This page lists movies that have been submitted for review.
Some of them will eventually end up on the movies page, while some of them will not make it.
Submitted movies can be published by certain people.

SystemGameBranchTimeByDate Status
GB Minesweeper in 00:00, or 00:00.47 alden 8/15/2008 Rejected
SegaCD Desert Bus in 41:17:15:06, or 41:17:15:05.68 alden 4/1/2009 Rejected
GC Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex 100%, Wombat, 360 no Spin 00:32.93 -ziplock-, /*-, aaa2, AB1, Abahbob, abeshi, Acmlm, addbball, Adebis, adelikat, AGGRESSiON, Aglar, aglasscage, agwawaf, airman2, Airwe, ais523, AjAX, AKheon, ALAKTORN, alden, AlejaKaiser, Alexandre, alexis_neuhaus, alexpenev, AlexPh, Alorxiel & alpha1233 4/1/2014 Rejected