This page lists movies that have been submitted for review.
Some of them will eventually end up on the movies page, while some of them will not make it.
Submitted movies can be published by certain people.

SystemGameNameBranchTimeAuthorsSubmitted Status
NES Choujin Sentai - Jetman 09:25.10 Xipo 5/18/2007 Cancelled
NES Saint Seiya - Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu Hen(J) 30:00.68 Xipo 6/9/2007 Cancelled
NES Saint Seiya - Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu Hen(J) 29:23.53 Xipo 6/17/2007 Cancelled
NES Ninja Gaiden 2 09:14.05 Xipo 8/7/2007 Cancelled
NES G.I. Joe 16:56.95 Xipo 11/13/2007 Cancelled
NES Ninja Crusaders 04:49.37 Xipo 11/19/2007 Cancelled
NES Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu 08:28.83 Xipo 11/28/2007 Cancelled
NES Top Gun: The Second Mission 12:54.85 Xipo 2/11/2008 Cancelled
NES Captain America and the Avengers 14:30.02 Xipo 7/14/2009 Cancelled
NES Sangokushi 2 - Hanou No Tairiku 15:30.12 Xipo 11/6/2012 Cancelled
NES Mitsume ga Tooru 15:59.15 Xipo 4/23/2021 Cancelled