult due to strict time limits, a small amount of lives, and tough enemies that can either kill you or infect the food and turn it against you.
Thanks to much better optimization, Alyosha beats one of the oldest previously unobsoleted runs by over a minute.
Published on 1/22/2016
Out to Lunch

Emulator Version:
Bizhawk 1.11.1

In this strange game, you play a character named Plok who wants to get rid of all the fleas on his home island. Plok has the ability to shoot his arms and legs to harm enemies. To complete some stages, Plok has to kill all the fleas in the stage before the goal flag appears at the end of the stage.
Plok is in a hurry, so he looks for opportunities to travel faster. He finds slides lying around almost everywhere. He finds nice presents making him a lot faster. He finds tiny holes in the Flea Pit for big shortcuts. He finds helpful sawblades, nice guys pushing him into the right direction, and even a lovely fish which helps him climb a mountain. Even water helps him climb a mountain to discover one more slide. He also takes advantage of the fact that he can do bigger jumps without his legs.
Published on 12/27/2020

This hack of Super Mario World, created with Lunar Magic, contains a Star World which contains themed levels that connect to various locations on the map. Like the original Super Mario World, these levels can be used as a makeshift warp zone. This movie demonstrates this path - navigating the Star World to charge straight to Bowser, leaving much of the game untouched.
This movie is 01:03.06 seconds faster than the previous movie. See authors' comments to see the new glitches.
Published on 2/8/2015

This is a remake of Super Mario Bros. 3 present in Super Mario All-Stars. Aside from musical and graphical improvements, it also provides a save feature.
Maru defeats Bowser in record time and improves the previous run by 00:00.27 seconds.

The encodes feature commentary as soft subtitles.
Published on 3/10/2019
Uses warps
Emulator Version:
BizHawk 2.2.2

This is the 13th published movie of Super Mario World that beats the game by clearing 11 of the 96 exits, the shortest route intended by the game developers. It improves upon the previous run by 00:02.75 seconds. Mario still dies in the process. Improvements include:
  • Better block duplication in Yoshi's Island 3
  • Better P-switch use in Yoshi's Island 4
  • Lag reduction in many levels
We recommend reading the author's comments for more details.

Watch this run being played back on a real console.
Published on 3/26/2020

This little-known Japanese wire-action platformer, with a very well-made rubber wire physics simulating engine, sports a schoolgirl setting out to rid the world of giant mutant fish.
The game is very easy to win, but very difficult to play (try it). This video demonstrates one of the fastest paths to the ending, including quite a few almost impossible maneuvers ― whether playing tool-assisted or not.
This video is a 7 seconds improvement to the previous version.
See the Umihara Kawase page for more information about this game, and the author's comments for more information about this movie.
Published on 10/1/2006
Uses warps
Emulator Version:
Snes9x 1.43

New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a 2009 side-scrolling platform video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii video game console. New Super Mario Bros. Wii follows Mario as he fights his way through Bowser's henchmen to rescue Princess Peach. Mario has access to several power-ups that help him complete his quest, including the Ice Flower, the Fire Flower, and the Starman, each giving him unique abilities. There are some new powerups to this game, such as the Propeller Hat which lets the player ascend very quickly.
Monster improves upon the previous publication by 7.29 seconds.
Published on 7/22/2020
Uses warps
Emulator Version:
Dolphin 5.0

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