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#638088350325410978 - Final Fantasy Origins TAS (up to the crown)

In 10:56.74 (39291 frames), 12995 rerecords
0 views, 7 downloads
Uploaded 22 days ago by DJ Incendration (103 files)
I'm posting this here because I won't have a laptop for a few days. This is a new update with Steel in the route.

#638052933236979292 - I Wanna Be the Guy boss rush... but I go straight to the ending

IWBTG boss rush TAS (straight to the ending).wtf
In 04:00.76 (12279 frames), 2600 rerecords
Game: I Wanna Be The Guy (Windows)
3 comments, 0 views, 13 downloads
Uploaded 11/29/2022 4:35 AM by DJ Incendration (103 files)
Well, not very long, but I wanted to show a possible improvement to Kurikinton's TAS, and the only way I can really do that is through the boss rush. To get to the boss rush without having beaten the game, just press B at the start. By typing end when you find The Guy, you can actually skip the fight entirely, saving a few minutes over the current TAS.

#638016917415859839 - Pokemon Yellow TID checker

Yellow TID check.lua
0 views, 12 downloads
Uploaded 10/18/2022 12:09 PM by DJ Incendration (103 files)
For Pokemon Yellow, this script will tell you what trainer ID you get. It's the same thing as the Red script, but the memory address is different.

#638016916327057248 - Pokemon Red TID checker script

Red TID check.lua
0 views, 12 downloads
Uploaded 10/18/2022 12:07 PM by DJ Incendration (103 files)
This script will tell you the current frame, followed by your TIDs, and output them to a txt file. I set it to test.txt because I wasn't sure if it would work sometimes. I also made a script for Yellow version.

#637955804308158862 - SMB2U - What did I just do?

what in the world did I do.bk2
In 00:06.19 (372 frames), 1496 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES)
0 views, 20 downloads
Uploaded 8/8/2022 6:33 PM by DJ Incendration (103 files)
I have no idea what just happened, but I got to the character select screen faster than if I got a game-over. I'm wondering if this could be used for a faster game end glitch? Anyway, here's a video of what happened: Please note: the blank count is probably slightly inaccurate. The movie didn't originally have a blank count, so I recorded a wav file and estimated when the movie ended.

#637893865047581673 - FF1 Origins up to first 15 puzzle

In 08:23.63 (30223 frames), 5796 rerecords
Game: Final Fantasy Origins (PSX)
35 views, 27 downloads
Uploaded 5/29/2022 2:01 AM by DJ Incendration (103 files)
This is a TAS of Final Fantasy Origins for the PS1. I travel to a square away from Elfheim so you can hear the most ship music. For this route, I will need to do 15 puzzle twice.

#637892727374009042 - Final Fantasy Origins TAS

In 04:38.83 (16733 frames), 3466 rerecords
Game: Final Fantasy Origins (PSX)
38 views, 30 downloads
Uploaded 5/27/2022 6:25 PM by DJ Incendration (103 files)
Up to the bridge. Found a couple time saves at the beginning.

#637886057187516593 - Flappy Bro Glitchless

In 00:23.44 (1409 frames), 3843 rerecords
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
50 views, 30 downloads
Uploaded 5/20/2022 1:08 AM by DJ Incendration (103 files)
Improves this glitchless TAS ( I don't know exactly how much, but it's about a second. I don't know how I'd do the glitch in the actual submission (I'm blind), so I just made this.

#637834326088739094 - Phred's Cool Punch-Out 2 Turbo final TAS

In 15:59.81 (57684 frames), 19974 rerecords
181 views, 39 downloads
Uploaded 3/21/2022 4:10 AM by DJ Incendration (103 files)
Found a 1.23-second improvement on Rick 1 and a 0.23 improvement on SW7 Destroyer 1.

#637820067793967741 - Phred's Cool Punch-Out!! 2 Turbo improvement

In 15:59.81 (57684 frames), 16559 rerecords
54 views, 38 downloads
Uploaded 3/4/2022 4:06 PM by DJ Incendration (103 files)
improves Rick 1 and SW7 1. Realtime is unchanged.
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