As has grown and changed, so have the tools used to create the content found within it. TASing was still in its infancy when these movies were created, and the tools we have at our disposal today almost guarantee that improvements are possible. So if you're new to TASing, or a veteran looking for your next project, take a look at these movies and see just how much you can make them better!
Wai Wai World is a strange game created by Konami. They have mixed together components from many of their previous games, such as Castlevania, Goonies and Twin Bees - components such as characters, enemies, levels and theme musics.
Wai wai is Japanese and means "ruckus".
Note: The vertically scrolling level has some anomaly in scrolling if watched with old versions of FCEU. Versions of FCEU from 0.98.13 onward should display this stage correctly.
Published on 9/26/2004 9:12 AM

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