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#69524015732069837 - AC1postprototypeMTwip


Uploaded 2/17/2021 12:24 AM by The Brookman (8 files)

For Armored Core (PSX)

In 18:41.08 (67198 frames), 40231 rerecords

1106 views, 181 downloads

this will be my last update for a bit, things have been tumultuous and i might be moving so I want to make sure my progress is up to date if i have to start working on a different machine down the line

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#69347940261518852 - Armored Core 1 TAS progress


Uploaded 2/9/2021 2:05 AM by The Brookman (8 files)

For Armored Core (PSX)

In 14:29.90 (52142 frames), 25578 rerecords

1128 views, 199 downloads

I took about 5 months off from working on the TAS but I have since produced quite a bit more. Just uploading this in case of freak occurrences that would cause me to lose my machine or w/e

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#66746228916241238 - CurrentArmoredCore1


Uploaded 10/14/2020 10:02 PM by The Brookman (8 files)

For Armored Core (PSX)

In 08:11.50 (29461 frames), 12068 rerecords

1509 views, 241 downloads

ive been on hiatus for about 2 months now and i am not certain i will be able to progress moving into the end of the year so i wanted to upload this as a back up in case of horrible accidents or something that would cause me to lose access to my machine.

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#65242490406210810 - PSX - AC1 Final Cosmetic Input


Uploaded 8/8/2020 4:43 AM by The Brookman (8 files)

For Armored Core (PSX)

In 03:40.43 (13213 frames), 2441 rerecords

1658 views, 274 downloads

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#64999587377231861 - PSX - Armored Core - 100% wip Cosmetics


Uploaded 7/28/2020 6:11 AM by The Brookman (8 files)

For Sony PlayStation

In 03:56.16 (14156 frames), 710 rerecords

4730 views, 198 downloads

After about 2 months of dedicated RTA testing for routing and builds (spoiler: large rocket OP) its finally time to progress further in the TAS.
This is an "up to date" version of my wip ("optimized" raven test and eliminate strikers)
As a 100% category, I believe this will be more of an "entertainment showcase" than a "Fastest completion" - leaning into the customization to make individual missions more interesting as opposed to relying on a single cookie cutter build to clear every mission the same way. As such, I have taken the liberty to design some cosmetics to further spice up the presentation.

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#63970345441487750 - PSX - Armored Core - w/Shop


Uploaded 6/11/2020 9:44 PM by The Brookman (8 files)

For Sony PlayStation

In 07:06.29 (25276 frames), 26245 rerecords

5196 views, 220 downloads

In this branch I opt to upgrade the booster and generator.
This makes a fairly significant difference in individual mission times although due to extra time shopping is an overall improvement of only ~100 frames.
I have since gone back again, to test a different build and mission path as well as optimize the raven test.

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#63969457160493794 - PSX - Armored Core - No Shop


Uploaded 6/11/2020 8:46 PM by The Brookman (8 files)

For Sony PlayStation

In 07:58.91 (28396 frames), 16378 rerecords

5194 views, 228 downloads

This was the first branch of AC that I tested before deciding to go backwards to test other routes and builds. some strategies have since changed on my current wip but this is still a good display of gameplay granted the "no shop" restriction.

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#26586886511421597 - Demon's Crest 100% improvement


Uploaded 11/2/2015 7:55 AM by The Brookman (8 files)

For Demon's Crest (SNES)

In 34:48.37 (125509 frames), 3076 rerecords

7430 views, 860 downloads

This is a "completed" ~1,000 frame improvement of the 100% movie that was published a few months ago. The improvement comes from getting the urn in stage 2 on the first visit, which allows me to use MORE mercury potions to avoid extra trips to the world map and other shenanigans.
Skull Bash minigame was improved by 20 frames and there were other movement optimizations I was able to make through out as well as avoiding lag in some areas.
Ironically, due to the new potion strategy 2 boss fights become longer (one MUCH longer) but still the trade-off is significant. I'm not sure what else there is to say right now but after a few weeks of testing a pushing I JUST completed the TAS and immediately came to upload.
I'll be looking for spots that can be improved over the next few days and if anyone is interested in viewing or providing feed back that would be much appreciated.
thanks again hope you enjoy this improvement.

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